More than Expected


By LennoxBear

Try as he did, Joe could not fight the desire to have Bob fuck him. The two men had been tied on top of each other all night. Matt's henchmen had checked on them in the morning and left the room laughing at the sight. Fortunately, he had untied them so they could move around a bit. Joe sat back on the bed and looked at Bob lying spread eagle. His pecs were so big they hung down over the sides of his chest. His nuts were also equally huge, lying between his legs like a huge sack of potatoes. The man was covered in thick fur and his overall muscularity was cut, defined and hot. Joe held his own pecs up trying to gauge their size but they were so soft and fluid filled they just flopped out of his hands. His nuts drooped over the edge of the bed, reaching for the floor.

Despite their deformity, he was hot for Bob's long donkey dick. He began licking the two-foot long tool and soon had the shaft fully erect like a spear sticking out of Bob's furry crotch. Bob moaned and watched in amazement as his dick stiffened. Even more amazing was Joe's straddling the cock and sinking down over it until the tube disappeared into the man's massive muscle butt. Bob worked Joe's long, erect nipples and had them shooting streams into his mouth. Joe began squatting over the tool fucking himself over Bob's body. The two men no longer had control of their sex drive and Bob was soon shooting cum into Joe's enormous body. Too late Joe realized what they had done and stood up. Streams of hot cum shot from Bob's piss slit and flew up over his head. Joe flopped next to the man as they rolled toward each other in a tight liplock.

Matt and his sidekicks walked into the room and pulled them off each other. "No way buds, don't be playing with my liquid gold. Strap on the pumps boys, harvest that money." Bob and Joe were pulled from the bed, their pecs swaying from side to side like bloated breasts. Their balls painfully bounced off their quads and caused their dicks to stiffen and jut out. They were strapped into the chairs again and the pumps attached. The men watched each other in the mirrors as the cream flowed from their pecs and dicks. When Matt was satisfied with the milking, they were allowed to work out. The two humpy guards drove them harder today than ever. By the time they were finished, ever muscle in their bodies was screaming. Joe looked in the mirror and saw a fantastically built freaky, muscle monster with a dick down to his knees and pecs bigger than any man could imagine. Hair hung over his eyes and he needed a shave desperately but that didn't seem to be part of Matt's ritual. They were fed more this meal. Their bodies soaked in the nutrients like water. Still wet with sweat, they were returned to their room and thrown across the bed.

"I'm putting you pigs on the honour system that you won't spew my investment all over the room. Get some rest ladies." He locked the door and could be heard laughing all the way down the hallway. Joe pulled Bob to him and soon had their mouths smashed together in a fevered deep kiss. He held Bob's head in his hands and felt the long hair flowing over his hands as their tongues licked around each other's face. Bob pushed Joe back and began sucking the long nipples.

"Don't actually drink any of that stuff or you'll get even bigger."

"I don't care anymore. I can't possibly lead a normal life again with tits bigger than the heaviest women I know and a dick that no normal person could handle. So what if I get as big and muscled as a horse, what could I do for a lover now?"

"Bullshit, don't let yourself give in to this." Joe pushed Bob back against the bed but as Bob tried to get away he turned face down on the bed. Joe looked at the beautifully shaped butt and lost control. He dived on top of Bob and held him down as he raped the delirious man.

"Yeah, give me your cum, fucker, I want to be bigger. Make me grotesque." Joe fucked the tight hole until the words hit home. He pulled out and stopped before cumming. The effect of not getting off made his balls convulse and swell to the size of basketballs. Bob looked back in disbelief.

"Holy shit, I'm sorry. We gotta get out of here."

Danny and Paul slipped into dark sweats and headed out to the warehouse gym. They parked a block away and walked through the shadows to the nondescript building. There were lights on the top floor and over the doors. They chose what they figured to be the back entrance and tested the doorknob. Danny watched as Paul pulled a pick from a case and expertly picked the lock. As they snuck in, they heard voices coming from down a hallway. The dark hall made walking dangerous until their eyes adjusted. They crept to the door under which light shone. They could hear what they thought to be three men discussing the sale of growth hormone. One voice seemed to be leading the conversation. Danny whispered to Paul that must be Matt. They listened to determine what might happen next.

"Well, our fat cows should just about be ready for their evening milking and workout. Get the equipment ready guys."

"How much longer are we going to do this?"

