1313 Raven Lane: A Halloween Story


By Wordshop

After the contents of the syringe were injected Daryl was so scared he did not know what to do. But as the seconds began to pass he started to feel like someone had turned the heat in the room up to “inferno”. Sweat began to form all over his body.

As soon as he started trying to talk to Dave he started finding that he was short of breath in a strange way. It was a weird sensation sort of like his body was starting to need a great deal of extra oxygen.

A few seconds later Daryl felt the need to breathe in deeply and to inflate his chest as far as he could. He did not know why, it was some sort of instinct and he just had to do it. A few seconds later, the same need happened again, except that it was as if he had to inflate his lungs to their full capacity and then some to satisfy the need.

The moment he tried to talk again he found that even saying a few words left him short of breath and he began to gasp just as his friend Dave had done.

As this oxygen shortness struck Daryl he also noticed that he was feeling really horny again. There was no erection, but thoughts of sex controlled his mind. This was really weird! Here he was having trouble breathing and yet he was also horny at the same time!

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dude! . . . pant..pant..pant This. . gasp. . is. . . gasp. . fuckin. . gasp. . weird!

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As Dave watched his friend begin the same transformation he had undergone something in the air was beginning to excite him, and he did not know what it was. All of a sudden he was beginning to feel really turned on. Was it the thought of Daryl, his best bud, growing that was doing it? Was it the all-male smell that was in Daryl’s sweat?

Dave was beginning to feel a weird tingling sensation in his own cock and balls.

He was so large now that he could no longer see his hanging cock over his huge pecs, and he could not move his hands to feel what was going on, but he could feel strange sensations. It was like the feeling he used to get, before he got hard, but this was magnified a thousand times!

He could now feel the head and shaft of his dick stretching down his legs. It was slow and it was going farther and farther down. Dave was beginning to wonder just how fucking big he was. It seemed like the length just kept increasing and yet it was still soft enough to be making contact with his legs, but farther and farther down! This was really a weird sensation, he could feel it, he knew what was happening, and yet parts of it did not seem real to him. As his lengthening cock reached an area a few inches above his knees he could feel the shaft now swelling and getting thicker. It was like it was gaining weight all on it’s own. As it swelled thicker and thicker it gained more and more weight until he could feel it almost pressing against his own huge quads! The perceptions begin to change and Dave could now feel that it was gaining in time to his heartbeat. With each beat it seemed to thicken and swell a little more, and a little more. After a few more beats it began to lift from the lying position and for a few moments as it continued to stiffen it slapped his quads gently. Now there was another weird sensation. It was a totally different pulling sensation as if his cock weighed a ton. The muscles in his groin had strengthened to handle the vastly increased weight, but he could feel the weight now. This was a sensation that he had never encountered before. It was a guy thing and he realized that his body was transmitting sexual data from areas that were not previously sexual.

Momentarily, Dave looked over at Daryl and he could see the changes beginning. In the weird glow of the artificial light he could see fuzz appearing on Daryl’s face and there was some on his belly. The hair on his arms and legs was not heavy, but it could now be seen. There was also light fuzz on Daryl’s chest. Unlike Dave the fuzz was also on Daryl’s shoulders and on his upper arms too!

Dave’s looked at the newly grown hair on his own chest and what he could see of his own body and he pictured his friend Daryl gaining hair just has he had. Boy this was an even bigger turn on! That thought sent his cock to roaring hard in seconds! As the erection process accelerated Dave saw his cock for the first time. It had to be absolutely monstrous! His pecs were gigantic and he could see it for a few seconds as it changed position. He flexed his butt muscles, and as it reached stone hard erection, Dave’s dick slapped him above his stomach with the head nearly between his hairy pecs!

The sight of his now huge cock was like lighting the fire inside Dave, and he was becoming more and more aroused and could not help it. All of a sudden he was back to that point that he felt he had to fuck again! He was no longer in control. His butt muscles started clenching and it was as if he was trying to subconsciously pump more blood into his cock and make it swell even more! There were involuntary thrusts of his hips and he wanted to fuck so very badly that he could not stand it.

Dave felt the table tilt even more. Now it was tilted to the point that he was nearly standing up straight.

