Bull's Strength

Family Reunion


By Muscl4life

Are you curious about Holdar? What is he like? Calm down the answers are here at the FINAL PART - at least for a while!

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The Solarium wasn't a common building. It was a HUGE MANSION! The ceilings were at least thirty feet high! There were no doors, but huge arches about ten feet wide which connected the rooms, the furniture was adjusted to provide comfort for a guy of Joshua's stats (maybe even some one BIGGER, if that is possible). The decoration was clean and clear, resembling classical standards. The marble floor, gave a touch of ancient greek temples, and the many statues, paintings and murals all said one thing: MUSCLE! Everything was muscle related, the statues of huge muscled man in gargantuan sizes, eight, feet tall, the statues were one more muscled than the other, the paintings showed what seemed a muscle god among the mortals, being worshipped and pleased by dozens of huge muscular men, which were totally dwarfed by the muscle god. The wall sized mirror was definitely gigantic, of course it was the size of one wall of that immense complex! Joshua looked at himself, his majestic muscles and titanic figure, his awesome muscles, his gigantic cock, which almost touched the floor, although it was rarely flaccid. His mega muscled arms, but specially his expression – His face was so tenderly beautiful but apprehensive, he never felt like this before, how would he look like, would he like Joshua, would he fear him?

“MY DEAR SON! AT LAST WE ARE TOGETHER! The voice thundered around the room, Joshua looked at the reflex on the mirror but he didn't believe on it! He turned around and saw the IMPOSSIBLE! Holdar stood in the middle of the room, but his presence filled the rest of the house. HE WAS THE MUSCLE OVER MUSCLE! His anatomy wasn't human anymore! Towering his 9'6" son for more than two feet in height and only god knows how HEAVY this MAN was! His muscles beyond Joshua's wildest dreams! His arms were gargantuan, longer and thicker they stood aside him as his pair of weapons. They were absolutely HUGE, THICK, CABLED and above all MUSCLE! Joshua couldn't even compare his guns with those limbs! The chest was composed by a pair of enormous muscle hemispheres jutting out of the body for two feet or more, the nipples were gigantic! His torso was so wide, it wasn't just a shelve, you could build a whole house over that mass! His abs – all 28 of them – were just dazzling, they popped like cut right on the stone! His legs were so thick, one of them could hold a mountain! The veins, the cable power covered his body pulsing with energy and life, the calves were real bulls, his feet were humongous, his hands absolutely wide and big, with his thick fingers. This man was so WIDE! He was practically was WIDE as Joshua was TALL! He opened his arms and Joshua almost fainted. The lats on that behemoth were wings of a condor, so wide that could engulf Joshua in a hug, what seemed impossible until now! The skin was tanned like the bronze itself, and his body was completely smooth – just like Joshua, there wasn't one single hair all over his muscular skin! His neck was absolutely thick, it was the symbol of power and strength. But the face was rather impressive. It was, by all means, Joshua! A bigger Joshua, a better Joshua, a bolder Joshua, a tougher Joshua – if all those things were imaginable! His face so tender, yet masculine and strong, it was him! The same green eyes, big and expressive, the same full lips! The hair was longer, it was over shoulder length but it was held by a tail. The same smile captivating and tender. The HUGER in front of the HUGE wore nothing to cover his muscle beauty but a white leather thong, which BULGED, the bulge in fact was quite jesting, but nothing can be ridiculous in the muscle ABOVE muscle His figure was unbelievably MUSCLED, and he waited anxiously to be hugged by his son:

“COME ON! DON'T I GET TO HUG MY OWN SON? Holdar asked to a dumb folded Josh who just look UP to his father's face and approached to hug, or better, being hugged by the humongous creature!

“MY DEAR SON! HOW MUCH I'VE MISSED YOU! Joshua couldn't hear straight, the minute their muscles touched he felt the incredibly hardness of his father, his muscles were engulfed by the giant arms of Holdar and he LIFTED Joshua! Nobody had never done this, he wasn't carried ever since he turned five, because at that time he was almost as heavy as his uncle Greg, but now Joshua felt the POWER of his father who not just lifted him, but actually threw him up and down, grabbing his fall, just like a father plays with his kid son, although the "kid" in this scene is over a thousand pounds of MUSCLE! Joshua didn't even care for his hard cock, it wasn't an issue anymore:

“WHAT'S THE PROBLEM, SON? THE CAT ATE YOUR TONGUE? The tower of muscle laughed out loud shaking Joshua along with his unbearable chest. Joshua smiled nervously, he never felt "small" in his life

“S-sorry to bother, but I had to see you, I was so curious – Joshua looked at his face half smiling:

“There's no problem son! You had the right, I was just as nervous as you were, that's why I tried to make everything perfect for your arrival! Holdar said with the same look on his face –His voice was low but yet so powerful you could here it perfectly:

“The only thing that mattered to me was to see you - Joshua smiled and hugged his father with love and curiosity, he squeezed the BODY OF MUSCLE with all his might, and yet the giant didn't seem to complain:

“My son! You are the most precious thing! I thought I had lost you all those years, but now I see you are even better than I've expected – YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY HUGE! Holdar said as he hugged his son again, squeezing with the same power Joshua just did, maybe to show him that he was STRONGER!

