Missing Something

By Brian Ramirez Kyle

I gotta admit I got a computer because I'm horny all the time. Everyone says the internet is mainly about porn these days, and I was tired of magazines, bored with books, and even the guys I was bringing home from the bars or from cruising around Chelsea or making eye contact at the gym were starting to seem dull. It was all missing something.

I think I'm constantly boned 'cause, no matter how hunky the dude I'm fucking is, my bod knows somehow there's something better, something my body craves. I cum and cum and I'm still fucking hard, still ready, my fat cock, red and covered in jizz, curved back and pressed lightly against my navel like always, almost like nothing happened. I'm looking down at it, panting, drenched in sweat, my musclehunk fuck partner sprawled half- conscious across my bed with a big smile on his face, and I swear silently at it, "What the fuck to you want?!"

So I got a computer to see what strange and exciting things are on the internet.

I live in a pretty gay neighborhood, and the computer store down the block from me is pretty much staffed with local boys. So when I stopped in on the way home from work late one evening last Spring (I manage a small café in the Financial District) I could feel their eyes on me, and one or two smiles of recognition.

The boy behind the counter grabbed all my attention, though. He was steaming hot, about 21, with short blond ringlets, a beautifully sculpted face, and a perfect body barely contained by the red uniform shirt and black jeans. In fact I didn't even really see the uniform--in my eyes the uniform was gauzily transparent, and this boy was standing practically nude behind the counter, his thick, proud pecs and shoulders heaving slightly as his coal-black eyes smiled into mine. I saw his body in snatches, as if he were standing nude in a light, swirling mist that revealed his form here, then there, but it was amazingly sculpted and generously apportioned, with a long, flat, rippling stomach crowned by great blocks of carefully crafted muscle flesh, framed by broad rolling shoulders and long, lithe, luscious arms. My cock was already hard thanks to my constant state of arousal, but it seemed just looking at this dude it got even harder, swelling up even more, pressed hard against my flat abs.

I stared at him for a moment and then blurted out I was looking for a good, fast computer. "I need a high speed modem and internet software," I added.

The blond boy nodded knowingly and stepped out from behind the counter toward the display models, and I had to suppress a gasp. To me the black jeans were just as gauzily transparent as the shirt, and I saw, or imagined I saw, an enormous python of a cock, a huge slab of flesh pressed against his muscular thigh by the fabric of the barely visible slacks. As he stood in front of a high-end laptop model, explaining its benefits in a soft, rich voice, I tried not to stare as it snuck down his leg, slowly awakening. My own cock was throbbing against my abs, itself held in place by my waistband and belt, more aroused than it had been in months. My whole body seemed to get into the act--my pecs, shoulders, arms, ass, all my muscles seemed to pump up as if I'd been working out all afternoon. My clothes felt tight and I was breathing in short pants.

I had to get past this computer thing. I interrupted whatever he was talking about and told him I'd take it. As we walked back to the sales desk I noticed the other four boys who worked there, clustered together in a corner of the store, watching me and whispering. I was gratified to see that their clothes seemed solid, but as I turned back to the boy that was helping me I was transfixed again by his fully visible beauty, which seemed to radiate in waves, affecting me like a heady gas. His perfect bubble butt and broad, V-shaped back preceded me back to the counter. My cock started to leak onto my abs, something that hadn't happened since puberty.

Back behind the counter, the boy started to make out a sales slip, then he looked up at me and regarded me for a moment. "I think you need one more piece of software," he said finally in a low voice. He unlocked a drawer and pulled out a CD in a sleeve. The CD was labeled simply, "Dream Body." He simply handed it to me without adding it to the slip. I shoved it in my back pocket.

When the sale was completed, I stood there for a moment, then finally, putting on my best nonchalance, I smiled and asked him what he was doing later.

He grinned. "Visiting you, of course," he said softly (tapping the sales slip, which of course had my name and address). For some reason, even though I'd had dozens of self-assured hunks come on to me like this, his remark and the smile that went with it made my heart pump faster for a second. "But I won't be there until late," he added. "That'll give you plenty of time to play with the disk I gave you." He stepped out from behind the counter again to take me to the box I'd bought, which one of the other guys had brought down, and I got a view of his cock. Still only half-hard, it had swollen in girth and stretched tremendously in length, and it looked awesome pressed against that beautifully shaped thigh. I had to tear my eyes away, grab my box, and practically run out of the store.

Setting up the computer wasn't difficult, which it good, because the entire time my mind was filled with the guy from the store. Finally I got to the disk in my pocket. I stuck it in the CD-ROM drive and it loaded itself.

First a little window came up, saying it was installing the software and something called the "dream driver." The window featured a small logo, a stylized--and startlingly muscled-- Michaelangelo's David. The progress bar ran quickly up to 100% and the window disappeared.

