Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Well I did have a very restful and peaceful sleep that night. Troy had gotten up earlier than I did, and despite me not wanting to cum that night. I did notice that I discharged quite heavily when I rolled out of bed. I thought to myself damn, I hadn't done something like that in years. I checked to see if on Troy's side it was the same and it wasn't. I was covered from below my erect nipples, which are about the size of a plastic lid on a Coke bottle. I headed towards the shower. I got in after testing the water and I just let the water trail down my back and ass. The water felt invigorating.

I toweled off and headed to the kitchen to find Troy fully clothed and eating breakfast. I made a beeline to the coffee maker and proceeded to pour myself a cup. Troy came behind me and grabbed me by each nipple and twisted them both counter-clockwise rather hard as he gyrated his pelvis rather forcefully into my ass.

"Well good morning my man. I am glad that you didn't bother wearing any clothes. I just love to see you prance around naked." I tried not to give him the satisfaction of knowing that I was liking what he was doing and took another sip of my coffee.

"Well Troy, I wasn't aware that I was indeed prancing around. It is not any different then any other time I am with you. You know I don't wear clothes too often when we are alone."

"True, but Bruce you also know how horny I am in the morning, and I have a distinct love affair with that high rising bubble butt of yours. It is so round and inviting, and God I love eating it out especially since you have no hair for my tongue to get in the way and I can make you squirm even more because of it."

I pushed my butt into him and then I noticed the time on the clock. "Shit Troy, it is 11:30am. You let me sleep until that time. We have just over an hour to get to the airport."

"I couldn't resist letting you sleep and you needed it. You had to work extra hard to get everything done for me not only at work but everything else as well."

"I know but come on, I would like nothing more than for you to give it to me royally right now but if I don't put something on and get moving we will never make it. Troy please let go of my cock. I am serious."

"Ok I will but I am not too happy about it. Regardless how tonight goes, you are so in for it tonight that it will be your turn not to be able to sit comfortably." With Troy having said that I put down the coffee mug, not bothering to finish it, and turned around as he was now supporting himself with both hands on each side of my head against the cupboards.

I kissed him enthusiastically for a good 30 seconds and then I grabbed him by the crotch. Troy sighed in shock at my grasp and then I gave a nice little yank and a twist, and dislodged myself from him and proceeded to the bedroom. "We shall see about that Troy, we shall see." As I was nearly in the room I could hear Troy mutter: "You little bastard." It instantly brought a smile to my face.

I pulled on a 3-quarter length sleeve navy blue shirt, which hung nicely onme, not too tight and not too loose, and I put back on my black slacks and tied my belt. I was putting on socks when I got smacked real hard on the ass. I said to myself: "Ok I deserved that."

"So you ready now?"

"Yes Troy I am ready."

The flight was uneventful but for a few stares and Troy pinching on more than one occasion until we landed at JFK. We took the hotel limousine service and then checked in. I got what I needed as well did Troy and we headed to meet Frank.

We got to the bar and entered. As you can guess it was in the "Village". It had once been a run down theatre. It had been converted and the stage had been extended out into the seating area by twelve feet while the floor had been more or less been leveled but for the very slight incline that slopped downward to the stage area. Troy pointed out to the man on the stage that, that was Frank. I guessed that Frank was about 6'1" of Italian heritage, to be in his late 30's or early 40's, a good set of pecs, shoulders, and arms but as impressive as those were so was his perfectly round stomach that over-hanged his black slacks. He was directing people and some of the stage personnel with how to complete the riggings for tonight's revue show, and he didn't notice us until we came up the stairs leading up to the stage.

I was first on stage and then Troy. Troy shouted out to Frank and gave I am guessing their normal rather insulting banter as it could have been perceived by others, but was not doubt their regular form of greeting one another. Frank had dirty blond hair and brown eyes, I know what you are going to say but it is the truth albeit stereotypical, slicked and geled back completely which was highlighted a noticeable widow's peak. I put my gym bag down as Troy made the introductions.

Frank gave me not only one once over but several and he lingered a fair amount of that time at my family jewels. He then in his big pouting lips slapped Troy hard on the chest in a backhand fashion and proceed to talk to me after we shook hands, which I thought to myself this guy really has one hell of a firm grip to him. "Well Troy you scum sucking bastard, you hid this one from me didn't you? Your description, which I thought you were talking out of your pretty ass, I see wasn't wrong. He is quite the hunk of flesh and if he can perform how he looks well I think that you might just have to be replaced."

"Whatever Franky, there is no way that you can replace my candy ass. You can't afford to replace me and besides I have heard you countless of times say that to the newbies."

"Ok gentlemen if we have finished with stroking each other's machismo, please I am in the room, and I am nervous enough already that I don't need the unduly amount of extra pressure." Frank sort of pushed Troy aside, came to me and put an arm around me but not before groping my right pec with his very large hand. "Good feel to those pecs. If I can not get all of it in my big hand that is usually a good sign. Come let me show you where you are going to change and Troy bring his bag. I like your spunk too kid, and I think that you will do just fine. I hope you don't mind but I am having the entire cast watch this since I thought it appropriate that you get used to it quickly about having a crowd watch you. Some of these guys are the best in the business anywhere, your lug included, so I want to see what they will think as well even though only my opinion ever counts."

