Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

After the Young Marines had finished their grueling chest workout, Jason came up to Tommy, grabbed Tommy's little hands, and placed them on his hot and sweaty, pumped and bulging pecs. "Here, cop a feel, wimp-boy," said Jason. "This workout has made my pecs incredibly big and pumped, and I'm incredibly horny. These big pecs want to be worshipped by a puny runt like you." Tommy couldn't get his hands around Jason's massive pecs - they were too big - but he cupped his delicate little hands over Jason's taut nipples and the thick muscle underneath. Jason flexed his pecs and Tommy was just overcome with the size and hardness of the blood-engorged muscle. Tommy looked down and saw Jason's 11-1/2 inch cock starting to bulge under his shorts. Jason looked at Tommy and smiled, his perfect bright white teeth just sparkling. Tommy melted as he looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous face. "Looks like you're ready for some serious muscle worship, little man," said Jason, seeing Tommy's stiff little cock under his shorts. "Let's go do it!" He flexed his pecs one more time and started walking toward the locker room with the other Young Marines, with Tommy and Jimmy following close behind. Tommy and Jimmy knew that the next hour was going to be the most pleasurable experience in their entire lives. Their little 5-inch cocks were completely hard as they watched the enormous shoulder and back muscles of the Young Marines flex and bulge as they strutted in front of them to the locker room.

After they got to the locker room, Jason remembered that the wrestling room was right next door and he thought that they might get better privacy there. They opened the door and found a 30 by 30 foot room with mats on the floor and mirrors on all four walls. Perfect. They locked the door from inside. The three Young Marines stood in front of the mirror, their bodies still pumped, hot and sweaty from their intense workout, and started flexing their huge muscles. Their pecs were exceptionally big, engorged with blood and striated with bulging muscle fibers. Tommy and Jimmy literally attacked the three huge boys, feeling every muscle of their massive bodies with their delicate little hands and licking their salty sweat with their hungry tongues. Jimmy placed his face between Joey's huge pecs. Joey's cleavage was so deep that the sides of his melon shaped pecs were pressing against Jimmy's ears. When Joey flexed those huge pecs, Jimmy's head was almost crushed by the enormous force of the rock hard muscle.

Tommy stroked Fernando's huge, wide delts with his fingers. Fernando's delts were so defined that Tommy could feel the individual muscle fibers, as hard as steel cables, rippling underneath his thin skin. Tommy buried his face in Fernando's huge armpit, breathing in the heady smell of the musclestud sweat that Fernando had pumped out during his brutal workout. Then Tommy moved his face to Fernando's pumped pecs and sucked his firm, round nipples. Fernando's pecs were still engorged with blood and his nipples stuck out proudly from the bulging, striated, round muscle. Fernando groaned with pleasure. Tommy moved his face down to Fernando's tiny, muscular waist. He licked every one of Fernando's eight pack of corrugated steel-hard ab muscles. While he was doing this, his hands were exploring Fernando's firm, round muscle butt, which was still covered by Fernando's sweaty workout shorts. The shorts clung to Fernando's sweaty glute muscles, revealing his sexy ass crack through the tight fabric. Tommy just couldn't believe how small and ripped was Fernando's waist and how round and firm was his muscle butt.

Tommy grabbed Fernando's shorts and slowly lowered them over that muscle butt, exposing Fernando's black pubic hair. As Tommy lowered the shorts further, Fernando's thick, uncut 13 inch cock sprang up and hit Tommy right in the face. Tommy licked the sides of that huge cock - more than twice the size of his little 5 incher - and smelled the pungent sweat coming from Fernando's hot crotch. Tommy licked and sucked Fernando's gigantic balls, and Fernando groaned with pleasure. Tommy lowered the shorts over Fernando's massive, striated quads and rock hard calves. Fernando now stood buck naked in the mirror and he was a sight to behold with his beautiful tan face, wide, wide shoulders, bulging pecs and flaring lats, 29-1/2 inch shredded waist, narrow hips, huge quads and calves and gigantic 13 inch uncut cock. "Look at yourself, Fernando," said Tommy as he compared Fernando's massive body with his own pathetic bag of bones. "Look at your big, beautiful buffed body next to that puny runt. You are a musclegod and you deserved to be worshipped." Fernando's cock got harder when Tommy said that and he flexed his big guns for Tommy just to show Tommy that he was right.

