More than Expected


By LennoxBear

Joe drove back to his apartment in Chicago in record time. He had to get back and do some serious shopping to be able to be seen in public. And with this new body, he definitely wanted to be seen in public. He stopped by the apartment just long enough to drop off his bags, but his reflection in the bedroom mirror distracted him. His body had continued to change during the drive. He pulled off the XXL sweatshirt which had begun to be a bit snug. He sucked in his breath when he saw his chest. His pecs were now huge slabs of perfect muscle. They were round and full. So much so, that the nipples pointed downward. In fact the nipples had taken on a new dimension all their own and were long and always erect. Every muscle was perfectly cut. The line between his pecs, traps and delts was sharp and deep. His traps had become rounder like softballs and the delts were like two soccer balls way up high. Then came the triceps cuts and the huge ballooning biceps. His intercostals stood out like a topographical map that led into the mounds of abs and oblique. He did a few quick poses and stood in awe of how beautifully pumped each group was with little or no effort. The image in the mirror was having a direct effect on his dick. The damn thing started to swing up and out. He pinched his nips and watched as his dick bounced in response. He wanted to get naked and make love to his reflection in the mirror but he had to hit some stores.

The first specialty shop he went into just couldn't get over his size. Two salesclerks were all but dropping their loads to help and fit him with suits. The problem was, with all the alterations nothing would be ready for a week, he needed business casual stuff to get by for work for now. The store manager appeared and stepped into help. The man was no stranger to the gym and was very complimentary to Joe and his mass. It was also obvious that the man was getting hot as the bulge in his suit pants grew to impressively large proportions. Joe felt himself starting to get hot and wanted to go down on the man right there in the fitting room. The man brought several pullover shirts for Joe to try on and finally reached out and pinched Joe's nipples.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, but your chest is just magnificent." The man stood in front of Joe obviously embarrassed with an even more obvious erection. Joe couldn't control his urge and couldn't understand the need that was taking over his body. He undid the man's belt and pants and let them fall to the floor. Before the man could even think twice, Joe was on his knees sucking down the man's fat cock. Joe had always been an aggressive top man and now found he wanted to be dominated by the hunk standing in front of him. He stood up, turned around, dropped the pants he had been trying on and grabbed the man's bobbing wet cock. He pulled the fat prick toward his ass and in one move guided the man into his butt up to his balls. The store manager fucked the beefy butt until he felt his balls drawing up and cum begin to rise. He pulled out and sprayed hot stream of jism over Joe's thick back. Joe's own cock was throbbing and bouncing in front of him but instead of wanting to cum, Joe wanted another cock up his ass.

The store manager got towels from the men's room to help Joe clean up. Joe finished his purchases and headed back to his car in a parking garage. He threw his packages into the trunk and stood with his hands down on the car. He swore he felt his legs growing right there on the spot. He reached back and felt the curve of his own ass and the hardness of the muscle. The sexiness of the hard ass made his dick start to harden again. He heard someone walking and tried to recover his control but as the person got closer, his body reacted with an intense need for sex. He broke out in sweat just as a security guard came around the corner.

The man was huge and heavily muscled. His uniform stretched over the massive body and you could tell the man was proud of his hard work. He saw Joe standing at the back of his car against the wall and stopped.

"You OK sir?" Joe watched the young man. He felt the eyes looking him over and his desire to have another cock, this man's cock, up his ass took over. "Are you sick sir, should I call someone?"

"No, I'll be OK. Just a momentary hot flash from the supplements I am taking."

"Well, man, whatever you are taking is working. You are enormous. You compete?" The guard casually walked back toward Joe and stopped within inches of the hard cock pushing out on Joe's pants leg. The guard's eyes stopped on the site and Joe moved in. Joe reached around the man with one arm and drew him close. He pressed his mouth against the man's and spread his lips, forcing his tongue down the man's throat. The man only struggled for a second and then returned the kiss. Joe began to undo the man's clothes and before the guard could stop him they were on the dusty floor. Joe had the man's long uncut cock out of his uniform pants and began sucking the foreskin and playing with the man's balls. The man didn't seem to care and bgan to moan and pump his hips. Joe straddled the cock and sat down forcing the full length into his ass in one move.