As Frank walked me across the stage, Troy picked my bag and followed us. I noticed that on the left and right of the stage two golden poles and I thought well that would do just nicely. As we were backstage and nearly to the side dressing room Frank yelled rather loudly. "Boys get you asses out here and into the seats. The audition for the newbie is going to start in five. Bruce, give me your tape and I will take it to the sound guy. Pick up the phone over there and tell him what you need if you need anything, and Troy you follow me since I don't want you to do anything since the kid is nervous enough and I don't need you to do anything to your partner." Troy just rolled his eyes in the back of his head.

Well I got dressed and called up to sound manager's booth and told him what I needed. I then told Frank that I was ready. Frank stayed in the wings of backstage for a few moments and then went and took his seat next to Troy. The lights went out and then the spotlight came on. I was dressed in a silver matador suit wearing flamingo shoes and a large red cape. The music came on and I proceeded with the flamingo dance to the slow rhythm. Then I did a couple of fast steps to the 4 quick beats and then slid sideways as I twirled the cape to match my slow gyrating hips. I then continued and traced out in sequence my figure eight patterns as I tried as much as I could to seductively use the cape and hands and arms to caress my body. The tempo quickened and I preceded more towards the center of the stage as I tossed the cape away from me about an eight to ten feet. I then proceeded in doing a set of leg stride lunges that I spun around as I closed the distance between where I was and the where the cape had fallen on the stage floor.

The closer I got to the cape the faster my arms motions became as I attacked and removed the top half of my suit. I was now on my knees on the as such rubbed it hard on my chest. I then arched backwards until my head touched the floor. I let my arms rub up and down my thighs and in between and around my crotch as I made sure that I faced the crowd as I did this and every once and a while to the beat I would rise my pelvis into the air. Keeping track of the instrumental song I kept rubbing my crotch making sure to demonstrate the very thin fabric that was the only thing in the way from me and the crowd as the barrier. I grabbed my balls and cupped them, cradling them, holding them to reinforce their large size. I would twist each separately and as the song neared its end I raised myself up onto my knees and tore off the Velcro strips that held in place the lower half of my costume.

Then lights then went completely out. Then came back on as the song changed to Andreas Bocelli (think that is how it is spelt) and Sarah Brightman sang Time to Say Goodbye. When the light had gone out briefly I had taken the opportunity to remove my shoes and place my fully erect penis to the side of my white fishnet thong that had an almost sheer frontal covering that hid my 7-inch long by 11.5 in circumference penis. When the blue spotlights came back on, I was bent over legs locked with my head hugging my knees. I very slowly did a quarter turn and revealed the fishnet backing of my thong to the crowd as I emphasized my very high and round bubble butt by arching my lower back towards the crowd. I then slowly bent down to pick up the crimson red cape and I glided my hands down along the sides of my 30 inch sweeping quads.

I picked up the cape and then spread my legs open and turned out my feet in a horizontal manner as I lifted my hands clasped together as if in prayer with the cape in between them and I let the cape slide where it may until my arms were completely overhead. I then very, very slowly did a "plier" movement. Then I straightened my legs and flexed my glutes and quads 4 or 5 times with about a 3 second delay in between that flexing. I then walked towards the poll on the left side of the stage as I dragged slightly my feet along the way with my right triceps flexing as I held the cape out at an angle at arms length.

Once I arrived at the pole. I turned around. I started to caress and explore with my hands my shoulders, my biceps as I flexed them, then at my chest as I lingered there and did circular motions leading down until I made an overexagerated movement of pinching and tweaking my silver dollar size nipples until they were very erect. As I did this, I squeezed and flexed and made my fully erect cock bounce inside the barely containing pouch of my thong.

Having done that, I wasted no time and placed at 10 and 2 o'clock position my hands against the pole. I then lifted my 235 muscular body horizontally, as I had done many times when I was a gymnast and kept it there for what felt to me the longest 4 seconds of my live as all my muscle contracted and flexed in motion as I performed this. I then took my right leg, which in that position was the closet to the ground, and lifted it until my foot was firmly secure in between my hands. I then twisted my body and strayed in the split position in the air as I let the crowd get a complete view of my large plum-sized balls hanging very low inside the barely containg pouch. Then I brought the other leg to the pole and slid down its length. Once my feet hit the ground I started to gyrate my hips around and then rubbed myself in a stroking fashion against the pole and as I did that my cock poked out above my thong's covering as it could no longer be contained them because of the rubbing and the pressure I was exerting on the pole with my groin.

