Can I Be a Freak?


By falseyedee

I got the shot at about 11 in the morning. We spend the day doing what we always do on the weekends. He dominates and fucks me repeatedly as the day turns to night. Now and again I sneak a peak in the mirror, trying to see if I can see any changes yet. How fast is "accelerated?" There's only one way to find out. After cleaning up the mess from a particularly satisfying fuck, I curl up on the foot of futon and fall asleep.

My dreams are all about gaining muscle. In them my body gets bigger and bigger until I'm a muscle freak too. In the dreams I feel increasingly sexy and desirable. Its like the added muscle adds to my sex appeal. The added muscle makes me feel irresistible. I get a "come fuck me" attitude coupled with an insatiable desire to be fucked and dominated.

I wake up late and master is already awake. He looks bigger to me today than he did a week ago. That's what Poindexter is giving him for his birthday! Continued treatments! His body is amazing. Its huge and defined with tremendous sweep and flow. Some people think it's gross. To me it's sexy as hell and i feel instantly horny.

He notices that I'm awake and beckons me over with a toss of his beautiful head. I'm looking forward to our first morning sex..

"Little man, I want you to fully experience the growth that's started. I think you look a little fuller already." I hadn't really noticed being so wrapped up in him. He continued, "the best way to feel the development is to have something constant in size in constant contact with your body."

"Put this on," he orders as he tosses me a white t-shirt. "it's a large size, lets see how long it will be before your developing muscles tear it apart." I do as I'm told. The shirt fits me well. Since I'm not wearing any pants it hangs loosely down to just below my hips.

I show him my appreciation by giving him a blow job. In the past year I've conquered my gag reflex and can take much of his huge dick well into my mouth and throat. He cums, hot thick spunk filling my belly. Who needs a meal? Not me. When he finishes I'm sure to lick him clean, then I cook him breakfast, clean up after and start sweeping the floor.

My muscle god fucks my face a couple of times during the day. Each time he does, my stomach is filled with what feels like a quart of cum. It is thick and warm and satisfying. I love taking it all in.

Monday morning, I feel bigger and I tell my muscle master about it. "I feel bigger than I was Saturday before the shot. Yesterday I had a vague feeling of being fuller. Today I have that feeling, but I can see that I'm fuller." I look at myself in the mirror. "Look, my chest is bigger. It's stretching the t-shirt a little and my arms are filling the sleeves more. My legs are bigger too. This is really cool. Being able to see changes already is great. Hell, it's only been, what, 48 hours, and I can already the results." I lifted the shirt to look at my abs. "Oh, man, my six-pack is starting to show more. I look sexier. I look buffer and more desirable. I want to be big, buff and sexy. I want to be hot and sexy with muscles all over my body."

Normally, I'd go back to my apartment on Monday morning, but he wants me to stay in his studio for the next month. That's cool with. He leaves telling me not to remove the t-shirt. I have the whole day to experience the muscle growth.

When he leaves I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at my body. I'm at least ten pounds heavier than I was just two days ago. I can see that my muscles are indeed fuller. The t-shirt is snugger than it was yesterday morning. I look good. Seeing that the changes have begun in earnest makes me horny. I masturbate facing my self in the mirror, turned on by the buff hunk looking back at me. It seems like my balls are warm and I can actually feel them churning, producing cum. This is a hot sensation and I get harder and harder. When I come, it shoots high and hard, splashing on the mirror, covering my reflection in a thin coat of spunk.

Two days later, I am about 10 pounds heavier than I was Monday morning. "This is great. Look at how much bigger I am. There is no doubt that I'm a muscle boy now. The new muscle looks great. Look at my biceps! They're not just bigger, they're leaner too. My chest is a lot bigger now. The shirt is pretty snug now and I can see my two pecs stretching the fabric. The snug shirt feels really sexy on me. I like that feeling. My traps are starting to beef up too and my neck looks thicker too. Oh, yeah, that's the word for me! My muscles are thicker, not just fuller, but thicker. I look strong. My shorts are tighter than they were. My quads fill the legs of my shorts. My ass looks great. Its getting higher, round and strong."

"Lets see how strong, little man. Take off your shorts." I do as I'm told. My muscle freak is laying on the futon. His big cock is fully erect and I straddle his stomach on my knees and settle my ass slowly down on his beautiful dick. It feels good inside. We take our time and I raise and lower my more muscular butt up and down his thick shaft. I feel his big intercostal muscles, thick pythons of muscle, now bracketed by my growing quads. As I rise and fall on his dick, enjoying the feeling of its deep penetration, I can see that my quads are not just bigger but are getting more defined as well.

His hips start to thrust as we get more into it. We are both sweating and my shirt is getting damp. That accentuates the view of my pecs under the fabric. I am fully hard now and dripping pre-cum on his ripped ten-pack. His own pre-cum is lubricating as his dick repeated plunges deeper into my hole. He is thrusting fast and furious and I know he's close to orgasm. I'm almost there myself and my ride. My muscle freak cums violently and his old body spasms. He is wracked with pleasure. The force of his spewing cum against my prostate rapidly brings me to orgasm. My spunk shoots over his head and each thick stream falls on his freakish torso. My cum forms little rivers in the chiseled crevices between his huge granite muscles.