Jimmy had been devouring Joey's huge 300 pound body and now he lowered Joey's sweaty workout shorts over his big, round muscular butt, his 35 inch thighs and his 24 inch diamond shaped calves. Joey's thick, 12 inch cock stood at full attention, ready and able to fuck anything it wanted. Joey flexed his huge 25 inch arms in the mirror and twitched his big cock up and down. He knew he was the alpha male in this whole school. He knew he could do anything he wanted to anybody he wanted. His brutally handsome face smiled confidently as he watched his huge muscles pump in the mirror.

After removing Fernando's shorts, Tommy turned his full attention to his friend and favorite musclegod, Jason. He looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes, blond hair and tan, drop-dead gorgeous face. A tingle went up his spine as he comprehended Jason's immense muscularity and total beauty. He was so overcome with desire that he reflexively stood on his tiptoes and kissed Jason on the lips, driving his tongue into Jason's mouth. Jason picked up the little 100 pound weakling with his two huge arms so that he was at eye level and rammed his own big tongue into Tommy's mouth and all the way to his throat. Jason then wrapped his big arms around Tommy's back and held him hard against his huge body, all the while forcing his tongue in and out of Tommy's little mouth. "You love my big muscles, don't you, wimp-boy," said Jason. "You love my blond hair, my blue eyes, my perfect teeth, my tan skin, my big cock - you love all of me, don't you, wimp-boy." Tommy nodded in total agreement. "I'm your fucking musclegod, and I love it! I love having such a puny, pathetic wimp worshipping me and I love being your fucking master! Feel my fucking muscles, you puny weakling. Feel their massive strength. Feel how much bigger and stronger they are than your tiny pieces of flab! I'm a big mean muscle machine and you're a puny weakling!" shouted Jason arrogantly. Jason dropped Tommy to the ground and Tommy just devoured his big, buff, totally defined, golden tan musclegod with his hands and mouth. Jason's 60 inch chest was shredded and bulging. Tommy remembered how that massive chest had easily pushed up the 10th bench press rep with 475 pounds after Tommy thought Jason was going to be crushed by the heavy iron as a result of Tommy's feeble spot. Tommy remembered how Jason smiled and looked at him with his beautiful blue eyes as he powered the heavy bar up and onto the rack, laughing at the joke he had just played on the weak, trembling Tommy. Tommy buried his face again in Jason's warm, sweaty pecs, feeling totally dominated but also totally protected by this huge young god. Tommy sucked on Jason's firm nipples and then moved his tongue over Jason's hard, washboard abs to his crotch. He lowered Jason's shorts and lusted at the sight of Jason's light blond pubic hair and his beautiful hard cock and huge balls. He licked and sucked Jason's golf ball-sized balls and Jason groaned in pleasure. Tommy put Jason's rock-hard cock directly in his mouth and sucked, holding onto Jason's hard, round ass and savoring the immense power that Jason had over him. Then suddenly Jason picked Tommy up by his legs while Tommy was still sucking Jason's cock and lifted him upside down. Jason pumped Tommy's puny 100-pound body up and down as Tommy sucked Jason's thick, hard 11-1/2 inch cock. While Tommy was sucking Jason's cock, his hands were roaming over Jason's firm, round ass, his shredded quads and his corrugated abs. Jason's delts and arms throbbed with power as he forced the puny little cocksucker up and down on his huge cock, which was throbbing with pleasure as he watched his big, shredded muscles dominate the helpless but happy weakling. "Yeah, suck that big cock, you puny dweeb. Feel those big, hard muscles. Feel how my muscles are lifting your pathetic little body up and down like a sack of feathers. I'm a huge, fucking muscle machine and you're a puny, miserable wimp." Jason was really getting into the dominance of his huge muscles and cock over the little weakling cocksucker.