“I had so many questions – Joshua asked after he recovered his breath – About you and mostly about myself!

“Everything will be explained – I am aware you had seen the content of the files my former colleague got, but I can assure you I'll explain everything.

“No, not about that – I mean I do wanna know about those things too, but mostly I wanna know about YOU, father, who are you? Joshua had his look focused on his father, who smiled and nursed his son on his mega powered arms, like he's been waiting to do his whole life:

“My name is or used to be Richard Holdar, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, my father was the consul of Greece in Brazil, that's where he met my mother and they married, and as a diplomatic representative my father had to live in many different countries, and so I spent my childhood and teenage living in many different countries, learning extraordinary cultures, but my favorite was greek mythology, as my old man told me the stories of Gods, heroes and demy-gods!

“You mean, I am part Brazilian? Joshua asked fascinated

“Of course! Although your mother was a typical redneck american, tall, very light skin blond blue eyed beauty, you've sure got your share of tropical winds in your skin shade, your eyes are just like mine! And those beautiful full lips remember me of my deceased mother.

“When did she die? Joshua asked sadly:

“When I was 18 they both died in a terrible car accident, I was already finishing college in US in the time, I decided to enter Medical School and start my life in America. I graduated with the highest GPA in the story of the University and that's when I was invited to join the ChemTech staff!

“WOW! You're so clever! I know your parents are proud of you! Holdar smiled and blinked to Josh:

“Joshua, I want you to know that all the bad things which happened with your mother, I didn't mean to cause them! I know you may think I didn't love your mother and just used her at my plans…

“I understand –Joshua tried to change the subject

“No, please, let me finish! I've been wanting to tell you this for 15 years now! My transformation changed my view for good, I have a new understanding of life and pleasure, but I never wanted to harm Sarah, she was an innocent, and I swear I've been trying to locate you all that time, but the records she gave on ChemTech were false, I didn't know where to look – Holdar's tears rolled heavy and wet Joshua's chest:

“Father, I forgive you – I was pretty mad at you when the whole story came up, but then I've done a lot of thinking and realized that you'd never wanted to hurt my mother neither myself, it was all tragic…

“You won't suffer never more in this life! Holdar held the chest of his son and kissed his forehead. Joshua felt the wet lips touching his skin, and he was kind of intoxicated by the smell of his father, it was strong and masculine, but also so good and refreshing, like the smell of summer breeze…

“But I also realized if all those things hadn't happened, I would never got to know Uncle Greg, Auntie Clara or even Bryan and Kevin, so let's just let the past in the past! Joshua hugged his father's impossibly thick neck and kissed his cheekbones…

“And who are those? Holdar asked curiously

“Uncle Greg and Auntie Clara raised me, she's my mother older sister, I lived with them in their farm, Uncle Greg died a little time ago, and I lived with Auntie until I met Bryan and Kevin – Joshua blushed

“Are they "your lovers"? Holdar teased Josh and they both laughed

“I loved them both so uniquely and intensely, how did I had to pick just one? Joshua commented smiling:

“You don't have to Josh, you are more than man, your need are different, I know just one man can't satisfy your need for pleasure, not even two, but you know its your heart that is capable of loving two people at the same time, with the same intense but in different ways, I understand you…

“Gee, I didn't look for that side! Thank you! Joshua blushed once more! Holdar smiled and kissed his forehead once more…

“Dad? Joshua asked tenderly – Holdar smiled from ear to ear, he was so proud of his mega muscled son – Can you put me down, now! I am not used of being carried for so long – I am not used of being carried at all! Joshua smiled and Holdar realized he was supporting his 1200 rock hard muscle pounds son all the time:

“I am sorry, Joshie – He lowered the lad back on the floor – I just keep forgetting own my strength!

“You bet! Back in the farm, I was always the tallest, the biggest, the strongest, but now – BAM! You're the MAN, you're fucking HUGE, I mean I am fucking HUGE, you're just AMAZING, DADDY! Joshua opened his arms and smiled to his old man, who stood proud:

“Nothing bad for a 42 year old, huh? Holdar laughed – He didn't look one day over eighteen, just like Joshua, in fact, besides the fact Holdar is over two feet taller than Joshie, they could pass as perfect twins.