"I don't know. One, I don't know if this stuff has a shelf life and goes bad at any point in time or remains potent. And, second, sooner or later we will have to quit here and move on. I'm sure what we are doing doesn't come under FDA or government regulations."

"Then what do we do with our little piggies?"

"Nothing, we will have made more money than we can spend and with good investments, we're set for life. So, we just turn them loose in the street."

"But by then they could be the size of a car and have tits ready to explode.'

"So what, every cow eventually goes dry and that's life. Come on let's go do the evening milking, Jeb." Laughter followed as the three men walked out a front door. Danny and Paul waited until they heard the door close and then sneaked into the room. They found huge refrigerator units filled with bottles marked "Super Growth". Mail orders were piled on a desk and a computer printed out labels. They walked across the room and peeked out into another hallway. They could hear groaning coming from a side room and decided to investigate.

As they crept up a flight of steps to a row of lit windows, they heard Joe's voice pleading to stop the whole nightmare. Another voice they didn't recognize was sobbing for mercy. At the top of the steps leading to an old walkway, Danny and Paul looked down into an old medical office. Two men were strapped into examination chairs and were completely naked. They looked at each other in disbelief at the size of the two men. Both were freaky huge with muscle but their pecs were the size of beach balls and their balls hung down to the floor. Just as Danny had done, breast pumps were attached to their nipples and a machine started. Cream soon flowed into five-gallon buckets. Two of the men attached what looked like a modified milking nozzle to the two men's dicks and flipped switches. The two cocks suddenly stiffened and the two helpless men began humping their hips. One of the guards straddled the chair's arms and rammed an enormous cock down the second captive's throat. The man sucked it like it was his last meal.

They had deduced the leader had to be Matt. He straddled Joe's chair and fed him a throat full of bloated dick. The men fucked their slave's mouths and soon shot loads of thick cum down over the fat tits. Paul motioned for Danny to follow him as he crawled below the window ledge to another stairway. They followed this back to the first floor and through a doorway that led to a fully equipped gym. On the far side they found a bedroom with ropes for keeping the two men captive. Paul searched for the closest doorway out and soon explained an escape plan. As they plotted how to get the two men out of the building, they crept back up to the catwalk. Another offshoot led them to windows overlooking the gym as the three men put Joe and his fellow captor through an intense workout. Danny felt his cock growing stiff watching his buddy's perfect morphed body pump to superhuman proportions.

Danny explained it was Joe, and Paul thought he recognized the other guy from his gym. They hid at the top of the stairs until the captives were allowed to eat and shower. When the two men were tied to the bed in their room, Paul and Danny ran around the back way to the original shipping and storage room. The three men were busily dragging their harvest into walk in coolers. Paul jumped on the opportunity and slammed the door. He used a lifting bar to jam the door mechanism and lock them inside. The three men were soon screaming, as their plight became evident. Danny found a window into the cooler and rapped on the frosty window. Matt screamed to be let out.

"Not right now buddy, your balls are on ice. We have work to do."

Paul disconnected the phone system and turned off the computer. "No sense worrying about those orders."

They ran down the hallway to the room where they found Joe and Bob tied to the bed. Joe began to sob when he recognized Danny. He wrapped his pumped but sore arms around his buddy and kissed him. Bob looked at what was happening and almost hyperventilated. He looked at Paul and asked him if he went to the Barbell Club. Paul nodded and Bob sighed, admitting he knew he was a cop and that they were over the ordeal.

Danny pulled a medical case from a bag and explained he had a serum to counter the growth hormone in their bodies. Since they had just been milked it should be safe to administer. Joe quickly bent over to offer his butt. Bob followed reluctantly. When asked why, he sobbed out his fear of now being too much of a freak.

"Well," Paul speculated, "then I say it's time we create some freaks of our own." They waited a few minutes until they thought the serum had had time to get into Joe and Bob's bloodstream. They led the men to the shipping room and showed them the three men in the cooler. Joe instantly knew what Paul was thinking. He pointed to the smallest man and suggested they start with him. Bob unlocked the cooler door but as the three men inside charged it, the other three men jumped the smallest and dragged him out. Bob slammed the door on the cooler trapping Matt and his other buddy again.

The small man fell on the floor and was roughly pulled to his feet by Paul and Danny. When he saw Joe greasing his enormous erection he knew what was in store for him. His clothes were ripped from his body, as he was strapped to a shipping table. Joe climbed onto the table and steadied his two-foot cock at the tightly clenched asshole.

