Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Ok that was one hell of lustful session Troy just put me through. Wow is an understatement. I still a little sore all over. Thank God I can now move after all it has been well, 2 hours. Troy is still sleeping. I have to move otherwise I am not going to be able to perform tonight, and so very much want to do a good job at it tonight. I also got to get some food in me otherwise my stomach growling might just wake Troy up. I think that I will surprise him. Hope he doesn't mind that I am going to order him some food, ok where is my jock strap, ah screw it, I don't need it to order room-service but then again I will have to put something on before answering the door. Bruce with as much as is humanly possible, tries to get out of the bed without waking his partner. Finally he manages and goes into the main part of the suite, and picks up and dials for room service. Bruce then decides that he needs a shower but he is still enjoying the flashbacks that the cum aroma on his body his giving him. He also notices that he will definitely need to limber up and stretch before since walking in the direction of the shower his limbs feel almost uncooperative. "Ok I guess that I will try and kill two birds with one stone and stretch in the shower as I clean myself off." Bruce runs the soap and quickly gets it into a thick lather after stepping into the very hot shower. He rubs it all over himself and then takes his left leg and places it above the 90 degree mark against the shower stall.

He tries to edge it much higher so that it is level to shoulder height but that takes some considerable amount of effort since his muscle are very sore and stiff and therefore decides that a few degrees off his normal goal won't kill him. Bruce has now repeated this with his other leg and has also bent down to have both his hands and the palms of his hands placed on either side of his feet which are almost glued together. Ten minutes later Bruce exits the shower and starts to towel himself off in the steam.

"Well it looks like "my boy" has left me with a rather cold bed, but I am glad to see that he is still at attention as much as I last remembered."

"Troy be very careful, my dick is so sensitive right now that I could either fall down because my legs cant support me when you do that or I will shoot another load."

"Really babe so doing this…" as Troy cupped both balls and in one long and hard movement, and strokes Bruce's penis, "would really not have much of an effect then?"

Bruce lets out a long drawn out moan that resonated in both their ears in the bathroom, to then be followed by his legs suddenly quivering and getting weaker as another strong and powerful ejaculation and orgasm escaped him. "Troy…"

"Don't worry I've got you babe. You are not going anywhere." Troy had picked Bruce up and was carrying him back to the bed and in the meantime had licked off the copious amount of cum off his fingers and gladly wiped them clean as he enjoyed the almost sweet taste of his partner's seed.

"Troy I know where is leading to and nothing I want more but I have to get dressed or at least put on a robe or makeshift something together otherwise whomever the person that delivers our room-service food is going to get more then they bargained for."

Troy sighed and relinquished his loving embrace and the kisses he was giving to Bruce's neck. "I don't care. Answer the door naked. Let them see what they can't have and what is reserved for me alone."

"True Troy, I could do that, but I would much rather see you squirm knowing that my practicality has won out over even your very charming and persistent ways. I can't always do what you predict of me, after all that would mean then that I would be as boring and as easy as Andy was when you two were together." Bruce smiled as slid off the bed and put on a white tank top the clung to him very much.

"That smile of yours makes me melt but let me guess you talked to Franky didn't you?"

"Well I am not without my charm as well you know babe."

"Not that it is difficult Bruce with Franky. I should have guessed that your lawyer mind would have seen that lust written all over his face. From what I heard you have a knack for reading people by their expressions and body language after all you have pulled it on me many- a-times."

"Flattery will get you almost everything Troy, it takes dealing with a con-artist to recognize what you are trying to do right now. Too bad I have already put on some track pants."

"See you are doing it again," as Troy let out a genuine laugh. "Good now you know why I keep you around Troy. You concede when you know you have been defeated."

Troy sprang and leaped from the bed rather quickly but Bruce had pivoted just enough not to be in his direct reach and used Troy's momentum against him to send him back onto the bed. Bruce not wasting anytime, since he knew that Troy would want a second chance to lovingly wrestle him and pin him, sprinted for the door as the doorbell rang.

He let the young lady in and let her push the cart in, but that did not prepare Bruce for Troy's little display as he was signing for the food. Completely naked Troy came rushing in, his hardon pointing straight out and proud. Troy put his arms around Bruce and nibbled onto his left earlobe and then ground his hips into Bruce's ass for good measure as he spoke. "Great babe, you got us some replenishment food so we can go at it for round 10." The young lady just entering her early twenties blushed and bowed her head as she looked towards the floor. "There you go and I included your tip a little larger than I normally do to help your blushing complexion. If it wasn't for the fact that my nipples are being rather hardly tweaked right now, I would swear there was just you and me in the room." The young women chuckled. "Think nothing of it Sir for I have seen much worse situations of affection display, but this one was rather unique and took me off guard." She took the billfold and closed the door taking the liberty to putting up the `Do Not Disturb' sign as good will.