“NOT BAD? FUCKING HUGE! You are definitely the BIGGEST man on earth! Joshua yellowed

“I may look much bigger than you, but that's just because I've been taking my formula for the past 15 years now, and you only took it when inside of the womb! Holdar smiled and turned his enormous back, he sat in a huge couch and asked Joshua to sit next to him, but the lad just sat on his lap:

“All this time, I've been perfecting myself the best way I could find, my enhancing treatment was upgraded, and I've been able to keep developing myself beyond human capabilities – Holdar FLEXED his gun:

“Touch it! Joshua obliged at the same time

“WOW! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF YOUR ARM! IT'S BIGGER THAN MY CHEST! Joshua tried to dent the muscle, but not even his strength was capable of such event. Holdar just smiled and waited for Joshua giving up. Then he FLEXED once more and continued:

“Each biceps of mine is 186 inches around – They're much thicker than your chest! But that's just because I've been transforming myself all over the years, allowing myself to reach higher standards, I am STRONGER, BIGGER, TALLER than any man in the world, but even after 15 years of this treatment, I am positively sure I still didn't reach YOU! Holdar brushed Joshua's silky hair:

“What you mean – You're twice bigger than I am! Joshua said still squeezing his father's biceps.

“Only because you and I had been in different situations, I've been able to keep developing and you were stuck – I mean – You've done a terrific work for yourself, but still attached to human standards, which prevents you from reaching YOUR TRULY capabilities:

“You mean I've been training wrong my whole life? Joshua still squeezed the enormous arms

“No, no! You're just compared your training with men, and you're more than MAN, you're the next step n evolution! Holdar grabbed Joshua's hand and placed in his won gigantic biceps:

“You are in such ways better than human race – You can't be compared to them anymore – I am beyond human standards, but you are WAY OVER ME! If my original plan had worked out I should be the one amazed with your muscles, even at MY SIZE! Joshua smiled, his father was so intelligent:

“I know people didn't understand why you were so HUGE compared to them, and it sure may caused you pain and suffering, and also you've felt that you were a FREAK! But now that you're with me, I can help you to release your full potential! Joshua looked at his father's proud expression and his tears rolled down his face:

“All my life I've been dreaming to find you, and see if you were like me, finding out that I wasn't a freak, that I was just like my father and so it was normal to be big like me… Holdar hugged his son, lifted from the couch and carried him to the view of the many room. It showed the entire island complex, and right in the center there was this huge training center, gym, swimming pools, running tracks, lots and lots of weights:

“This is the POWER ROOM! Holdar said proudly – It is where I train!

“ The POWER ROOM? Joshua said in chorus

“You've must noticed that my "henchmen" are pretty built themselves – I actually have 16 men working for me in this facilities. Each one of them was given a very small part of the original treatment I once took, but that's all, only I had been developing and continuing with the treatment, but you've seen the average result is rather optimistic!

“16 men ran all this complex? Joshua asked still feeling his father's hardness

“The treatment allowed them to perform such hard task, besides, the whole island has computer systems that control minor details. But all those years I've been taking more treatment enhancers and developing my muscles and other talents – OUR talents – I know you feel you can accomplish almost everything you want, isn't it right! Don't you feel you could run more than a car, that you are stronger than everything you've seen on TV?

“I've always felt like that! Joshua nodded – It was like being hold back!

“Exactly, and the POWER ROOM allowed me to avoid such situation – I train everyday twelve hours a day, and so I've been able to chive THIS BODY! Holdar flexed his muscles underneath Joshua and the lad got hard at the same time. Holdar smiled. Joshua looked at him:

“Whoa, Dad! How BIG are you? Joshua was in trance by his father's physique

“12'7 inches tall – 2745 pounds of MUSCLE! Holdar grinned – How do you like your Big Old Man?



“I don't know If I can get as big as you, dad? Joshua said squeezing his biceps!


“You mean you wanna help me to grow? Joshua asked with a glow in his eyes


“I KNOW I CAN! Holdar replied proudly – BUT NOW, I WANNA SHOW YOU YOUR TRUE SELF! Holdar carried Josh in his back all the way to the POWER ROOM, and the mega muscled lad enjoyed the ride! It was like playing with his father all those years he couldn't, he felt his father's strength, power protecting and watching over him, he felt he had someone to trust and that would always defend him, against the bad things! Holdar and his son arrived to POWER ROOM and the father lowered on the floor:

“Listen, champ – This is where I want to spend a few time with you alone! You see all these equipment? They're about 40% of my wealth, and it is YOURS! Just like everything else! But these particular equipment was developed by me after my transformation, so it's nothing but state of the art technology, not even NASA has such appliances. Holdar said proudly – The machines work with magnetic and gravitational forces, which means that we don't need to use weights the size of mountains if we want to really work out!

