Missing Zeus


By Leminnes

The gods congregated around the large figure in the center of the room. It was a large sculpture of a man with huge bulging muscles and long flowing stone hair. The majesty of the sculpture could hardly be described for its imposingness and impressiveness was a thrill for any being. However, as the god stared a beautiful goddess could be seen sobbing on a bench made of dark gray clouds. One by one, the rest of the gods turned to look at her. Finally, Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, went to talk to her.

“Dear goddess, Hera, queen of all the gods. What ails you as you look upon this mighty statue of you astonishing husband?” He asked, his godly heart distressing for her.

“Oh my kindly god for the men, my heart suffers because that is my husband. The mighty cloud king stands before you as a heavy stone statue as imposing as if he was alive.” With these word the whole crowd of powerful gods silenced, not completely understanding her words.

“But, oh mighty Hera, how could this happen? The god of gods cannot simply change to stone from mere will!”

“But oh it can. The will of the humans should not be underestimated. For but a small human has willed this to happen. As our mighty god has become this way. He has wished to the mighty god of discord, Eris, to become a god of all gods, and Eris has granted his wish. She could not entirely finish the job, though. All she could do with her mighty will was change Zeus into stone and give the human the ability to turn to a god. Because of this, the only way we shall have our Zeus back is to have this human transform into him.”

This whole speech was received with a gasp from the entire gathering. Soon after, a hum of whispering could be heard. Finally Apollo spoke:

“But my dear goddess! How shall this be done! None of us has the power to turn a human to a god unless the mortal goes through trials to prove he can take the power of a god!”

“My dear Apollo, you misunderstand!” Every one turned to see a mighty black cloud coming from the east. This was Eris, the one of the golden apple.

“Eris you fiend! How dare you approach the scene of which you created!” Yelled Hera at the black cloud as is collected to form a tall slender woman in a black flowing gown and a pale, almost unnaturally beautiful face, of which still paled in the way of Aphrodite but also had the power to distort any man’s view.

“Oh, I only approach to help, for I know the way to make the young man become the god of all gods.” She walked, almost gliding, around to Hera, “Oh dear mother, of which pain I have caused. I only do this because of the neglect you have caused me! For only my dear brother, Ares, and my son, Strife, have kept me company. But you, dear mother, and my dear father, Zeus, have ignored me and hated me. So this is the pain you shall suffer until you pay for the anguish you have caused me!”

“So it is, my beloved daughter. And I shall take it, but you have yet to tell me how to cause this mortal to become my husband!”

“So I shall tell you. The boy doesn’t need to do anything but kiss you upon your lips. And with that, he shall transform into you loving husband.”

This news was exiting to Hera. All she needed to do was find the young man and kiss him and she shall have her husband back! Eris turned her back on the goddess, Hera, and started to walk away.

“Good luck, dear mother. For you must find the young man yourself. In a world that no longer believes we exist, this mustn’t be hard, because he is one of the few that still do. Good luck, mother,” With that the goddess of Discord disappeared in a cloud of dark smoke along with her brother and son. All of which left traces of themseleves behind.

“I must find the young man that still remembers that we live in this world! I will need help from a few of my fellow gods and goddesses! Poseidon, my brother, will you hide on all ships that pass on you and see if he perhaps lives on one of those moving vessels. And Apollo, on every one of you morning passes I need you to look at every mortal that passes under your gaze. Lastly, Athena, I need you to search the minds of all young men you see to see who still believes in us. With the mighty gaze of us all we shall find the one that is destined to become the god of all gods!

Days passed as the gods searched, this mighty search hard even for a god. Athena found many young men who still believed in the Roman gods but was still searching for the one who had prayed to become Zeus, Apollo finding only the same thing and Poseidon only able to find older men on his ships. All seemed lost until Athena had at last gone to America to search in Florida. She looked through every house until she came upon a small brightly colored house in the central of Florida. She looked in the house and searched the mind of a young 16 year-old boy finding that only days earlier he had laid in bed and prayed to the god to become as mighty as Zeus. At once Athena went to Hera.

“I have found the one! He lives in the central of a land named Florida! He has prayed, only 3 days ago, to become as mighty as Zeus. This boy has to be the one of which we have searched for!”

“I shall be ever grateful to you by dear Athena, Daughter of Zeus. I shall go find the young man right now!” With that, she turned into a dove and flew down from Mount Olympus to the Earth below.

I sat in my bed at night with nothing going on in my head. I was sick of my life. I was 16, still skinny as a rail, and as tall as a pole at 6’ 3” and 131 pounds. I just couldn’t stand it anymore! In Elementary School I was picked on because of how tall and skinny I was and because I had almost no friends. In middle school not much changed. I was picked on less but was still skinny and taller then usual and was overly sensitive about how I looked; yet I still did nothing about it. And now in my second year of high school I had many more friends but still looked exactly the same. I was hardly into puberty with only a small amount of underarm hair and no happy trail. I had a average penis at 5” flaccid but a large amount of pubic hair. I had long thick brown hair that was the best part of my body, but that was about it. I had a small amount muscle and fat just bone and skin, my pecs not even extending a quarter of an inch from my chest and no abs to be seen. I couldn’t stand my body!

For the past three years I had been reading Greek mythology and became interested in it and actually started believing the god still existed. So tonight I was going to try and make my life change. I kneeled next to my bed and put my head on the ground, bowing to a form that was not physically there.

“Dear gods and goddess of which live on the mountains. I have a wish that I hope to be granted! I have always been the least well-endowed human in my schools and I wish for that to change. You might ignore this wish but I hope for it to come true. I wish that I could become the mightiest of all beings. I wish to be popular among all and to look amazing among all. I also wish for the entire world to change to my wish as if it has always been this way. I, Philip Gray, wish to become mighty!”

