Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Well on the plane I had lots of time to think. I changed my flight and headed back as soon as I left Troy. It was good just to be able to think. Tony didn't realize that I had also grown in height 3 inches. Then again when you are 6' you really don't notice when someone grows a mere 3 inches. I slept most of the way on the plane and didn't notice anyone. I was thankful for that but I did notice that some of the flight attendants were checking me out on the way out. I got into my car at the airport parking and I think I must have broke the speeding limit since I got home in under 20 minutes.

I didn't even bother unpacking when I got home. I did notice one thing, that Andy a.k.a. Thor had slipped a note in my bag.

"Bruce you did a great show today and I was very impressed. I realize you are seeing Troy but I would have loved to have done that shower scene with you. I know I cam on rather strong at the club but hey I will be the first to admit how my hormones work when a guy like you is in my presence. That and I have a thing for shorter guys. I hope that you will come to the photo shoot. I think it will be fun. Besides it will also give me the chance to apologize. Out of curiosity how did you meet Troy? Anyway hope to see you again. Andy"

Well isn't that nice I said to myself. Tony gets pissed at me, Troy wants me to be bolder than I think that I can possibly be, and here Andy is quasi hitting on me. Isn't this just grand. I probably have a tone of paperwork to do, no correction I have a tone of paperwork to do at least from what my laptop keeps telling me. I will finish that later. Right now I need to get some frustrations out. I am going to the gym and I am going to push some serious weight.

Half way through my leg workout, Nigel the personal trainer/receptionist comes up to me. "Fuck Bruce what the hell is the matter with you? I know you are intense and all business when you come in here but even for you this is nuts. You have done what 12 sets of squats at 650 pounds and here you are doing 8 sets of leg extensions at 250lbs. You are not going to be able to walk tomorrow. What gives? You suicidal today?"

"No I am just getting stuff off my chest. I don't feel like punching a wall or getting into a fight so this is the next best thing."

"Bruce I can understand that but too much intensity isn't good either. I know we are just acquaintances and you have always been friendly to me here in the gym but maybe you need to talk over a drink?"

"Nigel, thanks for the offer but I am not going to go out for a drink because if I do no less than a 40 once it going to do it and I could drink that easily. Thanks for the offer I will be ok. I am going to have a long shower in a minute and then I am going to bury myself in paper work. That is all the therapy that I am going to need. Thanks for the offer." With that Bruce stood up and patted Nigel, on the right shoulder and headed towards the showers.

Nigel watched Bruce leave the gym 20 minutes later wondering what was up with Bruce to get him so pissed off. He was normally one of the more level headed and happy-go-lucky big guys in the gym. Bruce got home 10 minutes later and poured himself a big blender full of a protein drink and sat down in his workout clothes in front of his laptop.

Day went by in a blur for Bruce and he did call Troy but it was more or less running through the motions between the two of them. Tony had left a message on his answering machine on Friday saying that he was back and that they would talk once he got back from London in two weeks. Troy was back also on Monday but they didn't see each other. Troy had then taken another gig out of town and was heading to LA for a month. At work Bruce was pumping out the cases more and more. He decided as well that he would take on more and he did so by taking over the entire Legal Aid cases from the rest of the partners. The senior partners didn't care and brushed it off to the muscle kid just having some extra zeal or that what they thought the steroids were causing him to have that little extra drive. In reality some of them were envious and really they were glad to just be rid of the worthless cases.

Bruce kept this pace up and talk to Tony once the two weeks was over but he said little and wasn't too, too, interested in getting another verbal thrashing from him. Tony over the next two months kept an eye on Troy and Bruce. Tony took it upon himself to visit Troy without telling Bruce a month later having heard that Bruce and Troy had patched things up somewhat. "Troy thanks for having me over. Now I have known Bruce for many years and we have both been there for each other and I consider him like he is my brother. I understand that he loves you but I think you are taking advantage of some of his deepest fantasies. To be honest it is more or less really against his nature. He is not really the type. Plus I wasn't too pleased to have to sober my buddy up either. He isn't an alcoholic by any stretch but it runs in his family so he is more susceptible to it. Seeing him how he was I didn't care for it. So I am here to point blank ask you what kind of game are you playing with him? What fucked up thrills are you getting from all of this."