“What you mean? Joshua asked in his typical curiosity:

“I'll show you! Holdar placed himself in the machine, turned it on – It as like a incline bench – He grabbed the bar, and loaded with about 2000 pounds, not much Joshua thought – and then he started lifting, but he was struggling in each rep, and Joshua knew 2000 pounds was nothing for his MEGA father, Holdar accomplished about 100 reps and he seemed pretty sweat and tired:

“Guess how much I lifted? Holdar asked between breaths:

“2000 pounds – I saw you loading the bar

“Actually I was lifting 14000 pounds! Holdar said proud – This machine create an field which increases the weight of the plates and the bar to astronomical proportions! We can train our true strength and allow our muscles to grow more! Come here! Joshua did as told, Holdar helped him:

“I'll adjust to 5000 pounds! Just to start

“I can do more, I train with 6000 in my gym! Joshua teased. Holdar seemed to like that:

“OK! 10000 it is! Don't worry I'll be spotting you! Just let yourself feel the POWER! Joshua grabbed the bar and felt the pressure on his chest, then he remembered the words of his titanic father, the feeling of power and allowed himself to lift the bar, and each time it was lighter! He lifted and felt his muscles growing, his strength augmenting, he smiled and saw his father encouraging him :

“COME ON SON! YEAH YOU CAN DO BETTER, YOU CAN DO MORE! Holdar cheered without touching the bar. Joshua did 123 reps and stopped:

“We can go 14000 now! Holdar grinned, adjusted the machine and Joshua proceeded for more 150 reps. Then he finally lowered the bar and looked proud to his father:

“It wasn't so hard! So, what else you got? Holdar smiled and showed his other "toys". Joshua did bicep curls with 7500 pounds in each hand, then he maximized with 10000 pounds, for 450 reps. Each time Holdar was happier. Leg press was the same thrill and Joshua managed to do them with a total 17000 pound weight for over 300 reps. At the end of their five hour training, the night was high but Joshua was electric!

“Father, isn't there a limit to our strength? Joshua asked looking at his dazzling size in the wall sized mirror of the POWER ROOM! Holdar appeared behind him towering his son's enormous figure:

“WE'LL GROW UNTIL WE FIND THIS LIMIT, SON! I WILL MAKE YOU AND EVEN ME GROW MUCH MORE, WE ARE NOT STUCK IN A SIZE LIKE MEN, WE CAN GROW MORE MUSCULAR EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF THE LIFE, Holdar FLEXED his muscles, in a posing routine that blew Joshua's mind, and the lad joined him, learning with the Master of the Muscle his secrets and tips. They were getting along so well! It was like they've never been apart all this time! When they finished, their amazing bodies, were totally sweat and Holdar tossed him a towel:

“Father, you still are growing because of the treatment? Joshua asked as they dried the sweat

“Actually, after 15 years of growth –the results aren't so significant as the early days, but the muscles are always bigger, the height gain ceased one year ago, it's a good thing because I was worried the roof wouldn't handle my size!

“But I am still growing, and that scares me a little, you see until two weeks ago I was just 7'6" tall 500 pounds! And in three days I've been able to double my weight and gain 2 whole feet! What if I'll never stop growing?

“Will that REALLY be a problem for you? Holdar asked with the same dazzling look Joshua had

“NEVER! I LOVE THIS! But what about you, will you like to see your son outgrowing you?

“Joshie, I've been dreaming with the day you are bigger and taller than me, I've wanted you just for such day, every father wants to see their children big and strong – it's pure selfish father's feeling of proud – why would I be different – I am just ENORMOUS, so you gotta be BIGGER than me!

“Father, I know we've met today, but I don't want to lose you, like Uncle Greg… Joshua was sad:

“ you don't have to worry about that, in fact, I've calculated that I can live more than 200 years, because my genetic condition allows my health to improve, I am healthier than the day I took the treatment! Holdar pointed the scale to Joshua:

“Come on let's see how much you've gain in a part time training:

“I was 1256 pounds this morning! Joshua said proudly:

“Nothing bad, but now you're just 1489 pounds heavy! What you say?

“FUCK! I didn't even noticed – with you next to me I looked so small! Joshua smiled

“But I did! I saw your muscles growing each rep, and I gotta tell you, that it's just the beginning! Holdar grabbed his son and let him seat on his neck:

“Come on let's have something to eat – I bet you can't eat more than your old man!

“I will some day, dad! Joshua said as they left the POWER ROOM. •

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