Misha, the Russian Muscle Kid

Brandon's revenge


By MuscleBoy27

The rest of the week went about the same. It was cool to see my friends again and Misha was the talk all around school. Everyone wanted to know about the new Russian kid with the amazing body. There were also a couple of stories floating around about how Misha had gotten into it with Brandon. We both did our best to steer the stories back toward the truth, but sometimes thing like this take on a life of their own.

One of my friends asked if it was true that Misha held Brandon while I punched him in the face. I overheard someone else talking about how Misha had tried to beat up Kyle but Brandon stopped him. Most of the stories, however, were not so kind to Brandon. Four different people asked me if Misha really smashed Brandon’s face against a curb. Another asked me if Misha really made Brandon kiss his butt. We tried to laugh it off, but it just wasn’t happening.

Friday came and I was waiting for Misha as usual. He was late and I was starting to get worried. Misha was always right on time. I was starting to get really worried when a freshman kid came running out to me.

“Hey you’re friends with that Russian kid, right?” I nodded. “You gotta come quick, they’re beating the shit out of him behind the bleachers in the gym.”

I ran into the gym and immediately could hear a bunch of voices on the far side. I ran over and was shocked at what I saw. The kid was right. There were three of the biggest guys from the football team holding Misha and Brandon was standing in front of him taunting him. Misha’s shirt was ripped and his nose was bloody. He was looking at Brandon defiantly, but it was obvious that he’d taken a good bit of punishment. I shouted for Brandon to stop and ran toward him. Before I got to him three guys grabbed me. The next thing I knew, Brandon was bunching me in the stomach. The first time he hit me, I flexed my stomach muscles and managed to withstand the punch. He kept it up, and after about four punches I could feel my stomach giving out.

Although I was mostly watching Brandon, I could see Misha violently trying to get away so he could help me, but it was no use. Two guys had bent his arms behind his back and the third was choking him around the neck. These guys were all over six feet tall and they were strong. Misha could have dealt with one of them, but he had no chance against three. Brandon stopped hitting me and stood between us with that over-confident smirk on his face.

“Sanders, I knew you’d come looking for your girlfriend. I’m glad you did too, it saves us the trouble of finding you.” He walked over and hit me in the side of the face. “It’s time for a little payback.” I looked around at the guys who were helping him. I couldn’t believe it, some of these guys were friends of mine. What the hell were they doing helping Brandon. “I told these guys how you and your little friend jumped me. They all agree that you need to be taught a lesson.”

What I really couldn’t believe was that Scott Walsh was one of the guys holding Misha. Scott was a middle linebacker on our football team – he was also the one other guy I’d messed around with. We’d both gotten in trouble in gym class and one of the coaches made us clean the equipment room. We ended up cleaning each other’s equipment too. He was a really cool guy, even though we’d both felt really guilty for messing around, we managed to stay friends. How could he be doing this? How could he believe the shit lies that Brandon was telling?

I had to try to convince these guys that Brandon was lying. If I didn’t, they were going to beat the living shit of both of us, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. “Brandon’s lying guys. Misha and I didn’t jump him. You guys know me better than that. I’ve never been in a fight.”

Brandon was still looking totally confident. “You aren’t much of a fighter Sanders, that’s true. But you’re little girlfriend over here, he likes a good fight, and he got you to join in.”

“That’s bullshit Brandon and you know it.”

“What? It’s bullshit that you two are loverboys?” He we really grinning now. “I think you are, and that’s not too hard to prove.” He walked over to me and grabbed the chain around my neck. He pulled it quickly breaking it. Then he walked over to Misha and grabbed his chain and did the same thing. I had no idea how he knew. He must have seen them and figured it out. “Look, the lovebirds have matching chains, boys. You all know Sanders hates me because I took his spot on the wrestling team, he decided that he and his little muscleboy Russian girlfriend would get some revenge.”

It was obvious that everyone was believing him. The chains were not helping our case at all. I almost couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth next. I figured I had one chance, so I gave it a shot. “You’re right Wick. Misha’s my boyfriend. And, I certainly don’t care much for you, but that’s about the only thing true about your story. The Misha beat you up, you started it by taunting me and then you said some bad things about Misha’s Mom. You and Misha were the only two in the fight, and he kicked your ass.”

Brandon glared at me. “You guys aren’t going to believe this little faggot are you? Let’s beat the shit out of them both.”

I still had a little hope left. “So Brandon, why is it that you say we both beat you up? Don’t you think Misha can take you by himself? Look guys, think about his story, some of you know I wasn’t planning on going out for wrestling this year, why would I want to go after Brandon? You know I wouldn’t. Now think about Wick’s mouth. It’s always getting him in trouble. You guys know that. Why don’t you let Brandon and Misha settle themselves. If Brandon wins, you can kick my ass until next week and I’ll never tell a soul. If Misha wins, you guys can decide yourselves what to do with Brandon.”

