Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Troy had crossed the span of the stage to the dressing room real quick. Bruce had been bouncing up and down on his shoulder and was completely hard still from earlier. They had laughed whole-heartedly the entire distance while Troy talked dirty to give Bruce an idea of what was shortly going to come for him. Now as much as Troy wanted to just take Bruce naked as the day he was born to the Hotel room, he conceded to the fact that he needed to put back on his clothes. As Bruce was changing the dancer name Thor came over to talk to him.

Now Thor you would not think could be graceful after this guy was a mammoth in proportions. Crew cut blond hair with a silver loop in each ear, light brown bedroom eyes, eyelashes women would kill for, smooth, nipples that always seemed erect and pointed an inch and a half downward and at a height of 6’4”. He had shoulders that must be 90 inches when you measure them in circumference, a chest you could rest a beer on, arms that veins normally stood out when in a relaxed state with triceps to match, a six pack that was tight and firm but not ultra-ripped at 34” waist, and a lats that were more of a “U” than a “V” but yet he still had the “Christmas Tree” effect going on. Now the glutes, well you could say they had cleavage two inches deep to them because his bubble but was so big and round. His legs were 35” of thick corrugated mass and the teardrop stuck out prominently.

Troy had seen Thor on stage so he knew that he packed a nice set of low hangers something he always like on a man, and though not at big as Bruce’s were nice and big in there own right. His dick was a 9” inch missile.

“Troy do you have a moment?”

“Sure Andy, what’s up?”

“Ok don’t tell Frank but I have this modeling gig I have to do tonight so I won’t be able to do that duet number with you. I have to fly to the West Coast and do a photo shoot for Colt. Do you think you can find a replacement or convince your guy to do it with you?”

“Sure I think that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Ok great, I appreciate it. Man you are one lucky son-of-bitch Troy. Fuck you have got quite the man there. Now you know me I don’t normally go for guys his height but fuck he really got me horned up bad. Fuck and the dick on the guy, that is one serious thick fucken juicy dick he has got there. Please tell me he is a bottom only.”

“No Andy, he isn’t.”

“Fuck me!”

“Really big boy?”

“Troy that was in the past, but fuck you ever want a 3some , I am there in a heartbeat. I can’t believe you take that up the ass. Come on tell that has got to hurt.”

“Come hear let me tell you something Andy old fuck buddy…” Andy bent down and Troy whispered into his ear, and all you could see was various different facial expressions on Andy’s face and judging by his reaction of him stroking himself it must have been something.

“Ok now I am jealous Troy and horny as hell. I am going to have to plow someone hard just to get off. So you will do this for me then?”

“Yes Andy, when it comes to Bruce I think that I have a way of persuading him to do things.”

“I don’t doubt you in the least buddy. The guy looked like a natural up there. Ok so I owe you one. So this is what I am going to do. I am going to make a plug for the two of you to also get a photo shoot at Colt, but I will not be responsible for what happens after that because I might pull some strings to see if I can get Rip to make sure that I do a video where I fuck your boyfriend’s scrumptious ass.”

Troy looked at Andy and feigned that he was a little puzzled. “You are serious aren’t big boy?”

“Troy you know me I never joke about a piece of ass and you know I always get what I want.”

“Funny how that is but Andy, Bruce isn’t me big boy. You may be in for the shock of your life and for the first time in your life.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re just saying that because you think he will dump your ass for me. Anyhow I got to go. So it’s a deal then, you do this and I get you the two of you a photo shoot.”

“Deal Andy.”

Andy moved away without making a sound despite him weighing 280 pounds. Troy now thought to himself and as that occurred something very interesting occurred. His eye color changed to the deepest shade of emerald green, his body became thicker with muscle even more so than Andy’s, his hair roman cut and blue black, and his five o’clock shadow disappeared and changed into a finely groomed goatee almost linked by his thick triangular sideburns. Well, well, this is so interesting. This is going to be fun. Andy I knew I could count on you for something more than just a good fuck. Glad to see that the events I threw your way worked. Too bad your soul is mine now, and you were too blind sighted to realize anything when I granted that wish of yours to become the muscle model and porn star. I think that I will reserve the right torment him when I wish but I think that I will give him to the others to play with. Now we will see about my most interesting and present challenge.

Having finished those thoughts, his eyes suddenly sparkled and then everything was back as it had been before. He then turned around and headed towards the changing room.

“What kept you babe?”

“Sorry Bruce, Thor, I mean Andy, had something he wanted to ask me. Its not important right now. I will tell you about it later but for now lets get out of here.”

“Agreed but I am famished so can we eat first before the imminent fuckfest?”

“What this isn’t enough meat for ya, you haven’t complained before?”

“You ass, of course it is and the protein it gives too is great but sorry but I need food I can keep in my stomach, after all I want to keep that “meat” attached right where it is so that I can eat it more than just once.” Bruce didn’t give Troy time to think, and grabbed him like he was going to kiss him but instead put him in a headlock and proceeded to the exit dragging Troy with him. “Ooh I like it when you play rough, you don’t do it often enough.” Bruce didn’t say a word to that but rubbed his knuckles hard on Troy’s head. “OH BABY MORE!”

The cab ride to the hotel was interesting in itself and they play wrestled and pinched each other nipples harder and harder to see which one would cry uncle meanwhile the poor Hispanic cabby with his religious icons on his dash of his cab looked like he was suffering from severe heartburn after he looked to see what he was hearing from his back seat. The cab driver never drove so fast in his life to that hotel and he didn’t care to stay any longer than he had to so he had sped off with tires squealing not bothering to take his fare “homos” as he silently prayed to Santa Maria.