"Whoa buddy, slow down, someone could come along." Joe didn't pay any attention but guided the man's callused hand to his nips and showed him what to do. The more the guard pinched and twisted his nips, the more Joe bucked on the hard cock. The man's breathing became short and soon Joe felt the hot cum unloading in his ass. Again, Joe didn't cum. He stood up and reached down to help the man up from the floor. The guard got to his knees and stopped to swallow Joe's cock. That time, it worked. In a few seconds the guard was struggling to swallow the thick goo. Joe finally quit shooting and helped the man to his feet. He hugged him and softly apologized.

"I've never been with another man but that was incredibly hot. The moment I saw you, I felt the need to touch your body take over." The guard blushed at his confession. He brushed off his uniform and Joe helped him redress. Joe brushed the dust from the man's back and ass. He cupped the muscled butt and felt the need to be fucked again starting to takeover.

"Look, Officer, uh, Henry. I gotta go or I'll be pleading with you to fuck my ass again. It's something I can't seem to control right now." The man looked back at him with a puzzled look and for the first time Joe really noticed the face. He was blond, blue eyed, flat-topped all American. Here's my card if you ever want to be with a man again. I promise to be a bit more civil, really." Joe jumped into the car and took off out of the garage. The guard stood there rubbing his cock through his pants and smiled as he pocketed the card.

He swore at the heavy traffic as he maneuvered his car through the Chicago streets to his apartment. He grabbed his bags from the trunk and raced up the hallway to his door. Once inside he stripped and posed in the mirror. His body had changed again. He was even more cut now and veins were thickly covering his body. His chest hair had also thickened and now carpeted his chest to just about his navel. He looked like he hadn't shaved for days and ran his hands through his longer hair. He couldn't resist running his hands over every muscle as he watched in the mirror. He picked up the phone and dialed Danny's number.

The phone rang several times before Danny answered somewhat out of breath. "Dan, this is Joe. Is your body continuing to change? And is your sex drive out of control?"

"Oh man, am I glad to hear from you. I am massive, super-vascularized and fucking horny beyond belief. I can't stop jacking off. All I can think about is you and your beautiful body." Joe explained what was happening to him and his constant need to have a dick up his butt. "Now there's a side effect that I didn't expect."

"Oh man, I want you here and not just for sex. I thought about you all the way back to Chicago. I want us to spend some time together."

"Look, I'll take some time off from work and drive up tomorrow morning. Think you can make it until then?"

"I'll try. I can't stop this feeling in my body. How long do you think this stuff will make me grow?"

"I don't know, I used to say you can never be too big but I am beyond my wildest dream. I'll call you in the morning before I leave. You hang in there dad.'

"I'll try, it won't be easy." Joe hung up the phone and ran his hands over his furry chest. He couldn't keep his hands away from his nipples. He told himself to leave them alone or risk beating his dick to a pulp. He walked into the kitchen to think about dinner when the phone rang. "Hello?"

"This Joe Swanson?" the voice on the other end sounded strained.

"Yes, who's this?"

"Matt. Matt Henry. The security guard you met this afternoon. What did you do to me man? My body is growing more muscular and all I can think about is fucking your hard ass. This is so weird."

Joe hadn't thought about infecting another man, so to speak. The thought of the already beefy guard getting even bigger put him back over the top. "I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain it and I don't know how to stop it.'

"Not sure I want to stop the growth but man I need your ass, can I come over?"

As much as Joe felt he should say no, he consented and gave Matt directions. He wandered around his apartment like a caged animal until Matt buzzed at the front door. He stood completely naked behind the door waiting for Matt. His doorbell rang and he lurched to open it. Matt stood in the doorway in shorts and a sweatshirt that looked like it had been sprayed on his muscled chest. There were two beefy men with him. They pushed their way in and pushed Joe to the floor.

"I hope you don't mind but I brought a couple of my lifting buddies with me. Whatever you have, we want."

The three men dragged Joe to his bed and threw him on his stomach. Matt ripped off his shorts and aimed his hard cock at Joe's asshole. He shoved it in in one move to his swollen balls. The other two guys stripped and took turns feeding their cocks to Joe. He was in a frenzy trying to suck both at one time. He felt one of them reach for his nips and cup his enormous pec.

"Oh man, these fucker's are huge. They turned him over on his back and Matt continued to fuck him. The two friends began sucking Joe's nipples. He felt like they were actually sucking milk from them and when they looked up, he swore he saw cream dripping from their mouths.

Matt slammed his cock into Joe's ass and felt his hole tighten around his cock. "Get ready guys, he's about to shoot, suck that cum down. Get this man's growth hormone."

