More than Expected


By LennoxBear

Joe was looking forward to the weekend. He had been on the road all week conducting training for new software his company was selling. He ended the week in a small mid-western town which was a six hour drive from his home and his gym in Chicago. The best thing was this place had an awesome gym. He always searched out a gym when he traveled to keep up with his workout. It was an obsession, but he had put in too many long, hard hours and was getting really good results now. He did not want to become another traveling couch potato like other guys he had met.

Joe stood a solid 6'2", 240 pounds of beefy muscle. The chest was a muscular 50" with a small tight 32" waist. At 45, he was the muscle dad all the boys liked back home. He just couldn't connect for a relationship with anyone who had the same work drive and gym obsession. He also wasn't big on the bars and every guy he met lived to cruise the bars. He wanted to find someone whose ambition went with his.

It was the third night in a row for him at this gym and for a Friday night it wasn't too busy. He did, however, notice the one guy who had also been there the last three nights. Not a bad looking guy, very masculine, lean athletic build, about 5'10", thick moustache on a masculine face and a nice furry chest showing through the tank top. He also noticed the guy never missed a thing Joe did on his workout. Every time Joe finished a set and looked up, the guy was watching in the mirror. Joe's gaydar was in overdrive but the guy always kept a respectable distance. Too bad, he had a nice muscular butt and Joe was feeling a bit horny. The man was very focused on his workout and lifted hard and heavy. Just the kind of qualities Joe liked in a man. He was also very respectful of other people in the gym and always put things back where they went. A rare commodity in many gymrats.

Joe decided to push his chances. The guy was pushing some heavy weight on the bench and Joe went over to offer a spot. At first the guy seemed a bit reluctant and blushed, but said, "yeah sure, thanks." The guy got into place, got his grip, looked up at Joe and said, "on three." Then their eyes met. The guy hesitated a moment, then took a deep breath and lifted off. He did a clean eight reps, struggled a bit with the ninth. Joe just calmly said in his deep voice, "Concentrate buddy and push, you got it." The guy fought for all he was worth and managed a slow lift, but it was all his.

"Way to go," Joe slapped the young guy on his shoulder and was happy to feel heavy, hard solid muscle.

"Thanks for the spot, I'm Danny," and held out his shaking gloved hand. Joe took it in a firm grip and felt the heat emanate through the glove. Something about the handshake shook Joe inside.

"Anytime. You work out hard and I appreciate that in a man," Joe just smiled and held Danny's hand a beat longer.

"Man you are built really well, I keep hoping I get to the point that I look like you, but can't seem to put on anymore mass. What's your secret?"

"I eat right, workout hard and focused and get plenty of rest, pretty simple actually.'

"Fuck, I eat everything in sight and can't seem to bulk up, but I am researching a new supplement that I think might help."

"Oh yeah, what's that? I'm always looking for something to help get my arms past 20"." Joe thought he saw Danny's cock shift in his snug shorts. He started to let out the line and hoped he could reel the man in.

"Well, I'm a chemist and it's something I've been doing on my own. Problem is I need help with the last couple of details. I've been watching you these last three nights and think you might hold the secret."

Joe just laughed, "Oh yeah, what's that?" He watched as Danny's face changed a bit and felt his cock start to stir. He absently stroked his right nipple under his tank.

"If you'd like to talk about it after our workouts, I could show you back at my place."

"Sure, always willing to help a fellow gymrat. Just let me finish my biceps. You need another spot?"

"No, I'm done, that was my max. I'm going to go hit the showers and I'll meet you in the locker room, OK?"

"You bet." Danny watched Joe saunter back across the gym to the spot where he had been pumping his guns. Danny's eyes narrowed as he thought how this muscle dad held the key to his getting huge.

Danny was still in the showers when Joe walked in and took the spot next to him in the big open stall. They were the only two there. Joe figured it was time to let out more line. Danny licked his lips when he saw Joe naked and took in an eyeful of the thick full cock. He was a bit concerned when his own cock started to harden. Someone could walk in any minute and the place was a bit on the redneck side. He didn't want to get caught with another man playing around in the water.