"Are you finished now? Don't answer that I don't care. You are in my apartment under my invitation. What goes on between Bruce and I really technically isn't any of your business. We are two adults and we are good together despite what you might think. You stated it clearly yourself that you really have no blood ties to Bruce so what you are doing is budding into our relationship. No secret you never liked me from the beginning, and that is fine since I am not here to please everyone. I am here to live my life and love my partner. What you do on your own time doesn't concern me in the least except when it comes to Bruce. Bruce is coming into his own. He has led a tough life up until now and you should know that better than anyone else. So I am going to be gracious now and since you have said you peace, and though I may not agree with it I can respect it. So now I am going to ask you kindly to leave. I will not discuss this further with you any longer."

Troy went and retrieved Tony's jacket and then motioned and escorted him to the door. As soon as Tony was away from the door and down the stair Tony spoke to himself and said: "Asshole"

"This guy is trouble. Time to do something about it and I am going to enjoy this."

Bruce had found back the spring in his step finally and was happy once again. Though Tony tried to at times set him up on another date with someone else he paid it no mind and didn't mention anything to Troy about it after all nothing happened and nothing would. Bruce was doing well at work and was made a junior partner. Things were going well at the gym as well. He hung out with a couple of buddies from there including Nigel and it was good to have time to do that.

Two months away now from the anniversary of the offer and he was looking good. He had grown to 5'9 and he knew that was the end of his height growth and just like he wanted it. Strangely though he has gone beyond what he had requested, that to be 240lbs. He now weighed 270lbs, but it was all very well proportioned. He liked the fact the most that his chest was now a good 62", his biceps were now a solid 24", and he was particularly proud of his back and glutes. His calves peaked at 20" and his quads were now a good 33" inches. Having been made a junior partner helped not only with the amount of food he consumed but definitely improve how many clothes he had tailor made for himself. His body fat was still at 7% and he was glad. Though he may have possibly wanted to compete he liked that fact that he had some meat on his bones and wasn't ultra ripped and he liked it that. What surprised him was his dick. Though he was still bigger around than the biggest beer can at 11" in circumference it had lengthened to 10 inches now. Thank God he said to himself that he was a grower and he had great control over that.

Bruce decided to take Andy up on his offer and was looking forward to it. He and Troy went to San Francisco together. This was Bruce's first trip to San Francisco and he was looking forward to it. When Bruce had contacted Andy he was very happy. Andy decided that since it was Bruce's first time that they would spend the day getting to show his city. Andy knocked on the hotel suite door around 3pm. Bruce had left Troy in the bedroom he needed the rest since they have almost litteraly fucked each other's brains out. Bruce had exhausted Troy. So in his boxer briefs and slight still sleepy and his short military style cut brown hair he answered the door. "Yeah, yeah I am coming." Bruce opened the door. Andy all 6'4", dirty blond hair and blue eyes, 295lbs of him smiled.

"Oh hello Andy, man sorry come in. I must look like shit. I was just resting."

"Don't apologize you look great. Man you have packed it on since last I saw you. What are you at right now?

"270 Andy. Man you haven't been slouching either." As they stat on the couch while Bruce turned on the TV.

"Well I am at 295 lbs right now. Chest finally had come up to what I want it to be at 68", the guns are at 26" now and damn my quads have gotten bigger at now 38". Man let me take a look at you. Shit you aren't that much smaller than me squirt. You have been working hard and man if your dick look even bigger if that is possible."

"Oh shit I forget about my hardon when I I get up. Let me go put something on and we will take off."

"Troy's not coming with us?"

"No not I don't think so. Can't you hear him sawing logs in the other room? I wore him out. I think I was a little over zealous with fucking his ass."

"God you are hilarious. You are not shy are you? Well go and get that sexy ass into something and lets go. Troy I guess will just have to meet us later and I will leave him a note to find us at the studio." Bruce got showered and dress and headed out with Andy. Andy talked and gladly played host. Bruce got to see a lot of touristy stuff and as well as the more fun out of the way things as well. Andy then took Bruce to the studio.

"Well you can open your eyes now Bruce. We are here. Sorry for asking you to do that I wanted to keep it a surprise but I am sure that once Rip gets to see you and a hold of you that you will be coming back here often. They treat you well and they are really nice. Don't be so nervous and stop fidgeting you will do fine. From what I scene the last time and more importantly today, you have nothing to worry about little buddy."

