Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

When the Young Marines got to the yard outside of their school where the 10th graders (sophomores) congregated, all the other kids stopped what they were doing and gasped. Never had such huge muscular boys entered that schoolyard. It took several seconds for one of their classmates to recognize Jason, Fernando and Joey. He raced up to them and yelled, "Holy shit! What have you guys done to get so big and buffed?" "We went to Muscle Camp," said Jason. "And as you can see we put on some muscle." Jason then flexed his arms and the kid just about fainted. He wrapped his hands around Jason's huge upper arm and said, "Omygod, I've never felt a muscle so big and hard in my life!" By now, all the other kids had gathered around and some of the bolder ones, both boys and girls, touched the Young Marines' muscles. The Young Marines flexed for their classmates. They were proud of their big, muscular bodies and they liked to show them off. Then Joey said to his sophomore classmates, "the Young Marines - that's us - are going to run this school from now on. You guys won't have to worry any more about being picked on by the big Senior football players. They're going to take orders from us." As Joey knew, there was a social and physical hierarchy at the school. The big football players and wrestlers were on top of this hierarchy and pretty much did what they wanted to whomever they wanted. Below them came the basketball players, the baseball players, the volleyball players, the swimmers and water polo players, the soccer players and the skinny track guys - in that order. All of these jocks, especially the football players and wrestlers, strutted around the school knowing that they ruled the other kids. And some of those jocks were pretty mean and loved to bully the other kids just for fun. When Jason, Fernando and Joey were skinny little urchins, just last spring, they had been on the receiving end of a lot of that bullying. Well, the Young Marines were now going to take complete control of everything.

The first morning of classes was incredible. Every time one of the Young Marines walked into class, the rest of the kids went silent and stared in awe. In different classes, each Young Marine would subtly flex his muscles as he sat at his desk. Each of them knew that the other kids were watching and each one put on a little muscle show for his classmates without the teachers ever noticing: a flex of his massive tricep, the heads popping out like pythons; a stretch and flex of his huge, striated quad bristling with veins; reaching over and pulling up further his already rolled-up sleeve of the white tee shirt, revealing all of his massive bowling ball sized delt and flexing that big delt so all the fibers moved around under his dark, tan skin; spreading his lats so wide that they almost burst through his tight white tee shirt, almost causing the boy sitting behind to cream in his pants; slowing raising and lowering his knee, the two giant muscle heads in his calf bulging with every flex of his ankle and the big veins covering those two huge heads of muscle; stretching his arms overhead and flexing those two mammoth, muscular guns, bigger, more muscular arms than any kid in the classroom had ever seen; opening and closing his big, thick hand, his deeply defined forearm muscles bulging with every flex and the veins in that forearm surging with blood. That was just a sample of the subtle muscle show that each of the Young Marines put on for his classmates the first morning of school. During class, almost every boy got a major hard on and almost every girl was wet in her crotch. None of the kids in those classes remembered a thing that was said by the teachers. They were transfixed by the huge muscles of the Young Marines. By the end of morning classes, all the kids in school were talking about the huge, incredibly muscular Young Marines that were going to take control of the school.

