By falseyedee

That was one great week. In my work clothes I looked just like I always had, but tanner. It was only when I wore t-shirts that anybody could tell than anything was happening. I took to stuffing my work shirt in my bag on the way home, so I'd only be in my t-shirt on the way home. Man, those that noticed couldn't stop staring. I couldn't tell who was gay and who was straight cause everybody would stare.

I collected names, numbers and emails like it was goin' outta style. I'd never been so popular. Jay and I were still hanging out together after work and we had sex a couple more times that week. I got together with somebody each night that week. Each time was as glorious as the first. I just was one horny bastard able to cum repeatedly with no let up. All the sex partners that week were tired out and done in long before I was ready to call myself sated.

On Friday, the delivery guy showed up at 6:15pm. He had me show my ID and sign for the package before he gave it to me. I'd thought he was cute the first time, but that night I noticed how ripped his fore arms were and I knew he was one of the volunteers too.

Jay was there again. He wanted to be there for the second dose. He wanted to watch me change. Before that would have bothered me, but now, I was like, "sure, man, that'd be cool."

I took off all my clothes and drank down the contents of the little bottle. The stuff seemed to take affect before I was even done swallowing it all down. There was the same head rush and flush feeling, followed by perspiration and quick deep breaths. It felt awesome! It was a sensation of total sexual pleasure.

"Fuck, dude, what's happening to you? It looks, damn, it looks like your muscles are growing! Is that possible? Damn, you are growing. Your muscles are getting bigger. Look at your chest! Look at your thighs! I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's like you're getting bigger with every breath you take. It looks like you're inflating your muscles, dude! God, damn. You are getting so big. Your chest is like getting broader. And your thighs are swelling up. You look like a sprinter man, or you did a minute ago. Now you look like a big physique model, or a speed skater. Or a I don't know what."

Jay's commentary went along with what I was feeling and with what I could see looking down at my body. My muscles were swelling in size with every breath I took. It felt so incredible. It really did feel like I could feel myself getting stronger as my muscles grew. I felt strong, hot and horny and all I wanted at that moment was to be bigger and stronger and hornier. I wanted muscles and I wanted sex and it felt so fucking good.

When the deep breathing subsided and that flush feeling went away, I stood naked in my living room with my best friend sitting up babbling away enthusiastically about how fucking awesome I looked and how big I was now. I felt amazing. I felt good. I felt strong. I knew I was a muscle man now. I knew I was hot and sexy and I couldn't believe but that I was even hornier than I'd been in the past week.

I strode to my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror on the closet door. Jay had followed me to the bedroom and he was taking off his clothes. His worshipful commentary continued unabated. I looked like a competition quality bodybuilder with all that that entails: big, high mounding pecs, tiny wash board waist, thundering thighs and arms like hams.

I was massive, with thick rippling muscles. I was still as ripped and lean as I'd become. I was still as granite hard with shrink- wrapped golden skin. My muscles pulsed with strength. My muscles pulsed with power. I was even more vascular than I'd been before.

I'd gotten an erection during the transformation and it was hard, pointing off at a 45 degree angle, pre-cum dripping off the shaft. It got even harder as I looked at the muscle man in the mirror. I was getting off on my own muscles. I raised up my arms into a double bicep pose and flexed hard. I heard Jay whimper from behind me. My arms got suddenly huge. The muscle seemed to pop almost getting half again as big. Each head of the split biceps had its own defined peak. It was so hot that I came. I came at the sight and sensation of my own body. My thick, hard, defined muscle man physique got me hot and horny and brought me to orgasm, splashing pints of hot jizm hard against the mirror.

Jay was naked and although I'd just cum, he was hot and worshipful and I was still hard and needing further release. The sex was still freaking amazing. The sexual pleasure was beyond incredible and I couldn't get enough and didn't want to stop. When Jay reluctantly said he could take no more, I still had to release what seemed to build up inside almost instantly.

He fell asleep watching me pleasure myself. Just looking at my hot, ripped, muscled body was enough to get me off. I didn't have to even touch my cock and I had orgasms that were very nearly as good as those I'd had fucking Jay.

Later, Saturday, morning, I woke Jay up by fucking him. Three times. He helped me clean up the place. I really needed to get the carpet steam cleaned. We showered together and he devoured my hard cock and I filled him up. I wanted to get to ProGrow early, then get out and strut my stuff out in the warm afternoon sun.