They entered the elevator six other people and both of them were anxious. Troy couldn’t help but tap his foot until they arrived to the 15th floor. Bruce entered the passkey in the slot and opened the door. No sooner did the door edge inwards to be able to get in, Troy had picked Bruce up under his armpits and off the ground. Bruce’s ass was right where is wanted it, at his crotch. He slammed the door open and then kicked backwards to shut the door close again. Troy lifted Bruce higher and forcefully slammed his 235 pounds against the wall as he kissed him. Bruce’s legs were wrapped around Troy body. Troy had pinned him to the wall and any time he had tried to move slightly Troy pinned and slammed back onto the wall. Bruce had been slightly stronger than Troy and therefore was suddenly amazed that Troy had such an upper hand.

Troy kissed him and waved his tongued in front of Bruce’s lips before plunging it hard and forcing Bruce’s head to thrust against the wall. He continued downward as he lifted Bruce higher as he pinned both of his arms with one had above his head. Troy bit his neck, pulled on his short chest hairs with his teeth. Troy took his right hand off of his partner’s ass and ripped his tank top off him hastily and then tore apart his sweat pants. Bruce was pressed and held up only by the pressure of Troy’s body against the wall and against him. Now is was clothed only in a jock strap what was doing not much to keep his erect dick and huge balls in them. Troy pulled down his track pants just enough to get past his hips and let his cock and balls spring free. Not giving any warning he thrusted all 8 by 5 inches of his manhood up and into Bruce’s muscular glutes. He pushed and thrust, going deep his testicles slapping hard on Bruce. The pace was nothing short than feverous, had Troy pounded as he withdrew all the way out and all the way back into Bruce’s ass. “Come Troy, you want to give it to me hard, come on do it, so hard that you are going to push me through that wall. Come on Troy fuck this ass I as I squeeze your dick in vice so hard you think your dick is going to explode.” Troy was no encouraged to bestial heights, he increased his lengths of his strokes and his pace and gave into it completely. He was enjoying this. He had never pounded someone’s ass so hard before. Troy knew he was almost to the point of being considered excessively violent, but he knew nothing of conscious at that point for Bruce’s asses flex and tightened so hard hard on his cock he knew that is was being well received. He could feel Bruce’s heartbeat through his manhood that was pressed against his hard abs and chest having in gyrations sprung free

Troy was in ecstasy. He was completely caught up in the moment and nothing else in the universe matter than giving into the pleasure and the sensations of pile driving into Bruce’s ass. It was complete rapture and bliss for him and he could not even hear the moaning or encouragement that came out of his partner’s mouth but somehow he came back down. “Troy stop, stop …”


Bruce was panting heavily and both of them were sweating profusely. Troy dick and stopped its onslaught but was still firmed buried in completely. “Troy… I… have to stop for a moment… you are… fucking me so hard…that the wall I heard it cracking. Can…we move… to…another position or place in the room?” Bruce’s voice had just final come back to normal but Troy’s was another matter for he needed several more to compose himself. “Sure”

They quickly moved to the bed. Bruce decided that he was going to get more of the same treatment that probably be best to take missionary style. Troy all this time had not let his dick retreat from inside Bruce’s ass and Bruce wasn’t going to let him either the way he flex and contracted against him either. Troy then started over this time a little slower but it didn’t take long for him to be back in the zone. He in turn growled like he hadn’t before, since this wasn’t to tease no to entice Bruce, not it was guttural, deep, and resonant.

His teeth were clenched, as he was absorbed in his effort to fast, furious, and hard pounding action into the sweet ass of his partner. Bruce had been moaning so loud and uninhibited that he was sure that he could or they could be heard 4 rooms down. As much as the hips by Troy onto Troy’s slamming thrusts pulled him, he gave it back in equal measure by rotating his hips and bucking back just hard. Bruce had difficultly pushing off from the bed so that he lift himself off to get nearer to Troy. Finally he manage and grabbed Troy by the head with his left arm, his biceps flexing in a great peak, as he tilted and kissed Troy. Bruce’s dick was as hard as a diamond and at that moment, his low hanging prune size balls were starting to not be able to keep what was churning inside in any longer.

“Troy I can’t hold on any longer. My dick is so fucking hard it going to explode. Fuck send me over the edge now, fucking pinch my nipples hard now” Troy did not hesitate and pinched and twisted as hard as he could. Bruce explode instantly as Troy opened his eyes he could see the clock on the wall and he felt Bruce clamp down so hard in his dick that he thought it was going to be severed in two. Bruce erupted in a great arch as cum flew 3 feet into the air and landing another 4 feet away and it kept flowing in a torrent. In volumes that Troy hadn’t seen before from his partner. Orgasm after orgasm followed consecutively for Bruce and because Bruce was clamping so hard on Troy’s dick, Troy could not release. Troy watched as the first minute on the clock went to finally stop at the two-minute mark. Bruce was about to collapse but because he had release Troy erupted like a geyser inside him. His body was complete rigid and held on to Bruce as if for dear life until minutes later the orgasm started.

They both collapsed in exhaustion. Troy falling onto Bruce as Bruce fell onto the bed. They could not move for several moments nor could they manage to say one word. Both of them were spent but still as hard. Their erections had not subsided and every one and a while after shocks hit them as the kisses each other. They then rolled off each other onto their backs, their heavy muscular chests still heaving as their lungs tried desperately to get more oxygen into their lungs. “Troy ok I don’t want to move, I can’t move. Can we just lie here for the moment?”

“I can’t do much better right now.”

Bruce somehow managed to rest his head on Troy’s hairy chest and his head rose with his every breath. “God you must have been possessed.”

“Just call it inspired.”

“That’s an understatement.”

They couldn’t say or do much else as sleep overtook them. •

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