I picked up my cape proceeded back to the center of the stage this time going all the way to the end until I could see all of the 15 dancers and Frank's faces which their gazed were completed locked on me and more importantly my balls and cock. I had dragged the cape with me as I had gone to them and I casually yet very sensually rubbed its silky source along the front of my body until it stopped at my crotch. Underneath I proceeded and removed my thong with my right hand. I completely encased my 7 inch long by 11.5 inch in circumference endowment with the cape holding it with my left hand straight out in front of me. Then with my right hand I would lift and separate my balls. In passionate fashion I slowly stroked my penis for 15 seconds as I looked down at it and cocked a smile that curved upwards and to the side and then I let my eyes fall on each and everyone of them. Then as the song was ending I removed the cape from my groin and let it drop as the last note ended.

I stayed there for a moment as if still in a trance. I seemed to have been caught up in the moment completely forgetting where I was or what I had just did. I stood there in front of them all completely naked with my cock pointing straight out at them. When seconds later I got out of my stupor to the noise of the sound engineer cheers from up above, I looked down through the spotlights to see that Troy has a very large stain in his pants that was clearly visible and for that matter I could see it also on Frank and nearly all of the other dancers.

I then bent down to get the cape and cover myself when Frank spoke. "No, no don't cover yourself up, lets get another look at you." I never felt more scrutinized in my life and for some strange reason it felt great. "Man that is one impressive set of jewels you have there and man that cock, I haven't seen one quite that thick before. How long is it?"

I was blushing a bit. "Babe I told you would look and do great. Don't blush."

"Shut up Troy. Come on kid tell Franky."

"Well Franky I am thicker than I am longer. It is 7 inches long but it is 11.5 around."

"Jesus H Christ kid," as Frank practically drooled and I didn't even have time to see it coming because I couldn't see them all that clearly because of the spotlight shinning in my eyes but Frank in his big bear paw grabbed my dick and in doing so I practically fell off the stage. "Fuck, I can barely get my hand around it and I have a very big hand."

"Frank if you don't mind, your grip is going to make my dick explode."

"Oh sorry kid. Well boys what do you think. Do we have a winner here or do we have a winner here," said Frank as he was practically beaming from ear to ear as he finally let go of my dick which caused me to fall hard on my ass onto the stage making my low hangers jerk upwards and thus thrusting my dick against me in a loud whack against my ripped abdomen.

"Oh man those balls too are a sight for sore eyes. Well guys lets shake the kid's hand and welcome him to the family."

The guys none of them under 6' except for Troy and Bruce, were not small guys. They ranged in all types of looks but none of them were under the 230 mark. They came one at a time to congratulate and welcome Bruce. Frank and Troy then came onto the stage next to me. I was putting on my thong when Troy grabbed me by the ass and made me hop a few steps until I got it on. Troy then picked me up in a bear hug then spun me around, my legs flailing in the air almost hitting Frank in the groin.

"Careful Troy, I don't want you damaging our newest member here that is if the kid wants to?" Troy finally put me down but not before giving me a very long and very wet kiss. "Well I think so but then again I only did it in front of a very selected audience. Do you think that your customers will enjoy what I did?"

"Kid take a good look at yourself. God you have got a dick that is a meal unto itself and the way you showed it off and the rest of you, well you did it like a pro. What you lack in height kid you sure as hell make up for it in muscle and where is counts." The lights came back to normal and made us all wince. As I was about to speak Troy kept playing and rubbing my ass making me squirm a little.

"Frank how old do you think I am? I am 30 so I am not quite a kid and if you look hard enough you will see some gray in there," as I pointed to my head.

"Well kid, I call everyone that works for me kid. Now come on we've got some business to discuss."

"Oh no you don't Frank, I have plans for him and.." as Troy reached into my thong and grabbed my cock hard making hunch over real quick. "so it will have to wait until 2 hours from showtime where you can talk to him then."

Frank unpleased furled his lips in a scowl. "Fine but I want both of you here no later then 7pm and I don't want to see that you are too worn out either otherwise there will be hell to pay." Frank quicker than his frame might indicated headed off towards backstage and after the blond giant named Thor yelling at the top of his booming voice to wait for him.

Troy wasted no time started rubbing Bruce all over but making sure to press himself hard against him and firmly holding and kneading his glutes. "Wow that was amazing. I can't believe you brought that all together in such a short time frame. I think that Frank is going to love to get you input on what fantasies or themes to bring out during the show. God you looked so hot up there. I blew two loads during your time up stage. I want to eat you up right now and swallow you whole. I could take you right now but I don't want to share you with anyone right now."

"Troy I can't still believe I just did what I did."

"Believe it and man you had us all going and what you did with the pole I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. Then I thought myself wow I am lucky that is my man. I then looked over after I lost it and came inside my pants at the others and Christ they all got on the edge of their seats. You should have seen Frank. He was practically glowing he was that happy. Now why don't you say we get the hell out of here because right now I want your ass, and I want it bad, after all I promised I'd fuck ya senseless and that you would feel it long after."

I laughed and smiled and raised an eyebrow. "Remember what Frank said" Troy didn't leave Bruce finish his sentence as he picked him up and hoisted him over his shoulder smacking him nice and hard on the ass. "Fuck Frank, we've got more importing things to do and you more immediate things to worry about." Bouncing up and down on Troy's left shoulder Bruce tried in turn to slap him in return but couldn't becauses Troy sprinted towards the changing room in great strides. •

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