More than Expected


By LennoxBear

Matt and his two henchmen put Joe through the workout sessions with relentless glee. He watched Matt closely and saw small growth spurts during the day. He was sure Matt was using the cum to alter his body. He felt the need to fuck Matt grow in his mind. Along with the hatred he tried to control. The more Joe was made to workout the hornier he got. The constant teasing with cocksucking and fucking made his balls grow and pecs expand. He watched his body change in the mirrors. His pecs began to droop from the weight of the cream they were producing. His balls began to ache from the weight of the cum. And yet, he found himself to be turned on by all of this. He wanted and needed fucked. The more cocks down his throat and up his ass, the more he wanted it. His mind was becoming wiped out except for the need for sex. As he was being fucked in the showers, he suddenly realized what was happening and panicked.

He forced himself to think about Danny and the outside world. Even as cocks were pounding his face and ass, he struggled to focus on keeping his mental well being. Matt was experimenting with his body today and not giving Joe any release of growth hormone. By the late afternoon as Joe was being put through his second workout of the day. His body proportions were almost grotesque. His pecs were bloated like breast implants had been inserted. His balls were so huge he could barely walk without leaning forward with their weight. His dick bobbed in front of him, rock hard and growing in circumference. Matt just smiled gleefully and ordered more sex for Joe. They men working over Joe's body had learned when he was approaching the moment to shoot and they would back off. He began to thrash with the need for sexual release.

To keep Joe from taking control of his dick, his hands were tied to the bedposts over night. Joe slept only a few moments at a time during the night. He was so horny he couldn't get his mind to relax. His thoughts were only about sex and fucking Danny or getting fucked by the man who had caused all of this. The morning light found him tied in bed counting the seconds until someone came to untie his hands. He could feel the weight of his pecs and balls resting on his body. Finally, the two muscle goons arrived and stood beside the bed. They laughed at the vision of Joe lying there with enormous milk filled pecs and balls so swollen they struggled to move them. They had to help Joe sit up and get his balance as he was led to the gym to workout. He gasped when he saw his deformed body.

His pecs were still basically shaped like a man's but were now the size of bowling balls. His dick hung down past his knees and his balls matched his pecs. Matt walked in and surveyed his little experiment.

"Well, the cow definitely needs to be milked this morning. Feeding you some of your own milk and cum seems to speed up the process." He squeezed the bloated pecs and Joe felt fluid dripping down his abs. "I think we need to relieve some of the pressure before your workout, you might explode on us." Matt motioned for the guys to follow him. They guided Joe to another room. Joe was placed in a chair facing another mirror. He watched as the breast pumps were attached to his nipples and felt the suction begin to pull out the milk. He saw loads of cream pass through the clear tubes and saw his pecs shrink. Another suction toy was attached to his dick and began stroking the monster cock. He soon shot a load beyond description into the tube and watched it collect in a giant glass jar. His dick was pumped for an hour, shooting load after load of cum. When Matt was satisfied with the harvest, Joe was put through his usual workout and feeding.

The weightlifting helped to restore his pec muscle to normal shape. His balls were still the size of grapefruits but no longer painful. Joe watched his reflection in the mirror. He appeared to be slightly taller and leaner. His beard was full and hair longer than the day before. The fur covering his body was thick on the chest, forearms, legs and butt. He was a poster picture bear man and this made him horny. By the time he was finished with his workout, his cock was standing straight up and rock hard. A new man he didn't recognize was watching intently as the muscle man worked out. Joe felt his sex drive increase as the man worked with him. Matt watched with interest the drool that almost seemed to drip from Joe's mouth over the athletic man.

"You looking for a little ass action there buddy?" Matt stroked Joe's dick and motioned to the new guy to strip. "Let's try another experiment. His two henchmen grabbed the new guy and forced him spread eagle on the bench. Matt spread some lube on the tight hole and had one of his cronies stuff his stiff dick down the struggling man's throat. "Maybe I can create myself a second cow." He had Joe placed at the man's ass.

"OK, you earned this fuck." Joe slammed his monster cock into the smaller man's virgin hole. At least it appeared to be a virgin hole from the muffled scream the man put out. Joe rutted the man on the bench until he no longer struggled but instead thrust his ass upwards to meet Joe's fucking. The poor man was in a total all out sweat. The cock had been pulled from his throat. The man's whimpers were loud and clear. Matt forced Joe deeper into the man's ass and held him in place as Joe unleashed a torrent of cum deep inside the man's gut. Matt's assistants pulled Joe off the man and helped him to his feet. The man whose ass had been forcibly fucked was helped up and told to suck on Joe's nipples while Joe was held in place. The man sucked mouthfuls of hot cream from Joe's chest until he collapsed in a heap at Joe and Matt's feet.