He let his body brush against Joe's just slightly and felt the shock he was hoping he would. Joe smiled and leaned a bit more into him. "I think we have a lot more in common than being gymrats." He let his hand brush Danny's wet furry butt.

The two men finished showering, toweled off and hurriedly got dressed. Joe was still sweating a bit when he caught up with Danny in the parking lot. He hadn't yet put on his shirt and Danny seemed all too happy to see the pecs bouncing as Joe sprinted across the asphalt. "You want to follow me back to my place, it's only about 10 minutes?

"Sure, but don't lose me. I only know how to get from my hotel to here." Joe started to slip on a clean T-shirt, when he noticed the look in Danny's eyes.

"You don't need to get dressed for me. I hope to get you out of those jeans anyway." Danny blushed and got into his car. Joe slid into his and hurried to keep up with the guy as they flew out of the lot.

When they got to Danny's place, Joe was amazed how clean and well furnished the place was. So many guys Danny's age didn't seem to get the idea of the importance of buying furniture that would last or of keeping a neat home. Two more good, solid, interesting characters traits. Danny threw his gym bag on a living room chair and offered Joe a drink. Anything diet would do. Joe wasn't much of a drinker anymore since devoting himself more to his bodybuilding. Danny hurried off to the kitchen and left Joe to relax in the warm living room. Joe tossed his shirt over Danny's gym bag. He returned with two large glasses of cola. Joe thanked him and took a deep gulp. Danny sipped his and watched the big man's thirst with interest.

"Tell me about your supplement idea." Joe had to adjust his dick in his jeans; it seemed to be thickening with a mind of its own. And since he was still shirtless, his nips were responding to the a/c of the apartment. His body seemed to be tingling.

"Well, you see. I think guy's like you have a genetic quality and chemistry that can trigger growth in men like me, but the trick is obtaining that key. And I have a theory about that too." He turned to walk out of the room and down a hall. Joe followed, thinking to himself, man what a great ass. They walked into the bedroom and Joe took another big drink of his soda. He felt a bit lightheaded. He noticed Danny had finished his drink. He put his drink on the dresser while Danny went on about all the chemistry involved. The room was definitely spinning and Joe felt he needed to sit down. He sat on the edge of the bed.

Danny looked at him and smiled, "I think we're about ready for the trial run." Joe felt himself being helped back onto the bed and watched as Danny began undressing him. He couldn't seem to move or speak, just watch as the hot man with the furry butt stripped him and left him on the bed. Danny returned from the bathroom and was now completely naked himself. "I'm sorry, Joe, but I didn't think you would try my little potion voluntarily, so I slipped it to you in your soda. Now, you're going to have to watch while I have sex with your big, fat cock."

Joe realized that not only were his nipples tingling and fully erect and growing, but his dick was hard and seemed to be bigger than his normal eight inches. Danny straddled the big man's furry chest and ran his hands over the pecs and nipples. Joe felt heat and what he thought was static going through his chest. His nips were on fire and his balls were getting into the act. Danny leaned over and kissed Joe deeply. Both men felt a heat rising within. As out of it as Joe was, he felt closeness to Danny that was more than just sexual.

"Oh man, I dream of having a body like yours and a muscle dad like you to share my life with all the time. I hope you aren't too pissed at me, but I really want a body like yours and having your cum up my ass should do it." Danny started lubing his asshole and Joe's throbbing dick. Joe just watched helplessly as Danny slowly started to impale himself on his tool. The heat from Danny's ass spread through all of Joe's body. Joe felt like he was gonna blow any second and that the force would fill Danny's ass for sure. He watched as Danny fucked himself with the hard cock. He did squats to raise and lower himself on the hard prick. The feeling of sexual gratification filled Joe's body. He felt himself start to build to a major cumshot. His chest was on fire from Danny twisting his nipples. His dick was a piece of marble sliding in and out of Danny's incredibly hot tight ass. He felt cum shoot up and spasm into Danny's body. Danny screamed and shot a load on Joe's chest then collapsed onto the man's chest. Joe blacked out.

