Muscle Club, The (By John D.)


By johnd7102000

It was the first day of high school and the students were filing into the school yard. For the Freshmen, the ninth graders, high school was going to be a whole new experience for them. These 14 year old adolescents looked around the yard, not knowing what to expect. Two of these 14 year olds were Justin and Deon. They had been friends all through grade school and middle school and now they wanted to stick together in their new school. Justin was blond and blue eyed, with long straight almost-white hair. He was very good looking, with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. Deon was black, with skin that was very dark. He had short black, curly hair and black eyes. His face was rounder than Justin’s, with big lips and a wide nose. They were both the same height at 5 feet 9 inches tall and they both weighed the same - 115 pounds. Yeah, they were skinny 9th graders, not knowing what to expect from high school.

Standing in the school yard were Mike and Tony. They were 10th graders, one year older than Justin and Deon. They knew the high school very well. They were bullies, and they were waiting for the 9th graders to arrive. For many years, Mike and Tony had tormented kids who were smaller or younger than them. They got a real charge out of pounding kids with their fists and twisting their arms so hard they would cry out in pain. They took lunch money whenever they wanted to. Yeah, they were the kids in charge. They never joined any sports teams. They were always just naturally bigger and stronger than almost all kids in their class and certainly much bigger and stronger than kids who were younger than them. And the Freshmen, the 9th graders, were good pickings for their aggressive adolescent bodies.

What they enjoyed doing the most was playing video games, very violent video games where they could thrash their opponents by ripping off their arms, breaking their bones and smashing their bodies. Then after getting all juiced up from playing a violent game, they would pick out a couple of kids and pound the poor victims with the fury of their 15 year old bodies, sometimes using the same moves they used in the video games. Yeah, they were tough dudes, smashing their video opponents and smashing the other kids in school. They were five feet ten inches tall and weighed about 160 pounds. They weren’t ripped or anything - they had never lifted weights at all – and there was a big layer of fat under their skin, but they had some natural muscle which they used to terrorize other kids.

Their eyes got big when they saw Justin and Deon in the school yard. Tony looked at Mike and said “Shit, look over there. It’s the fucking Snake-Eyes. We used to pound the shit out of those puny punks. We’ve been pounding on them since first grade. They’re just as skinny as they were last year. Now we can fuck ‘em even more. And we got some great moves to try on ‘em from our video games.” Mike and Tony called Justin and Deon the Snake-Eyes, because the two boys were black and white, just like the snake-eyes on dice. Deon was totally black and Justin was totally white. And they were skinny 9th graders all right, ready to take whatever the 10th grade bullies wanted to give them.

“Let’s pop off their heads, just like we did last night in the game,” said Mike. “We don’t got 25 inch arms like the Thugs, but we can fuck ‘em up real bad with the arms we got.” He curled up his forearm and showed Tony the bicep bulging slightly under his tee shirt. Last night they had played “Thugs Rule the City,” where the two of them were huge, muscular street thugs who went around maiming and killing anyone who got in their way. One of their moves was putting their huge 25 inch arms under the chin of a victim and then flexing their giant biceps. The enormous force of their rock hard biceps literally popped the vertebrae in the necks of their victims. Their huge biceps would literally split the necks apart. Their victim's heads would then roll around as incredible pain shot through their bodies. Then the Thugs pulled their heads off their necks and threw them against the sides of buildings where they splattered in blood. That was one of the funnest parts of Thugs Rule the City.

Justin and Deon were talking to another 9th grader, a really short, weak little kid named Donnie. Donnie was only 5’ 4” tall and barely weighed 85 pounds. He was the nerd of all nerds. Justin and Deon never thought of themselves as nerds. They were normal kids who just happened to be skinny. Donnie knew he was a nerd.

Mike and Tony walked over to the three boys. “Oh shit,” said Justin under his breath as he saw them coming. “Well look who’s in high school. The fucking little punk Snake-eyes and their puny friend.” Mike looked Donnie in the eyes, pulled back his arm and smashed his fist into Donnie’s soft gut. Donnie buckled over in abject pain. “Get the fuck outta here, wimp,” yelled Mike. Donnie hesitated, rubbing his sore abs with his hand. “Move outta here, you little shit or I’ll smash you again even harder.” Mike made a fist and rubbed it against Donnie’s chest. “You wanna feel this fist again? I could smash your chest so hard you’d be in total pain for a week.” Donnie’s face exploded in fear and he staggered away, looking at the big bullies with utter fear and contempt in his eyes.