As Tommy was sucking furiously, Joey came and pulled him away with one hand. "Come on, little boy, you've got to see some real muscle," said Joey. Joey flexed his huge muscles in the mirror and both Tommy and Jimmy started feeling and licking his rock-hard, massive body. It was difficult for them to fathom Joey's size and strength. He was 100 pounds heavier than the two of them combined and his thighs were five inches bigger than their little 30-inch chests. And Joey's thighs were rock-solid muscle, striated with hard fibers and covered with veins, while their puny, flat chests consisted of flab and asthmatic lungs. Joey's forearms were bigger than their little thighs. Joey placed his big right forearm next to Jimmy's little leg at flexed. The dense, hard, writhing 19-inch forearm was immensely stronger than the flabby little 16-inch thigh. Joey grabbed the two little 15 year olds under their arms and held them in each hand next to him facing the mirror. What a contrast! The little 5'2" 100 pound wimps looked pathetic next to Joey's 6'0", 300 pounds of massive muscle. "Hey, you wimps are even smaller than I thought," said Joey. "I look incredible next to you. Flex your arms, wimp-boys." The dweebs flexed their little 9-inch arms in the mirror. You really couldn't see any biceps. Not even a little lump. They were small, soft and flabby. Then Joey flexed his 25 inch guns right behind his two little classmates. He squatted down so his massive arms were right behind their puny flexed biceps. His flexed arms were bigger than their heads. Their little arms looked like thin reeds in front of Joey's huge, rippling guns. Their entire girth looked like it would comprise just the bone of Joey's massive arm. "Look at my fucking muscles compared to yours, dweebs. I'm a fucking huge musclestud and you are pathetic, puny weaklings." The nerds nodded in total agreement and grabbed Joey's flexed biceps with their little hands, worshipping the enormous mass and power possessed by their 15 year old classmate. The boys felt the pulsating steel-cord fibers of the two peaked heads of Joey's biceps under their tender hands. Joey's cock hardened at the sight of his huge, dominating muscles next to the pathetic weakness of the two little nerds. His hard cock was almost as thick as their upper arms. Joey grabbed each of the puny boys again with one of his big hands under their arms. He proceeded to do dumbbell presses overhead, using Tommy and Jimmy as 100-pound dumbbells. This was unbelievably easy for Joey, since he regularly pressed 250 dumbbells for six reps. He pressed the two living dumbbells for 25 easy reps. Tommy and Joey looked down at Joey's huge, bowling ball delts as they worked. The heads of his delts bulged and the individual fibers moved gracefully under his dark tan skin as he pressed the little wimps up and down. Joey's huge triceps flexed with each press, the heads of muscle writhing like big pythons. Joey could have done another 50 reps easily, but he stopped pressing and threw the human weights 15 feet across the room with a big heave of his two massive guns. The boys landed on the mat on the butts and immediately ran back to Joey to bury their faces in his huge armpits, smelling his musclestud sweat and feeling his huge, pumped, sweaty delts and triceps.

Jason grabbed Tommy from Joey, put his big hands under his chest and legs and started curling him up and down. Jason's biceps bulged in the mirror and Tommy felt Jason's hard corded muscles with his tender hands as they pumped up and down. After about ten reps, Jason said "No offense, wimp-boy, but you're too light. Jimmy, get over here." So Jimmy hopped aboard Jason's big arms as well, laying right on top of Tommy, his hard 5 inch cock poking Tommy in his little ass. Jason curled both of them up and down easily and they both felt Jason's rippling arms with their little hands. After about 20 reps, Jason let them down and they immediately started feeling Jason's pumped and corded biceps. Jason flexed his big guns in the mirror as the two musclefiends worshipped their beauty and power.

