Can I Be a Freak?


By falseyedee

It's Monday morning and I'm bigger still. My muscle god asks me what I'm feeling.

"I am bigger. I'm bigger every day. I can see my muscles growing. I can feel my muscles growing. It's not just the t-shirt getting smaller and tighter. This week I'm aware of my muscles. It feels like they're mildly pumped all the time. That feels great. I always like feeling a muscle pump and wished it would last longer. This pump hasn't diminished at all. I feel horny all the time.

"Feeling this pump and feeling the tightness of the shirt makes me feel so strong. I love feeling this strong. I love being big. I never thought I'd like being big until I met you. Size is good. Look at this shirt! The neck is super tight around my thickening neck. Neck? Hell, my traps are half way to my ears already. In another week I won't have a neck. My muscles have grown so big you can see the dark of my nipples through the weave of the fabric. The sleeves don't cover my arms any more. The fabric can't stretch that far over my shoulders. My pecs are so big that the shirt is a crop top now. The shirt is binding me and that feeling of being bound is exciting to me.

"My abs are fantastic. I've got an eight-pack wash board gut now. It ripples with strength. All the muscles in my abdominals are getting bigger and thicker. The shorts are uncomfortably tight. These used to be baggy, now they look painted on. My thighs are so big that the shorts are riding up to my hip joints. I love my big bubble butt. It's so high and hard. I so want you to spank it. My ass has grown so much that these shorts are almost obscene.

"My cock and balls are bigger now and they're being pushed forward by the mass of my legs behind them. My quads are gorgeous and all the muscles are hard and defined. I think my quads are the same size as your biceps are now. My biceps are bigger than I ever imagined they'd be. We're only a week and a half into it and they're huge. What are they, sir, like 19 inches? Look how hard they are; they're rock hard muscle. My ass is incredible. It's so big and muscular and round. Its hungry for your man-hood."

My muscle daddy told me not to let the shirt rip. It's so tight. I can hardly move for fear of causing it to rip. I have to take shallow breaths. At the slightest movement of my arms or shoulders the massive muscles flex and ripple, threatening the integrity of the shirt. It's Wednesday and my muscle god looks across the room.

"I think you are ready. Listen closely. Face the mirror, then inhale deeply and flex those pecs like you've been dying to."

I do as instructed. I approach the mirror and position myself so I can see my reflection and his reflection. I take a deep breath and can hear the shirt creaking as a few strands give way. I go into a most muscular pose and flex all the muscles of my upper body. They explode with power and the shirt is torn to shreds! It rips down my broad back and across my expansive chest in several places. The collar at the neck holds, but the seams running from there down to the shoulders split with a crack and my traps blast through. My cock comes to life and pushes hard against the straining fabric of my shorts. Another breath and I go into a front lat pose. Two big wings of muscle flare out and take care of the side seams. The shirt is hanging on me like a hula skirt wrapped around my neck. My cock is peaking up past the shorts' waist band.

"I look like such a muscle stud. I've got a body like a bodybuilder now. I haven't seen my pecs since Saturday. Look how big they are. My nipples are starting to point down! God, that looks so hot. I'm getting big for you, sir. I can see the separation between my upper and lower pecs; and I'm relaxed. I've got pec cleavage! It must be an inch or more deep. My shoulders are like cannon balls. Do I look good to you, sir? I feel so sexy. My own reflection is turning me on. This is so hot. Sir, am I turning you on?"

He answered by pushing me on to the futon and flipping me onto my stomach. I was aware that because of my chest development there is now a distinct curve to my back. My ass sticks up sexily, accentuated by the curve of my back. He rips my shorts down around my knees and rams me with his hard cock. It is a great fuck. I'm becoming his muscle boy toy. Its only been a week and half and I look like a bodybuilder. By the end of the month I'll be a fucking muscle freak just like my master.

He won't let me take off the shirt. It is nothing more than rags wrapping my torso. On Wednesday, the day it yielded to my muscle growth, it hung limp like rags. I've grown even bigger since then and now Saturday, as we're preparing to walk over so I can get my third injection, the remnants of the t-shirt are tight against my big hard muscles. It feels really good, actually. It's tight, binding me which I like but because it's as much holes as shirt, I can move and breath. Every now and again I can hear and feel it ripping more in places to make room for my developing physique. Last night my shorts ripped right up the seams to the elastic waist band. I'd only been able to wear them for a week and a half. They were no match for my expanding thighs.