Suddenly the screen blanked out. Then, slowly, it began to fill in with a gradually shifting image. At first I couldn't tell what it was supposed to be, then I realized it was human internal organs--heart, lungs, stomach. Suddenly bones appeared, some under the organs, then were rapidly intertwined with a network of nerves and another network of veins and arteries appeared, all in very realistic three-D. I had a real, subconscious sense of motion, as if the blood and nerve impulses were coursing through this model. Thick red muscles flashed across the frame, then were coated with skin, and I realized a well-built nude man, standing proud and tall, had materialized on the screen. It was very realistic, better than the best video game I'd ever seen. It started to rotate as if on a pedestal, and as his nicely rounded, lightly hairy ass came into view my cock started to squirm in my slacks. Without really thinking about it I shucked my clothes and sat in front of the screen naked, absently fondling my kielbasa.

The image had stopped rotating; it seemed to be waiting for input. The hunk was facing me now. I drank in its hot body and was surprised to see the face looked a little like mine. Maybe some software geek saw me in the street and decided that if he couldn't get in my pants, he could build some software and slap my face on it. I didn't care; I was concentrating on the text at the bottom of the screen, which asking me where I wanted to begin.

Hell, I'm no different from any other gay New Yorker. I clicked on the cock.

A box came up next to the cock, which was depicted as large, soft, and cut. The box had a dozen slider controls marked with percents, labeled as length, girth, heft, and so on, with separate controls for flaccid and hard. I grinned and dragged all the controls the maximum and closed the window.

The cock in the image immediately began to swell, enlarging and lengthening massively, until it hung, heavy and huge, as thick as a wrist, the tip well below the knees. Then it started to get hard. It quivered, its sheer bulk preventing its rising for a while as it stretched downward, then suddenly it seemed to stiffen like steel and it swiftly rose through an arc pointing straight at me growing and widening and hardening, and even once it reached its peak, pointing straight up out of the groin it kept growing a little while, until it stopped just short of the images full, red lips.

I was in awe. This magnificent beast was regal compared to my ordinary cock, which I was now actively stroking. The proximity of that hot-looking mouth to that monster cock made me yearn to see the hunk on the screen suck himself, and I wondered if I could make that happen. I clicked on the mouth, but all I got were controls for the teeth and tongue. Hmm-- wait, the tongue might do it. I dragged the length control for the tongue to maximum and closed the window. The image's long tongue snaked out of his mouth, and sure enough as soon as it came in contact with the cock the image animated slightly and the guy on the screen started to carefully and diligently lick his cockhead. This was sheer pleasure to watch. I licked my lips unconsciously, as if feeling for that majestic cock.

This was a fantasy brought to life. The only thing missing was freaky muscle, and I clicked all over that body as he continued ministering to his cock, effortlessly making huge muscle bloom all over. I made everything bigger--feet, hands, hair, everything. Then I found master controls for size and musculature and dragged them to maximum.

This now freaky muscle hunk was now having trouble autofellating just because his enormous pecs were getting in the way. But he didn't seen to care. I was in ecstasy just looking at this image--it looked so real--and was nearly ready to blast. The screen popped up with a window: "Store this image?" I clicked on Yes. Hell, yes, I wanted to save this game! Immediately I started to feel very queer. My body felt massively stimulated, as if I'd stuck my fingers in a socket, but the feeling settled in my muscles--and my cock.

The first thing I noticed was my steel-hard cock pushing my hand apart. It was growing! As I stared at it it shot toward my face like time lapse photography, swelling in width as it pushed straight up, until it thrust straight into my mouth, hot and throbbing and salty with precum.

I was stunned but god, it felt amazing. I closed my lips around it and it grew a little more, filling my mouth just with the cockhead. It felt impossibly good. I lifted my tongue to caress it and noticed my tongue was long--very long.

I had little time to ponder this, because suddenly my body began to pop with muscle--in a matter of seconds my entire body was laded with huge quantities of heavy, massive ponderous muscle, pecs, lats, shoulders, arms, legs, and ass growing huge and hard like my cock--my beautiful, enormous cock. I was still feeling the charge, it felt like a buzz from beer, but electric, energizing every nerve, every hair, every pore. I felt the cells of my body dividing and it was empowering, ennobling. I felt giddy. I sucked on the monster madly now, trying to get more of the thick, warm, firm, muscular flesh of that oversized cock into my mouth and to my surprise succeeding, not even realizing the final transformation was taking place until my desk chair collapsed under my weight and I fell back onto the floor. I looked up to see what had happened and gasped.

