Last Hero Stands


By Halo

It took me a awhile to figure out what my thoughts were when it all happened. And yet I still cannot believe what the last few days had changed my life completely. Hell - you would feel the exact same way if this had happened to you. Before I ramble on and forget what occurred. Uhm. Wait. To really think about it - I can't forget. Hell I am hard now again even to just imagine it again. Let me take you back to what happened just last week....

Sunday afternoon. Sweating like a there was a sauna placed in a tiny no-windowed concrete room. That's how Sunday felt in Northern California. Can't help the heat. More like a flaming inferno, but that is beside the point. I was tempting on my plans to do something than rather bake in my own apartment. So I decided the hell with making a plan and just go. Since it was a oven outside and trying to drive my ass all over - PT was the best choice. Oops. PT = Public Transportation for some of you. Or best be known as the Shit on Wheels.

Riding along going towards the Riverside - the place to be if you wanted to scope out the crowd of men - and yes women as well too. All of sudden a sight to behold caught the corner of my eye. There striding on the path. A Man's Man. Hell. More like a Man's Man's Man. He had an eerie presence that just makes you weak in the knees. Then he stop. Gawd. He looked absolutely primal to tear into. His Body poured out and beckoned me over. Shit. He is turning his head towards me. I can't help but not look at this hunk of a man. Standing there at what looks like 6'3 or maybe 6'4 - and about shit - 280lbs of muscle. His somewhat bald grey/ white hair showed me that he looked older. But then his eyes. They looked so piercing - striking my own eyes towards him. I can't help but drool over his trimmed goatee and bushy mustache of grey-white. Strong chinned out lined that added to the bull-sized neck. It also seemed that besides his goatee - he wore on a 5 o'clock shadow that trailed down his neck and what seemed to be a white matted fur set barrel chest.

Could he be a hallucination or a God in disguise? Was this man even real? The questions rolling in my head kept me from thinking clearly now. All of sudden the bus seemed to slow. I realized now that I must have been daydreaming again. I had to look up again to even fathom if he were real. Then I saw the grey-blue eyes darting towards my own. And I knew right then - He was Real.

He knew I was staring at him for the longest time. Why hasn't anyone notice this hunk of man just standing there? He then mouths to me - ' They can't see me'. My jaw drops heavily on the floor. Did I just read what he said? He nods 'Yes'. Is he also reading my thoughts as well? Again he nods 'Yes.'

I feel as if I am wetting myself just the fear and also the surmount of horniness that is encapsulating me. •

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