Matt's two buddies sucked on Joe's cock and sucked down the cum as it gushed out. The whole bizarre scene only turned Joe on more. He felt Matt shooting for several minutes deep inside his ass. One of the other muscle men took his place pounding his ass. Joe heard himself begging for more and wanting it harder. He worked his nipples and felt wetness coming from them as he pinched them. Matt and the other guy jumped on the thick cream running down his chest. Joe started bucking his hips again wildly and Matt told the guy to swallow the load that was about to shoot from Joe's hard cock. The second guy swallowed every drop of Joe's cum then took his turn pounding Joe's ass. Even after shooting two loads, Joe's cock stayed hard and his hole twitched for more cock. The third guy finally got off adding his load to the other two. The three guys each took turns working Joe's nipples again, then got up, dressed and left. Joe lie on his bed for several minutes before getting up to check his front door. He felt cum dripping down his inner thighs from the three fuckings he had just had and walked into the bathroom to use the john.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He was unshaven with damn near a full beard. His hair was long and shaggy. Cream dripped from his distended nipples and his cock was bloated and twice its normal soft size. His balls actually hurt with the cum building up again. He theorized the more he got fucked, the more cum his body produced. The muscles on his new body were enormous and freaky. They were beyond anything he ever imagined having. Still, it scared the hell out of him.

He called out for a pizza and grabbed a quick shower while waiting. He combed his hair back and thought briefly about trying to cut it himself. He sat down at his computer and attempted some work from home. He sent an email to his secretary saying he would be working at home for a couple of days and to forward everything there to him. The doorbell rang and this time he checked through the peephole before opening the door. It was his usual deliveryman, whose mouth dropped open at the massive freaky muscle god standing in the doorway.

"Joe?" The young man was a college student working his way though college. He was a nice sweet, kind man who spent some time in the gym but was no big bodybuilder. Joe felt his cock growing as he paid the boy. He fought off the urge to trap the man and get fucked again. He gave Jim a big tip and closed the door.

He wolfed down the pizza in record time and was still hungry. This muscle growth took a lot to feed and he pondered calling for a second pizza. The phone ringing brought him back to reality.

"Joe, this is Matt. I don't know what you have going through your body buddy, but my buddies and I are freaking awesome now. We'll be back for more, don't try to hide. I know you want cock up that tight butt and mine is about 14 inches of rock hard snake just aching to fuck you."

Joe hung up the phone and sat on the edge of the bed. His leg muscles rippled as he flexed and a tingling sensation took over again. He walked over to the full-length closet mirror and posed. He watched as his body morphed in front of him. His legs grew in length and thickness, his obliques, abs and intercostals doubled in size and his chest was so big now he couldn't see his feet except to look into the mirror. The size of the cock swinging between his legs made him want to be fucked again. It hung down soft about a foot with big swollen balls pushing forward on either side from the quads pushing them out. He fought the urge by sitting at the computer and working until he couldn't keep his eyes open.

He finally crawled into bed and dozed off. The phone ringing at 8 AM woke him up. "Hey Joe, This is Danny. I'm leaving for Chicago now and should be there by mid afternoon. You OK?"

"Yeah, I finally slept last night but I am now now a muscle monster. We have to stop this. Please hurry."

"Hang in there, I may have a solution. See ya soon."

Joe got up to pee and stumbled with the weight of his new body. He barely fit through the bathroom door and had to duck slightly. His shoulders were as wide as the doorway. He stood at the toilet and hefted his cock. It was hanging down about 16 inches long now. He couldn't fathom the size of his nuts. The face in the mirror was fully bearded, the hair longer and the chest covered in thick, dark fur. He reached up and squeezed his pecs as hard as he could. White cream shot from the nipples and splashed against the glass. He panicked at this change in his body. He pissed a gallon and stumbled back to the bedroom and flopped onto his back on the bed. His hand slowly stroked the fat cock until it was hard and thumping against his chest. He could suck his own dick now just by slightly raising his hips. This little change made him horny and he was soon pounding his cock with both hands and ramming his tongue down his own piss slit. He stopped momentarily to estimate his biceps at roughly 28 inches. A couple more strokes and he swallowed his own load and dozed off.

The doorbell woke him and he rolled to look at the clock. It was 2:30. He jumped out of bed and peered through the peephole. Danny was waiting on the other side. He opened the door and stood behind it. Danny came in and stopped cold when he saw Joe.

