Blood Moon


By Jace Soliz

(Young Man's Voice) February 21, 2032 On My Bed 2:17am

They never found his body. All they found was blood, torn cloth as if he'd been ripped apart. No fragments of flesh, possibly it was just a struggle. Someone I know joked that it was werewolves. I laughed at first because who believes in those kinds of things? Man changing into a beast of great size and power. I don't laugh anymore. Not after tonight.

(Earlier) I was walking home from the coffee shop where Jason and I had a great chat about his boyfriend and how in love they are. I sat there looking at him talking undressing him. I am sort of jealous. Jason has that 6-pack, a nice tight body and…. (sigh)…Just beautiful. So, he was telling me about how wonderful life is for him right now. He has someone to wake up to and screw around with. He said for the first time he found someone that made his heart jump every time he saw him.

By no means was Jason trying to rub my obvious void of a boyfriend into my face. He wouldn't do something like that. I wish I had that feeling right now in my life. I wish I had someone that made my heart jump every time I see that person. Actually, there is one guy that does that, but he's the scary guy from 3-A that pretends he's Superman.

I started to laugh out loud just by the thought. How freakin' sad that the guy from 3-A was the thing that made my heart jump. I told Jason what I was thinking since he had a confused look on his face. We laughed it up, and it was getting late.

He quickly told me an interesting story about this teen that disappeared. Said he was coming home from a friends house and was attacked or something. They found his blood and some shredded clothes that his mother had identified as the shirt he left home with. It was all over the news and papers. He asked me if why I hadn't heard about it. Anyway, the real clicker here is, a trail leading away from the spattered blood were paw like marks, but from an animal that they haven't been able to identify. He disappeared the night of the full moon a few months ago. Isn't that interesting? A full moon! He trailed off like it was a spooky coincidence.

I asked him if he was hinting towards a mythical creature called a werewolf. He almosted choked on his coffee. He yelled, "Mythical?". And we sat at the café for another 10 minutes debating over myth and facts. Finally I calmed him down, we laughed, kissed and said our goodbyes. I was a little uneasy after hearing about that teen…I had to walk home from the café on a night of a full moon.

I kept trying to get the horrible thoughts out of my head as I passed 10th St. People were out driving, walking, and having conversations just like normal. The air was nice and crisp like rain was coming. The sky was clear and full…okay…keep away from those thoughts. I started thinking of Jason. Smiled. Blushed because of the things I was thinking and he being my best friend and all.

Turned the corner of Grand Amy Lane and I stopped. Across from me was the alley way where they found that teen's blood and clothes. A horn honked and I nearly jumped out of my clothes. A man was honking to get my attention. He asked me where 20th St. was. I told him he was going the wrong direction. I gave him general directions, go left here and right there, don't go straight here because the street becomes a 1 way street only. And he thanked me and drove away. Once again my attention turned towards the alley way. I hadn't realized I lived so close to it.

I stepped off the curb toward the alley and I swear my feet were trying to run away from me, but I continued to push forward. I had my neck kinked towards my right shoulder with a scared look on my face. I can imagine how I looked, and I entered the alley.

Jason never said exactly where the body was found here, so I had to look for something to help me out. I was almost to the dead end where a chain link fence was placed when I spotted a few of what seemed to be splatter marks of a red substance. I didn't see any paw prints, but I guess they cleaned everything up. How did they miss these then? A sudden thought flashed through my head so quickly that I felt the wind on my head. What if this is newer blood. Well that did it.

I started to walk really fast towards the street, where no people were walking or talking. No cars were driving by. Nothing. I was almost there when a man's figure stepped into the alley. Then two other guys walked behind him. I kept walking hoping that they were there out of curiosity as well. As I got closer to them they suddenly stopped and I kept walking and just as they were in clear view, the leader of the three brought up his arm and he waved his hand with one finger sticking out going "tsk tsk tsk".

"You can't leave now. Not now that the show is gonna begin." He said in a soft but tough voice. I heard a noise from above and a women was trying to close her window in a rush. I yelled towards her for help and she stopped and looked and then shook her head and finally got the window closed. She peered once more and then she was gone and she turned off the light in that room. I took a step back and he took a step forward.