“Okay, now it’s just the four of us,” said Tony as he looked Justin in the eyes. “Just like middle school. And grade school. Just like good old times. Now, give us your lunch money, you little punks. We’re extra hungry today.” Justin looked at the two bullies, who each outweighed him and Deon by 45 pounds. “No fucking way,” he said. “We’re in high school now. You can’t take our lunch money. We need it to eat.” Tony laughed. “Oh God, I feel so bad. These two little skinny boys aren’t gonna be able to eat today. Fuck, look at you. You’re so skinny you don’t need to eat. You’re just skin and bones. We’re the ones who need to eat. We got muscle and we need to eat. We’re gonna have a double lunch today. Guys with muscle need to eat real good. You don’t need shit.” He smiled at Mike. Deon was getting real mad. “Fuck off, asshole. You ain’t getting nothin’ from us.” Mike curled up his arm. looking at his bicep. “Oh is that right? Maybe you wanna change your mind. Last night we played Thugs Rule the City. We’re the Thugs, of course. We go around bashing people, killing ‘em, destroying their pathetic little bodies. We got 25 inch arms and 70 inch chests. We’re huge and we just rule. We destroy anything in our way. Like you little dweebs. Now we’re gonna pop your heads off your fucking necks. Our big arms are gonna pop your puny little heads right off your bodies. Then we’ll throw ‘em like bloody balls right into the wall. Your heads will splatter in blood. Fuck, what a lot of fun!” Justin and Deon got a strange look on their faces. What the hell was he talking about? Mike jumped up and wrapped his arm around Deon’s neck. At the same time, Tony jumped at Justin and wrapped his arm around his neck. “Gonna pop your heads, wimps. Gonna pop your heads right off your fucking little necks.”

The Thugs flexed their biceps and curled in their arms, crushing the necks of the poor 9th graders. Their muscles weren’t big enough to snap the vertebrae, but they were big enough to crush through the poor boys’ windpipes. You could hear a crackling sound as the strong arms of the Thugs smashed though the skinny boys’ windpipes. “Sounds great, don’t it Tony,” laughed Mike. “I love hearing the sound of my muscles breaking somebody’s body. It really gives me a rush!” He loved the sounds of the pain and suffering he made in other people. So did Tony, who ratcheted up his power, causing even more crackling in Justin’s windpipe. Justin and Deon squirmed and tried to get away, but they were too thin and weak to resist. The Thugs were strong, in total control, as usual. “Yeah you little wimps. The Thugs rule. You gotta do whatever we say. We got muscle and you don’t got shit.” The boys couldn’t breathe and their faces started turning red. Spit started drooling out of their mouths. And they were in total pain. Finally Justin started nodding his head, signaling he was ready to give up his lunch money. “Yeah, you fuckin’ wimp,” yelled Tony. Then he slowly let go of the skinny boy’s neck. “I knew you’d want to change your mind. You’re such a fuckin’ wimp. You deserve to get beat up every day by us Thugs. You deserve to get your puny ass kicked and smashed,” he said. Deon saw Justin give up, so he gave up too. “Fuckin’ black loser,” said Mike. “You never win, do you black boy. My body’s always way stronger than yours. Always will be, too.” He flexed his bicep in Deon’s face. The boys had a defeated look on their faces. They always gave up. They reached into their pants and gave the Thugs their lunch money. They would go hungry today. “See ya tomorrow, wimps,” said Mike as he and Tony strutted away, flexing their biceps at each other. “Great move,” he said. “I’d love to really pop a head someday.”

Justin and Deon were totally dejected. Their necks were in pain and they had no money. What a way to start high school. As they walked along, they saw a sign posted on the wall. “FRESHMEN MEN - COME OUT FOR FOOTBALL. WE NEED 10 MORE MEN FOR OUR TEAM. BIG SIZE IS NOT REQUIRED. SIGN UP AFTER SCHOOL IN THE GYM.” Justin and Deon looked at each other. They certainly were not big, but they were good runners. They had played some sports over the years, but they never did very well because of their thin, weak bodies. Then a look of realization came over Deon’s face. “Hey, if we play football, maybe being part of the team will protect us from Mike and Tony. Maybe if we tell the assholes we’re playing football, they’ll leave us alone, ‘cause we might get ‘em beat up.” Justin smiled and nodded. “Yeah, maybe that’ll work. I’d try anything after what happened to us today. Lets go sign up after school.”