I nearly filled my tiny apartment. Sitting up, my head nearly brushed the ceiling. My muscles were engorged, swollen. My pecs looked like bowling balls and felt as heavy, only they were bigger, much bigger. My shoulders had shot out, my arms were long, thick, heavy and wonderful. I ran my broad, long-fingered hands over my incredible bod, feeling it pulsing, still growing. My legs were enormous, bigger than I was that morning, and beautifully sculpted, with thick, luscious quads and diamond calves and huge, oversized, incredibly sexy feet pressed against the far wall.

This was awesome. I was huge, I was freaky, I was unbelievable. Suddenly my immense balls were on fire, overfilled with huge quantities of hot semen. My cock started to pump and I eagerly crammed it into my mouth, taking what seemed like a quart of white-hot cum. I guzzled it hungrily--it tasted delicious.

I slept a while, just as I was, sprawled across the living room, my back against one wall and my feet against the other. My cock, half-hard and twitching, lay heavily across my abs and pecs.

I was awoken by the sound of the buzzer near my head.

Half conscious I pressed "Talk" on the intercom, barely noticing how my fingertip was now much bigger than the button. Good thing they're spaced far apart. At the same time I was thinking dimly about a shower--my mind wasn't registering that i was far to big for that at the moment.

"Yeah," I said into the intercom, then pressed "Listen."

"It's Shaun, from the store," said a deep voice from the crackly speaker. "Can I come up?"

Suddenly I was instantly awake. I froze. I looked down at my immense form--thanks to the size of my apartment I could barely move, much less hurry over to the computer and see if I could undo what had happened. Then I realized something else -- my fingers are too huge to type! Would I be able to operate the program? Would it even work?! Much as I loved, loved, loved being in this form I didn't want to be trapped in my apartment. I'd be a curiosity on Fox News in seconds!

My finger was still on "Listen," miraculously as it turns out. "You know, if you've been experimenting, I won't mind at all," came the saucy, staticky voice. "I might even be able to help."

I hesitated, but only for a moment. There was no doubt in my mind he knew what this program could do--and like what it could do. I pressed the button to buzz him in.

My heart pounded for a minute, though it felt like more, and I spent the time thinking about how big my heart must be now, how powerful it must be to pump blood for a body this size.

The door was unlocked--I had rushed in last night and hadn't locked it. It opened, and there he was. He stood there, drinking me in, and smiled a bright dimpled smile. I smiled back with relief, friendship, and more. He stepped in, closing the door quickly behind him. He crossed over to me, and it was riveting to watch the motion of his clothes, clothes that were only invisible in patches for me, and the rippling of his long, lithe, gorgeous body under the revealing fog of his clothes held me rapt.

Even sitting down I towered over him. He clambered up onto me and stood on my thighs, legs well apart, one booted foot on each thigh; but my muscles were steel hard and I barely felt him. He looked up at me, a light in his eyes, still smiling.

I was relieved as I said but still a little embarrassed. "I got a little carried away," I said.

Shaun grinned wider. "This is nothing," he said, idly caressing a palm-sized nipple. "You should see what I did!"

With that he leaned up on tiptoes and kissed me. I couldn't believe how surreal and erotic it felt to kiss him, my mouth so much bigger than his, my lips meeting the sandpaper of his evening bristle. I wrapped my mighty arms around him, pressing him against my pecs and my cock, which was stiffening rapidly, becoming almost as big as he was. He stroked it with his hands as he kissed me, then suddenly he broke off, jumping down and heading for the computer.

"Hey!" I protested, but he held up his index finger and turned back to the computer. He pressed a few buttons, then turned back around, arms folded over his chest, to watch.

I felt queer again. My back started to slide against the wall. I was shrinking. I was disturbed by this, but it felt just as incredible as growing had. And it didn't last very long.

"You can stand up now," Shaun said. He was staring at me, drinking me in again, and feeling the growing python I could partially see trapped against his leg. I stood up. My head just brushed the ceiling. My muscles were still freakishly enormous, though--and my cock!

"I sized you back down to ten feet," he said matter-of-factly, unbuttoning his peeakaboo shirt. "That's my favorite size--I hope it's yours too." He was shucking his slacks now. Even as he did so he seemed to be growing, swelling… By the time he'd kicked off his shoes and stood before me naked, his beautifully sculpted body fully revealed, his huge cock rock hard and pulsing against his ponderous pecs, I was looking straight into his crystal blue eyes.

"It's an upgrade to the software," he whispered, padding toward me on oversized feet. "The clothes keep me normal sized."

I grabbed him and held him, wrapping him once again in my long, generously muscled arms, pressing his hot cock against mine, his muscle against mine, feeling the sensuality of this man overcome me. "Then I'll have to keep you out of them," I said, kissing him hard and long. •

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