When he awoke, he was alone in the dimly lit bedroom. The clock said 1:00, but he didn't know if it meant 1:00AM Saturday or what day. Danny was not there and Joe couldn't keep his focus. He rolled to the side of the bed and struggled to stand up. His body felt enormously heavy, like he was moving in a liquid environment. His vision kept blurring. If he had been drinking, he figured this would be a hangover. A major hangover. He sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at his quads and calves. They seemed thicker, bigger. Man, he must really be reeling from whatever Danny slipped him. Where was the fucker? Joe stood up and moved slowly toward the bathroom. He stopped when he saw his reflection in the closet mirror.

At first, he thought it was another man, then he realized he was looking at his own body. Only now it was about 25 pounds heavier. All of it muscle. Well, most of it. His chest hair was thicker, his beard had grown in and his buzzcut was about two inches all over. Then he saw his cock. It wasn't hard, but it was hanging down about 10 inches, thick and fat. His nips were distended easily an inch.

"Pretty awesome isn't it." Danny's voice came from the doorway. Joe turned to face the man who had drugged him and felt his dick start to harden. Danny was now 6' and easily 200 muscular pounds, with a full beard and thick luxurious chest hair. "I was hoping it would work on me, but didn't realize it would have this much effect on you too. Are you mad?"

"No, I don't think so, but...if you thought this would happen with your chemistry, why didn't you just tell me?" Joe looked at the man standing in the doorway. Danny's arms were raised above his head holding onto the doorframe. His muscles were full and rounds and beautifully cut. A thick eight-inch shaft was dangling over balls that should have Penn written on them. Two red nips were poking through the mat of Danny's chest hair. Joe felt his balls getting heavy. Danny looked so damned sexy and innocent at the same time. It was very attractive to Joe.

"I don't know what, if any side effects there may be. And I don't know if you fuck me again, if there is enough of the stuff in your system to trigger more growth in me. I want to be bigger, but don't want to harm you." Danny walked across the room and put his arms around Joe.

Joe felt the instantaneous sexual surge. Then he realized he was now about 6'5". His balls felt like a huge lead weight and his dick was rising fast. He looked down at 10 inches of thick, vein covered purple shaft when Danny stepped back. His balls were literally swelling with cum as they watched. "Wow, buddy, I don't know if fucking you is safe. There appears to be a huge load forming."

Danny put his hand on Joe's shaft, unable to get his fingers around it. It surged another two inches as they watched. Joe felt a deep sexual need building inside of him and looked at Danny as now only a receptacle for his cum. A new animal passion surged deep within him.

He threw his arms around the younger man and slipped his tongue into his mouth. Danny felt the heat of the moment but also felt a bit of terror at the passion now possessing Joe. Joe pushed Danny onto the bed and straddled his chest. Danny struggled. He wanted to get Joe's cock into his mouth but the big man was rubbing it into Danny's chest hair and squeezing his pecs and nips. Danny felt his asshole start to twitch in anticipation of the fucking about to come. Joe pinned Danny's arms back above his head, then slid back and forced Danny's legs apart and up over his shoulders. Danny's furry butt hole was throbbing now, seemingly begging for dick. Joe didn't bother to look for lube but jammed his cock into Danny's ass. Danny felt the man roughly enter him but his body instantly adapt to the size. He couldn't believe there was little or no pain at being fucked that way.

Joe fucked Danny's ass with all the power he could muster. His huge balls were swelling larger and slamming against Danny's butt. The big man was dripping sweat over the two of them. Their eyes met. Danny's filled with alarm at what Joe was doing to his ass. Joe was scared at his inability to control his sexual need. Joe started to gasp for breath, "what's happening to me? My whole body feels like it's going to shoot."