Dave heard voices, they were the voices of the two specters. He was now looking at Daryl, and then all of a sudden he felt something really strange. There was this cloud that started to materialize below his pecs. He could not see a great deal, but he could see the edges. With the weight of his cock, and because of its size, with the table nearly vertical it would no longer stand upright against his chest. It was pointed straight at Daryl or at least that was what Dave thought. Then he felt something even stranger. There was the feeling of a mouth engulfing the head of his huge dick! It was cold and it was sort of a weird feeling. The smaller specter had gone to work on Dave’s dick, and he was like Daryl, had been earlier. He was receiving his very first blow job!

The smaller specter was good at what he did and he was bringing Dave to the boiling point. Copious quantities of clear pre-cum were flowing from Dave’s dick. He was watching Daryl knowing what was coming and at the same time he was being stimulated to the point of near insanity by the smaller specter!

Dave’s excitement increased again and again!

As he thought he was going to blow the first time he started feeling a tingling sensation that washed over his entire body. He started realizing that the tingling which took place when he got near shooting was his body growing even more!

The smaller specter realized it too and brought Dave to the edge again and again just has he had done with Daryl.

As Daryl’s muscles, cock and balls began to grow Dave started to look at him very differently. He had two different movies playing in his head. One of the movies was pure animalistic lust. In that one he wanted to sexually ravage his friend. That movie had Daryl moaning and groaning with the highest levels of pleasure that two males could achieve in sex. The second movie was even more odd to Dave. In the other one he was in bed with Daryl and they were not having sex they were making love. He was giving the body he imagined Daryl to have a tongue bath, he was sucking Daryl’s cock, he was nibbling on Daryl’s nipples, and he was hearing moans of pure joy from Daryl.

In Dave’s head various scenarios began to play on the two different movie screens. Fuck this was really weird!

Dave then in one of the scenarios found himself tied and bound. Daryl walked into the imagined room dressed in a leather vest with huge hairy pecs showing between the two visible parts of the vest. He could see Daryl’s nipples standing up hard, he could see Daryl wearing leather pants and a huge codpiece. Fuck he looked like he was poured into those fucking leather pants! Fuck! Daryl pushed him onto the floor and ordered him to unfasten his codpiece with his teeth! This whole scenario was worth a couple of involuntary thrusts on it’s own! The other movie was playing a situation were Daryl was now giving him a tongue bath and it felt wonderful. Daryl licked up from his crotch and nibbled on his nipples gently. He then placed his huge muscular weight on top of Dave and the weight and pressure of Daryl’s huge hairy pecs against his own was incredible. In the scenario, Daryl took his head gently and kissed him on the lips opening his mouth with his tongue and kissing him deeply. The dream alone was making Dave delirious with pleasure!

Dave was concentrating so much on the erotic stimulation he was receiving that he had not noticed that he was again growing larger and larger.

He looked over at Daryl and could see that Daryl now looked like one of the jocks. He had added considerable muscle, and his dick was already more than any of their school jocks could have hoped for. The hair had continued to fill on and darken to where it was no longer young vellus hair, but was now becoming full adult hair.

Dave turned his thoughts back down and immediately two more contrasting movies were running in his head. He was lying on a bed and Daryl walked through a door in a t-shirt stretched to it’s absolute limit. The Daryl in his dream spoke in a rich Baritone.

“I took some more!”

As Dave begin to watch in his mind’s eye, Daryl began to grow again and soon the t-shirt could no longer contain his growing mass. It began to rip and tear and as it did,so Dave posed for him growing larger and larger!

Dave almost shot with that one!

What was weird was that as much as Dave had always been the dominant one in their friendship, he noticed more and more than in the sex fantasies he was the one being dominated! This was strange?

Soon Dave could hear Daryl chugging away for air a few feet away, and he could see that his friend was really on his way now. There was a nice pattern of hair on his chest that was still filling in and the hair everywhere else was growing and doing so with profusion!

“It looks like he is going to be even more hairy than I am!” As Dave thought about this for some reason he decided that he liked that idea!

Dave also started thinking of how really good looking Daryl was.

It was at that moment that the realization of the truth hit Dave. He was himself gay. He had pointed and made remarks about others to remove the attention from his own feelings!

Maybe this was the way that things were supposed to be!

Dave had continued to grow and so had Daryl.

Dave could no longer see Daryl’s face. His chest and pecs had grown so large that with the angle of the table to which Daryl was strapped, it was no longer visible. Dary’ls dick and balls had grown to enormous proportions. His dick soft looked to be a foot long and it was still growing. The hair on Daryl’s body had continued to multiply and was profuse everywhere. The thing that was amazing is that the hair did nothing to obscure the huge muscles that had grown on Daryl’s frame. The definition was in no way obscured by the fur coat. The more Dave looked at this, the better he liked that too.