"That is for throwing me on the bed."

"Troy, coming from anyone else I would consider that payback but you entirely enjoyed being tossed far too much."

"True but having you embarrassed was worth it. Oh and you are so nice, you got us oysters and steak, with a pesto linguini, but what's this, no desert?"

"Troy what I'm I chopped liver."

"Maybe, and by the way you are doing the duet shower scene with me tonight since Andy can't but the consolation for me volunteering you for the act is that we have to go to San Francisco next month. Something in the order of a photoshoot for Colt."

In total shock Bruce stands motionless and unable to move as Troy takes advantage of the situation by feeding him an oyster in his gaping mouth and closing it followed by pulling down his track pants. Having just swallowed despite himself Bruce looks down as Troy is blowing cool air onto his large prune size balls.

Two more hours filled with sex finally both Troy and Bruce stopped acting like rampaging sex deprived individuals. They arrived on schedule yet Franky was still sweating that they might not show. "Good get to it, you guys need to fluff yourself and get ready. I have no time to waste worrying about your asses so go. I hate Andy right now and despite his size I could pick him up right now and give him a solid thrashing. Bruce don't worry I am always like this. Crowd seems particularly in a good mood. Guys have been commentating that the tips are excellent and let me tell you the table dances have been a phenom tonight. Thank God I get 25% of that. Now I am expecting great things from you. You might be green but I have a feeling you are a natural and the guys out there once they take a look at you bod and fucking thick piece of man sausage, that you are going to make me one hell of a profit margin. Please tell that both of you are still going to be able to get it up naturally? If you don't I hate to have to blemish your faces."

"Relax Franky, yes we went at it. Wouldn't you and no don't answer that because I know the answer. We will do fine and besides what Bruce and I do onstage tonight will not be that out of the ordinary. We have some amount of practice and knowledge on the subject."

"Fine Troy now move you guys are on in 10 minutes."

Troy and Bruce's act was to be the fourth one of the night so Franky was right there would be plenty of time to work the crowd later. The last vestiges of the song and act before them had finished. Troy and Bruce were already in position in the shower. The scene was to be one of physical contact and demonstrate intimacy something passionate and softly delivered to exudes sensuality to the audience. This was like making love and giving oneself over to total voyeurism.

Troy and Bruce touched, held, caressed and kissed each other all while the water poured down on them and then they were lit up by black lighting and the water trailed down them in blue fluorescent color. At one point Bruce had lifted Troy by cupping him under each of his gluts, his biceps peaked and he was supporting all of his partners weight by them. Troy legs did not rest on Bruce shoulders, and he gave the audience the illusion that he was orally giving pleasure to Troy as Troy ached his back and open his mouth as if to moan.

The crowd stirred and were impressed at the feat of demonstrated strength combined with the erotic scene. Bruce after a long moment lowered Troy back to the stage floor. Bruce turned around with his arms completely stretched above his head and pressed against the plexus-glass huge shower stall. Bruce arched his butt towards Troy who now stood behind him. Troy then grabbed Bruce around his chest and clasped his hands together. His pelvis clearly placed on Bruce's glutes as he laid his body on top of his wide flaring back muscles. Troy's tongue could be clearly seen traveling up and Bruce's spine towards Bruce's neck. Troy then gave the impression that he was biting Bruce's neck as the mock pelvic thrust began. Bruce then bent his arms at the elbows and pressed his entire weight against the glass as he lifted his body upward. Bruce's legs then wrapped around Troy lower torso and his arms no longer supported his weight. Only Troy holding him kept him from falling to the ground as Bruce body was now bent in half.

Troy then lifted slightly his partner and moved him horizontally from side to side and then leaned back to propel Bruce upwards as he proceeded to support his spread legs and body against the glass while Bruce twisted and then cam face to face with Troy his legs never their locked position around Troy's waist. Bruce's fully locked arms were now just a foot higher then Troy's head and his hands pressed against the stall preceded to kiss and nibble Troy's neck. It ended as Bruce's in abandon kissed Troy with fervor as the song ended and the light went out.

Most of the rest of the night was rather routine to Troy as he worked the crowd for table and lap dances, but this was all new and highly invigorating to Bruce. At one point while Bruce was walking to go backstage to call it a night, but he was grabbed hard from behind by his white thong. Bruce didn't appreciate it and was about to give that person a verbal thrashing when he noticed who the person was the very moment he turned around. "Tony is that you?"

"Indeed it is. Interesting to find you here at one of my favorite haunts. My, my, I see the new boyfriend is quite the influence on you. You would have never dared dream of ever doing such a performance."

"Well Tony come with me I don't want to talk about it here. Come with me backstage."

"Why are you suddenly embarrassed to know that someone you know has seen you do such a thing?"

"Well you could say that."

"Well it is too late for that now but ok I will follow you."