Brandon tried to talk his way out of the bargain, and most of the guys were starting to side with him. My eyes met Scott’s for just a moment. I was silently pleading with him to do something. Thankfully he finally said something. “Wait a minute guys. We aren’t going to beat these two up because they are gay. If they are, then they are. But Aaron has a point. He’s never been anything but cool with all of us and Brandon has gotten in more fights than any of us remember.” He looked over at me very briefly. “I’d actually like to see if Brandon can take this kid – I don’t think he can.” Damn I owed Scott big time. Everyone was now curious about what would happen, and Brandon was frantically backpedaling trying to avoid a rematch with Misha.

Everyone - except Brandon finally agreed to my deal. Scott looked over at me. “And just so you know Aaron, if Brandon wins, I’m personally going beat the living shit out of you.” It was his way of saying: ‘you’d better be right.’

The three guys holding Misha let him go, and Brandon almost started to run. He knew that if he did, he’d have been a laughingstock, so he stood his ground. Misha said something in Russian and then started walking toward Brandon. Brandon swung at him, but Misha dodged the punch. Brandon swung again, this time hitting Misha in the stomach. He never even flinched. Brandon started backing away and kept on swinging. Misha dodged the bunches, and then took a swing of his own. His fist landed square on the side of Brandon’s face; blood and saliva flew out of his mouth and down he went. Misha didn’t jump on him, instead he let him get up.

Brandon charged at Misha. He was clearly freaked that he was going to get beaten badly because I knew he was a better fighter than he looked at that moment. Misha grabbed Brandon’s head as he charged toward him and forced his face to floor. Brandon hit the gym floor and this time Misha stayed with him. He rammed Brandon’s head into the floor – just like he’d done to me when we first met. Then he picked Brandon up by his head – just like he’d done to me. Blood was coming from Brandon’s nose now too. Misha put him in a headlock, but after a few seconds, Brandon managed to get away.

Misha kept walking toward him, and Brandon kept backing up. Brandon was now only a few feet from the wall of the gym. He apparently didn’t realize it because as his back bumped the wall, he was startled by it. Misha took the opportunity. He wound up and hit Brandon point blank in the face. Everyone knew what had happened. Misha had just shattered Brandon’s nose. Blood was gushing out of it and Misha grabbed Brandon by the hair. He stood him and caught him in a back breaker. Brandon’s bloody face was now pointing toward the ceiling and Misha was bending his body backwards across his back. As Misha applied more pressure, Brandon screamed in pain.

I have no idea how long Misha would have kept on beating him, but it didn’t look like he was going to let up any time soon. Scott looked at me and I tried to give him a look that said, ‘you have to stop this, I can’t.’ He got the message.

He stepped forward and looked at Misha. “OK, Misha. You’ve more than made your point. Let him go.” Misha looked at Scott, there was still rage in his eyes, but he understood there was no point in beating Brandon any further. Misha dropped him and he hit the floor like a rag doll.

Misha looked down at him and gave him a kick in the gut. “Get the fuck out of here.” These were the first words Misha had said since this all started. Brandon ran as fast as he could out of the gym, holding his bloody face in his hand. Everyone was silent; no one had any idea what to say.

Scott finally broke the silence. “OK guys. Let’s get out of here.” Everyone took off away from us. I think most of the guys thought about how they would have held up against Misha and they didn’t like their chances. They felt uncomfortable and just wanted to get away. Scott walked with Misha and me as we headed toward the car.

“I’m sorry that happened, Aaron. You were right, Wick is such an asshole, I don’t know why we believed him.” He put his hand on Misha’s shoulder. “Are you alright?” Misha nodded. “I suppose you are. You sure as hell kicked Brandon’s ass. It was almost fun to watch.”

Misha smiled, “I had fun doing it.”

“Thanks for saying what you did, Scott. I think we would have been the ones getting our asses kicked if it hadn’t been for you.” I had to thank him. It was a pretty gutsy thing to stick up for two guys who had just admitted that they were gay.

“Maybe you can thank me later, Aaron!” he smiled. I laughed a little. I could tell by the way he said it that he wasn’t really looking for anything, but the whole exchange had gotten Misha’s attention. Scott looked at him and saw the amazed and somewhat perplexed look on his face. “I guess Aaron didn’t tell you. We messed around a couple times last year. But don’t worry; I won’t come between you. Hell, I don’t want to end up like Brandon.” He was joking, but plenty of people would have paid to see that fight. Scott was a lot bigger than Brandon. Thankfully it would never happen.

Scott walked toward his car and Misha and I walked toward mine. “I’m sorry I got us in so much trouble Aaron.” I shook my head and put my arm on his shoulder. He continued; “Scott is a very cool guy… You have good taste in men.” •

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