"Tie him to the bed and let's see what happens by tomorrow morning." Matt walked across the room and through another door. Joe followed the two muscle studs with the third man being dragged half conscious to the bedroom. His hands were tied to the bedposts the way Joe had been since his kidnapping. Joe was allowed to sleep without restraint. He cuddled with the smaller man and whispered into his ear as he regained consciousness.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what is about to happen to you but I hope that if the two of us pull forces we can maybe escape." The second man's breathing was shallow and raspy. He twisted his arms to get free but the bonds stood firm.

"My whole body is on fire. I paid Matt for some of this special growth hormone but didn't expect to be held captive. Who are you?" Joe explained the whole story and soon the man was writhing in pain trying to free himself. He gave his name as Bob and that the warehouse was not far from some major shopping areas in Chicago but fairly disserted. Joe watched as the man's body hair grew in over his chest and crotch. Joe ran his hands over the warm skin and felt the muscles pulsing. The man's muscle size tripled over night as the two men huddled together to stay warm. Bob begged Joe to fuck him again as his need for sexual release grew. Joe raised his legs and shoved his full 18-inch dick into the bound man. Bob's ass took every last inch like it was no more than the average dick. Joe sprayed cum over the man's now furry chest and rubbed it into his ballooning pecs. Matt's idea of creating another cow had come true. Bob was producing as much cream in his pecs as Joe. Joe sucked on the swelling nuts until Bob begged to be jacked off.

The morning light revealed a man who was stiller smaller than Joe but three times as muscular as he had been on the day before. The two men kissed and found ways of having non-stop sex even though one was tied down. Joe straddled Bob's growing cock and humped the man until he felt cum splash into him. He quickly pulled off but some of the growth cum had entered him. By the time Matt and his allies unlocked the door, Joe and Bob were a cum and sweat covered mess. Matt pulled the two men apart and screamed about the money they had cost him. Joe felt his full pecs bouncing across his chest, filled as they were with cream. His nuts bounced like two water balloons against his powerful quads. He watched as Bob was untied and led out to the gym area. Bob's pecs were not as swollen but Joe knew it was just a matter of time. They were both put through an even longer, more grueling workout and watched each other as their muscles pumped and strained.

Joe examined his reflection in the mirror and was shocked to see how hard and lean he had become. He hadn't grown so much in size but was more cut and furry. His butt seemed to have rounded out even more. It was hard and sculpted like a statue covered with dark fur. Looking at his own butt gave him a hardon. By the time they were finished with their workout and the torture of sex teasing, both men had pecs swollen like a shelf sticking out from their bodies. Their balls hung almost down to their knees and were painful from bouncing back and forth.

Matt had them strapped into chairs to watch the milking of their pecs and balls. It was taking almost an hour now to suck them dry. By the time Matt was satisfied they were adequately empty, their nipples were swollen, red and sore. Their cocks were bloated from the pumping, almost twice the size around. Their balls hung like long shriveled sacks of skin. Then the men were taken to the showers, scrubbed and fed. They managed to get a few minutes of relaxation before the next sex ritual began. Matt had determined what to do to them to get their bodies producing as much as possible. Late afternoon saw another heavy-duty workout and shorter milking. The two men were treated strictly as animals for milking and sex. Joe convinced Bob to focus on outside events or loved ones in his life to combat going stir crazy. The two men were tied to the bed that night one on top of the other so that all they could do was kiss. Their feet and hands were stretched to the four corners of the bed to keep them from attempting anything other than rubbing their bodies together in simulated sex.

The result of the close contact in the morning was evident in the even larger swelling of their pecs and balls. Joe fought back tears as he saw his pecs sagging almost down to his waist the next morning. His ballsack was so full he didn't think it possible to ever shrink to normal size again. Bob looked totally defeated with pecs also hanging to his waist and balls the size of basketballs. His dick had grown even longer than Joe's and hung down easily two feet. Both men were covered in dark soft fur with beards and hair almost covering their facial features. Bob sobbed that he had become a simple farm animal and could do nothing to fight the need to be fucked and have his cock sucked.

Danny hurried to the university lab that day with the blood sample he had hidden and began testing them. First he determined it was indeed Joe's. Then he began tests to figure out what if anything could be done to stop the growth hormone production. He worked nearly six straight hours without a break before he remembered the paper he had hidden from Paul. He dug it out of his pocket and saw written in Joe's hand, Matt Henry and a phone number. He quickly dialed and got an answering machine.