Danny watched as Joe's muscles started to twitch and grow. He felt the cock in his ass getting bigger and his own body adapting to the size again. It seemed to be growing right through him. Joe's look of fright scared him but he couldn't let the cock battering him slip out. He had to have the big man's load deep inside his body. He felt Joe tense. Hot liquid was filling him. Joe's body was shuddering as he released the biggest load he had ever had into Danny's ass. Joe fell across Danny's body.

Danny felt the contortions of muscle growth running through Joe, and then felt his body start to heat up from the inside out. Joe was moaning loudly when his dick pulled out of Danny's ass and Danny's own muscles started to swell and fill out. Joe rolled onto his back dragging Danny over top of him. He lifted him while he bent his own legs over Danny's shoulders. "You aren't finished yet son. Fuck your daddy's ass for all you're worth. Fill me with your hot cum." He grabbed Danny' hard, still growing cock and placed against his butt hole. He used his legs to squeeze Danny to him and drew the shaft into his body. Danny felt his muscles exploding and the desire to fuck this huge muscle freak took over. He pounded Joe's ass and screamed when the flood let loose.

"Oh fuck, I don't know what will happen with both chemical strains in your body. This may be a big mistake." Joe had passed out from the heat and explosion of muscle growth overwhelming his body. Danny gasped for breath and collapsed across the man's expanding chest.

The two men awoke to a bright sunlit room. Joe looked at the muscular man in the bed next to him. Danny now had the body Joe had the day, or was it two, before. Danny's beard was thick and full, his hair long and tangled. Joe ran his hand over the warm tight body next to him. His own hand looked large and muscular. He quickly rolled from the bed and looked into the closet mirror. The man now looking back at him was easily 7' tall and 300pounds. The arms were flaring out to the side over wing like lats. The quads were the size of his former waist. But his waist was the same size or maybe smaller than when all of this started. He couldn't believe the huge, freaky muscle god looking back at him. His hair and beard were now inches longer and his dick was a monster. The fucker hung down to his knees with balls filling out on either side. He didn't know what to make of it.

"Your body chemistry was much stronger than I had expected. I.... I hope you can forgive me." He looked into the mirror and saw Danny looking at him. "Look at your own body man, it's awesome. I love this. I don't own a single fucking piece of clothing that will fit me right anymore but I love it." Joe went to Danny and pulled the man up from the bed into a deep kiss and tight embrace. He felt his balls start to swell again and he pushed away from Danny. "But what happens if I fuck you again, if I go out of control and rape your ass?"

"I don't know, but I think I am willing to see what might happen. It's Sunday, we have to find clothes for you and get to your hotel." Danny suddenly got very practical.

"Nah, I'll call the hotel and extend my stay. And I can call the office and set things up so I don't have to be there tomorrow. It's my company; I can do what I want. But man, clothes will be a problem today; I can't go shopping with a stitch to wear. You can probably fit into my old clothes now. And man, I hate this long hair crap."

"I'll call a workout buddy of mine from the gym who cuts hair, he can take care of that. And I'll run out to find you sweats somewhere. We also haven't eaten, and I don't know about you, but I am starved. I also feel like I need you to fuck me again, but I think I need to fight that urge right now. Why don't you take a cold shower while I make some calls to find my buddy and see what stores might be open with your size."

"OK, but if you hear tile cracking in the shower, it's probably because I don't fit. Not to mention I think I better jack off and release the pressure of the cum building up in my balls again." Joe ran his hands over Danny's body and felt a feeling for this man that he hadn't felt with anyone else. He walked into the bathroom where nothing seemed to fit him anymore. He struggled to take a shower but the running water over his body only made him horny. His dick was growing without being touched and looked to be 18 inches hard. And he felt his body shedding bodyfat. He looked into the bathroom mirror and saw his huge mass getting leaner.

