Bull's Strength

Enjoying Holdar's hospitality?


By Muscl4life

Bryan, Kevin and Zack were taken to the Solarium in the middle of the afternoon and told that Joshua was with his father. The help told them to make themselves comfortable and showed their room. Zackary would stay in the other room with a single bed, but there was a communication door, so they felt he would be safe, but what really held their attention was this HUGE bed, who could fit Joshua and his two lovers:

“They really think details don't them? Kevin said and jumped in the soft huge bed. The whole bed was made of stone, so it would handle their combined weight. Bryan smiled, he knew Joshua would fuck their brains out, and that bed was perfect for actual sleep after hours of hot wet dripping cum sex, it was a good thing Zack would be in separated rooms, they needed their privacy. All the rest of the day, the guys laid near the pool and had humongous snacks, while waiting for Joshua's return. The night cam e and they were invited to have dinner in the pool garden, the night was incredibly clear with a big blue moon on the sky, the hot breeze was delicious, and the smell of food was so inviting… Bryan felt happy for his lover, after all the main purpose of this wild trip was to finally find out who this Holdar guy was, but yet he was a little afraid – Zackary was much more afraid, his own life could be in danger, but he knew Joshua would protect him.

“I'd never imagined Joshua could be so loaded on the money! Kevin said looking the decoration

“Rather amazing – Zackary commented.

“How could you find holdar anyway? Bryan asked Zack:

“He found me, when I received the answer of Joshua the phone rang and it was a guy named Rob, I knew he was one of Holdar's henchmen, and we set the details, but you've seen it didn't work out as I planned. Just then, they heard the noise of a huge figure approaching, not just one but two. Then the laughter was loud and suddenly Joshua appeared running and cheering:

“YAHOO! I WON! I WON! He celebrated and lowered his hands laughing:

“ONLY BECAUSE YOU CHEATED! YOU STARTED ALONE! The owner of the amazing voice appeared, hugged Joshua and LIFTED him! But due to the stats of this MONSTER it was not that impressive. He was ENORMOUS! He towered Joshua who could only reach the middle of his abs – what abs? ROCKS! DOZERS! Joshua was dwarfed completely ! The MAN was just as WIDE as Joshua as TALL! The wings were to wide, the arms were too long, the chest was too enormous, the man was absolutely HUMONGOUS, then he turned his face and they realized it was Holdar, because only him could look like Joshua that way! It was like seeing Josh in two sizes - MEGA and GIGA! Then he lowered the mega lad in the floor and looked at the shocked guests:


“Hey guys! See how BIG my dad is? Josh said proudly – You should see him training! Totally awesome! Bryan was the first to get a clue and introduced himself:

“Mr. Holdar, it's a pleasure to meet you – My name is Bryan Thompson – he offered his huge but yet not HUGE hand and Holdar shook it then he hugged the muscled lad:


“He's pretty haired Joshua – I see your spunk has pretty powerful results! Holdar said with his science look

“I told you, dad! He was the first to drink it, and in the beginning we didn't notice the results, but after many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many doses he turned into the golden bear you see now! Bryan totally blushed, knowing it was Josh's intend to embarrass him.

“And you must be Kevin? Holdar offered his hand and Kevin shook it still with his jaw dropped:

“P-please to meet you – The red haired mega muscles lad said

“THIS ONE ONLY TOOK ONE DOSE? JOSHUA WE'LL HAVE TO STUDY YOUR JUICES FIRST THING ON THE MORNING! Holdar wasn't kidding, but he smiled. Then Josh got serious:

“I think you already know Dr. Feldens – Joshua pointed at Zachary and the only normal man in the island, nodded his head. But Holdar didn't care, he just turned his face to Joshua:

“SO ARE WE GONNA EAT OR NOT? I AM STARVING! Holdar said and attacked the food. They ate more than a whole defense line of football team together just at round one, then each one had three more repetitions and Joshua still went for his fourth and fifth time, only loosing to his father who could eat whole eight times. The only one who couldn't even finish his first plate was Zack who went to bed right after. After dinner, the muscled teens and the MUSCLE FATHER remained talking outside, Holdar was marveled about Josh's story, his struggle for learning and his self teaching method, his many spoken languages, his musical skills, his recent political and economical positions, his interest for art and greek mythology, everything which just mesmerized his father so close they were. Josh kept talking and talking and when they realized it was already 2 a.m. Holdar excused himself:

“JOSHIE, IT WAS A WONDERFUL DAY, BUT I GOTTA GET SOME SLEEP, IF WE WANT RESUME OUR TRAINING RIGHT? Joshua stood up and opened his arms. Holdar grabbed him in his arms and kissed his forehead:

“GOOD NIGHT DADDY! Joshua said as the giant father lowered him on the floor.

“GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE! Holdar excused and went inside the mansion followed by Trent and Rob and two more of his muscled employees.

“YOUR FATHER IS AWESOME! HE'S GARGANTUAN! Kevin said jumping at Joshua's lap:

“I am so happy you two got along just fine! Bryan smiled

“We are still knowing each other, but I already admire him, by his intelligence, his character and his SIZE! Joshua looked at his two lovers and grabbed them:

“You know I've gained more than 120 pounds in just one training and I didn't even feel it? Come on I'll show you how BIGGER I've got! Where's our room?

“You'll just love the bed! Bryan completed as they entered the house. Rob finished cleaning his side of his master's muscle back, and so did Trent. They started rubbing the muscles of his imperial chest:

“I can't believe how BIG, he is! Holdar kept mumbling, he adjusted himself as Rob cleaned his mightiest chest muscles. Immersed in his gigantic tube, Holdar enjoyed his bath with his henchmen:

“He was capable of turning his friends into guys bigger than you little men – He looked at Trent who smiled :

“I know master, I couldn't believe either when I saw their figures on the farm!

“Even though he's much smaller than you Master, the kid has potential! Rob said after he kissed the hardness of Holdar's neck! Holdar moaned a little:

“Even lost in the middle of nowhere he was capable of learning, of growing and becoming each time stronger, if he did that in such conditions imagine after the phase 2 is complete! Holdar laughed and looked at himself

“My son! He's proud of my body! He was totally into my MUSCLES, and he wanted to be just like me! But he can grow MORE! I want him to GROW MORE,! Holdar felt his hardest muscles. Trent was biting his nipples:

“ He's together with me, and together we'll GROW much more! Holdar stood UP in all his glory and looked at his dwarfed little henchmen, each one of them only reached his waist line, it was really difficult for them to towel his mass, but he liked to see them struggling for a compliment, and Holdar always did this, because he loved more than anything being worshipped, and have his muscles overpowering the little men around him. And he liked that, he walked to his bed and sat down, quickly Trent and Rob applied his lotion all over his mega muscled boss, rubbing and massaging his steel hard muscles. He looked at the sexy look on Rob's face:

“The Phaetonte project must go on! Trent gave special attention to his master's armpits, Holdar repeated:

“My son loved my biceps, he squeezed them and desired them as you are doing now little man. Holdar grabbed both Trent and Rob in each hand:

“Call every men in the island I wanna fuck all of you tonight! He smiled and kissed them, felling his power of his little henchmen. Zackary couldn't sleep. First, because he was too nervous about that whole situation and even though he was tired of almost three days without sleeping, the noise coming from the boys' room was just too loud! Their moans, their groans, the "Oh my God!" exclamations and many more, besides the noise of the bed humping against the wall fiercely was the final drop! Zack got up the bed, dressed into some kind of silk kimono which was near his bed, and decided to have a smoke in the yard. It was almost 4 a.m., the blue moon already had laid behind the horizon. Feldens got his pack of cigarettes – He tried to smoke them many times but every time one of the boys complained about the smoke, yeah, like it would stunt their growth! He knew he wanted to quit many times, but every single opportunity he had was blown by irrelevant excuses, and this was one of them – "I'm too nervous!" Fuck! He just wanted to smoke! Zackary's hands were shaking, but even so he managed to light his smoke, and he savored the bitter feeling of his cigarette:

“YOU STILL HAVE THIS DISGUSTING HABIT? – Zack froze. It was him! HOLDAR appeared magically at his side, better his hip appeared at his eye level, because the rest of his colossal body was very high up in the air. Feldens started shaking and his mouth dropped the cigar down the balcony. He took a few steps over his former colleague. Holdar grinned and put his paws on his narrow hips:

“You still think I wanna kick your ass? PLEASE! If I wanted, you think those muscle teens could stop me? Not even Joshua is so strong – although after this training he's pretty much stronger! Holdar wore nothing but the same white leather thong, which covered his enormous BULGE! Zackary swallowed as he watched Holdar sitting on the outside, refreshing himself with the night breeze which was coming from the beach:

“I know what you did Feldens! And I AM PISSED at you, but I won't hurt you, I'll just ignore you, and pretend we never shared those moments! You turned my plans to ChemTech because you were jealous of my son, and I can't forgive you for what you did… Holdar kept looking at him

“I've never been jealous of your "son", but I was afraid you could hurt people, you were losing the control!

