Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

I couldn't fucking believe this! I told Dan to come over here, and, like he was in some kind of fucking trance, he just did what I told him! It was all I could do to get those ratty gym clothes offa him without tearin' em. Fuck, man, I was so horny I woulda shoved my cock right through the fabric to get in that ass.

And that's not all. I'm usually not into the whole rimming thing, but I couldn't keep myself from getting my tongue up that sweet hole, getting it nice and ready for my dick. Feelin' Dan's smaller hands on my forearms tracing the veins with his fingers as I could feel a twinge of fear come from the little guy. Geez, I heard myself tellin' him it'd be okay or some such shit before I could even get it in him. I don't know what it is about this guy, but I honestly like him, I'll say that.

And as I slipped my cock into his primed hole, it seemed bigger to me that it's ever been, and hard as a steel pipe. I gently slid into Dan's ass, slowly pushing in till I could feel the soft cushion of his glutes pressed into my lean torso, and I reached my arms around him, holding myself inside him, and, for a second, feeling us breathe together, our hearts beating out the rhythm that we soon took up as I lowered him to the floor and slowly began pumping in and out of him.

Dan kept moaning, a low, luxurious sound, as I slid my engorged cock into and out of that tight ass. It felt huge as I pulled myself all the way out, marveling at how big it seemed, the mushroom of the head seemed to swell even more, and I rammed myself back into him, hearing him cry out in pain and pleasure.

"Fuck me hard, Chad," he moaned, and that Texas accent was only amping up my drive. I started jacking him off as well, and damned if his cock seemed hard as mine. We found a rhythm, and I pounded away.

"Cum inside me, man," he half-whispered, and I held myself deep inside Dan's body, feeling his belly beneath one hand as I stroked his still-growing dick with my other huge paw. "I'm going to cum!" he cried out, and I felt my own cock surge, filling him with my hot juices as he spurted thick gobbets of cream onto the cement floor.

Spent, I pulled him off my dick, surprised to see that it was still hard as a rock. I turned him around to face me, rubbing my thumb along his beard line as I pulled him close for another deep kiss.

He ran his hands up and down my bulging arms, my biceps pumped even larger from this lusty workout, and his fingers traced the vein that ran over them. I let him sit in my lap, worshipping me, his smaller hands exploring the vast expanse of my mostly smooth pecs, rising and falling with each deep breath I took. Dan leaned forward and took one of my big nipples in his mouth, suckling it, and I stroked his hair, reveling in the feeling of his warm lips on my sweaty skin. I flexed involuntarily, and he ran his hands across the bowling balls of my shoulders, touching the wide wings of my lats, appreciating the hard cobblestones of my six-pack abs.

I ran my hands through his chest hair and over his belly. I found his cock with my hands and started stroking him again, and he quickly hardened to attention, his back arching slightly as he pulled his face from my chest to look into my face.

"You're going to be one hot fuck when I'm through training you, Dan," I told him. I took my hand away from his dick to pull myself to my feet, leaving him, naked, to stare up as the bulk of my body loomed over him, my still-hard cock jutting proudly from my groin. Damn, I thought, it sure looks bigger.

I bent to grab my jock from the floor, and slipped it on, again catching sight of us in the mirror. I knew I had a client in a few minutes, and I should get out of here to get ready, but I also knew that I didn't want to wait a week to get to this guy again.

"You're gonna see me everyday." That was an order, and Dan nodded without an argument.

"Yes, sir," he agreed. "I'll do whatever you say." That sounded good to me. I tossed him his bag and told him to get dressed while I pulled on my clothes, handing him one of my cards that had my home number on it. I also handed him a pouch of protein powder that I pulled from one of the shelves.

"You eat this when you get home. From now on, I'll tell you what you're gonna be eating, when you're gonna eat it, and every thing you're gonna do for me. That clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good answer." I looked him over. I was forgetting something, but I don't know what it was. I liked being in control. That was enough for now. "Now, get out of here and go home. You need to rest up that body for what I've got planned for it." •

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