"Let's go back to the gate, my man." He smiled. He looked up at the sky. "I can't see the moon yet, but I can feel it through my whole soul." The other two men nodded in agreement. I turned around and started to walk towards the back again, and I took off into a run and jumped on the chain link fence, but before I even got another notch up, I was being pulled down by very strong hands. These men were big.

The leader came right up to my face, I was still struggling and he grabbed my face, his hand resting on my chin. His grip was freakishly strong. And he looked disappointed. "Why'd ya make me run? I am very close to being in a very bad mood." He squeezed even tighter and I yelled out in pain. The big guy behind me moved and the leader guy pushed me down and I fell into a box that was there and my ass went through the top and I sank to the bottom with my torso, legs and arms sticking out. "Tonight is my big night. And I don't want you to miss it." His eyes rolled back and his face went to complete pleasure. "Oh..yeah…..I can feel it real good now. Sort of a humming feeling throughout my body." When he said the word body, his voice seemed to get lower.

He started to shake a little. He let out a sigh that was so low it almost sounded animal like. Looking down at me he said something that shocked me, "And to think I was scared a few months ago when they changed me. Right here in this alley. Tell me, are they still talking about me on the news?" My eyes grew wide. Oh my God. He started to grunt and moved a few steps back. His back he was breathing really hard and his body looked like it was throbbing. I asked him if he was okay out of shear stupidity. He looked up and the looked at the other two and with an extremely deep voice chimed "Ah, he's so nice do we have to fucking kill him. You'll be my first sweetheart." He started laughing and the other two, were standing behind me were laughing and going through a change as well. A ripping sound filled the quiet night and I shot a look back to the lead guy, who's back arched violently ripped the shirt he was wearing open.

He knelt onto the ground and his body continued to change. He was growing massive by the seconds. His chest erupted covered in what seemed to be fur. His shirt was in tatters and soon his legs were ripping apart as well. He grabbed the remaining clothes and tore them off like they were made of rice paper with his enlarged hands. He exposed an erect penis that soon was shooting cum all over the ground. Empting the last of his human form. The two behind me came into view, full fledge werewolves, and I managed to scream. They stood in front of the still changing teen wolf thing. I started flailing my legs and arms to try to get out of the box. I screamed help. Still no one came. I finally was able to get out of the box but lost my footing and fell on my back.

From behind the hulking werewolf guys, stood an even more massive grotesque figure. He pushed the other two out of the way and got up to face. My breath was caught in my throat and I dared not move. Then he let out a roar that caused me to pee in my pants. I tried to say something, but all that came out was just clutter and jumbles of letters.

Out of nowhere…"You know this isn't your territory, right boys?" A deep voice said. The 3 wolves and I all turned our head at the same time to the opening of the ally. 8 figures stood in there. The light of the street lamps making them seemed almost cel shaded. There must be gym near by because these men are huge. I think I kinda smirked.

The men started running and defying gravity `cause some where running side ways on the wall, sort of reminded me of a mix between Matrix and the game character Shinbone's moves. Soon the wolves were on their backs being knocked around by these mere men. I was looking to the right where the action was happening when footsteps drew my attention to my right. He was most awesome thing I have ever seen. He walked right in front of me and bended down reaching his massive arms down towards me. "You okay?" His voice was strong. His stubble was visible against the tanned skin and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. I reached me hand up to him when a yell from afar caught his attention. He looked down and me and pulled his hand away and smiled and arched both is eyebrows up on his incredible face and said "See ya around." And took off flying over the fence with a leap from those massive legs his black jeans couldn't hide.

I laid there not knowing how to react to all of this. I pinched myself and it hurt, so there goes the "dreaming theory". So what the hell is going on? If I go to the police and say I was attacked by that missing teen that then turned into a werewolf, I'd be thrown into the loony bin. I got up and ran to my street and got into my apartment and threw up in the toilet. My nerves are frayed. I wish I knew who those guys were that helped me. What did he mean by territories? I shook my head and finally came into my room after a nice long shower and started writing in my journal. Those men's muscles. Wow. Think I gotta jack off just from seeing them. No. On second thought. Pleasure is the furthest from my mind.

Tomorrow I'm gonna read all of this again and see if I can make sense of the whole night. I'm debating on wether to tell Jason about it. Probably not. I gotta start working out. •

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