I lick his massive body clean. I love the feeling of his hard rippled muscles under my soft moist tongue. With every little movement he makes, his muscles ripple and twitch under his smooth skin. You have no idea what its like to have your face so close to a mountain of living muscle; to feel the heat it generates, to feel the muscles flex and dance under your hand, chest or cheek. It's a feeling like no other. At these times, I feel so happy to be his boy toy. And today I'm even happier because I'm becoming his muscle boy toy.

A few days later it's Saturday and its time to walk to the science guy's apartment. Master selects my clothes for me. He makes me wear a skimpy posing strap. I've never worn such a little thing in public. When I put it on I realize that my cock and balls are getting bigger too. They fit, only just, in the posing trunks. It would be a better fit if my ass wasn't developing into such a high, mound of muscle. I'm still wearing the white t-shirt that I put on last Monday morning. It is pretty tight now. My chest is lots bigger and my traps and shoulders are bigger and thicker. The sleeves are tight around my big arms and have been pulled up by the size of my mounding deltoids. My pecs and lats have gotten so big that the shirt is loose and higher on my waist. He puts a leather collar around my neck.

I am not embarrassed to be seen in posing trunks and a collar. I've packed on some serious muscle in only a week. I look big, defined and hot. I'm a sexy muscle boy. I'm a sexy muscle boy who serves the biggest muscle freak the world has ever seen. I'm proud to be seen on his lead. I'm proud of my growing body. I look strong and attractive. I want to be seen and desired. I want men to lust after me.

At science guy's apartment, I'm lead in and told to stand in the middle of the living room.

"The accelerated formula seems to be working well. It looks significantly bigger and seems to be shedding its fat." Those words make me smile. "But there's more fat to loose." He pinches my waist and grips some skin between his fingers. "it looks like he's grown more muscle in a week then you did in your first month. Have it take off its shirt."

"No, his shirt stays on."

Today science guy strips before getting started. His body was better than I'd thought it would be. His muscles are hard and round. But not any more defined than mine; and I was his size back on, like Tuesday. I'm bigger than him though. That's cool. My muscle man is striping too. What's this about?

Poindexter takes the photos then sets to work measuring me. I'm still 5'-9" tall, but today I weigh 223 lbs! Damn! I gained 36 lbs of muscle this week. That's incredible. My body fat is down to 10%. My waist is 1 inch smaller, now 33". I hadn't expected that. My chest is 49". I've added 5 inches to my chest. No wonder the shirt is so tight. My thighs are a lot bigger now, 27"; just a tad bigger than my muscle god's biceps. My calves are almost 17" and my biceps are 18 inches cold. Man that is hot. My arms have gone from a respectable 15-1/2" to a body builder's 18 inches. Knowing how big I'd gotten in just a week was really hot. My prick started to bulge in the posing trunks.

Science guy pulls the posing strap down around my big quads and my dick springs out, hard over my churning balls. He licks his lips and glances at my master. I look at him too and see that he's got a full erection too. My heart skips a beat as I start to figure out what's happening.

"Do like Poindexter, Dean? Is he sexy to you? It's okay if he is." I look from my muscle freak to the ridiculously smaller, but buffed science guy, then back to my master and nod. "Then take him, little man. Fuck him where he stands."

I spit a couple times in my hand and rub it on my hard dick. It's now about 8-1/2" and I can see that science guy wants it. Using my new strong muscles, I turn him and he presents me with his hairy ass. With my new strenth, I pull him close and slowly slide my hard dick into his hungry hole. It's difficult at first, but he relaxes a little and takes it all. My arms are wrapped around his waist. My big chest is hard against his thick back. This is glorious. How long has it been since I fucked somebody? At least a year and I think it was my muscle freak when he was about the size I am now.

I'm grinding my cock into the scientists ass, enjoying fucking, and I'm suddenly surprised to feel a hard fist sized thing poking at my ass. It's my master's big dick, hot and hard. He rams it in hard and fast, his arms are around my waist and gripping Poindexter's hips. I can feel his freaky huge pecs, hard and flexing harder, grinding into my back. I'm fucking and being fucked. Arms the size of my thighs squeeze Poindexter's firm groaning body against me and I then feel myself being lifted off the floor. My freaky muscle daddy has impaled me on his huge cock and lifted me and Poindexter off the floor. His hips are thrusting his 12" beer can cock in and out of my ass. This motion is forcing my 8-12' dick in and out of Poindexter's ass. Poindexter's 7" dick is hard and flopping free like a branch in a breeze. The freaky muscle master is fucking us both! Fucking, being fucked, being used to fuck, all at once. It's an intense feeling of physical pleasure. There's always something new and its always great. I'm groaning. Science guy is groaning. The gargantuan muscle man under us both is grunting hard and loud.

He cums first with force, pumping pint after pint filling me up. I cum with ecstatic pleasure and spurt my loads repeated into science guy. The feeling of release is tremendous. Poindexter trembles with pleasure as he shoots his load around the room. Master has used us both as his muscle toys. He lowers us back to the floor and withdraws from my ass. When I withdraw from him he collapses on the floor spent. My knees are pretty weak too, and that's just as well. I've got a lot of spunk to lick up off the floor, off science guy, off our sexual god. •

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