Lasitor Kane and the Book of Spells

By jumpingbassflash

Lasitor sat on his bed bed and leafed thru the book. It was stained with water marks probably a hundred years old and it was faded in some places to near intellagibilty, the words so hard to read that he had to make up the parts of the words that were actually too faded to read anymore. The book was a book of spells, it had been in his family for generations and now it was his. His gradmother had passed away and his mother was named excurture to her estate and this was one of the few books he managed to save from his grandmothers grand library of old books. He found this book on the bottom of an old wooden chest that was filled with other books all dating way back to the mid eighteen hundreds. He found it in the basement of her old house and it was deemed worthless by his mother who took one look at the box and its faded molding content of ancient ruined books and told him he could have it if he wanted it.

Lasitor took the box and it contents to his dorm room at the university and began to clean them up to save as many book as he could, he catorized them and placed them in piles of can be saved, and cant be saved. He almost put this one with the can't be saved pile. It was coated with a thick layer of what looked like mold but brushed away from the cover quite easly, it didn't look good for the book till he did that and then he reconized the latin words that translatded roughly to "The Book of Spells."

lasitor was studying latin for his ancient history class it was part of his curiculme for getting his doctorate in Archaeology, and with this book Lasitore had hit a gold mine. It was like a rossetta stone to him, his gradmother had translated the latin paragraphs at the tops of the pages, they took up about half of each page and in some places two or three pages but after each spell written in latin was a what to him as a rough description to the spell hand written in beautiful easly readable old english hand writting, he marveled at the stlye and grace his grandmother had written each word in, "How wonderfully beautiful they wrote back then." He thought, so ledgable and clean.

The book was full of parables and warnings though and some were way to faded to be read, with just the latin words still ledgable at the top of some of the pages. But he did read the first warning near the front of the book that stated quite clearly the dangers of miss pronoucing the latin words. It stated simply and starit forwardly that a miss pronoucetion of any word in any of the spells could be disastrous. Lasitor figured the book was a good way of translating latin to english and that was about all it was really good for, he douted the spells even worked miss pronounced or not. But it was fasinating to know his gradmother sincerly beleived this to be true.

Lasitor turned each page of the book slowly and carefully as went through it and read what he could and guesed at some of the rest where his grandmothers writing had succumed to time. He was near the middle of the book when he came to a place where the center of the pages of the book for about about fourty pages had been carefully cut out the sentences and the translations on each of these pages ended at the outlined cut and began again on the other side of the cut out square in the pages, as if this was intended to be there from the books conception. In the middle was a thin square wooden box that was hinged and in remarkably good shape. Lasitor took it out carefully and opened it. In side were three items a ring of gold, an amulet with latin writing on it and What really threw him was a larger ring. It was to small to be a bracelet, and yet way to big to be a ring.

Lasitor took it out and looked at closly, it weighed way over a couple onces and it was with a dout pure gold! As he held it though it got warmer and warmer. He looked at it closer as it warmed quickly to his body tempeture and then got warmer, and then he felt something even weirder his cock was stiring in his boxers he was getting a hard on and it shocked him. He reached down and felt his stiffening dick with his empty hand and a vibration shot thru his body. as he got closer to his cock with the hand with the ring in it, his dick seemed to be growing stiffer and too what to him seemed to be larger then its real size. He looked at the ring and then instictively pulled the waist band of his boxers away from his waist and his now increadably stiff and way larger then normal dick shot up past the waist line of his boxers to a fantastic leanth his small once 6 inch rather thinner dick was now an easy ten inches, and as thick a dick as he had ever seen.

He eyed the ring and felt its warmth, it felt like it was growing heavyer in his hand and his dick throbbed it ached to be touched it beconed him to do it. He brougt his free hand down and felt the large veins that now ran up and down the now very thick shaft every touch sent him into ecstasy. every feel one he'd never felt before he looked at the ring and then at the now thick head of his dick and he knew what it was for. He brougt it to the head of his dick and placed it at its tip. It instantly began to slide over his head and then it pulled out of his hand and shoot down his thick now almost twelve inch shaft.

