1313 Raven Lane: A Halloween Story



By Wordshop


Over the next few weeks a number of things that were very strange happened.

In a downtown Attorney’s Office an envelope appeared. The envelope was a Living Trust assigning all assets and future assets from the death of the two professional bodybuilders to two totally unknown youths. The Living trust had been executed and dated only a few days after the prior will had been completed. It was strange that no one had found these records before. The Court Battle between two families was over. They would inherit nothing.

A series of studies and lab papers appeared in the offices of one of the largest known charities for neuromuscular disease. It gave the information needed for a different form of the drug given the two boys. This would stop and prevent muscle wasting and reverse neurological damage to muscle tissue. I would not cure everything, but it was a giant leap forward.

When two boys returned home to families things were not so simple. Initially everybody jumped to the wrong conclusions, but, both volunteered and submitted to blood tests. There was no evidence of illegal drug use of any kind.

It was not until days later that the families learned of the inheritance of the two boys. The assets in trust for them and the patents forthcoming on the new neuromuscular drugs would provide them with enough income and sufficient funds for a good college education. The other assets were so considerable that neither would have to work for a living unless they wanted to. There was also some cash that was earmarked for cars for each of them.

The Home on Raven Lane was an unusual situation. The trust provided for repair and maintenance of the home until the boys reached age eighteen and were legally able to take title. It would be cleaned up and fixed up.

In a bar in a seedier part of town police entered and arrested one “Lefty Miller” the gunman who had been hired to steal the drug secrets and to kill the two bodybuilders. They had the gun!

“Lefty” was as a complication forced to undergo testing for sanity because he kept talking about the two huge ghosts that had been trying to kill him when he was in jail.

“Lefty” after a series of nightmares of “unknown origin” sang like a Canary and a warrant was issued for a real heavy hitter in the sport of bodybuilding. The most interesting thing was that in addition his offices were raided and when that happened they found boxes of steroids marked for various bodybuilders under contract to this promoter. He also sang like a canary admitting that he had planted the drugs in the residence of his two victims.

When it was all over the two boys went back to the house and sat in the darkened basement one last time for at least a while. They were alone, but this time they were not afraid.

The boys wanted to say goodbye to the two ghosts who in the end had done so much to change their lives in so many ways. Their wishes were completed and the boys hoped that they were not too late.

After sitting in the dark together for over an hour in silence.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two figures appeared in a misty cloud.

This time the cloud was different than it had been in the past. The cloud looked as if it came from another dimension and as if the two figures were in shadow lighted from the rear. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The voice of the larger specter:

“In the beginning, we did not know what to do when you stumbled into a situation that was nearly our last hope to leave this world a better place.”

“It appears that whatever it was that brought us together, the guiding force knew far better than we did.”

“You both did an excellent job!”

“If you’ll pardon the pun at this point.” “You have our undying respect!”

“Michael !”

“Tony, because I am dead does not mean I can’t have a sense of humor!”

The voice of the smaller specter:

“When you showed up I was at wit’s end. I no longer cared.” “I wanted to move on as we should have when we were killed!” “Michael felt that we needed to settle some things before we left!” “I wanted to move on but because I love him I could not leave him here alone to try and do this!”

“Michael and I met when we were in High School.” “Things were different then and you had to keep things a secret.” “Michael and I had spent nearly twenty years together before we were killed.” “Now we will spend the rest of eternity together.”

“It is my hope that in addition to the physical strength we gave you that you yourselves develop the mental strength and abilities to leave the world a better place than it was when you came into it.”

“Study Hard, Work hard and learn.”

“After today you will not see us again in this form.” “Remember that we will be with you always.” •

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