"Hi, You've reached Super Growth, muscles beyond your wildest dreams. If you are interested in speaking with a representative about this revolutionary new discovery, please leave your name and number at the sound of the tone." Danny left a name and his cell phone number. He remembered Joe saying this guy had been a security guard in a parking garage near where he had gone shopping. Danny looked up the address of the store Joe liked to shop and ran out to do some investigative work on his own.

He found the store and began walking the streets to find a parking garage. There were three. He casually walked up to the attendant at the first and asked if Matt Henry was working. He was told no one by that name worked there. The same thing happened at the second. At the third, the attendant informed him Matt had quit without notice and they had no idea where he went to work. Danny expressed regret that he didn't get in touch with Matt sooner since he had been trying to hook up for a workout. The man suggested a gym in the warehouse district and Danny took off with his latest quest.

As he was driving to the area from the directions he had been given when his phone rang. He saw the number on it and stopped to use the phone. The call was from Super Growth leaving a number where he could get more information and schedule an appointment. Before he could dial, another number came through that he recognized as Paul's. He dialed Paul and got a frantic man answering the phone.

"Danny? What's happening to me? I am home now and really freaked." Paul sounded rattled.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I got a really weird rush and sort of fever and then started sprouting hair all over my forearms and chest. When I went to the men's room to check it out I saw I had added about 20 pounds of muscle. I'm growing just like you said in your experiment. What do I do?'

"Where did you say you were, I'm in the car and you're breaking up?'

"Home and trying to calm down. I seem to be growing more. Everywhere."

"Try to calm down. I'll be there as soon as I can." Paul jumped back into his car and drove the remaining blocks to where the man thought the gym was located. Sure enough, there was a private key gym in an old warehouse. The number on the outside of the building matched the one he had been given for information on Super Growth. He knew he was close to finding Matt and, hopefully, Joe. He parked down the street and watched the building for a few minutes. Two huge men came out and got into a pickup truck parked across the street. Danny looked at his watch and decided he had to get to Paul. He drove back to the university and got a vial of the solution he hoped would be the anti-dote to the growth hormone. It took him another 45 minutes to get back to Paul's apartment.

As he unlocked the door, he heard Paul running toward it. He stepped inside and stared at the police officer. Paul stood naked in the entryway, covered in soft blond fur, and a full beard and shoulder length hair. He had added about 50 pounds of muscle since the morning and had pecs jutting out easily six inches from his ribs. His nipples were swollen and distended. Even more remarkable was Paul's cock and balls. His dick hung down 14 inches in length over two melon-sized balls. They were pushed forward by the ripped thick quads Paul had developed.

"Oh man, am I glad to see you. What do I do to stop this?" Paul grabbed Danny's hands and led him into the living room. Danny stared at the muscle butt swaying in front of him. It was round and full and perfectly shaped. It was also covered in soft blond fur that Danny found really hot. He felt his dick growing in his jeans.

"I don't know for sure. I have what I think is a serum that will stop the growth reaction but I have no proof and haven't done any testing. It could also increase the effect and you could become even more massive."

Paul stood in the middle of the room looking at his reflection in the mirror above the fireplace. He struck several bodybuilding poses and pumped his muscle even fuller. Danny watched in awe as the pecs grew and the ball sack stretched. He examined Paul's chest and nipples. As he squeezed the erect flesh points cream streamed from them.

"Holy shit. You're lactating. If I give you the serum, I don't know if the milk will be absorbed in your body eventually or if we need to....." His voice trailed off.

"If we need to empty them, is that what you think?" Paul fondled his sagging pecs and felt the cream dripping from them. "How do we empty them?"

"Suction, like a breast pump."

"You mean like a mother's breast pump. Oh man, that's too much. What about my nuts?" Paul used both hands to pick up the heavy nutsack and rapidly stiffening cock. That could take forever.

"We don't know that. I have to go out and buy what we need. In the meantime, well, you have to jack off to get the cum flowing. You think you can handle that?"

"I am so fucking horny, I can't believe it. All I want is to suck dick and get fucked." Paul looked at Danny's face.

"What's wrong?"

"Did you shave this morning?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Look for yourself." Danny ran to the mirror and saw a very heavy five o'clock shadow over his face; his hair was a bit longer too. He pulled off his shirt and examined his chest. It was definitely bigger. No wonder his clothes felt tight. He had mixed the chemicals in his own body and could soon be swelling up as quickly as Paul.

