By falseyedee

Friday night, just after 6pm there was a knock on the door. The delivery guy had me show my driver's license then sign for a small box. Jay was there. He wanted to make sure that I would go forward with the dare.

"Oooh, Tony, the serum has arrived. Are you scared? This is it! There's no looking back! Dr. Jeyckle, here you come!"

"Shut up, Jay."

I took the box into the living room and opened it up. It contained a small bottle of liquid and a sheet of instructions. The instructions didn't say anything different. Jay was still giving me shit, and wouldn't shut up, so I took the bottle and escaped to the privacy of the bathroom. The guy at ProGrow had said that the results would happen pretty quick, so I took off my shirt so that if anything actually happened, I'd be able to see.

After I swallowed the contents of the small bottle, my body began to respond almost immediately. It would have put me into a panic if it hadn't felt so good. And it felt great. It felt go-weak-at-the- knees, eyes-roll-back-in-your-head good. Like a really good blow job, only better. I fell back against the bathroom wall and watched what was happening in the mirror.

I was perspiring and panting and trying to pay attention to what was happening to my body, but it felt so good and I felt good. I felt sexy and horny and desperate to feel sexier and hornier.

In the mirror I saw my body being transformed. It was wild. It was freaky. It would have made me panic. But it didn't just feel good, it looked good. I was shedding fat, even though I thought I was fairly lean. My muscles were growing to take up the space that had just seconds ago been fat.

My flat stomach was changing. Ridges of muscle were forming. I reached down and felt my stomach getting harder and leaner. I felt the muscles growing in size and the fat melting away. My abdominals were twitching and pulsing under my fingers. The muscles were firming up, getting harder, forming themselves into harder and more unyieldingly strong versions of themselves.

Ordinarily I would have freaked out, but I wasn't worried. It felt so amazing watching my stomach go from flat and soft to hard and rippling. From nothing to a 4-pack, a 6-pack and finally, an 8- pack. The intercostal muscles also grew from not even being visible into prominent, thick snakes of muscle bracketing my increasingly defined brick wall of abdominal muscle.

I felt my waist firming up. I felt my abs getting stronger. The sense of increasing strength was intoxicating. I felt stronger and sexier than I'd ever felt before. I couldn't get enough of this. I wanted more. I felt so sexy. I looked so sexy. My cock was hard as a rock tenting my trousers.

The serratus muscles were soon visible and they were round and hard. My entire mid section was granite hard and defined like a 3-D anatomy chart. The changes continued. I didn't think it was possible for me to be so lean. My skin seemed to be shrink wrapped over a stone carving. It was tight and thin. A faint web of veins began to become visible as my skin got tighter and the muscles formed themselves up into such hard balls of power that there was little room left for veins.

The trippy thing is what was happening to my abs was happening to my entire body! Fat was disappearing and in its place the strongest, hardest, most cut muscles I'd ever seen were taking its place. My chest mounded up slightly and broadened. The muscles thickened and got harder and harder. I saw every bundle of muscle plunging into the gap between my pectorals. My biceps changed from soft and unformed lumps of flesh into visible bundles of muscle bulging with steely chords displaying strength and power I'd never imagined.

The panting subsided and the perspiration stopped. It had only been a few minutes and I had been transformed. I could see by the face that the body in the mirror was me. But the body was completely different. I felt completely different. I was giddy with the sensation of increased strength. I loved what I saw and I loved how I felt.

"Come on out of there, Tony. You gotta take the stuff. I'm not leaving until you do."

I stood up on my own two feet. I was ripped to freaking shreds. I'd never seen anybody that was so lean, hard and defined. God, I felt hot and horny. My erection just seemed to get harder. I pulled off my pants and checked out my legs. They were just as ripped and hard as my torso. My cock started to leak pre-cum.

"Come on, Tony. Show yourself."

I opened the door.

Jay's eyes went wide and his draw quite literally dropped open. He looked me up and down.

"Holy, fuck, Tony! What happened to you? You took the stuff? Fuck, you are stoked! Look how buff you are!"

Jay's a cute guy. I'd always thought he'd be hot in bed, but never considered it `cause we were friends. That night, he looked fucking hot to me. I wanted him.

"What's it feel like, Tony? Can I touch you?"

My muscles rippled with every motion I made. I lifted up my right arm and flexed. The muscle exploded in size. The biceps balled up big just from bending my arm, when I flexed the muscle split into two defined heads and swelled even larger. Jay reached out and touched my arm.