"Holy fuck, you are huge. I'm sorry, I never meant for this to get away like this." Joe hugged him and drew his mouth to his. He slipped his tongue deep into his throat. The shorter man felt himself being lifted to finish the kiss. Joe wrapped his heavily muscled arms around the man and carried him to the bedroom. He knelt across the bed and begged to be fucked. Danny stripped and got in place behind the huge muscle butt. His cock, now a thick ten inches, slid in without so much as a whimper from Joe. He fucked the big man and wrapped his arms around the broad chest and shoulders as far as he could. He didn't want to take any chances so he pulled out and shoot across the v-tapered torso. He pulled his softening cock from Joe's ass and watched as Joe stood up to beat off and found himself staring at the awesome cock and balls. Joe screamed and shot a quart of cum on the smaller man. He pushed him back on the bed and kissed him passionately.

"I can't stop thinking about you and wanting to be with you but I don't think you can handle this cock. No one can. We have to stop my growth before I am trapped in my own apartment."

"I have something that might work but I can't know for sure. There could be even more side effects. Do you think you want to risk it?"

"Yeah, I don't think I want to be any bigger. I want to be with you but I don't want to crush you, sure as hell."

"I need another day to pull a couple of things together. I could finish at home but figured I could get my hands on what I needed in Chicago. Can you be patient for another day?'

"I guess I have to, but please hurry. In the meantime, let's play." Joe lay across his bed on his back and Danny climbed on top of him. He sucked the big man's nipples and tasted the sweet cream. He sat up and massaged the pecs and watched as they filled with cream. He drank and drank until he his stomach was distended. Joe warned him he could experience out of control growth but Danny didn't care. He sucked on the huge long cock and stood up to straddle it and aimed the head at his asshole. "There isn't any way you can handle something so big."

"One never knows until one tries." He pushed down and felt the monster shaft slide in and fill his gut. He kept pushing down and felt a burning sensation as his body accommodated the prick. His ass finally came to rest at the base and both men whistled at the achievement. "I have never felt so hot as I do right now with this thing inside of me."

"You don't want me to cum.. My cum will make you grow and do you want to be bigger?"

"If it means spending the rest of my life in your massive arms, yes."

The two men bucked until Joe pleaded for Randy to get off. No sooner had the man pulled off Joe's cock than ropes of cum came gushing out and dripping down. Randy got up and got an empty jar from the kitchen. He wanted to take some of this to a lab to be analyzed. The two men sent out for a half dozen pizzas and spent the rest of the evening eating and jacking off. The pizza deliveryman couldn't get over the size of Joe's friend and seemed to accept that Joe was indisposed in the bathroom and couldn't come to he door.

They finally dozed off and woke up at 7 the next morning. Randy got up to shower. He called Joe from the bathroom. Joe almost hit his head on the doorway rushing to get there. Randy stood in the bathroom covered in thick soft fur. His face was heavily bearded and his hair hung down below his shoulders. "This must be from drinking your breast milk yesterday."

"Do you have to call it that?" Joe winced as he realized his pecs were full again and his balls were now the size of softballs.

"No. I'm sorry. I'll get showered and dressed and get to the university to work on this anti-growth formula." Joe watched as the hot young man dressed and thought about stopping him to have sex. His need to stop his body changes brought him to reality. After Danny left, Joe walked into the bathroom and pissed. His cock was so long now, he didn't need to hold it to pee. He just let it dangle over the edge of the toilet and cut loose with gallons of urine. He looked at his face in the mirror again and worried that Danny might not be able to stop this. He estimated his hair was growing at a rate of two inches a day. He rubbed his pecs and squeezed his nipples in an effort to release the cream. Instead they only got fuller until his chest was so full, he looked like a breast implant operation gone awry. He showered trying to take his mind off of his predicament and hoping that the warm water would release the cream from his chest.

A few hours later as he idly worked at the computer, the doorbell rang. He walked toward the door to see who was there and heard a key in the lock. His heart raced that Danny would be back so soon. The door opened and in walked Matt and four huge men. Joe stopped in his tracks seeing the lock pick in Matt's hand.

"I didn't think you would let me in again, so I brought my own way in." Matt was almost as huge as Joe. His sweatshirt stretched at the massive chest. A cock the size of a baseball bat appeared to be coiled at his crotch. Joe recognized two of the men as the two who had sex with him. The five men charged at him and soon had him cuffed and tied. Duct tape was covered his mouth as Matt squeezed his huge pecs. "You are our way to make some huge bucks buddy. And you get to have all the sex you can handle. Just don't expect to see your friends again." •

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