It rested on the base of his thick dick sitting on top of a ball sack That was now at leist doubled in size the whole package now looked out of place on his body that although in good shape and well kept up, was no where near the body this thing belonged on he was to short for it to small for it and he was totally unprepared for it. It just looked way out of place.

He couldnt help but feel it it was so firm so sensual so intriqueging, waves of pleasure roled up his body as he gently and soothingly strocked this monster sized cock, vibrations swelled up his torso in unison to the strokes he made up and down its thick shaft, its very veins thick and full of blood they pulsated with each touch he made. He felt stronger with each up ward thrust he made he felt like his torso felt like it was growing with each slow sensual stoke upwards and his thighs and legs felt the same with each downward stroke he made he did each slow allowing himself the exstream pleasures he got from just the feel of this monster cock.

He stood up still grasping it firmly and stroking it now with vigar and delight his body reacting as it never had before he felt it growing as his dick had done it was getting bigger he took his free hand and rubbed his chest and found much to his delight it had thickened and firmed and distict thick pecs now adorned it they stoped his hand at their thick muscled bases and he felt how firm they now were, his abbs had tightened and he could feel the very valleys that now contoured his abdominal reigion to that of a body builders eight pack abbs he kept his eyes closed as he pushed hard against the lowere part of his now thick pecs each moved as one tight muscle and didn't giggle as they usaually did to his pushing them. They just had to be real but how? He slowly opened his eyes and looked down at his chest and abbs and to his delight his hands had not lied to him his pecs and abbs were those of a supream body builders thick pecs mounded from his chest and obscured the tops of abbs that were as tigh t as any he'd ever seen on a guy, they were knotted and firm to the touch and appealing to the site. His cock felt wonderful in his hands as he continued to stroke it vigerously and with each stroke downwards he seemed to feel like he was getting taller as well and his legs seemed to thicken as well, he could feel his very calve muscles tightening and filling out. His body was adjusting to his cocks new size growing in both height and size, some how growing to match this monster that now lived and seemingly almost even breathed between his legs.

The ring was tight and constricting now and it seemed to hold back that that he knew was coming he was about to shoot the wad of a life time and it was crying in pain to be releised, Lasitor made his way to the bathrooms door where a full leanth mirror garced its front and there standing where a modestly built young college student should have staired back at him was a greek GOD of a man tall and strong, finly toned over essentuated muscles adorned his body thick and vascular in every way, it was covered in a nice coating of manly body hair thick on his pecs and a promenet trail lead down to where a new thick forest of pupic hair filled his boxers, and sticking strait up to past his belly button in front of abbs tighter then those on a true body builders was his thick now huge cock, it no longer looked out of place but actually looked like it belonged on him now. His face although pretty close to his old one, he still had his well groomed goatee and thick well groomed h ead ofdark brown hair but now he had long bangs senually gracing his face, he still had his trade mark side burns that streached to the his now more thickly sexy stubled beard line his dimples were still there albait maybe deeper and more defined now, it seemed it to had gained all the right attributtes that went with this body and its huge sensual package.

Lasitor knew he had to somehow get the ring off so he could releive the tension that had been damned up behind its now constricting golden circle his dicks skin concaved inward on each side of the rings cicumfrence and below in his now swallen balls was a load of cum that sceamed to be released from behind the rings now tight encrochment around the base of the monster cock. lasitor managed to start to work the tight ring upwards towards his now hugely bulbus cap that was three times what he had before he douted the ring would even fit over its base as it got closer to it, with each inch it moved up the cock swelled with what it so desperatly wanted to spew, it thickend with each push up wards and his mind reeled in delight at the very feel of its fluid over loads jouney upwards to it ultimate goal ejackulation. He stop it at the base of his dicks head and caressed the fluid filled shaft it made him jump and sent chills of exictment up his spine and gave him goose bumps on his thickly ve ined now muscular forarms, he could feel his biceps react and tighten as he stroked it, his pecs thick muscles jumped in unison and his thick thighs reacted by tightening to near painful tightness even his calves felt like they too had felt this needed release of cum they went taunt and he could feel the new muscles jump and tighten with each stroke. it was almost to much for him to take. The whole experience was just too much for him to take and he could feel the preasure building and then as quickly but alot more painfully the ring pushed past his caps walls and flew off his dick it hit the glass and made a hell of a sound but didn't break the glass.