Danny called his gym buddy who promised to come over to do emergency haircuts, despite his confusion. Danny pulled on Joe's old jeans, feeling the snug material hug his new body. He was about to start calling big and tall men's stores when Joe appeared in the kitchen door with a towel draped over his hardon. "It's the only place this thing will fit," Joe grinned, "It seems to want your ass again."

"Mike's on his way over. You can't be fucking me while he cuts your hair. Well, you could be, but it would be a pretty bad cut." Joe grabbed Danny and pulled the man to him in a warm passionate kiss. There was not the maddening sexual urge this time, but Joe felt I deep longing to keep this man close to him. Danny pressed into the big man relishing the closeness. "Damn, Mike will be here any minute. I'll find an old pair of Baggies to cut off and maybe you can wear them as shorts, let me look." He ran into the bedroom. Joe stood in the kitchen his harden still waving the towel like a demented flagpole.

He came back into the kitchen with makeshift baggie shorts. Joe pulled on the super tight shorts and stood there in an exaggerated muscular pose. The material bearly contained his enormous cock and balls and accented the now super pumped quads. Mike was ringing the doorbell. Danny whistled softly and shook his head. "Man, you are a wet dream come true."

He opened the door and watched as Mike's jaw hit the floor, "what the fuck happened to you and where do I get it?" Then Mike saw Joe standing with the biggest obscene basket he could have ever imagined. "Uh, instead of a tip, could someone just fuck me, please."

"Can't explain now, here cut this man's hair and beard." Mike dropped his bag when Joe moved. He looked like an enormous cartoon muscle freak. "Oh man, if you want a body shave, I'll need several more cans of cream." Joe laughed and picked up Mike's bag then went over and sat down in a kitchen chair. "Uh, do you want a trim or something new and, what the hell do you have in those shorts?

"Ill leave you two alone, try to concentrate on his hair. Pizza will be here shortly. I'll get the biggest clothes I can find you, dad." Danny stopped when he said it and looked at Joe. There was a big smile on Joe's face, what you could see of it through the beard and hair.

"Hurry back son."

When Danny returned he found an empty pizza box in the kitchen, two more pizzas waiting, a bag of hair, or possibly the remains of a small dog grooming and Mike sitting exhausted in the living room. Danny ran into the bedroom and found Joe getting out of the shower again. Joe stood naked before Danny, his head now shaved and his beard trimmed into a goatee. "The shave was so sensuous, I got hard and had to shower to regain control. The shorts couldn't contain it and Mike; well he hasn't been coherent since he saw how big it was. He watched me shower and shoot a load. Then he passed out. I'm not kidding. Do you think he is alright?"

"Yeah, look at that smile, he always was a cheap date. Oh man, you look unbelievably hot, great look." Danny put his arms around Joe and felt the sexual urge return. "I think it's safe to fuck me again, but I was sort of hoping for a haircut before Mike had to leave. Guess he could be out awhile. "

Joe gathered Danny into his arms and brought their lips together. "All this muscle growth is one thing, but I think there may be more if you want to give it a try. I hope we can see each other again."

Danny felt their two muscular bodies' mesh as one, Joe's huge cock hard in between their legs, the warmth and safety of this man felt right. He always wanted to live in Chicago. Joe lifted him up so they could stand face to face, Joe's hands holding Danny's butt, his cock sticking out underneath. Their tongues came together and the electricity filled their souls. "I think I want that more than the muscle," Joe looked into Danny's eyes and saw warmth and fulfillment. Danny saw a small tear role from Joe's eye and relaxed in his new dad's arms.

They heard Mike stir. They looked over to see him open his eyes, take one look at two muscle freaks, and then pass out again. "I guess I can give up on that haircut."

"No, no, dammit. I can do it." Mike got up and looked at the two hulks before him. He was about 5'7" and was completely dwarfed by the huge men. "I may need a ladder, but I can do it. Into the kitchen, Danny."