So the boys went to class. They had a little bit to eat at lunch because Donnie gave them most of his lunch. He was still in pain from the gut punch. He thought the football idea was a good one, although he knew he was way, way too small to even think about it for himself. He was a total wimp and he knew it. But he encouraged Justin and Deon to do it. Maybe it would help him too.

After school the boys went over to the gym. They saw a big sign that said “Football sign-ups in Weight Room.” So they went over to the weight room and their mouths dropped open. Before them, working out in the large weight room, were about 50 boys. And of those 50, about half were tremendously huge and muscular. Absolutely huge. And so muscular it was unbelievable. The other 25 were big, like football players usually are, but they weren’t as huge and muscular as the 25 tremendously muscular guys. This was the varsity team, kids who were sophomores, juniors and seniors. The huge muscular kids looked like giants next to Justin and Deon. The giant muscular athletes saw the two skinny 9th graders enter the room and some of them smiled knowingly, almost like they were saying to themselves “yeah that’s how I looked too a few years ago.” Justin and Deon just couldn’t take their eyes off the big, muscular bodies of these boys, who were all working out shirtless and wearing only green gym shorts and sneakers. Four of the muscular boys were doing bench presses, and Deon said “Shit!” when he counted four 45 pound plates on each side of the bar. “Fuck, that’s 360 pounds plus the bar,” he said. “Look how fucking strong they are!”

Justin saw a man in his mid 20’s sitting at a table at the side of the room, with a sign that said “Football Sign-Ups.” He grabbed Deon by the arm and they walked over to the man. The man stood up. He was huge. He was about 5’ 10” tall, not much taller than them, but he must have weighed 230 pounds. And he was solid muscle. He reached out his huge hand. “Coach Phillips here. Welcome to football.” Justin and Deon reached out and shook the big man’s hand. They had never felt a hand that was that big and that muscular before. It was twice as thick as their hands and it was solid, like it was made of solid muscle. The man’s grip was firm, very firm. He was wearing a short sleeve polo shirt that stretched to contain his huge upper arms under the fabric, and then revealed his gigantic forearms that bristled with bulging muscle covered with veins. His upper arms and forearms were the biggest arms Justin had ever seen. As he shook Justin’s hand, Justin could see the muscles in his forearm bulging like a bowling pin and writhing like big snakes. A tingle went up Justin’s back as he looked at that huge muscle. He kind of quivered as he thought about all the power that muscle gave to the man’s thick hand. As Justin looked at the huge muscle, he knew the huge man could have broken his hand without even trying hard.

“We need freshmen players,” he said. “Wanna play?” The boys nodded their heads. They couldn’t speak. Their eyes were fixed on the huge muscular arm of the coach. Their bodies were frozen in awe. “Take off your shirts. Let’s see what you got.” The boys stripped off their shirts and stood before the coach. They were very thin, and their bodies were covered with a thin layer of fat.. You could sort of see little muscles under the fat in their chests and their legs as they flexed as hard as they could for the coach. “Kinda skinny, but you got some potential.” He waved his arm across the room full of muscular jocks. “Some of these guys were just as skinny as you when they started in 9th grade. Look at ‘em now!” Justin and Deon nodded, looking over at the muscular boys working out with incredibly heavy weights. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing or hearing. “A blondie and a black. You guys are quite a pair.” Justin finally got up the nerve to talk. “Yeah, we look totally different, but we’ve been best friends for years. God, I can hardly wait to start playing football. I can hardly wait to start getting big like those guys.” The coach laughed. “Yeah, it don’t happen overnight, you know. You gotta work hard and eat right. Then you end up with guns like this.” He pulled up his sleeve and flexed his arm. “Holy shit,” yelled Deon as he looked at the huge, bulging muscle. “Twenty inches,” said the coach. “I got the biggest arm in this whole gym. Here, feel it. Everybody always wants to.” His bicep was as big as a bowling ball and it was just as hard. It was absolutely gigantic. There was a large peak on the top of the bicep, a huge bulge of solid muscle peaking up from the enormous base below. Justin and Deon could see the two heads of the bicep muscle in that peak, striated fibers of muscle covered by the thinnest skin possible. Big veins were pulsating under that skin, pushed up by the incredible hardness of the muscle fibers. Justin and Deon reached out and touched the huge muscle. It was hot and it was as hard as a rock. They wrapped their hands around it and the giant football sized triceps below, feeling their tremendous size and hardness. They tried to squeeze the huge muscle with their little fingers, but they couldn’t make a dent in the huge ball of fibers. “Yeah, that’s a bicep,” said the coach. “A real man’s bicep.” Deon flexed his own arm and saw a tiny little bicep emerge under his skin. He looked at his own nut sized bicep and then at the big bowling ball bicep proudly displayed by the coach. “Holy shit,” he said in disbelief. He never thought an arm could get that big. It was so huge and it was 100% solid muscle. He looked at his own arm and again over at the coach’s. “Holy shit,” was all he could say.