Today I'm wearing the same posing strap as last week. My cock and balls are so much bigger now, and my protruding muscle butt is so much bigger that they don't really fit me. They are tight on me; the lycra forms almost a second skin over my 8' flaccid cock. He places a long heavy chain around my neck and fastens it with a padlock.

He leads me by a heavy chain around my neck. The cold metal weighs on my broad shoulders and presses into my flesh. The big pad lock that fastens the chain to itself to make the loop around my neck bounces heavily against my chest. This might have been even more embarrassing than the tattered shirt or the posing trunks. But when he'd put the heavy chain across my traps and around my neck, I was strangely aroused. The chain was a symbol of my enslavement to the muscle god. It was a public display of my total commitment to my muscle freak. People stared. He took no notice. Their stares made me feel embarrassed and even sexier and committed to serving my muscle god. The double effect of the skimpy clothes and being lead by the heavy chain made me feel strong and sexy and wanted.

The half mile walk to Poindexter's apartment is wonderful. My walk has changed in the past week. I stride like a body builder now; each leg swinging out around the other. I'm as big as any serious bodybuilder. A year ago I had a lean model's physique. Two weeks ago, I looked like a beefy athlete. Today I'm a bodybuilder as big as the man leading me down the street was six months ago.

My muscle daddy has gotten bigger as well in the last two weeks. I see him every day, so I don't notice the changes so much. But I can see today that his muscles continue to grow, mounding over each other, getting harder and more cut. His back is vast, his waist is tiny. His butt is a marvel; each glute is as big as a soccer ball and ripped to shreds, no fat in sight.

This week is pretty much like last week, except the remnants of the shirt are form fitting. Science guy and my freaky muscle daddy both strip naked. Poindexter's body hasn't changed at all in the past week. I don't know why, but that seems strange to me. I'm much bigger than he is now. I feel superior to him now. I'm a sexy bodybuilder and he's a geeky lightweight. No comments about my needing to loose weight today. I'm clearly more cut than he is.

He takes the usual pictures and then starts in on the measurements. My height is the same. Today I weigh 257 lbs of rock hard muscle. My body fat has dropped again to 8%. I'm 70 fucking pounds heavier than I was a mere two weeks ago! My waist is now 34" again. Looking down at my cut eight-pack, I can see that all the muscles have grown in size. That inch is raw ripped muscle. My chest is 53 inches! The pad lock to the chain is resting at the crevice that separates my upper pectorals from my lower pectorals. If I don't bend over, I can't see much past the cliff's edge of muscle chest. My mighty quads are 29-1/2", bigger than my muscle freak's arms and easily as big as his tiny waist. My calves are 18", as big as foot balls, as big as my biceps were last week. My biceps this week are 20". They mound up when I bend my arms and peak and split into two hard mountains when I flex.

In science guy's bedroom we engage in a hot three way. I'm in the middle again. Master's 13" hard cock feels thicker in my ass as he slowly fucks me. His freaky arms encircle me and he's tweeking and pulling at my hard nipples. Poindexter is fucking my mouth and I'm taking his entire cock. I can take a 13" monster, I have no problems with his 7" prick. My body builder arms are wrapped around his solid waist, holding him tightly. I'm fucking him in the mouth and he's having trouble taking my thick 9" long rod. But I give him credit, he's hugging my waist with his 17" arms as if he's afraid I'll pull my cock away. This is great sex. I get to service two men at once and get a blow job at the same time. The fist like log inside my anus is plowing in and out, driving me wild with pleasure. I'm thrusting my big dick in and out of the hot moist mouth. The sensitive head of my cock keeps bumping past the piece of flesh that hangs down at the back of his mouth sending shivers up my spine. All this pleasure and I'm hungry to suck him dry.

Poindexter cums first, filling my mouth with his jizm. I can feel it spurting down my throat. I practically swallow his cock trying to take it all down. Then the huge cock in my ass explodes with cum pumping what feels like quarts of spunk into every nook and cranny of my gut. The feeling is too much for me and I let loose in science guy's mouth. I can hear and feel him gagging on the pints of liquid I'm pumping down his throat. He must like it because he cums again in my mouth. •

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