"Thanks Andy. That helps." They entered the studio building and Bruce was amazed to actually how big it was inside. It was spacious, well decorated, and well furnished. Andy kept talking to Bruce and introduced him to a few people along the way. Troy was already waiting for them in the waiting room off to Rip's office. Troy kissed Bruce and they all sat down. "Ok guys now that you have made kissy face together here are a few rules. Rip is nice and not bad to look at too but don't hit on him he hates it. Flirt but don't make a pass or anything. That is a big no-no. Just be yourselves and things will be fine. Ok here he comes."

" Well hello boys, pleased to meet you I am Rip. Now I will need you to get into naked and into a bathrobe, and since Andy knows the routine I am sure that he will show you the way. Once that is done he will bring you to my office and we will chat. From there we will see the best way to proceed Sounds good. Good. Let's proceed." Andy escorted Troy and Bruce to the adjacent room to Rip office. All three were wearing their bathrobes. Rip asked them to sit down.

"Great now aren't you all a sexy bunch. Well Andy you already know that I have mentioned it to you before. Now Troy and Bruce here I am a straight-shooting kind of guy. Is this the first time for any of you?"

"Yes it is my first time Rip."

"And you Troy I think that Andy mentioned it wasn't is that correct?"

"Yes that is correct." Bruce gave Troy a look as if to say that it was news to him as Troy flashed Rip a rather mischievous smile. "Well don't worry Bruce. Since this is your first time, I will be the one to take your pictures. Troy and Andy will get my partner. Now I will make sure that you feel comfortable and we will talk you through this no problem. Now just so that I am clear because even though I love pictures and I have seen all of yours, with the exception of Bruce since I am going on what Andy has told me about you. I would therefore like to see it in the flesh in its natural state. You know that we will ask you to get an erection but I wanted to see you in the flaccid state first." They all disrobed.

"Well now you two look great. Bruce from what Andy has said he didn't do you justice. You must have gained a lot of mass since the last time he spoke to me about you." Bruce and Troy than gave their vitals. The photo shoot last over two hours but Troy and Andy had finished much sooner than Bruce had and in fact his photo shoot had continued. Rip was very much enjoying guiding Bruce through it and had Bruce at ease and laughing not to mention with his errection fully evident. Andy then went over to Rip and whispered into his ear. "Yes Andy I think so too and we shall see. I got the camera ready in the other room and I have the perfect site to shoot it at. I have invited Franco to join us since I think you mentioned that Bruce has a soft spot for him. OK Bruce that's it. Get dressed I have someplace for us to go. Have you been to Nappa?"

"No I haven't."

"Good because there is someone I would like to meet and I think you did great."

"Ok Rip and sure."

They all headed out in Rip's newest model of Mercedes and got to Nappa. Rip brought them to a nice spot and they ate and talked casually. Rip introduced Bruce to Franco Corelli and they talked and chatted and seemed to be hitting it off really well. "Bruce I think that Rip wants to tell you something."

"Ok thank babe."

"Bruce I just wanted to know, I have seen that you are a natural for this. I want you to do a few more shoots with me and maybe with Troy in them, First I am scheduling you for a shoot with Franco tomorrow but I want to make a film with you. I want you and Andy to get it on together. I like your looks both of you and I think that the contrast in height but the fact that you are almost the same size is great. So I am sorry if I brought you here for two reasons. One was for you to meet Franco and the other to film today with Andy. I have things already set up for it and I would like to start as soon as possible and take advantage of the natural lightning."

Bruce looked really hesitant and didn't know what to say. It was once thing for him to have his pictures taken and all but it was quite another to have sex least alone with some not his partner. Troy took Bruce aside after Bruce had been tactfully arguing that he didn't want to with Andy, Franco, and Rip.


"Bruce, I heard all that you said, Why don't you want to do this?"

"Troy you shouldn't have to ask. It should be clear to you. I don't want to have sex least alone on camera with someone other than you. Why can't we do it together, and why Rip said no to that I don't understand."

"Babe I don't think it would be such a bad thing. It won't change us. I want you to do this. Come on do this for me. Besides I have always wanted to see you do someone else while I watched."

"Fine, fine then." Turning his head and moving quickly away from Troy Bruce yelled to Rip that he would do it. He practically yanked Andy's arm off as he picked him up. "Come on let's do this and let's get it on and be quick about it." •

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