When lunch time arrived, the Young Marines retrieved from their lockers the huge lunches that their mothers had made for each of them: four tuna sandwiches; two whole chickens, cut up; 12 ounces of steak; lots of rice, fruit and vegetables and two glasses of Muscle Blast. They had already eaten a huge breakfast with two glasses of Muscle Blast and a big morning snack between classes with another glass of Muscle Blast. But the Young Marines were ravenous again. Their big bodies needed huge quantities of food. The three Young Marines approached a big table under an old oak tree in the center of the yard. This was the table at which the big varsity football jocks ate lunch. This was the prime table in the whole school, and nobody but invited football jocks - and sometimes their girlfriends - dared to eat there. This was the alpha male table. The big jocks that sat there ruled everyone else in the school and they knew it. There were already six big varsity football jocks sitting at the table eating lunch and laughing. The Young Marines walked up to them and Joey said calmly, "This is now our table and we're going to eat lunch. You guys get lost." The biggest football player looked up at Joey in disbelief and scorn. He was stunned by Joey's size, but he wasn't going to let these three big sophomores take over their table. He stood up and confronted Joey. The big football stud was about 6'4" tall and weighed about 225, huge for this high school but nothing for Joey. The big jock looked right at Joey's square, tough face and said, "Get the fuck outahere, motherfucker. We own this table and we own this school." "Is that so?" said Joey as he grabbed the big jock under his arms and pressed him easily in the air. Joey pressed the guy up and down five times, all the while squeezing the guy's arms extremely hard with his big, thick fingers. His forearms rippled as his superstrong fingers cut into the jock's flesh. The jock cried out in pain, but Joey continued for the full five reps of presses. His delts bulged and glistened as he lifted the big football player up and down with ease. The other jocks at the table stared in disbelief. Finally, Joey put the guy down. He was in pain but he was enraged and wanting to fight Joey. Joey said, "You want to fight me, big guy? OK punch me as hard as you can in my gut. I won't even try to stop you." The big football player wound up his right hand and punched his fist in Joey's abs as hard as he could. The fist bounced off the thick, shredded, corrugated steel without making any impact at all. Joey looked at him and said, "Is that all you've got, big guy? My little sister hits harder than that! Here, let me try that on you." Joey made a fist with his big right hand and pulled it back only about a foot. Then he punched the big football jock hard in the gut - only about a quarter of the power that Joey was capable of, but so hard that his big fist penetrated the jock's formerly strong ab muscles and drove into his gut. The jock buckled in pain. Joey picked him up and hit him again just for good measure.

As Joey was disabling the big jock, the other five football players leapt up from the table and began attacking Jason and Fernando. This was child's play for the two Young Marines. Not only were they at least twice as strong as any of the football players, they were also devastating fighters. They could have handled ten football players just as easily as these five. They cut down the five jocks in about ten seconds with a series of punches, open handed blows and kicks. They didn't want to do any permanent damage to these football jocks - after all, they were the star players of their school's team. They just wanted to inflict a little pain and show them that the Young Marines were now in charge of this table, in charge of them, and in charge of the school.

After the short fight, Jason lifted off the ground a tall, good-looking football player that he recognized as the team's starting quarterback. Jason wrapped his rippling 23 inch right arm around the boy's neck. Jason started contracting his huge bicep and the handsome boy's face started to get red from the lack of blood flow. "Now listen to me and listen to me good, asshole," said Jason. "You tell your teammates that the Young Marines now control this school. We're big, mean muscle machines and we love to fight. We are awesome fighters. We could have crippled or killed every one of you puny jocks with our bare hands without even raising a sweat. We now rule this school and we rule you. We will sit at this table for lunch. When we come into the weight room for our workouts, you guys will get out of our way. When we tell you to do something, you will do it. When we tell you not to do something, you will not do it. Is that understood, asshole?" The boy didn't say anything, so Jason contracted his muscular arm harder. His bicep and forearm were now crushing the boy's neck, and the boy began to sputter and gurgle. "I didn't hear your answer, shithead. I guess I'll have to contract my huge gun some more - I'm only applying a quarter of my strength right now!" At that the boy's eyes widened in shock and he gurgled out "Yes, I understand." Jason looked down with his blue eyes and drop dead gorgeous face at the formerly handsome stud, whose face was now swollen and beet red. "Say, 'yes, SIR, I understand, SIR!' asshole," ordered Jason. "Yes, SIR, I understand, SIR!" gasped the quarterback. Jason released his iron hold and the boy sucked in a huge breath of air. "I'm glad we've now got that straight," said Jason. "Our first order is this: None of you jocks will pick on any freshman or sophomore at any time. Is that clear, shithead?" "Yeah, its clear," said the jock. "WHAT DID YOU SAY, SHITHEAD?" yelled Jason, grabbing the boy's neck again and contracting his big arm. "Yes, SIR, its clear, SIR," gasped the jock. Jason let go and the jock fell to the ground panting. "OK, assholes, you're excused," said Jason, as he and his fellow Young Marines sat down at the primo table to eat their huge lunch. The football players hobbled away to look for another table, definitely not one occupied by freshmen or sophomores. Half of the school had watched and couldn't believe what had just happened. The freshmen and sophomores were elated.

