Can I Be a Freak?


By falseyedee

I have to talk about my ass for a minute. It is just amazing. It's very prominent, round and high. Today I put on a new pair of cargo shorts. The shorts are tight at my tree trunk legs and comically loose around my waist. If my legs and cock weren't so big, these shorts would slide right off. But because they're so loose at the waist, the fabric rests limply on top of my muscle ass. My butt begs to be spanked. My butt begs to be fucked.

Last night my muscle master completely dominated me. I'm a big, big bodybuilder now, so it may be hard for you to comprehend my being physically dominated. My lover and muscle daddy is a mind blowing muscle freak and he makes my 260 some odd pounds look puny. Last Saturday, he weighed almost 390 lbs of ripped freaky muscle. That's a ton of muscle on a 6 foot tall man. His arms are almost as big as his tiny 30" waist. And that waist looks even smaller because his chest is an unbelievable 73" around.

Last night he grabbed my wrists and pinned my 20" arms at my waist. "Try to raise your arms, muscle boy," he ordered me. I've really enjoyed how strong I'm getting and was eager to display by new strength for him. I pushed up and out against his grip. It was difficult and I was straining really hard. I smiled as they slowly moved away from my waist and the gap between my wrists and my waist got larger. God, it was hard. I was working up a sweat and was breathing hard. My arms got up about ¾'s of the way up to my shoulders. My deltoids were straining like mad. My traps, delts and arms were pumped up with blood, and veins were popping out all over.

"Is that all you've got muscle boy?" he asked.

I summoned my strength and redoubled my efforts. He just smiled. My arms didn't move. I was really struggling now, groaning and grunting with the effort. My shoulders and arms ached from the effort, but I wasn't going to give up. Then it started: my arms started to move slowly closer to my waist again. I was really surprised by that and surprised by the fact that it was getting me horny to be physically dominated.

"You are weak, Dean. You are grunting like an ape, struggling against my super man strength."

He continued talking to me about how weak I was as he slowly pushed my wrists closer and closer to my waist. The lower my arms were forced, the bigger my erection became. He wasn't struggling. He wasn't breathing hard. He wasn't even breaking into a sweat. I dug deep and fought against the inevitability of his dominant strength with every ounce of my strength. My arms and shoulders screamed with pain and trembled and twitched. My muscle master pinned my wrists against my waist. With that my cock grew fully erect.

"This is strength, Dean. You have nothing against me. Who am I, Dean?"

"You are my muscle master. You are my muscle daddy. You are a muscle freak, a super hero, my hero."

Keeping my wrists pinned to my waist, he lifted my 260 lbs. off the floor and set me down on his beautiful 13" erect cock. He then physically raised and lowered my ass up and down, recreating the first time he fucked me almost a year ago except that this time my arms are immobile. In spite of all my new muscle, he is completely dominating me. My 9" cock slapped against his iron abs. He is completely lost in the sensation of fucking me by pure display of strength. I am completely lost in the sensation of being manhandled by a huge muscle freak. Finally, he explodes inside me filling me with his warm cum. I cum at the same time and spew pints against his freakish chest. He continues to fuck me and soon comes again inside his willing muscle slave.

I've gotten bigger since that day. I get bigger every day. My body is amazing. Most bodybuilders dream of being built like I am today. The only man with a body bigger and more cut than mine is the super freak to whom I am devoted. It's Saturday and we're walking to Science guy's place so I can get the fourth and final dose. My super muscle freak is leading me by the cold heavy chain. The pad lock is resting in the cleavage between my huge pecs.

My muscle master has me wearing a simple posing strap and my athletic shoes. The posing strap was small on me last week. This week, it can't contain my huge cock and balls. My base ball sized balls hang low on either side of the pouch which can barely hold my flaccid cock. Many men would be embarrassed to go in public like this. Two months ago I would have been embarrassed to go in public practically naked with my balls showing. But, I love it. There is nothing like strutting your muscles for all to see. It's incredibly hot to be built like a Mr. Olympia, but its even hotter to see the people stare and gawk at your muscles. They pretend to be disgusted by the site of all this raw, ripped muscle, but you can see the desire in their eyes. They long to touch these hard muscles. They obviously yearn to be fucked by my massive rod.

I am a huge muscle man. But the man leading me is so much bigger, that I am small in comparison. He is taller, thicker, harder, more massive and more ripped than I am. He is truly a muscle freak. His chest is bigger around than he is tall. His arms are nearly the size of his waist. His thighs are bigger than many bodybuilders' chests. His calves are bigger than most men's thighs.