After all that I stood up and laid in my bed. I closed my eyes wondering if it was going to happen. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but my will was strong on this wish.

The next couple days I went on my normal, humdrum, life. Soon forgetting about my wish I had made two days before. The third day finally came when I woke up to see a dove flying in my room. Startled, and not sure how it got in, I ran to my back door and opened it up hoping it would leave. But the dove just landed on the ground and sat there almost examining me. After a few minutes of me just looking at it the dove started to glow.

I moved father away, rather afraid if what was happening. The whole bird soon had become the form of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my entire life. At that instant I knew what was happening.

“You are a god, aren’t you? You have come to grant my wish!”

“Your wish has already been granted, young mortal, but has yet to be set in motion,” She spoke to me.

“Set- Set in motion? What do you mean?” I said still rather awe struck from the amazing beauty of the woman.

“You must kiss me if you wish to become the mightiest of all beings, Zeus!”

“Kiss- Kiss you? But still, I never said I wanted to be Zeus, I just wanted to be stronger then I am now and become popular in school.”

“In your wish you said ‘I wish that I could become the mightiest of all beings. I wish to be popular among all and to look amazing among all.’ And the only being like that is Zeus. Yet, I would grant your real wish if this misinterpreted wish had not already been put in motion my the god of discord, Eris. For Zeus is stone as of now and you are now destined to become him.”

I was awestruck. I had never wanted to be Zeus, I just wanted to be stronger and more popular. But there was nothing I could do now.

“Okay, I will become Zeus, though I do not want to. Just kiss me now and we will see what happens.”

With that Hera walked to me and kissed me right on the lips. An incredible tingle traveled down my spine. Nothing happened but I did feel a strong tingling throughout my body.

“You transformation will take a few hours because of its huge importance. Just wait here and I will be back.”

The goddess turned back into the dove and flew out the once closed window. After she left I ran to my near-by bathroom and watched too see what was happening. I sat on my toilet waiting when I finally saw something happening on my stomach. It was bulging up to a large belly of which looked like I had eaten too much. Then impressions started forming as the abs became deeper and thicker and finally a nice thick ten pack formed on my still small frame. I looked in my full-length mirror and my abs were immensely out of proportion of my other tiny muscles.

I then saw as my pecs started forming as my nipples started pointing down and my chest became larger and larger. Finally a huge set of pecs were formed that matched my almighty abs. Then I saw as a large bump was forming on my left and right bicep and growing larger and larger, a feeling of great pleasure was filling me as my penis started getting hard. Before long mighty 25 inch guns were created on my arms as huge veins could be seen gathering all over my body. My legs were finally starting to get bigger as they grew to 34-inch calves and 40-inch thighs. Then my hard penis started growing from its 7-inch long and 4½-inch around, hard. Meat started gathering around it as it grew thicker and the length was added until it was a gigantic 2 feet long and 14 inches around with large, thick, pulsating veins. A penis to give pleasure to any woman I pleased.

When the rest of my body was done transforming my face started changing. I was expecting myself to look like a strong old man but then when I saw my hair changing to a long silken blond I knew that wasn’t going to happen. My eyes turned to a bright gold and my eyebrows turned inwards giving me a sexy scowl. Then my nose became angular and perfect. My mouth became larger and shapelier, as my chin and jaw squared out as golden stubble appeared on my face. The hair traveled down and covering my immense chest witch small golden hairs and my brown underarm hair becoming golden and thicker. It then traveled down my huge ten-pack giving me a golden happy trail and changing my thick brown pubic hair and leg hair to golden curly hair.

I had become the image of handsomeness. Any man would look at me and be envious and a woman would see me and become lustful. Soon after my finished transformation the goddess, Hera, came back to fetch me.

“We must leave back to Mt. Olympus. Please, grab my hand.”

So I grabbed her white skinned hand and was whisked off into the clouds. We soon entered the gates of Olympus and entered with a tremendous lunge from the goddess. We walked through the gates and instantly everything became gigantic. Every tower, blade of grass even was vast.

“You have yet to gain the abilities and memories of the god of gods but it will all come in due time,” she picked me up and kissed me with her gigantic lips.

A large shiver again climbed down my spine, as I grew larger and larger to be 100 times larger then I was before. Finally everything seemed manageable. I was still naked, my vast and immeasurable muscles and ripples glowing in the sun and my colossal penis arched in the air. I felt another tingle and I felt as my brain slipped out of my ear and to the ground. I watched, empty, as the brain turned to a shiny gold and grew to be massive. It then crawled back up my mammoth leg and back through my ear.

I had been sleeping all day and here I was standing naked in the courtyard. I wondered how that happened. I walked toward the other side of the yard to the massive temple with my godly hair getting in my eyes and my godly penis shaking in the warm air. I, Zeus, was the god of all gods and hardly cared if I walked naked on the mountain but I decided I would put on my tunic, which hardly covered anything at all. With that, I looked around for my wife and didn’t find her so I thought it was the perfect time for my plan.

I flew down to Earth to find a grieving mother who had lost her son. So I changed my body to that of the most handsome man to exist on this earth and walked through her door. There she sat, weeping on her bed. I pushed her down and instantly she stared in shock of my beauty. I ripped off her clothing and ripped off mine exposing my amazing body. I had ten-pack abs and mighty pecs to match. Also biceps of godly sized and a face any woman would wet herself over.

I then pulled out my gigantic 2-foot penis and started lunging into her. In less then two minutes of indescribable sex and pleasure I had seeded her. She would soon have a new, godly sun. One that would out-weigh her dreams. He must be called Jute, for he is the cloth that weaves all together. He will be the mightiest of men.

I then flew up to Mt. Olympus and waited for my wife. •

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