Bits and Pieces Catalog


By lemapp

The new Undergear Swimwear Catalog arrived. I felt inspired. As with most of my stories, this is a capture of my dream/ fantasy. I go where the dream takes me.

After school I was surfing the Internet and found a link to something called Bits and Pieces. The write-up called the site a place where men are made, for a price. Being a poor college student, I decided to at least see what I could get for free, or at least for next to free.

I had to pass through the several gateway pages that advertised I would find naked men inside. I finally reached the home that displayed a gorgeous hunk of a man in blue swimsuit. The main links on the page include Body - Upper, Body - Lower, Head, Dick/ Balls, Skins and Clothes. The last two links had flashing "new" icons.

I click on the Body - Upper link and found several pages with at least a dozen naked men. They were grouped in categories like Athletic, Muscular, Bodybuilder, and Pro BB. I soon discovered that the men each had their own page with a short description.

At first I simply glanced at the descriptions thinking that they were biographies on the men displayed. I was more distracted by the beautiful men with their smooth muscle bodies. It took a while to realize that the text was describing the men's bodies as products. Then sticker shock sunk in when I found the pricing to be at least a few hundred for the less muscular bodies to thousands for the extreme pro bodybuilders.

I spend well over an hour wandering through the site finding that everything was out of reach for a poor college student. I did finally find one thing that I could afford; it was less than a hundred. The above average size dick was simply called the Locker Room dick. It was kind of thick with a good length. The matching set of balls was a perfect companion. The write-up described the cock as being more of a shower instead of a grower.

I selected the purchase option and entered my credit card. Soon I got to the confirmation page. I was expecting to get a shipping form so I could have the cock sent to my mailbox, but instead a set of instructions appeared.

I was asked to undress and remain motionless for a few moments. A graphic on the screen began a 2-minute countdown. I felt very silly at this point but I went ahead and striped off my clothes. I sat down with some 45 seconds remaining.

The countdown graphic disappeared and a large text message said to sit still. Then it struck me. I was frozen in place. I felt a quick sharp pain in my crotch but I could not look down to see what had happened. Several seconds passed but it felt so much longer.

Finally I could move and I leaped away from the computer. Then my cock slapped my thigh. I looked down to see that my cock had been replaced with an exact copy of the cock and balls I had seen on the screen. I reached down to touch it and see that it was real. I could barely wrap my hand around the shaft. My cock no longer disappeared when my hand covered it.

I began to stroke and the cock stiffens. There was not much growth as the dick swelled with blood. I picked up the pace enjoying the new sensations of extra length and the thick shaft. Soon my balls pull tight and I volley thick streams of cum onto the floor.

I had forgotten the computer. When I looked up, there was a message that my old cock was in storage anytime that I wanted to return back to my previous self. I laughed that I never wanted that small dick again.

I wanted to go show-off my new equipment and I decided the men's locker room in the main gym was the pace to go. It was starting to get late in the evening and I kind of remembered that closed early. I packed a towel and threw on some shorts and a tee shirt.

As I got to the gym, the sign said that it would close in 10 minutes. I ducked past the front counter and into the locker room. At least I could hang out here before they threw me out.

In the shower area I could hear a great deal of laughing. I got undressed and wrapped myself in the towel. I found about a dozen guys peeling off their Speedos and horsing around. I stood there watching. My cock began to stir beneath my towel.

The action stopped when they discovered that I was watching. Soon I and another guy remained in the showers. He kind of nonchalantly checked me out, a slight nod.

I took the shower next to his. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his cock begin to swell. The guy was hung nearly as thick and long as I was. His smooth, tone body wasn't bad either.

Soon the guy grabbed my hand and whispered that there was a place a bit more private. I followed him though a maze of hallways to another small locker room. As soon as we entered the guy was on his knees and my cock was in his mouth.

This guy was an expert cocksucker. The warm tight mouth and tongue bath was sending me over the edge. My toes were curling tight and I was moaning like I had never have before. I could not hold back anymore and I shot my load down his throat. I could see my cum leaking out the side of his mouth as he swallowed what he could.

The guy stood and hugged me. He kissed my neck. Then he turned to one of the lockers nearby. Quickly he pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. As he headed for the door, he looked back and stared at my cock. Then he was gone.

I sat on the bench to cool off. Slowly I realized that I was sitting naked in some part of the gym that I had never seen before. I had no idea where I was or how to get back to the locker was my clothes were stored.

I headed out into the hallway where I entered. I had awkward walking around naked. I keep telling myself that I should have had more sense. I tried my best to remember, but soon every corner and bend looked the same and I was getting hopelessly confused.

There were no signs on the doors, simply room numbers. I began trying doors and found that most of them were locked. I figured that the gym had closed for a while and I was probably locked in for the night. Finally I found a door that was not locked and entered.

I was first hit be the smell of chlorine. I followed a short hallway that led into a small pool. It seem so quiet and peaceful with the soft low music and dim lights. I figured since I was locked in for the night, I might as well be comfortable.

I slipped into the water and found that it was fairly warm. This was more like a large hot tub. I settled into a corner and stretched out. I was going to nap here before exploring some more.

Then a shape rose from the water. A very fit naked 30-something man was standing above me. He looked very sternly at me, which was scaring the crap out of me.

Then the guy just began to laugh. He said that I looked so scared. He loved to scare people. This was the most fun he had had in a long time. I felt so embarrassed.

We chatted for a while, as we got more comfortable with each other. He told me that he like my choice in swimwear. I said that I like his. My cock began to stiffen. The water was getting hot, so I pulled myself up onto the edge.

The guy reached over and grabbed my cock. He said that there was something he wanted to try for a long time but he needed to find someone like me. He left the pool and brought back something from bag. Then his expert hand slid a condom over my meat. A tube of lube appeared and my cock was coated in the slick stuff.

The guy wanted me to fuck him in the pool. The silicon lube should not wash away. The guy grabbed the side of the pool as I stood behind him. My cock knew the way and was pushing for entrance to his backdoor. Slowly my cock slid deep into his muscular butt. I finally got the full length buried inside.

As I pulled out for the first stroke I realized at how long my cock was now. I could pull back without fear of slipping out. Then I pounded back deep. I heard the guy beneath me moan quietly.

I got my rhythm and I pound that ass hard. I picked up speed. The guy would clamp his asshole on my cock every so often and that was driving me over the edge. I began to grunt as I drew close. I felt an intense orgasm building. My toes curled and I buried my cock so deep into this guy's ass. I felt my cock pump cum inside the condom.

I collapsed on the guy and hugged him tightly. After a few minutes I recovered and slowly pulled my soften cock from the butt vise-grip. This guy did not want to release me. It took some pulling but I got free, condom still in place.

I exited the pool, but the guy jumped out along the side and heads me off. His arms were around me as he hugged me tight. The guy whispers in my ear that I was the most amazing fuck. He needs to be fucked by me more often. I softly agree and then he pulls away. •

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