“And by losing the control you mean, I had a mind of my own which lead me to different plans, those which were not the same of the Board? And you – the eternal Mr. follow the orders, chickened out! Holdar completed crossing his mega muscled arms over his chest:


“Yeah, like they would ruin their own investment! Mocked the super colossal man:

“You don't understand, the only reason you were able to escape, was that I changed the code of the gates in the last minute, so the alarm went off and you had time to take Sarah of there! Have you ever considered what could have happened to Joshua if they broke into there successfully? You could have escaped, of course, but hey would get Sarah! Zack walked nervously from one side to another:

“I WOULD NEVER LET THEM HAVE SARAH! Holdar said with a power that made the windows tremble

“But you could get them to kill her in the whole thing! I did what I thought was the best, because I do have a mind of my own, which doesn't always agrees with your fucking enhanced brain! Zack concluded furiously. Holdar looked at him and waved his head:

“You would never understand! You don't know HOW POWERFUL I AM! I could vanish an entire army by my self! You think I couldn't beat those guys? Holdar laughed out loud and then he pointed one HUGE finger to Feldens – YOU CAN STAY HERE, BUT I DON'T WANT YOU TRASHING ME TO MY SON! Holdar turned his vast back. Feldens lost his mind and rushed into Holdar. The giant man just twisted his hip and dodged from the "attack" and the thin doctor fell over himself. Holdar laughed and lifted him from the ground. Feldens had rage and fear in his look but Holdar didn't he was calm:

“Zack, why don't you rest for a change, you can't control everything, or at least, you are not in charge now, I am taking my project forward, Joshua and I have much more to GROW, and you can't stop me from doing this, it's my dream, as I've told you many, many times! Now if you excuse me, I have 16 asses to fuck for the third time! Holdar dropped Feldens on the floor and proceeded to his room, while Feldens was furious at the floor, cursing himself, mostly because he still loved that insane behemoth just as the first they've met! Zackary got up and looked for his cigarettes, but they were gone! Holdar must have thrown them away. He always did that, every time he caught Feldens smoking he managed to distract him, grab the pack and throw it away, he can't even figure how many times it happened! Zackary laughed nervously and waved his head while he went back to his room – That miserable sun of a bitch! He keep doing this to me, maybe he cares about my health after all!

The dawn wasn't even shining when Joshua woke up. He couldn't sleep anymore, after fucking Bryan and Kevin all night long, he just couldn't sleep, his cock was HARD! Harder than never! He couldn't believe it! It was almost at his eye level so hard and thick he couldn't walk straight. The giant lad tried to wake up one of his "bitches" to help him with that awkward situation, but they were just too tired. Joshua took a deep breath and decided to take a good dive in the pool, maybe the cold water could work the situation, he just couldn't jack off anymore, it had lost the magic for him, now FUCK was the only thing he wanted. The pool was indeed over ten feet deep, because it was perfect for a dive in Joshua's proportions just like Holdar said last night . It was quiet and the water very cold, but in a moment – SPLASH – the water was blown by almost 1500 pounds of muscle teen. Not even the cold water could work against his erection and Joshua just let it fade out himself, if that was possible, maybe when the boys were up, he could release a few more times. The sun was rising and the pool got the perfect illumination. Joshua closed his eyes and felt the light bathing his muscles, then he started swimming, maybe it could help him. His muscles cut the water like a hot knife cuts butter, he slipped graciously through the liquid and kept swimming all the styles over and over. He just felt the water refreshing him, but still his cock was hard, besides the friction of the fluid in his shaft wasn't helping very much! Josh kept swimming for over one hour and a half, and he could do much more if he wasn't for Trent gentle interruption:

“Master Joshua, the breakfast is served! Trent invited the giant lad for eating but Joshua's member still demanded attention:

“Uh, thanks! But I'll swim a little more, you can help yourself! Joshua returned to his exercise, pretending to avoid food, he was starving, but he didn't want to be seen hard, he was already running naked around the house, even though his father – who's pretty bigger – wears that thong, it could be embarrassed if the help saw him hard as steel. Joshua emerged, look at his sides no one at sight – He got up of the pool, with his cock just as hard as in the beginning! He sat on the sun bathing chair:

“Oh, come on! Can't you wait a little, you know that if I jerk off, you still are gonna be hard, let's just wait for the others – Joshua whispered to his own cock like he had a mind of its own, and most of the times it did:

“Is there anything I can do to help you - Rob appeared right at his side with a mean grin. Joshua looked at his beauty tiny muscular body and smiled back, pointing to his member :

“I can't get soft! Cold water didn't work, and I don't wanna jerk off, because if I do this, I'll remain hard until I fuck! Joshua looked at Trent returning with a big bottle of what seemed baby oil.