After some more subtle muscle shows for their admiring classmates during afternoon classes, the Young Marines were ready to hit the weight room for an intense workout. They first had a big snack and a glass of Muscle Blast. Then they stripped off their tight tee shirts and entered the weight room. None of the students had yet seen their naked torsos, although the tight tee shirts were pretty revealing. Tommy and Jimmy were already in the weight room, fooling around with some 5 and 10 pound dumbbells. A large group of football players was also there pumping iron. As the Young Marines strutted into the room with their huge, darkly tanned delts, pecs and lats rippling with muscle and their shredded abs looking like steel washboards, the room fell silent and several gasps could be heard. Their huge, defined quads - bigger than their small, muscular waists - bulged incredibly, almost tearing the fabric of their shorts. Their darkly tanned calves, at 23 to 24 inches, were bigger than many of the kids' thighs. Tommy and Jimmy's thighs measured only 16 inches, smaller even than the rippling forearms of the Young Marines and much smaller than those bulging calves. The two heads of calf muscle just rippled with fibers and veins as the Young Marines swaggered confidently into the weight room, a room that they now ruled, along with every other room in the school. Never before had these kids seen such big, mean muscle machines. They all stared in shock as the Young Marines strutted over to the side of the room where the heavy weights were.

One group of three big football players was doing bench presses, straining to bench 275 pounds for one or two reps. The Young Marines walked over to their bench and Fernando said "This is our bench. Get lost." One of the jocks confronted Fernando and said, "What are you talking about, you arrogant shit. This is our bench and you can just wait your turn." Without saying a word, Fernando calmly grabbed the jock and wrapped his big, muscular arms around his chest. Jason and Joey grabbed the other two jocks and twisted their arms behind their backs. They grimaced in pain. They had heard that these Young Marines were strong, but they hadn't realized just how strong they were. Fernando started contracting his huge biceps, delts and lats, pulling the jock into his big, hard pecs with overwhelming force. The fibers in his wide delts writhed and his lats spread across his back. His biceps rippled as he contracted his arms and crushed the big jock into his big, hard chest. All the air was immediately forced out of the muscular jock's lungs. "I guess your teammates didn't give you our orders from our meeting with them at lunch today," said Fernando. (Of course those players had given this boy those orders, but he didn't take them seriously.) "Let me give you guys your orders again: The Young Marines - that's us - are big, mean muscle machines. We control this weight room, we control this school and we control you. If we tell you to do something, you will do it. If we tell you not to do something, you will not do it. When we come into the weight room for our workout, you will get out of our way. You will not pick on any freshmen or sophomores. Is that understood?" The jock hesitated for a moment and Fernando crushed his chest harder. He was very close to breaking the boy's ribs. "Yes, it's understood," gasped the boy. "Say 'yes, SIR, its understood, SIR'", ordered Fernando and he contracted his powerful arms a little harder. "Yes, SIR, its understood SIR," croaked the muscular jock. Fernando dropped him to the ground.

Joey took the forearm of the jock he was holding and held it firmly at the wrist and just below the elbow. He then twisted his own big, muscular arms, arms that had forearms that at 19 inches were much bigger than the 16 inch upper arms of the football jock. "Two days ago, I broke both bones in a punk's forearm by just twisting it like this," said Joey, as he gripped the boy's forearm with tremendous force and slowly twisted his strong wrists. "His bones just snapped like twigs. My muscles are so strong they can do a lot of damage without me even trying. I can break your forearms with just my bare hands. I like to hear my muscles making bones crack in two. Gives me kind of a rush, if you know what I mean. Makes me feel real strong. Makes me feel like a big, mean muscle machine." Joey flexed his forearms several times and the huge, shredded muscles writhed like big snakes. "Maybe my muscles will break your bones, asshole, if you and your jock friends don't obey our orders." The jock looked at Joey's huge, rippling muscles and tough face and trembled. Finally, Joey and Jason released the sore arms of the two jocks. "This is the second time we've had to explain the new rules of this school to you jocks," said Fernando. If we have to explain them a third time, at least five of you football players - we'll pick you at random - will have so much pain inflicted on your bodies that you will remember it the rest of your lives. We rule this school and we rule you! Now get the fuck out of our way so we can lift some seriously heavy weights. Your little 275 pounds here will make a good warmup weight for us." The jocks trembled in fear and immediately moved away from the Young Marines' bench.