What followed was pure extasy his dick undulated under one wave and then another of a pure cum fountain of fluid release that was one undulation after undulation of released unstopable cum. It shoot from the head of this spectical that was now his dick, the mirror payed part of the price when a large creamy white coating hit near its top and slowly dripped downwards another hit the door above it, he spun around in a desperate search to find a towel or anything to house the fluids before they coated everything in the room, the feeling was like nothing he'd ever felt. He surpressed the rest of the creamy sticky cum in his tee shirt a tee shirt now to small for his new size now.

Lasitor Sighed a sigh of pure satisfaction and panted heavy breaths aduably as he quivered as the last of the monmster load filled the shirt to soaking. It ached like it never had before it throbbed like it was alive. "WHEWWW!!!" Was all he could say as it finally began to go flacid. Lasitor got up and slipped on his boxer beifs and felt how extreamly tight they were, he was impressed they were loose non him before but he liked them that way but now it felt great to feel them this tight and filled to their capasity with his brand new more then manly package his now way thicker pupic hair pushed the fabric out as well. Quickly he search the floor for the ring and found it covered by his own sperm, He picked it up and wiped it clean of the sperm and walking now on thickly muscled legs he ambled towards his bed the now flacid cock banging against his thick legs as he went, he felt great like a god walking to his bed, thick arms with now twenty two inch biceps and massive vascular forarms swung in tandome to his steps one tightly clutching the now warmer cock ring.

Lasitor was to tierd to read anymore from the book he felt a wave of pure exahugstion over take him and he fell fats asleep almost the moment he layed back on the bed, The beds thin matteress that once supported a 5'10" 175Lb modestly muscled body now gave way and contoured to his new greek god like 6'5" hugh 280Lbs of pure unadulterated muscles. A handsome demi god of a man now slept deeply on his bed, still clutching tightly the cock ring responciable for all of this.

The next mournig brought the suns raging bright light right into Lasitors tightly closed eyes his eye lides no match against the brightness of it, his curtains gave up their battle of blocking it out the moment it rose high enough to shine in through them. Lasitor awoke and covered his eyes they seem to be over sensitive to the suns light an he hated the mourning sun in his room anyways, he cursed himself for drawing the blinds and turned over on his side, he drifted in and out of sleep that mourning to weird dreams that were so vivid so real.

Dreams of him as he was before the ring and then dreams of him after , and then really weird dreams of him even different then ever! Him as as apathetically weak little man with no real masculinity to his body a weak frail thing clutching the cock ring and stalking through the streets in search for something, that wasent clear in his dream but the love making in his big new body was, it was as if it was happening to him for real. His love making in that body had him in complete control and he was the top, the man of the scene.

Lasitors went back into a dream as him as the weak guy again and it shocked him awake he was sweating profussely and his hair was drenched with sweat, he was sporting a hard on he could feel that he sat up in his bed and with his eyes closed to sheild them from the bright suns light he went to strock his now more favourably sized cock, He stuck his hand under the covers and felt a shocking discovery, the cloth covered elastic waist band of his tight fitting cotten boxer briefs now that even at his old size clung to his waist quite nicly now didn't even touch his waist and the cock that yesterday night would have take four guys cuped hands to reach its top now dissapeared in his hand, His eyes poped open and the light hit them harshly, but that wasent all that hit him harshly his grand body his muscles from hell even his old modest covering of body hair was gone! His Hand engulfed a raging hardon but what it engulfed was gone from his site a skinny boney almost boyish hand covered it completely. His other still clutched the ring tightly he had never let go of it even in his deepest dream state.

He quickly let go of the ring and it droped to the beds surface he whipped his covers off with his free hand and let out an aduable gasp. His legs were like sticks no real muscles at all, and hardly any hair at all as well, they looked like a skinny boys do. "NOOOO!!!!" Lasitor screamed as he let go of his hard on and staired down at a dick no larger then the thumb of the greek god he was just last noght it stuck up unrelentingly still and showed no sign of with drawl at all a permenent tiny hard on! Lasitor frantically looked for the cock ring and found it he quickly placed it on this pathetic little cock that wasent even half his old size. The rings circumfernce was twice his circumfence now and it wasent growing as it did yesterday it hung there like a girl braclet does on her thin wrist, His own wrist now looked that thin. hepulled it from its resting place above a his now boy sized almost hairless balls and just cryed tears rolled freely down his face, he had at l eist a modest build a swimmers build before but now he had the build of a concentration camp refugees.