“Well, well, we can't let that happen can we? - Rob removed his skimpy clothing, revealing his 450 pound physique – Relax and let us take care of this. Rob massaged Joshua's immense back while Trent applied the mint oil all over his muscles, rubbing and squeezing the lad's muscles with all the strength his 380 pounds muscle could apply. Joshua felt his cock hardening each time more:

“Guys, no offense but you're not helping me – he teased. Rob increased the pressure over his neck:

“We didn't even started – Your father has the same problem every single day, and it takes us hours to finally solve it. Rob kissed Joshua's forehead and continued massaging him: Trent was done with the oil and now he just laid over Joshua and rubbed against him, he felt every muscle fiber, he bit his nipples he licked his arm pits, punched the chest he made himself into a human plaything for Joshua, who just grabbed him and helped in his task, making him feeling his muscles hardly and sexy. Trent kept moaning, while Rob was now literally fucking Joshua's mouth. He had closed his legs around the neck of the muscle teen and turned himself until his 14 inches cock was engulfed by the desiring mouth of the titanic teen. Trent slipped to his legs, and worshipped the magnificent pillars of muscle, he gently went to the bubble but and Joshua lifted himself a little, the brunette guy managed to lift the butt of the monster muscular lad and his hot tongue went all the way up his anus. Joshua screamed in pleasure, then Rob got his cock out of his mouth and he attacked the deep cleavage of the muscle titan fucking his cleavage hard and roughly. Trent replaced his tongue for his fist, and Joshua moaned in pain and pleasure, the hand got up, massaging his hole and Rob returned his cock to the opened mouth. Joshua could barely breath, his mouth was being fucked and his anus was totally squeezed. The fist was wildly assaulting his butt, going up and down making circles, pressing spots Joshua didn't even know existed. Rob fucked his mouth and throat, Joshua engulfed all the prick, and continued to suck that cock fiercely. Suddenly, Trent pressed his ultra sensitive prostate and Joshua saw stars. He screamed as his cock erupted as the cum volcano he was used to, but this time it so different, so intense! Joshua sucked the cock in his mouth so fiercely, Rob moaned as his load all the way down his throat. Trent kept pressing the "joy button" while Joshua spewed volleys and volleys of cum, he moaned as he lifted both of the henchmen and kissed them in thanks for their help. The orgasm was still buzzing on his body, but amazingly his cock was soft for the time being. Joshua reclined himself , still hugging the exhausted pair of muscle men:

“WOW! I've never felt this way – Trent you gotta teach me how to do that stuff! Joshua said curious:

“Just a little of ancient techniques from the East, your father taught us, it helps in this particular problem you have, after this voluptuous orgasm you just had, you'll just feel relaxed and free of any uncomfortable, but I gotta warn you, it will only increase your next ejaculations and increase sensibly your libido – Rob commented in a serious tone – We saw your problem, but the only solution is that you have to increase the number of times you have sexual intercourses – Otherwise the hardness will remain!

“You've just made me even more wild for sex than I already am? THANK YOU!

“Remember to refill your energies, you have to be always well fed every time you had sex, it will just increase your orgasm amount – Trent said, sleeping of Josh's hug, and so did Rob:

“Excuse us now, we gotta check something inside the house. Both of them went in and Joshua used the cascade on the pool (what? You don't think a pool like that would be complete without a fifteen feet tall cascade did you?) to rinse himself from his cum and mint oil, jumped back on the pool, swam a little and finally laid back on the chair, enjoying the feeling himself relaxed and full of energy. He was almost attending the callings of his stomach to get some food, when the sun was blocked:

“I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT BE HUNGRY AFTER ALL THAT EXERCISE! Holdar said and pointed to a catering service next to the pool. Joshua rubbed his hands together, got up of the chair in a jump, kissed his father's cheekbones and attacked the food. Holdar smiled as he watched his son eating like a beast, just like him. He joined the giant lad in his fierce eating, and soon they had vanished the whole thing. Joshua smiled as he rubbed his rock hard stomach:

“The food was delicious! It's a good thing we don't get fat from eating! Holdar smiled

“WE just ate more than the entire dinner served last night! Joshua was dumb folded – How come? •

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