Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

Here are the next two chapters of the story; 18 and up readers only, yadda yadda yadda. Hope to have more ready to post soon, and I hope that you guys are enjoying this, my first attempt here... hopefully it's not confusing-- each chapter is written from the point of view of a different characterů

This time I was totally prepared for the swap, so I knew just what to expect.

When I opened my eyes, I was sitting down next to my body, almost like my first time. Chad was still out cold, but I figured he'd come around pretty soon.

I'd made this batch stronger than the stuff Scott had given me, but I wasn't sure how much stronger, then I'd added enough water to fill up the bottle. Of course, Scott and I had only done shots of it. Chad had easily drunk half the bottle before I'd had time to grab it from him and swallow the rest. I still couldn't believe my luck. He'd just grabbed the bottle from my gym bag like it was his!

I got to my feet, already feeling the change in weight and mass, and took a look at my reflection in the mirror. All I could do was gape at this muscular body, rubbing my new thick hands through the peppering of blond hair that covered my pecs. I could feel the weight of these two squared slabs of muscle with each pull of air into my lungs. Even my ribcage felt different, helping the wide bunches of muscles under my arms (lats, I remembered) to keep my arms held away from my body. Fuck, this was amazing!

Then, like I had seen Chad do, I practiced some bicep poses in front of the mirror, and the rush I was feeling was soon straining my jock. It was so mind-blowing to me, feeling the new weight of my triceps as I lifted both arms into the air, then watching the solid peaks form like cresting waves through my smooth young skin. I put one of my meaty hands on my cock; it was exhilarating, holding such a thick piece of meat!

Not thinking, I tore the jock away. I had to be naked right now! Every muscle in this body was pumped and I was in total ecstasy.

I looked down at my old body, and I got a sharp pain in my head-- this didn't happen with Scott-- then all these sensations started to flood my mind, and I realized that I suddenly had some of Chad's memories, personality -- everything, inside my head. I definitely had access to what had been going on in his mind before the switch, at least.

This was definitely different! A smile came to my face as I realized that Chad had actually been attracted to me. In fact, he was totally fixated on Dan's (my!) ass.

Damn, it's fuckin' great to be Chad! My self control was slipping from me, and I felt a real desire to possess this out-of-shape guy on the floor beneath me, to completely take him. I snorted aloud with pleasure, sending a rippling shudder across my vast naked form. I couldn't remember ever feeling so dominant before; it must've been part of Chad's personality.

I gave in and decided I might as well enjoy this, since it was out of my control. Somehow, I wasn't just in Chad's body; I felt my own consciousness slipping away. On some level I actually was becoming Chad! I was gonna own Dan's hot ass, and God help anybody who got in my fuckin' way!

His eyes were fluttering; he was coming to.

`Fuck, yeah!' I thought to my new self, running my huge hands down my thickly-muscled arms. I bent to position myself over Dan's [yeah, fucker, you're Dan now!] face as he started to wake up. I saw a brief flash of confusion in his opening eyes, and I knew he didn't know what was going on, but I reached between his legs and massaged his cock through his gym shorts. What little confusion there had been evaporated as his desires surfaced.

I felt his tongue touch my puckered hole, tentatively at first, then sliding in as Dan found a purpose and a rhythm, and I enjoyed the feeling of my tight glutes being tickled by the prickly growth of his beard. Fuck, it felt great as Dan's tongue started to enter my hole. I saw my powerful thigh muscles bunch as I squatted over him and I was amazed how easy it was for me to hold this position. My body was incredible!

After what seemed like twenty minutes, I pulled off Dan's face, and pulled him up to a standing position, kissing him hard. I had my eyes open, staring at him, and after a few seconds the old Chad managed to sneak a peek at me. His eyes opened wide in surprise as he realized that he was now kissing his own handsome face.

His fear and shock only fueled my lust, and I could feel the surges charging through my muscles, my powerful body longing to dominate this man. `Let's amp this up another couple notches,' I thought, even as more of my own self drained away from me.

"Fuck, Dan, you sure do have a great mouth," I told him, Chad's strong deep voice coming out of my throat like the purr of a well-tuned engine. "I can still feel your tongue in my hole." I said it just exactly as Chad would have, the Brooklyn accent coming easily from my lips.

Panic finally won out, and Dan pulled away from me.

"What the hell is going on?" he screamed. Hearing his new voice for the first time, Dan turned and looked in the mirror and saw his new body. He looked back at me,

"What have you done to me?" he exploded. Then, I guess he got a shot of whatever that was that hit me. He stumbled back and put his hand to his forehead, and he seemed to calm down. The last of my self drifted off, and I think I felt the transfer between us becoming solid. I suddenly felt more powerful and alive than I've ever felt.

"Dan, you better calm down there, little man," I told him, this voice starting to feel natural coming out of my handsome chiseled face. "Why don't you come over here, baby? I'm gonna lube up that ass of yours, cause all I've been thinking about all morning is fucking that sweet ass."

Dan's eyes widened again, but this time, I don't think he was worried about what was coming. Hell, if I knew what Chad wanted, I was pretty sure he knew what Dan wanted, and that was enough for me. •

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