He ran to the mirror having to hold up the boxer breifs as he went they threatened to leive his bony skin covered pelvic area as he went. What he saw in his mirror this time was by no means erotic or sensual, or even slightly appealing. He was a skeloton of his former self his goatee almost gone replaced by peach fuss and his hair had lightened to that of his fourteen year old age. He had seemingly regressed in both size and age. He wouldnt even be able to wear his old clothes, not without looking ridiculous. Lasitor cryed for about an hour before he relized somewhere in the book was an answer to this problem some where in there was the way to gain back his old body and maybe even that fine one he had for one evening. The dreams he remembered the dreams. He could remember the ones of his old body and even the new one quite vividly but the one as him as he was now eluded him it was fuzzy and detached and scattered in reminents in his memeorys.

He got the book out and went past the cut out opening and there on the very next page was the warning about the cock ring! He sighed and with tear filled eyes he rad about it and its curse and how to use it he was to stick it over the cock of a young man of well toned body and earnest conviction and self confident. It would then take from the wearer and give it to him. It would last for only a month and then he would wake up the same way as he did today! There was no other way for the curse to be removed the warning to never wear it in the first place was there all along he had just not read it. And now it was to late for him, he looked around the room thinking frantically of who he could use the ring on and how would he be able to even seduce someone in his persent state of body.

He thought of Kevin his quarterback roommate asleep in the next room. He knew he slept deeply and he had made casual advances towards him when he had the swimmers build, but he didnt think Kevin would be to thrilled to sleep with a skeloton a freak like he was now, But if he could gain the muscles Kevin had he would be nearly as well built as he was just last night. The cock ring now stole for him size and offered only him its theft so no matter what if could get this on Kevin then it would increase kevins size and of his dick and give him the best orgasium he had ever had and then leive him the same size as he was now the next day. Some of the words to the spell were hard to read and Lasitor guessed at them as he said them aloud, knowing full well it clearly siad not to say the words wrong in anyway but he had no choice he had to do this.

Lasitor grabbed the bottle of clofiform he used to perserve insects in jars with and steathly made his way towards Kevins room still sporting the tiny never ending hardon he had its tiny body bobing back and forth as he went like a tiny thumb justing from his boney abdomen area. It sickened him when he looked down at it. He opened Kevins door and fould he was fast asleep and to his delight he was coverless and in the middle of what appeared to be a very good wet dream, he was as hard as his 5 inch dick got and It stuck out perfectly for his needs. His dick wasent impressive but every thing else about Kevin was his face that of a modles his body international male catalog matteirial and firm as any he'd ever seen tight thick throwing arms graced his long arms thick forarms and bugling biceps graced them. tight abbs and a thick set of pecs adorned his torso and below his small but adequite hardon strong running legs with noticable quades, and thick calve muscles streached one off th e bed halfway the other on it as layed growning in his deep REM sleep.

Lasitor felt bad about placing the ring of golden hell around his small erection bau had no real choice, He brought it closer to kevins penis and it jumped skywards as if beckoning for it to be put on it kevin showed no signs of wking his eyes clearly darting back in forth under his eye lids, he was dreaming deeply and the ring slipped easly over his thinner then even Lasitors origianal sized dick, it had room to spare as it feel on noticed on top of his rather small but very hairy ball sack, the softer looking golden colored pupic hairs glistened in the diffused lighting of the blind pulled windowed room.

