Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

`What the fuck was going on here?' I tried to ask myself, but the world wouldn't stop spinning for a second.

I was sure that something was wrong; I know I wasn't crazy. I woke up and felt my body like a strange suit on me, big in all the wrong places. I felt weaker and still dizzy from whatever had been in that water bottle. And then to look up to see...

Me, standing there, posing naked in front of the mirror! But I was on the floor! I closed my eyes in disbelief. I sat back down, trying to catch my breath.

And that's when I felt this guy as he came towards me, his heavy footsteps vibrating through the cool cement. I didn't dare open my eyes again, starting to think that maybe I was crazy; there was just Dan and me in this room before-- where was Dan and who was this guy that looked like me?

I opened my eyes and looked up into my own smirking face as this muscle god positioned his ass over my face. I had a moment of fear, but just as suddenly I knew I had to have that ass, as I watched the striations stretch across his amazing glutes while his powerhouse thighs lowered him into position.

My tongue felt unfamiliar to me as it seemed to stretch farther out of my mouth than usual, but I didn't care. I had to have that tight pink hole that was tantalizing me, and soon I heard the familiar-sounding moans of the big guy above me. I felt his big hands massaging my cock through my gym shorts, and that made me work even harder, totally getting off on making him feel good. I'm not normally the submissive type, but a strange part of me was finding pleasure in my lack of control here.

After what seemed like only twenty seconds, though it must've been longer, the guy hauled me to my feet and started kissing me, and I felt the weird sensation of his smooth face against my-- Is this a beard on my face? I shaved this morning! The kissing was fucking amazing, though, and a part of me was telling me not to open my eyes, just feeling his hot sweet tongue in my mouth, his strong arms holding me, and his heavy cock pressing into my groin.

Finally, unable to take it anymore, I opened my eyes, and looked straight back into my own smiling face. I knew that look of condescending patience from giving it to my worst clients as I just counted their fees while they whined through sessions. Now I was facing my own double!

He sized me up, then, in my voice, he said, "Fuck, Dan, you sure do have an amazing mouth. I can still feel your tongue in my hole." Panic and lust fought inside me; I wanted this man, but panic won out.

I tore my self out of his grasp and stepped back. "What the hell is going on here?" I shouted. Then, there was that panic again. That wasn't my voice. Not the voice I grew up with. Not the voice I heard myself using every day.

I spun to face the mirror, and, I swear on all that's holy, I saw Dan's reflection staring back at me, mouth agape. I ran my hands over my face, feeling the beard, and my chest, and my hairy belly that now pushed out from my stomach, feeling my love handles. I was in Dan's body, and so he must be in mine!

In one last spurt of recognition, I turned to face him.

"What have you done to me?" I yelled at him.

And then a blinding pain shot through my head, and I stumbled backward a couple of steps. Regaining my balance, I barely heard Chad tell me to "calm down there, little man" as a sudden wave of recognition, emotions and memories come flooding through my brain.

I took a couple of breaths to reassure myself, and faced Chad again. Christ, he was hot, and seeing his naked muscular form glistening with a sheen of sweat reminded me why I wanted him to train me in the first place.

"Why don't you come over here, baby?" he asked me, seductively. I couldn't believe my luck! He found me attractive! Me! "I'm gonna lube up that ass of yours, cause all I've been thinking about all morning is fucking that sweet ass."

I was a little nervous; I've never been a bottom before, but I couldn't seem to get my mind to even think of disappointing Chad. I wanted him to make me totally his, and I liked the feeling of his big warm hands pulling off my gym clothes and tossing them aside before showing me how he wanted me to bend over the stack of gym towels stocked in the room.

I felt his strong tongue penetrate my ass, shivers running up my spine as he lubed me up with his spit. I was able to reach back and stroke his meaty forearms as he positioned the head of his cock at my virgin hole.

"I've never--" I started.

"Shhh... baby, I know." His deep voice rumbled in my ear, and I was instantly calm. "I can't promise this isn't gonna hurt, but I can promise it'll hurt good."

And he pushed the head of his thick cock into my ass, and I cried out with the pain, but as he slid deeper into me, I felt myself loosen up, until I felt the hard bricks of his abs against my back, his hot hairy pecs moving as he swung his bulging arms around me, holding himself inside me. •

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