By falseyedee

Friday evening came pretty quickly. When you're busy, time flies. The delivery guy from ProGrow showed up around 7pm. Even though he knew I was me, we still had to go thru the same confirming I'm me rigmarole. I'd have had to be blind not to see how big the guy had gotten. His shirt barely covered his torso and the seams at his shoulders were starting to split. Seeing another guy change as quickly as I had really turned me on. He seemed to be as turned on by me as I was by him.

"Dude," he said in his surfer boy drawl, "you are a freaky muscle man! I've seen most of the other volunteers and you've changed the most radically. Looking good."

"Thanks. It's great isn't it?"

He nodded and winked at me. That got me harder. If Jay hadn't been there, I would have invited him in. He was cute and he was hot. I really liked all his muscles.

"Maybe you could come by later?" I asked.

"That'd be cool. I'll see what I can do", he said with a smile as he bounded down the steps.

Jay and I went into the living room and stripped. I opened up the package, checked the instructions [they were the same] and downed the stuff.

The transformation started even faster than the previous week. I cannot say in words how good this stuff makes you feel when you take it in. You get pleasantly dizzy and hardly even notice how warm you are or the perspiration, because it really does feel like you're on the verge of a mega-orgasm.

"Holy shit, Tony, it's already started! Your chest is getting bigger, man. You're pecs are getting bigger right in front of me. And your legs and, oh, my God, Tony, your dick is getting bigger! And your balls are getting bigger! Good Lord, what a sight! I can't wait to feel that hummer inside me. Dude, you're hair is growing and you're getting hairy. Damn! You are so fucking hot, man. Fuck me, man, fuck me."

This had to have been the most amazing transformation. I can't tell you how sexy and how horny I felt. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to be bigger and stronger and sexier and hornier. That wild desire to fuck and cum filled my conscious brain. The ecstatic sexual pleasure dominated my entire being.

It didn't take long. I could feel how much bigger my legs were and how much bigger and heavier my cock was. When I looked down over my expanded pecs, I was stunned to see that my flaccid cock reached down to the middle of my tree trunk thighs. My balls must have been as big as two softballs, swinging low in the sack.

I headed for the bedroom. The sensation of my fat cock and balls bouncing against my huge quads made me feel so fucking sexy. They were warm and heavy. My legs were so big now that I had to roll one leg out around the other in order to walk. That confirmed the sensation of being a fucking, sexy muscle man. When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I was stunned.

My chest had indeed grown. My pecs were huge, projecting several inches out past my stone wall abdominals. They were out of proportion to the rest of me, but gloriously so! My hair had grown thick and long and kept falling in my face, covering it up completely. I had a Miami Vice growth of beard on my face and it looked hot.

Even hotter were the swirls of dark hair that covered my massive pecs and trailed down my stomach. I never thought that I'd find that sexy, but just the thought of my getting hairy got my cock to leap to attention. It was even bigger and thicker erect.

Jay had followed me to the bedroom like a puppy; a horny little muscle queen of a puppy. His cock was erect and as I looked at myself in the mirror, his hands were all over me.

I was such a ripped, hard, muscle man now, I didn't even have to flex. All my muscles just popped like I was in a constant flex. And when I did flex, man, Jay was reduced to a whimpering lump of horny flesh. When I flexed, my muscles didn't just pop, they fucking exploded in size and power. Relaxed, you could see the individual bundles of muscle fiber that made up every muscle. Relaxed, I was hard as stone, ripped to shred, with a network of thick veins covering my entire body, like a net trying to contain the freaky huge muscles. When I flexed, the muscles swelled up into bulging huge balls of hard, veiny strength. The big veins got bigger and a secondary network of smaller veins would appear.

And I was so fucking horny! I dispensed with the worship session and fucked Jay on the bed, on the floor, in the bathroom, in the living room, back in the bedroom. I came and came and came and was immediately ready to fuck again, so I did.

When Jay could take no more, I called a guy I'd met that week and masturbated repeatedly until he arrived. This guy was pretty muscular, about 6 feet tall, maybe 220 lbs with 19 inch arms. I'd thought he was pretty hot. He'd thought I was hot. When he arrived, he couldn't get his clothes off fast enough and I fucked him over and over again until he was worn out. I must have pumped out gallons of cum that night.

The next morning, after fucking both Jay and the hot muscle guy a couple more times, I pulled on some stretchy sweat shorts, pulled my hair back in a tidy pony tail and headed out to the ProGrow clinic. My package was huge. There was no hiding it.

There was no hiding me or my muscles for that matter. I was proud of what I had and I wanted to show it off. Everybody stared at me. It was great. I was a fucking freak of nature. Men stared. Women stared. Kids stared. Kids asked to touch my muscles. A few men asked me to flex. I was more than happy to oblige. I collected a bunch more phone numbers from men and women.

At the clinic, I saw that the researcher must have started taking the stuff, cause his lab coat barely covered his chest and his arms were stretching the sleeves. We did the usual thing. I stripped and he measured me. When he was finished, I pulled my shorts back on over my huge muscle ass and liter bottle sized cock.

"Mr. Hume, you astound me," he started, "we didn't expect this kind of growth on the final shot, but you are the star of this trial. At 5'-6" tall, you now weigh 245 lbs. at only 2% body fat. That means that compared to last week, you have gained 50 lbs of lean muscle. Your chest is 56 inches. Your waist is only 30 inches. Your thighs are now 33 inches and your biceps are 25 inches. Your calves are both 24 inches."

"You look like you've put on some muscle yourself," I replied.

"Ah, well, yes I have. As you've no doubt noticed, your penis and testicles have also seen, ah, significant growth and the growth of your hair as been accelerated and enhanced."

I rubbed my hand on my chin and felt the decent start of a beard. It wasn't stubble, it was a beard. I had shaved before I left the house. I could see that the hair on my chest had thickened as well, swirling sexily in thick profusion. This turned up the volume on my sexual desire and my thick cock hardened up and it's fist sized head soon pushed its way past the elastic waist band on my shorts.

"It's not the only thing that's be enhanced," I observed.

The researcher grinned and locked the door to the exam room. I pulled off my shorts and my cock sprang out, looking like a cannon with two grapefruit sized balls suspended from it. He flexed his big biceps and grinned even wider at the sound of the seams of his lab coat giving way to the unyielding mass of his growing arms. I unbuttoned the coat and was pleasantly surprised at the size of his package.

"This is going to be the beginning of a long friendship." •

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