"I better get to the stores before I have a growth spurt and can't get dressed in anything." Danny pulled his shirt back on and looked at Paul. He was enormous and dreadfully sad. He kissed the handsome man and felt the heat pass between them. His arms encircled the broad shoulders as their tongues met in passion.

Paul pushed him away. "It's not that I never wanted to be huge, it's just that I don't want tits down to my knees and my nuts dragging on the ground. How much time do we have?"

"I'm not sure, but I'll go. Start emptying your nuts and I'll be back as soon as I can." Danny ran out the door and jumped into his car. A few blocks later he pulled into a shopping plaza and ran into a maternity shop. The sales clerk asked what he needed with two pumps and he explained they were gifts for two pregnant women. He drove around until he found a sex shop and purchased a suction toy then headed back to Paul's.

When he returned to the apartment he found Paul lounging back in a chair. His pecs were swollen to balloon proportions and his balls were down to the floor. He had been jacking off and filling a jar with cum, but couldn't keep up with his body's production. He smiled and tried to get up but fell back into the chair, his chest bounced with the fluid filling it. The rest of his body was lean, mean and massively muscled. The blond fur covered his chest, legs and butt. His face was covered by a full thick beard and his flattop was now down to his shoulders.

"You have to stop this Dan. I'm as big as I ever want to get and I in no fucking way want balls dragging on the floor. Do something." Danny helped Paul out of the chair and into the bedroom. He helped Paul climb into bed and get comfortable then poured his purchases on the floor next to the bed. He rigged up the breast pumps to the vacuum machine and began pumping the bloated pecs. The bottles quickly filled and he went scrambling to find other containers. Finally he gave up and dumped the milk down the drain. Paul had his head back on a pillow breathing a sigh of relief as he felt the weight lighten on his chest. While the machine sucked his tits dry, Danny nursed Paul's long cock into a full erection. He sucked the man's cock until it was bobbing straight up from the hard, furry abs. He slid the cock sheath over the huge dong and started the machine sucking Paul's nuts of their cum. He found a bucket in the kitchen and let a tube drain into it. An hour later both men examined the results of their work and decided it was safe to administers Danny's hopeful antidote.

He filled a syringe and swabbed Paul's beefy butt. He shot the hard ass full of the clear serum and sat back. Paul lay on his stomach and moaned. He seemed to be oblivious to anything else in the room as Danny stripped off his own clothes and knelt between Paul's huge legs. He buried his tongue between the asscheeks and drove in as far as he could. Paul responded by pushing his ass into the air and reaching back to shove Danny's tongue deeper into the hairy crevice. Danny licked until the puckered hole was dripping spit, then sat up and lubed his cock. He pushed against Paul's pulsing hole and felt his cock slide into the hot opening. Paul bucked his ass higher to get more of Danny's dick into his gut. Danny slowly fucked the writhing cop until he felt his nuts swelling. He pulled off and attached the suction tube to his cock. Within a few minutes the machine was sucking a steady flow of cum from Danny's balls. He lay back across the bed as his body jerked with the steady orgasms. Paul seemed to be regaining his senses and turned over to watch the machine sucking the 14-inch cock. He fondled Danny's huge pecs and watched as they swelled to the point he thought the skin would split. Danny lay there looking like he had undergone some bizarre breast implant experiment. His pecs flopped from side to side. The nipples were long, erect and dripping milk. Danny directed him to attach the makeshift breast pumps. Paul knelt between Danny's legs and started the suction machine on his friend's pecs.

Forty-five minutes later Danny explained to Paul how to administer the serum in the syringe and rolled to one side baring his huge muscled bubble butt. Paul shot the serum into the muscle and Danny lay back. He felt the rush of heat wave over his body and Paul collapse across him in exhaustion. Two hours later Danny woke up as the suction device became painful on his now depleted pecs. The bucket was full of milk cream from the two men. Paul squeezed the shrunken pecs and helped him flush the cream down the toilet. Both men stood in the glare of the bathroom light and looked at their reflections in the mirror. They were both massive beyond their wildest expectations. For the moment, no growth in their pecs or balls was evident, so they assumed Danny's antidote had done the trick.

Paul moved through several poses in awe of his competition quality size. He turned to Danny and kissed him full on the mouth. Their tongues met and the two men walked back to the bedroom for another hour of fucking. Paul pounded Danny's ass until he sent shot after shot of cum across the thick, broad back. He lay on top of the young man and licked the back of his neck.

"I know Joe is very important in your life, but I hope you can find a place for me."

"Oh fuck. I got so wrapped up in solving our crisis, that I forgot my news. I think I know where he is." •

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