Bruce and Tony were now backstage. "Well Bruce you certainly have changed a lot. I haven't seen you in ages, you haven't returned many of my phone calls and most of all we haven't done some our more traditional fun night outs. He can't be monopolizing all of your time can he?"

"No it is not quite like that but as you have surely noticed that I have changed physically and I have been devoting myself more and more in the gym. I have also been working a lot so between that and Troy I haven't had much time for anything else."

"I understand, but you have never been like this before even with past relationships so why is this one so special. Santa Maria Bruce, I thought you looked bigger when I saw you on stage but you are huge. How big are you now?"

"I weight 235 right now."

"Fuck me. That is a lot on your 5'5" frame Bruce. Don't tell me you want to get bigger or I am going to cream my pants right now, and you lost that persistent baby fat. What's your percentage now?"

"I am at 7% right now. I feel great Tony."

"And don't tell me you got an operation, because let me tell you I don't ever remember your schlong being thicker than mine all those years we roomed together, least of all the last time we saw each other. If you weren't my best bud you would have me drooling and on my knees in a heartbeat. God I knew you were gaining mass but I didn't know you packed it on that much after all you keep yourself hidden under baggy clothes. What have you gained somewhere near 45 pounds in just under 8 months?"

"Well try almost 50 but yes you are right on all accounts. I prepared a tape that I wanted you see in case something happened and you noticed something. It explains everything."

"Enough with the cryptic bullshit tell me. What did you fucking take?"

"Tony if I told you, you wouldn't believe me."

"I could give a rat's ass right now. I am not going anywhere right now until you do. I am not going to lose my best buddy over some stupid shit because you might have felt insecure or you needed to set free some inner desires that you suppressed. I am not sure that I like some of the things that are happening to you since you have met Troy. There is something I don't like about him and I will be blunt about it now since I have been biting my tongue about it for a while now."

Bruce then took the time to explain everything to Tony. "You are fucking out of your mind?"

"No Tony it is the truth."

"Ok I will believe you because the changes have been too drastic not to and the fact that you have never lied about anything with me before and you are going to do what pose for Colt. That is great but it will kill your law career faster than you can think. I can't believe that you will jeopardize something that you have had to work so God damn hard. I came from money Bruce but you didn't. You had to work sometimes 3 jobs just to stay in school and you still managed to pull great grades. You know better than anyone else that a law firm is a big boy's club and when they fire you for something like this your name will be ruined in town and you might not even be able to practice in many places. You know how word spreads around in the "Big Boys Club"?"

"Tony you are right but I so want to do this."

"If I didn't care for you so much, no if I didn't love you like the brother I never had, I would so beat some sense into you right now. I don't give a flying fuck how big you are."

"Tony relax I have got it under control."

"No you don't but I am now leaving before I do something that I am going to regret. Leave me alone for a while so that I can relieve some steam. Don't call me for a couple of days when you get back and you Troy, if I ever find out that my friend's life has gone down the toilet because of you then fuck you, your ass is grass."

Troy had just arrived, as Tony bulldozed him out of the way like he was a rag doll. Troy had fallen literally on his ass from Tony's push. Bruce reached out through tears, and picked Troy up. "Babe what the hell was that all about?"

"Tony is pissed off, but please leave it at that. I do not want to talk about it."

"No listen to me, I don't ever want to see you like this. What the hell happened just now?"

"Troy don't it is still too raw. Let me calm down please and word of warning to you about Tony and me. Never get in the middle of our friendship otherwise I swear we are through. Tony isn't just a friend to me. He is like family and I know this is going to sound cruel but if it comes to having to make a decision between the two, well Tony will win hands down each time. Other thing is that you might want to stay clear of going to and confront Tony. He is a great guy but very protective of those he considers family. Mess with that and he will personally have you wearing cement shoes at the bottom of some river and he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty by doing it himself either. He has done it in the past when a drunk driver got off after hitting and killing his mother a few years back."

"Fine, fine Bruce I have no problem and besides I am not worried about Tony nor do I care. It is you that I care about."

"I understand but I am taking the next plane home Troy. I need to be alone for a while. I have some thinking to do."

"Not about us right?"

"I have some thinking to do Troy and no not directly about you."

"I don't know Bruce if I like this. You know I can't go back with you tonight. I have to go to Miami tomorrow since I have a big contract there to fulfill for a two-week gig. I don't want to go leaving you like this. Don't walk away now."

"Troy let go of me now please. Give me a couple of days to process all this, and I will be fine and be my normal self with you. I will call you in 2 days while you are in Miami. Don't worry Troy were not breaking up but I need time alone right now but please don't push me right now." As Bruce walked away not looking back grabbing his gym bag of clothes and was putting on a sweater. Troy felt his temper flare and when Bruce was away he let go of his jealous anger. "Tony is going to be a fucking problem. I am not going to lose this one. No way. Things are going to have to be sped up now." •

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