When we arrive at Science Guy's apartment, I notice with some surprise that Poindexter is much bigger than he was last week. He looks like I did after my first treatment. This week he's about 225 pounds of serious muscle. But I've grown so much in just the two weeks since then, he still looks puny to me now. I am bigger, stronger, more ripped. I am a muscle man.

My muscle freak says to him, "So have you decided to join us?"

Poindexter says nothing, but strips. He is indeed bigger. His physique is much more muscular. His muscles are fuller, bigger and leaner than they were before. He'd had a pretty studly build before. although he's much smaller than either my muscle god or even me, he definitely looks good and my cock responds. As it hardens, it pushes out above the band of my posing trunks.

Our usual measuring session begins. In the three weeks since my first injection, I've grown 107 pounds of muscle. I'm now just six pounds shy of 300 pounds! And on a man of 5'-9" that is a hell of a lot of muscle. My body fat is only 6% now. My waist is only 34- 1/2". My chest is now a massive 56". That's a gain of a full 3" of pure muscle in only one week. My quads tape at over 31". My calves are over 19" around, with the split between the two heads of muscle visible even when I lift my foot off the ground. My arms are now 22" of pure manly beef.

Poindexter's newly grown 18" biceps are smaller than my calves. I out weigh him by almost 75 pounds. And my muscle freak out weighs me by over 100 pounds. My muscle freak's 31" waist is smaller than Poindexter's ripped 33" waist. But Poindexter looks good to me.

I offer my hungry bubble butt to the scientist and he injects me with the fourth dose of the muscle growth elixir that has changed my body and changed my life. I have found my calling, my true heart's desire as a muscle boy toy.

"Poindexter, damn, man, you look good. Your arms are nice and your abs are great. Your chest is so much bigger than it was last week. Doesn't he look good, sir? His abs were always good, but one dose and they look great."

"He does look better, Dean. I'm glad to see that he's decided to join us in our muscle adventure. He might give you a run for your place as muscle boy."

Challenge my place as muscle boy? No! How could that be? I'm a huge muscle boy. I'm a dedicated muscle sex toy? I live to worship my muscle freak, to satisfy his every desire.

I couldn't hide my stunned hurt and fear.

"That's right, Dean. Your place is not to be taken for granted. In fact, today I think that Poindexter will get a treat."

With a hard yank on the chain around my neck he pulls me toward him and uses the long loose end of the chain to tie my hands behind my back and pushes me face first to the floor.

Poindexter mounts me and begins to fuck me with his newly enhanced cock. He is slow and thorough. As much as I want to resist, I'm soon matching his rhythm, lifting my hungry bubble butt to accentuate the deep thrust of his steely rod. We are both sweaty. He's grunting with pleasure. God, it feels good. The rhythm increases in pace and his hard cock seems to get harder and bigger even as he's fucking me. I don't want to like it, but its so good to be fucked by a muscle man…even a puny muscle man. I don't want to cum, but Poindexter's swelling cock pushes me to the brink. He lets out a deep moan of ecstatic pleasure as he cums inside me. He pumps his spunk, filling me and pushing me over the brink. My orgasm is terrific and I can feel my warm fluid spreading on the floor under my rippling stomach. I don't want to, but I'm disappointed when Poindexter slides his big cock out of my ass.

"Dean, you seemed to enjoy that. Lets see if you enjoy this." My muscle master lifts me like a rag doll and tosses me down in a chair. "Watch your super hero muscle his way to pleasure with another muscle boy, Dean."

As he grabs Poindexter around the waist and lifts and impales the smaller man on his huge 14" hard erection. I notice, to my horror that Poindexter's still hard cock is now as long as my 9" shaft and at least twice as big around. His cock has grown as much in one week as mind did in three! No wonder it seemed to grow inside me. I watch with growing concern, and growing desire, as my master fucks Poindexter in the way that my muscle god fucked me only a few days ago. Poindexter is manhandled like a toy, raised and lowered up and down the monsterous shaft. The amazing muscle man physically dominates and uses him for his pleasure. The young scientist is helpless and totally under the control of the immensely stronger super freak.

It breaks my heart to see another man take my place as the muscle boy in the muscle freak's control. The sight of my muscle god completely dominating another muscular man turns me on. Truth be told, Poindexter's muscle growth turns me on as well. Even in my moment of despair I find myself wondering how hot and sexy Poindexter will become in the next few weeks. Maybe I can be the muscle toy for both of them. •

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