Blood Moon


By Jace Soliz

"Like I told you! They came out of nowhere saying it was their territory!" He moved to the padded area of the room and sat down. Last night was his 2nd transformation and already the positives were showing. 1 inch taller, making him 6'0. He put on mass that was veined and flexed as he moved. His cock was much longer and thicker with a sac that carried both human and animal semen. His shoulders are wide and powerful, his back ripped, his pecs thick and protruding. His 6-pack was thick and tight. Thick thighs and veined and bulging calves finished the package all nice and neat. Plus he was now hairy in places he wasn't before. The hair on his chest swirled around his pecs and down his abs to blend into the pubes and down his tight muscular legs. His voice deepened from the gift he was given, and his sex drive dramatically increased and was satisfied daily.

Dane just watched the young pup with fierce eyes. His massive form was highlighted by the generic light that gave him a more powerful image. He was not only the largest of the tribe, but he was also the biggest. He changed the young man before him, giving the boy a gift all would have loved to have given to them. Just that chance to become great, massive, hulking and intimidating. And although at this time he was disappointed in the boy's performace this night, he could help but lust after the ignorance. He will learn, he reminded himself. He too was once a cub that was taken under the great wings of his massive leader/lover.

"Out of nowhere? Does your hightened senses not work? You like putting on shows I was told. Transforming slowly to create fear. You have much to learn about being a true werewolf my young son." Dane walked out of the light and sat his massive form down where his new pup sat staring off in anger. He put his hand lovingly on the back of the young man's head and forced him to stare into his own eyes. "Creating fear can come into many forms, you change you kill, you feed. Nothing else should matter right now to you. You have much to learn and you still are not even close to becoming what I truly made you for!" Dane leaned in and kissed his cub's cheek. "Rion, I cannot teach you if you do not learn from my lessons" Rion looked at his father, "What's the use of being a werewolf if you can't scare the fuck out of people?!" He got up and was ready to walk out the door. Dane's anger exploded and his teeth grew in his mouth into sharp teeth that could tear flesh like butter. He grabbed Rion and crashed him into the wall, and then against another wall. Dane got up real close to Rion's throat. Rion's eye's were wide in horror, "I'm….I'm sorry…." He whispered. Dane backed off. He nuzzled the young man's neck and bit a small portion and kissed his neck up his lips and gave the cub a passionate kiss. The boy's arms wrapped around Dane's massive form. Rion's cock erected and Dane rubbed it through the boy's tight jeans. Then he stopped, Rion looking at him questioningly.

Dane did a heavy sigh, and got up and walked out the door only turning around to say "Get into bed, I'll be there in a few minutes my sweet Rion. I'll make YOU my master yet!" He paused, "Ruling the tribe as I do now" And Dane was gone.

Rion got up and stared at the door. Rubbing his erection. He allowed himself to get bigger ripping the shirt of with just his growing muscles, his cock lengthened and thickened. The pleasure of growing even more massive and the feeling of his throbbing cock were too much, and he shot thick streams of cum onto the floor grunting and growling. He felt the animal inside him. He cleaned up the mess, keeping his muscles pumped. He climbed into bed and closed his eyes. •

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