Mike worked on trimming Danny's hair into a tight flattop and trimmed his beard into a very flattering shape. "There. How's that?" Danny looked into the mirror and saw this huge massive muscleman with a heavy beard and flattop and beamed. He couldn't believe the hot stud looking back was he. Joe paid him and handed him a healthy tip. Mike pocketed the money, thanked him and then said he would like one more tip. He dropped to his knees in front of the two men and began alternating licking their growing cocks. Mike had to work harder to suck the two enormous shafts than he did cutting their hair. But it was a challenge he felt more than up to doing. As he labored on the cocks and balls, Joe and Danny kissed and worked each other's nipples.

The fire they felt inside when they were under the influence of Danny's chemical creation was still there even without the chemicals. Their kissing became more passionate as Mike's sucking became more urgent. Mike began to furiously stroke the two rock hard members. His own dick was throbbing for release as precum oozed from the piss slit. He heard the two men's breathing becoming shallower and knew they were close. He quickly pulled off his T-shirt and stroked harder. The huge balls were flopping against his hands and soon both muscle giants unloaded on his chest. Mike shot a load without having to touch his rigid dick. He collapsed to the floor covered in cum and groaning. Joe and Danny hugged each other closely and held it for several minutes before looking down at Mike.

The poor man was flat out on the floor exhausted. He was soaked in cum but smiling widely. They each took an arm and helped him up and into the bathroom. Danny began to lick cum from Mike's smooth muscular body. Mike only groaned louder. He unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor. "Fuck me Danny. Give me that super sized dick." Danny forced his cock up his buddy's ass and fucked him for several minutes. Mike could only react with verbal grunts, groans and ahhh's. Mike worked Danny's nips and kissed him. Before he could stop it, he shot a load deep inside Mike's round little butt. Mike whimpered and drooled. They helped him in the shower to help him gain back some strength.

Mike finally came out of his oversexed stupor and got dressed to leave. He was to have dinner with his mother and had to leave. He thanked the two men for an afternoon he would not forget and sauntered out the door whistling. Joe and Danny just laughed. Joe led Danny back to the bedroom and pulled him down onto the bed.

"Let's do this the right way." They made slow passionate love to each other's muscular bodies. There was a patch of skin that was untouched by tongues, each one rimmed out the other's tight holes and they slowly jacked each other off in a sensual, mutual session. Joe straddled Danny's chest and shot huge thick ropes of thick white cum on to his furry chest. Danny added an equally large load to the mess and then Joe pressed their two bodies together. "Thank you for 'tricking' me into this huge body. This sex thing we have is pretty good. Do you think we have more than that?"

"I sure as hell would like to think so and would jump at the chance to try. Ask me to Chicago for a weekend and let's see what happens."

"OK. Works for me. Next weekend, my place, don't bring a lot of clothes. You won't need them. But it's getting late after all of this haircutting and fucking. I'm starved. Let's go get dinner and talk about it."

The two men got dressed n the clothes Danny had purchased. Joe complimented him on his choices and hugged him again. They went out to a quiet secluded neighbourhood restaurant and talked like two old friends. Joe found himself liking Danny more than he thought possible after only a weekend. Danny was thrilled this big musclebear was showing him interest. The found out they had a lot more in common than just lifting. Including leather. They walked back to Danny's apartment brushing hands and rubbing shoulder to shoulder. Since Joe had made arrangements to extend his visit, Danny was more than happy to have him stay over. They curled up in Danny's queen sized bed to watch TV and dozed off. The alarm clock at 6:30 woke them up. Danny reluctantly got up to get ready for work. Joe made them breakfast while Danny showered.

They exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch for the upcoming weekend. Danny went off to work and Joe headed back to his hotel to pack for his trip back home to Chicago. The hotel staff was shocked at the huge muscle giant at the checkout desk. Joe jus smiled and said anything is possible when you're in love. •

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