After a minute of this, Fernando pulled Tommy and Jimmy over to him and said, "I want a pump too. Get on my back, runts." The boys crawled onto Fernando's broad back as he lay on the floor. Jimmy's little hard dick was pushing right up against Fernando's firm, round, muscular ass and Tommy's little dick was pushing up against Jimmy's squishy little ass. Fernando's hard ass muscles felt great. Fernando started to do fast pushups with the 200 pounds of resistance on his back. He was pumping so fast it was almost as if Fernando didn't have any weight on his back at all. As Fernando pumped up and down, the boys cupped their hands around his huge wide delts, feeling the muscle fibers bulge with every rep. Jimmy felt Fernando's incredibly wide lats and reached around them to hold onto his big, pumping pecs, again being engorged with blood from the pushups. The boys were overwhelmed by Fernando's incredible power, pushing both of them up in addition to his own body with ease. Jimmy remembered Fernando doing parallel bar dips during the workout with a heavy dumbbell strapped to his narrow hips. Fernando looked incredible pumping out those dips - his huge, wide delts bulging and glistening, his striated pecs straining against the heavy resistance, his big triceps exploding out of this arms, and his tiny waist and narrow hips holding up the heavy dumbbell. Fernando was a god. Fernando pumped out an easy 100 reps and then jumped to his feet, dumping the two boys onto the mat. The boys got up and rushed to Fernando's massive chest. "Feel those massive pecs, you runts. Suck those big, hard nipples," ordered Fernando and the boys complied.

By this time both the Young Marines and the dweebs were all incredibly turned on. Their cocks, whether 13 thick inches of male superiority or 5 inches of total inferiority, were rock hard. The three big muscle machines faced each other in a circle with the two little dweebs in the center, dwarfed by the giant, young bodies that surrounded them. The two nerds sucked the Young Marines' big, thick cocks and their huge, hanging balls, all the while caressing with their delicate fingers the firm muscle butts, washboard abs, and giant, cut quads and calves of their dominant masters. They completely devoured the massive delts, traps, lats and pecs of their dominant masters. They felt their hard, round muscle butts and licked their firm ass cracks. They watched their musclegods in the mirror as they flexed their unbelievably big and unbelievably ripped muscles - muscles that were so strong it was beyond comprehension. The two dweebs felt like they had died and gone to muscle heaven. They went from cock to cock and from muscle machine to muscle machine, working themselves and the Young Marines into a sexual frenzy. Finally Joey flexed his huge guns and let out a loud animalistic grunt. His cock exploded with cum, spurting huge quantities of his creamy white semen all over Jimmy's face. Joey's cock pulsated as he shot about ten huge spurts at Jimmy. This triggered a simultaneous orgasm from all four of the other boys. Jason blasted his load right at Tommy, just as Tommy was cumming again and again while looking up at Jason's ripped abs, huge chest, and beautiful blue eyes. Fernando's big 13 inch cock quivered and then shot a huge amount of cum all over both Tommy and Jimmy, literally covering their puny chests with cum. The Young Marines and the dweebs had never felt such intense sexual ecstasy in their entire lives. They all dropped to the mat in a big pile of muscular flesh, with the two wimps sandwiched between the huge, muscular Young Marines. They were in heaven.

The Young Marines had a great year. They ruled the school and their neighborhood. They were the heroes of all the skinny kids who used to get picked on by the jocks. They had tremendous sex as often as they wanted. Every day at lunch, they would sit at the prime table under the oak tree and eat their huge lunches with their friends, of whom they had many. Even puny Tommy and Jimmy sat at that coveted table once in awhile and ate with their huge musclegods. The Young Marines had little trouble keeping the jocks and bad guys in line. During the year, about a dozen disobedient jocks and bad guys got beaten up by the big, mean muscle machines, sometimes brutally. Three very disobedient jocks were pulverized and had their forearms broken. The Young Marines each put on another 20 pounds of hard muscle, grew two inches in height and got much stronger during the year. They knew that they would put on even more shredded muscle, grow even taller and get even stronger at next summer's Muscle Camp. They were going to be the biggest, strongest and meanest Marines in history. And for Tommy and Jimmy, who had the pleasure of worshipping those big, mean muscle machines all year, the Young Marines were indeed the physical embodiment of their wildest muscle fantasies.

The End •

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