Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

I watched Dan drive away from inside the gym, smirking to myself as I felt my huge rod shift in my jock.

Fuck, I was still hard. I'd have to take care of that before I could deal with another client, and a quick check of the clock told me I still had half an hour before my next appointment showed up.

Going back to my private room, I locked the door and stripped again. I must've had a better workout than I thought; I looked bigger than ever, even with my arms unflexed at my sides.

I struck a few poses, and damned if I wasn't really really pumped up. Without a measuring tape, I just slapped my hand around my bicep, and I couldn't get my fingers even close to as far around the muscle as I think I usually could. My thighs were twanging like a struck tennis racquet as I moved, and my jock grew even tighter.

Laughing, I pulled out my meat and started running my hands along its length, feeling it swell like a heavy balloon in my hands, hot and thick. If this was an after effect of training with Dan, I might just cancel all my other clients!

Even the hair on my widening chest seemed a bit thicker, light blond fuzz tracing a treasure trail running across my abs that only seemed smaller because I felt the hard cobblestones defining themselves more and more through the taught skin of my stomach.

I stretched, my lats pulling my shoulders higher as I lifted my arms further away from my waist. I could feel the power in my back as I leaned forward, letting my hands trace the hard, defined lines of my quivering thighs, and I realized I had been standing on my toes, the bulge of my calf muscles emphasized by the shine of sweat on my smooth flesh.

Reaching behind me, I felt the hard smooth globes of my ass, flexing them beneath my lightly callused fingers. I teased my asshole with the middle finger of one hand, gasping at the sensation as I clenched my glutes around my thick digit, almost pulling my hand further into my hot hole.

That was all it took for my cock (even without a ruler I swear the mother was at least ten inches) to harden completely, and, almost involuntarily, I started to cum, spraying ropes of cream onto the mirror and the floor.

"Fuck, dude!" I yelled, to no one in particular, my heavy accent echoing in the small room.

After what seemed like minutes, I finally stopped cumming and leaned forward to admire the sweat-sheened face that was smirking back at me from the mirror; and that's when the realization hit me like a bat.

Oh, fuck! I'm Dan!

What the hell happened? I mean, I knew we'd trade bodies, but, man, I really felt like I was Chad there!

Scott never said anything about anything like this happening. Not only had we traded bodies, we'd actually traded our personalities, too. And, unlike the other time, this didn't seem to have any signs of wearing off any time soon.

I stumbled back and sat down, still naked, my pumped muscles still quivering, but maybe as much from anxiousness as anything else. I ran my hands through my hair, the short silky-blond thickness catching me off guard as much as the too-long fingers I was running through it.

My bicep flexed as I did this, and, seeing the peaks of my new guns, I leaned forward and kissed it, taking the sweat as an involuntary aphrodisiac. I started to explore my body all over again, the taut waistline inviting my paws back to my hard cock, which was still hard, and stretching up just past my belly button.

Stop this, I told myself. I should get home, and fast. If I was remembering this, there was a chance that Chad was coming around, too, and I didn't want him to freak out.

Pulling on my workout gear (again, I guess), it was tough forcing my erection to go down enough to walk to the front of the gym, cancel all of Chad's appointments for today (the girl believed me when I told her I was not feeling good. Hell, I'm sure the confusion on my face could easily pass for sickness), and I walked out of there.

Luckily, Chad's car had an alarm on it, or I would never have found it in the parking lot. With less trouble than I thought I'd have, I hefted my powerful frame into his SUV and got the hell out of there.

Even driving was amazing in this body; I felt my bis and triceps flexing as I steered, and at several stoplights I found myself enjoying the stares of neighboring drivers, even flirting with a carload of college guys next to me at one stoplight. With my erection never anything below half-mast, I was finding it very hard to concentrate on driving.

This was crazy. When Scott and I had done this stuff, we had a lot of fun and ended up feeling strangely connected, but it wasn't anything like this feeling I was having now. This was like an addiction or something, and I was finding it harder and harder controlling my urges. Plus, there was something else that I was finding it hard to admit. Chad's body seemed bigger even than it was an hour before. His muscles were already amazing, but I had the feeling they had been continually growing; the gym shorts I was wearing over his impressive quads had been getting tighter and tighter as I was driving. I looked down to see the sides of the shorts starting to rip, and they had been loose on Chad just this morning.

My hard cock, now working its way past the waistband of the shorts, was smearing precum all over my abs, as my breathing merely made the ridges of my six pack rub against the sensitive head, which now was stretching itself well past my navel towards my heaving pecs.

Half-swooning, I pulled over to the side of the road and dug for Chad's cell phone. I dialed my number, dreading and hoping at the same time that Chad would pick it up on the other end. •

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