A few seconds later Daryl’s table tilted and Dave could see all of his friend. Daryl’s appearance now was a total turn on to Dave. It was as if Daryl had been created out of some fantasy within Dave’s own imagination. Daryl had a full beard now and the fur that started on his face just went down and down joining with that on his chest, which joined with that on his belly and then his pubes. Dave noted one unusual thing. Just like on himself there was an unusual marker of sorts. There was a section of pubic hair that started at Daryl’s navel, this spread wider and wider and joined with his other pubic hair. It was sort of like looking at some extra hairy pyramid placed over the top of his genitals. Dave’s pubic hair was the same way.

The small specter had allowed Dave to come down again and was now doubling his efforts at bringing Dave to heights as yet not achieved.

A few minutes later Daryl started to awaken from the restful sleep that had overtaken him for at least a few minutes.

Dave could see a huge cloud start to appear in front of Daryl, but instead of saying anything Dave could see Daryl’s cock being moved and he knew that the larger specter was doing his friend and giving him just as much pleasure has he had received from the smaller one!

Daryl could only groan!

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After a while:

In a really sexy baritone, just as it had sounded in Dave’s dream, a voice!

“Dude, fuck! I am so fuckin’ hot I can’t stand it!”

“I know you’re straight and all, but I’m sorry dude! I wanna fuck you!” “I wanna fuck you! I wanna kiss you! I wanna lick your huge fuckin’ body all over!”

“I wanna suck your cock dude!”

“I think I’m . . . . . “

Dave answered:

“Don’t sweat it dude, I think that’s something we are going to have to work through together.”

“I know you probably wanna kick my ass right now, but I gotta tell you how I . . . . I . . . feel!”

“Dude. . . would it make any difference if I told you that I wanna fuck your ass too!”

“Holy Fuck!”

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dave, without thinking, started to lift his arm to scratch the itch of his new beard. . . He felt a little “give” in his restraints! He then decided to see what would happen if he really tried!

When he did, the modified handcuffs that had been holding him to the table crumbled and broke into pieces!

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Then Dave reached down and felt what felt like a persons head in the cloud like shape.

Daryl seeing what Dave had done, gave it a try and exactly the same thing happened. He also grabbed on to the head of the specter and for some reason felt like he had gotten a hold of something even though it was not like holding a human head.

Dave and Daryl both could see their dicks or at least a portion of them because the view was partially obscured by the size of their pecs. Now they took control of the thrusts and started climbing their way to pinnacles of ecstasy they had never felt before.

As they neared their final plateau it was like a thousand atom bombs going off. It was the strongest feeling and both boys screamed out in unison as the cum rained all over the room.

- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dave and Daryl heard voices. It was the voice of the smaller specter and he was crying.

They could hear the voice of the larger specter trying to soothe and calm him.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now we will never get to go on! The smaller specter wept.

The larger one was visibly holding the smaller one and trying to reassure him.

Hey we can always try again!

I don’t wanna try again, I want to move on!

We can’t move on Tony!

Michael, I can’t take this much more!

-- - - - - - - -- - ----

Dave and Daryl initially were going to try and escape immediately but what they heard made them stop cold!

These ghosts were really not evil, they needed to do something that they could not do themselves.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“OK dudes, Whatta ya need done?”

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The crying stopped on the part of the smaller specter and with tear filled eyes he looked up with a strange and questioning look on his face.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“You mean?” “Yeah dude, fuck, look at us, maybe you can help us figure out how we are gonna explain this!”

“Nobody would believe us if we told the truth!”

“Imagine what our parents are going to say!” “Remember we were a couple of High School kids before . . . . . well. . .. . er. . . what you did!”

“Now we’re a couple of fuckin’ freaks man!”

“My Parents were going to buy me a car, and now that’s fuckin’ in the trash man!” “They are goin’ to be absolutely convinced that I did this with some illegal drug or somethin’ everyone will think that that’s what we did!”

“Maybe we can fuckin’ fix your problems, but what about ours?”

“You gotta help us!”

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The larger specter lifted a pen and began to write some things.

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The smaller specter commented . . .

“Michael we. . . er. . . you can lift a syringe. .. . you can lift a pen. . . does that give you any ideas?”

“I know how we can at least repay these guys!”

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Not now Tony, I’m thinking!” •

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