"Welcome back to prepubesence Kev old boy!" Lasitor said in his now almost child toned voice. Kevins dick hardened and grew to match its diameter and then grew even more till it doubled in size and began to throbb, Lasitor walk over to the widow and reach in behind the fine curtains and drew up the blind the room filled with light just as kevin woke up to his burgening hard on his eyes wide with amazment over his dicks new size he did'nt even look a lasitor as his right hand just grabbed it and felt its grith it was so sensual so enticing so erotic and firm its veins pumped blood and could be felt with in his cluctched hand his heart raced with exitment and intreque his mind a complete blank except for the feel of this monster cock. It was like no feelings he'd ever had it was al encompassing and totally engulfing it sent chills down his thick forarms in the form of goose bumps and he shuddered with each stroke he made on his powerfully thick new cock from heaven his mind re eled with excitement at every touch of this rock hard super sensitive new organ. Lasitors own tiny cock undulated as he watched voyour style all of Kevins moves it was so erotic to watch the well built guy jack off like that so sensual were his moves that Lasitor shoot off with his tiny cock sending his cum a pitaful two feet from him on to Kevins bedroom floor. It was then that Kevin saw him standing there by his mirrored door way to his closet.

Lasitor backed away as Kevin stood up still holding his cock and for the first time seeing the cock ring that did this to him. Kevin regained some of his composure and tryed to frantically remove the ring but it was to no avail as his cock was to big now and deep with in his now tripled sized ball sack his very manhood ached to be freed, It pusated deep in the engorged sack and filled with his future dimise. Kevins handsome face showed his reconition to its releise and his blonde thick eye brows pointed up at the middle on his forhead now laced with worry lines both vertical and horizontal, His eyes squinted showing crows feet pain full wrinkles forming on the sides of them as the preasure of releise increased to mamoth proportions deep in his acheing groin. His body looked magnifesent standing there a strong hand cluched at his cock meant for a guy his size, his bicep bulged nicely an easy 16 inches around his forarm taughnt and storng looking his pecs so broad and full stood tightly above equally taughnt abbs that had been exoprsized to perfection from years of diligence seem to streach to his ever pulsating groin and now dick and ball sack thick legs well muscled and covered with thick blond colored hair supported him as stood there and then all at once the ring pushed up the shaft driven by his manhood to tip of his now monsterishly hugh bulbus head its pushed the haed to near poping before it finally broke free of its shroud and shot across the romm and layed at Lasitors feet.

Lasitor picked it up and placed it on his stiff little dick, his dick jumped as he did as well, he could feel the energy being given him form the cum that now spewed from Kevins dick in load after pure exstasy! His mind numb none but its releise now his face pure excitment over this shot from hell from this monster cock this marvel that was his now it undulated in wave after pure cum filled wave and he soaked the carpet in front of im five feet and more. His mind reeled as he watched in awe as the skinny child like guy he did not know at first started to begin to look like more Lasitor to him. His own body felt weaker for some reason and a strange feeling of vertigo took over where exstream delight had just ruled his world. Kevin looked to the mirror and saw his reflection he started to see the changes occuring that went with the feeling he had. His broad shoulders began to get narrow on him his fine throwing arm still clutching a cock that was shrinking quick was also shrinking i n size his thick mustash dissaperaing from beneith his cute ski sloped nose his side burns and two days of lazy beard stubble disapearing from his face as well his thickly coated darker blode chest hair receaded back and itched his chest as it went and retreated back to where it came, His jaw dropped open as he watched years of hard earned muscles fade from him and his size and age retreated back with the seconds and the last drips of his once fine dicks tip it shrank in his hand as his hand shrank and soon it was covered by his now almost child sized hand his body looked weak and pathetic now barely covered in any manly hair at all a whisp of pupic hair covered where golden soft but thick pupes were. He stood there a freaking skelotor reminent of his former quarterback glory a shell of a man in a boys body he was skinnyer then even the guy he first saw and now reconized as Lasitor, he had gone from 6'2" and 195Lbs of well toned good quaterback trained muscles to 5'2" and less then 80Lbs. H e feel to his knobby knees and passed out in a puddle of his own cum.

Lasitors body returned to last nights gloryious frame and he felt the tickness to his cock pulsateing against the rings circumfreance he was afraid to touch it for fear of being reduced again and walked through Kevins sperm to his laying frail body and picked him up and placed him in his bed and drew the shades and turned out the lights and walked out with a full fourteen inch hard on and went back to the book. He needed to know more. •

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