"Open up buddy, it'll be much easier if you cooperate. As the man tried to respond, Joe seized the opportunity and plowed his fuckpole in until he was buried to the root. He rutted the helpless man for several minutes then quickly pulled out. The smaller man screamed as a tube was shoved up his ass and another down his throat. Danny poured the growth hormone into the tubes and watched it disappear into the writhing man. He soon was unconscious and dragged off to be tied to the bed. Bob watched the other two men through the cooler window. The second man was shivering in the corner while Matt paced back and forth.

This time Matt charged the door but Joe backhanded him and sent him crashing back across the floor of the cooler. Danny and Bob grabbed the second man and quickly tied the cold body to the tabletop. This time Bob got to do the honors and fucked the man's asshole. The pumping of the man's body with the hormone was complete. He joined the first man, tied to the bed. Only Matt remained pleading for mercy to be let out of the cooler.

Joe opened the door and stood between Matt and freedom. Matt came flying at the huge man but only fell to the floor as Joe stood his ground. Joe bent over taking the man's T-shirt in his hands and ripped it straight down the back. As Matt clawed to get away, Joe grabbed the waistband of his workout shorts and in one move shredded them from the cold man. He half dragged, half threw Matt onto the table and shoved his stiff dick up the ungreased asshole. Matt screamed but found his mouth filled with the remains of his jock. His eyes opened wide in terror as he was flipped on his back. Danny had rigged a funnel to a tube and soon prepared a gallon of the hormone for Matt's ass. When Joe was satisfied his asshole was stretched sufficiently, he pulled out and Paul and Danny fed the tube deep inside the crying man. Bob poured the gallon into the thrashing man, then stepped back to grab another bucket. Matt screamed in all out terror as his body was filled with growth hormone. He was too cold and weak to fight as they dragged him to the gym and strapped him to an incline board in front of a full-length mirror.

He began to struggle to free himself but his bonds held tightly. Danny ran back to the car and drove back to the warehouse. They had brought sweatsuits with them expecting that they might come in handy. Joe and Bob got dressed and watched as Matt's body began to react to the massive doses of hormones. His muscles soon were in the range of 350 pounds and his body was covered in thick fur. Bob quipped that he had become their Big Foot cow. Tears streamed down Matt's face as he watched his balls expand until they slid the whole length of the board to the floor, easily four feet of swollen testicles. His pecs ballooned until they hung down either side. The nipples extended four inches out from the sacks like giant tire valves.

Bob stood and watched in glee and amazement. "Do you think we should relieve the pressure?"

Joe looked at an imaginary watch on his wrist. "No, this turkey ain't done yet. What are you going to do with all that cum and cream in the coolers?"

Danny looked thoughtfully at the three men. "First, I determine if it falls within FDA guidelines and if it does, I say we get rich." He walked over to the sobbing Matt and stroked the swollen breasts. "Our cows can live a life of luxury, eh?" Danny ran off to the university lab and ran tests on the hormone as Joe, Bob and Paul kept watch on their captives. In the morning, they found Matt's buddies equally huge and muscled with balls down to the floor and tits so big they had to be held up to take a piss. The two men were so horny that Joe, Bob and Paul fucked them several times each. They worked the two men over for several hours before relieving the pressure in their tits. Then they walked back to check on Matt.

They found their former torturer, still tied to the bench. His dick was erect and sticking like a huge pole three feet from his 450-pound body. His nutsack was now so huge and his pecs so filled with cream they couldn't move him. They untied his hands and stood him up to see his reflection in the mirror.

"You wanted muscle fucker, well you got it." Joe whispered in Matt's ear and bent him forward over the huge pillows of pecs. He fucked the former security guard until Matt was begging for more. Bob and Paul also took their turns. They left Matt to helplessly drag his huge tits around the gym. They came back with the pumping equipment and emptied his sacks. Matt no longer had the will to fight. His body continued to grow muscle until he was too big to do much other than sit on the floor.

Danny returned several hours later and announced that the secretions were perfectly safe if sold as is and kept refrigerated. The four men stood around Matt's grotesquely muscled body and laughed.

"I say we transport our cows to a better farm and start making that money." Danny kissed Joe and hugged the man he wanted in his life. Paul had gone off to another office and was in the throes of passion with Bob. The four muscle men planned to retire to a life of luxury living off the fat of their cows. •

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