The coach smiled. He knew he had won over some new recruits. “Okay, let’s sign the paperwork,” he said. Within 10 minutes, the boys were members of the Freshmen team. The coach handed the boys some green workout shorts and said, “Go in the locker room and change into these. No shirt. We’ll be ready to practice soon.” For the next 20 minutes the coach sat at the table waiting for other new players to sign up. Six other 9th grade boys came in and signed up. They were all bigger than Justin and Deon. They already kind of looked like football players. At 115 pounds, Justin and Deon were definitely the smallest players there. After they returned in their shorts, they watched the players work out with the weights. And they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. So many of the players were incredibly muscular. They had never seen high school boys who were so big and muscular. They had no fat on their bodies, so you could see all their muscles straining and bulging as they lifted the very heavy weights. Two of the biggest, most muscular boys were doing squats with an incredible weight on the bar. There were five 45 pound plates on each side of the bar. “That’s 450 pounds,” said Deon, almost gasping at the enormity of the weight. “I think the bar weighs 45,” said Justin, “so that makes 505 pounds total. And those kids are squatting that weight! Look at the size of their fucking legs!” As one of the boys finished five reps, he thrust the bar on the rack. Then he turned around, pulled up his green gym shorts and flexed his quads to show off for his friend. His legs were huge, with striated muscle bulging everywhere. His quads were big slabs of solid muscle, covered with veins. Even when he relaxed, his legs were huge, with the giant quads looking like teardrops above his knees. “Gettin’ big! Gettin’ strong!” he said to his friend. “Yeah, we’re fuckin’ huge,” said his friend. “We’re gonna crush those other teams. I can hardly wait to ram my leg into some dude’s gut and smash him to the ground. My legs are so fuckin’ strong nobody’s gonna be able to stop ‘em.” Then he got under the bar and cranked out five reps himself. When he finished, he flexed his legs for his friend and said “Piece of cake. My quads are way stronger that that weight. They’re fuckin’ huge and they’re fuckin’ strong as shit!”

Justin and Deon’s mouths were open as they watched the huge leg muscles of these high school boys lifting the 505 pound bar, while listening to the young jocks talk about how big and strong they were. They also noticed another thing. The first boy was blond and blue eyed, just like Justin. He was taller, probably about six feet tall, but otherwise looked a lot like Justin. The second boy was black, with dark skin, black hair and black eyes. He was also about six feet tall and he looked a lot like Deon. Except that these two boys weighed twice as much as Justin and Deon. Yeah, they were 115 pounds heavier - 230 pounds of solid muscle. They were huge and they were strong. They were two of the biggest and strongest kids on the team.

Finally the coach blew his whistle. “Okay, men. Enough weightlifting for today. We got some new freshmen players here and we’re all gonna go out on the field to show ‘em some light practice work. No helmets or pads today. Just go out there the way you are.” So the players put back the weights and headed out to the field. Their bodies were covered with sweat from their workout, glistening in the sun and showing off their big, pumped up muscles. Justin and Deon followed behind, just amazed at the size of the shoulders and backs of the huge jocks in front of them as they swaggered out to the field. •

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