None of the football players left the weight room. They could use the equipment that the Young Marines weren't using and they wanted to see how strong these 15 year old sophomores really were. They were not to be disappointed. Today was chest day and the Young Marines were about to begin a heavy, intense, grueling two hour chest workout. The Young Marines warmed up with bench presses, using the 275 pound bar that the three big football players were struggling to hoist for one or two reps. They each did 15 warmup reps easily and added another 100 pounds to the bar. They again did 15 reps easily - this was still a warmup weight for them. They added still another 100 pounds to the bar. They were now up to 475 pounds and were commandeering most of the 45 pound plates in the weight room. The football players had to stop their use of the big weights, since the Young Marines were using most of them. The football players couldn't believe what they were witnessing. These Young Marines were warming up with heavier weights than anyone on the football team could lift.

When Jason got under the 475 pound bar, he called over to Tommy. "Hey, Tommy, come and spot me over here!" Tommy and Jimmy approached the bench and couldn't believe the incredible amount of weight that was on that bar. They had tried bench pressing and could only eke out 30 pounds for a couple of reps. The thought of their classmate lifting 475 pounds was incredible to them. Their little 5 inch cocks were stiff as boards under their gym shorts. Tommy had never spotted anyone and he didn't know what to do. Fernando explained that he had to just keep his hands lightly under the bar and if Jason was struggling to get it up, Tommy just had to lift it up to the rack. Tommy was terrified because he could only curl 20 pounds. He wasn't going to be much help with 475 pounds of steel. "Don't worry, you can do it," said Jason. Jason and Fernando winked at each other. They knew that 475 pounds was still a warmup weight for Jason and that he would be able to easily press the heavy bar up and down 10 times. Jason got under the bar and looked up at Tommy with his big blue eyes. "Watch these big muscles work, Tommy," said Jason as he gripped the bar with his big, strong hands and hoisted it off the rack. His pecs were red and bulging. He lowered the heavy weight to his chest and pushed it back up several times. Tommy looked down at Jason's huge 60 inch chest that was pushing up this incredible weight with relative ease. Jason's pecs, delts and triceps were bulging as he lifted the bar up and down. Tommy could see every fiber pushing against his reddish-tan skin, straining against the heavy weight. Jason's chest looked so enormous and powerful. Tommy was struck at how that huge 60 inch chest tapered down to a tight, shredded 31 inch waist that was raised six inches off the bench by Jason's huge chest and his round, muscular butt. Jason pumped out 9 reps easily. Tommy held onto the bar gently with his little hands, but he didn't have to do any work. Then, Jason started his tenth rep. He lowered the 475 pound bar to his chest and pushed it up about 18 inches - not quite to the top. Then the bar started falling slowly and Fernando yelled "Spot, Tommy, spot!" Tommy lifted the bar as hard as he could, but his feeble 20 pounds of force was insignificant and the bar kept falling. Tommy felt helpless to stop the enormous weight from crushing his friend and musclegod. "Oh Jason, I'm so sorry, Jason, I'm just too weak to help you, Jason," cried out Tommy his voice cracking. Just as the bar touched Jason's bulging pecs, Jason looked up at Tommy and smiled, his beautiful white teeth sparkling. Then Jason, his sky blue eyes fixed on the trembling Tommy, easily pushed the heavy bar off his chest and onto the rack. "Had you going there, wimp-boy, didn't I?" Jason laughed. He stood up from the bench and embraced Tommy in his huge, pumped, sweaty pecs. Tommy buried his face in those massive warm muscles and cried. He was so glad that Jason was so strong that he didn't need to depend on his feeble spot.