"Shit, Tony, you are hard as a fucking rock." He grabbed my arm and tried to squeeze. I flexed harder and veins popped out all over the muscle. "Fuck, I can't press into your arm at all. It's like fucking granite."

My erection couldn't get any harder and pre-cum was flowing down the shaft of my cock, soaking through my BVD's. I'd never been so hard or so horny in my life.

Jay's always been more athletic than me. He's also a couple or three inches taller. He looked hot and sexy to me.

Our eyes locked and it was like ESP or something. I nodded my head toward my bedroom and he started to strip and follow me down the hall. We had fucking awesome sex all night long and well into Saturday morning. I've always liked being a bottom, but that night I topped Jay and he worshipped my glorious new body.

I couldn't get enough sex. I'd come and no sooner than I had and I was hard and horny all over again. It wasn't just lots of sex either, it was fantastic sex. The orgasms were like…I don't know, I didn't know sex could be so amazing. I could fuck for an hour getting closer and closer to orgasm so that I thought my dick was going to explode and then the orgasm would go on and on as I pumped out God knows how much fluid. I swear the orgasms felt so fucking incredible I thought I might black out from pure ecstatic pleasure.

Finally, Jay couldn't take any more and he fell asleep naked on my bed. I was still horny so I jacked off a couple of more times spraying pints of cum across the room before the lack of sleep caught up with me.

When I woke up, I had a hard on. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 3 in the afternoon! I had to get over to ProGrow. I jacked off again so I could concentrate on the task at hand and got dressed.

Strangely enough, my clothes all still fit. I looked so much bigger, but it must have been because of the granite fullness of my muscles and the extreme definition that went along with being so lean. I looked great. I looked like I was flexing when I was completely at rest. And I seemed to have developed a tan since last night. That made me look even better.

I put on a pair of 501's and a t-shirt. The jeans might have been a bit looser. My arms looked fucking amazing coming out of the sleeves. I grabbed a sweater and headed off to catch the bus to ProGrow's clinic.

San Francisco is full of good looking men. Some of them even ride the bus. But it seemed like they all were riding my bus that Saturday. I was hard and horny for the entire ride. Each stop seemed to mean at least one more hot guy was getting on. I made a lot of eye contact and by the time I'd reached my stop I'd collected a few phone numbers and emails.

The receptionist remembered me and buzzed for a researcher. He appeared almost immediately. It was the same guy. He looked way hotter to me than he had early that week. I followed him to the exam room.

"Okay, Mr. Hume. You got here just in time, we close at 4 on Saturday. You need to try and get here sooner, please. Now take off your clothes."

I could hear him gasp when I started to pull my sweater and t-shirt off over my head. After I'd pulled them off I grinned at him before pulling off my pants. He almost looked as stunned at Jay had last night. He tried to cover up and maintain his professional demeanor, but the rising bulge in his trousers gave him away for sure.

We went thru the same routine of measurements as we had before. I gotta say, I was a real muscle hunk now. The tan really set off my ripped muscles nicely. When we were finished, I pulled my jeans back on. I kept my shirt off, though, cause I looked so good, and he seemed to really enjoy soaking in the sight of my super lean, super hard body.

"Mr. Hume, these are the results of your first dose. In less than 24 hours, probably in the first 5 or 10 minutes actually, your body has, as you are aware, changed completely. You are still 5'-6", but you now weight 155 lbs. at a very lean 3%. Before you were 140 and 14% which means you had 120 lbs. of lean body mass. You now have 150 lbs. of lean body mass which means you've gained 30 lbs. of muscle."

He continued, "because muscle is so much more dense than fat, your statistics haven't changed much. Your chest is 39-1/2". Your waist is 29". Your thighs are 19-3/4" and your upper arms are now 13- 1/4". These changes are consistent with our expectations for the first dose, though to be honest, you are the leanest of the volunteers."

He had spoken all of this looking at my chest. He struggled to look up and looked me in the eye, "do you want to continue? The next dose is likely to result in more muscle gain, but no further reduction in body fat."

I lifted up my right arm and flexed it hard. The researchers eyes popped when my biceps exploded into a seeming baseball sized rock of solid muscle. "How can I say no?"

He had me sign another release, handed me a $50 bill and escorted me to the door. •

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