This time, my clothes did not fit. I had a hell of a time finding something I could wear. Finally, I found a pair of cut off jeans that I was able to cut some more off so that I could get my legs into `em. The waist was really loose though. If it weren't for my new muscular bubbled butt and huge thighs, the shorts would have fallen to the floor. As it was, muscle was able to hold them up. They looked fucking painted on. I pulled on a t-shirt that had been a tad too big for me the day before. It fit me that day like a second skin at my chest and at the arms, but it hung loose around my waist. Well, it didn't reach my waist. My chest was so big that the front of the shirt was lifted up revealing my cobbled abs.

The bus ride to ProGrow was so much fun. There was no hiding my muscles. And I didn't want to. It seemed like everybody wanted to talk to me. Everybody wanted to touch my big hard muscles. Men and women, gay and straight, folks wanted to feel my huge taut steely sinews. And I let them.

At ProGrow, the researcher seemed more ready for what I looked like, but there was still a sharp intake of breath and slight shake of the head as if he was trying to clear his vision or shake off the lust.

It was the same routine as last time. I stripped. He measured. As I pulled my shorts back on, he started giving me the low down.

"Mr. Hume, thanks for getting here earlier this week. The second dose has worked as we expected. You are, I think, our "star" volunteer. You're showing the most remarkable results. Again, you remain 5'-6" tall. You now weigh 190 lbs. at only 2% body fat. That means that compared to last week, you have gained 36 lbs of lean muscle. I expect most of that was built up in the first 6 or 8 minutes after taking the dose. Your chest is 47 inches. Your waist is 29 inches. Your thighs are now 27 inches and your biceps are 18- 1/2 inches. Your neck and calves are both 18 inches. I think you'll find that your strength corresponds to your size and that you will feel quite energetic."

"So," he asked, "do you wish to continue with the final dose? The final dose will continue with some muscle growth, but will affect more the primary and secondary sexual indicators."

It was all "waa, waa, waa" until he got to "muscle growth" and "sexual" whatevers.

There was no doubt in my mind. I said "yes." He had me sign more waivers and handed me my $50 bill.

I decided to walk home. I never did put my shirt back on. I may have caused a small fender bender. Feeling the warm air caress my tight skin was heaven. On the way home, I was propositioned by three or four guys. I liked this being a muscle hunk stuff. They all looked good. I took one of them up on it.

The guy was really hot. He must have been about 30 and looked like he was into the iron game. He was taller than me by a couple of inches and probably weighed about the same. Which means that he was a muscular guy himself, though he had nothing on me. He was wearing a pair of OP shorts and was sweaty from washing his car.

I liked the look of his thick pecs and bulging arms. I liked the look of the tented shorts even more. We disappeared into his garage and made hot, sweaty muscle love right there on the concrete floor. He tried to top me, but I was able to wrestle him into submission and I fucked him a couple of times. He loved every minute of it.

I stopped at a department store and bought some clothes for work…and some clothes for play. When I got to the Castro, I stopped at the leather store and bought a few more essentials. The leather queen who ran the place was gorgeous in a hairy muscle kind of way. He was about 6 feet tall, maybe 40 or 42, with a chest as big as mine and arms as big as mine. He wore that muscle well.

When he was finished fitting me for a leather harness we stayed in the back room. I was still horny. He looked great. He took off his tight black t-shirt and I loved the look of his hard, hairy muscles. The dark hair was short and swirled around on his big chest and cobbled abs. We practically attacked one another. He fucked me hard, then I fucked him a couple of times. It was so much fun! It was great to ride a tall muscle guy for all he was worth and hear him beg for more.

When I got home I was still horny. You'd think being horny all the time would begin to get old or uncomfortable. But I didn't find that to be so. I just wanted to have sex. It felt great, actually, to be horny. I liked the feeling of wanting and needing release. I made a few calls and set up a couple dates for that night.

And that was my week. I'd jack off a couple of times or just get myself off by gazing at my bod each morning. At work, I'd have to excuse myself a couple of times to go jack off. Then I'd strip off my shirt and head on home to a couple of dates. I fucked Jay first, then whomever I'd hooked up with, then maybe another date. Every fuck was great. They all seemed more than satisfied and I'd still jack off before I went to bed. It was great! •

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