After the three sets of warmup bench presses, the Young Marines got into their heavy work poundages. They added another 75 pounds to the bar, making it 550 pounds, and pumped out eight reps. (Tommy wasn't spotting for these.) Then another 50 pounds - a total of 600 pounds of steel. They were using every 45 pound plate in the gym. The football players were watching in awe. Jason and Fernando powered out four reps and Joey did six. Their pecs, delts and triceps were red and bulging, every fiber visible under their thin skin. The veins in their muscles were coursing with blood, fueling their power as they pumped the enormous iron weights. For their sixth and final set, Fernando and Jason cranked out two reps with 625 pounds, an incredible weight. Their pecs, delts and triceps were unbelievably pumped after the final set and Jason flexed them for Tommy and Jimmy, who could not control their hardons.

Then the big kid came to the bench. The 300 pound Joey asked for 675 pounds on the bar. This was 400 pounds more than the big football players had just been struggling with. The football players gasped and several of them ran around the weight room looking for a few more big plates. Luckily they found them and the bar was loaded. Fernando spotted as Joey got under the 675 pound bar. He looked over at the football players and yelled "Watch some real muscle work, you runts!" Then he placed his huge hands around the bar and lifted it off the rack. He slowly lowered the enormous weight to his chest, and as soon as the bar touched his big, striated pecs he let out a loud, primeval grunt and forced the heavy weight up with the sheer muscular force of his pecs, delts and triceps until his elbows were completely locked. Then, as everyone gasped in disbelief, he lowered the heavy bar again and pressed it back up. The sweat was now pouring off his body, and his chest, arms and shoulders were just bulging. Without hesitation, Joey lowered the bar for a third rep. The bar touched his chest and with an enormous blast of power, Joey pressed it up about eight inches. When Joey started to falter a bit, Fernando lifted the bar gently with his big arms, allowing Joey to do most of the work. Joey locked his elbows and crashed the huge weight onto the rack. Every boy in the gym clapped, whooped and hollered. Joey leapt off the bench and flexed his huge 25 inch guns for the football players. Joey was the MAN. They had never seen a stronger human being in their life. The football players realized that the Young Marines were indeed in charge. There was no way that they were going to be able to challenge these three big, incredibly muscular, unbelievably strong 15- year old fighting muscle machines. Tommy and Jimmy were ready to cum in their shorts.

After the bench presses, the Young Marines did six sets of incline barbell presses, six sets of decline barbell presses, six sets of dumbbell flyes, six sets of parallel bar dips with heavy weights attached to their hips, and six sets of pullovers. They used incredibly heavy weights for each exercise. They normally would have used dumbbells for the incline and decline presses, but the high school weight room only had dumbbells up to 150 pounds - much too light for the Young Marines' big chests. They made a note to call Jeff and have him buy and donate to the school some 100-pound plates and some dumbbells up to 300 pounds each. Their growing muscles needed heavy iron. Tommy, Jimmy and all the football jocks watched the whole workout. They couldn't believe how much strength and endurance these 15 year old boys possessed - that they could do 36 sets of heavy, grueling exercises, with hundreds of pounds of weights, concentrating just on their chests. Tommy and Jimmy got fatigued just doing three sets of bench presses with 30 pounds. The Young Marines were almost superhuman. During the course of their two hour workout, 36 intense sets, each of their massive chests had lifted over 100,000 pounds, rep by rep, at 300 to 600 pounds per rep. The enormity of the muscular power and endurance that these boys possessed was almost beyond comprehension. Tommy had figured out that each of the Young Marines was 20 times stronger than he was. He could bench press 30 pounds and his huge musclegods could bench press over 600 pounds. It was hard for Tommy to fathom this enormous strength. It was indeed godlike. •

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