Bull's Strength

Fatherly love!


By Muscl4life

Holdar lifted and helped his son getting up too, they walked around the pool:

“Joshua, my dearest son, after that tragic night, for many months I've wondered trying to find a place to hide myself from the world, like I was a freak! Fortunately, there were a few men interested in my special abilities and soon I was living of my humongous body, charging fortunes to please rich gay men – He looked at Joshua – But I didn't do it just by the money, I enjoyed being worshipped by those pathetic little men, and with their money, their help, I've been able to build a respectful patrimony, which I used to start this whole empire that will be yours. Holdar caressed his tight skin and muscles. – In less than three of four years. Then, using my enhanced mind, I was able to rebuild the enhancement fluids that were destroyed in the explosion. With my potent formula reduced to 1/50 of the original power, I launched in the market of sports supplements, a new generation of sports drinks, supps, nutrition complements, everything that helped the athletes to be stronger than their competitors. All of them were considered legal, although many ones tried to prove dangerous side effects, which never existed, because my formula isn't a steroid. With the time, I secretly overtake the main industries of this planet and also produced the biggest and faster athletes in the sports scenario, which only increased my power. I can say to you now, there isn't one professional bodybuilder or a star athlete who doesn't use one of my products! And those who were really dedicated were invited to live with me and serve me in the Isla! That's how Trent and Rob are here, as long as the others, I know each one of them, they serve me in all possible ways, and I please them with more and more of muscle and power – I give them very few of my original formula, regarding their dedication to me, that's why Trent and Rob are the biggest henchmen you'll see in the island – Holdar concluded and went silent, just observing the sight.

“Dad, I am so sorry, you've been through all of this – Joshua sounded sad and embarrassed at the same time.

“You don't have to feel sorry for me, Josh – It was not your fault, I was the one who let you down all these years, I should have looked for you harder, but deep inside I was afraid of finding out you hadn't survived, that's would be real pain to me – Holdar held his son's chin and they both smiled – You are my boy!

“Why didn't you try to have another children? Joshua asked instinctively

“Well, I guess all those things, caused me a trauma, I didn't want to put another woman's life in danger again, besides, it took me quite a time to have enough money and rebuild my facilities at ChemTech, let's just say I was busy trying to develop myself even more, and forgot about the Phaetonte project in that time, but fortunately Zackary found you and now we are together at last! The father embraced his son showing all his love kept for all those years. Joshua hugged him back:

“About Dr. Feldens, I ask you not to harm him, I know he was the one who told the board about your plans, but I think he was just… Holdar silenced Josh with a finger in his mouth:

“There's nothing I ignore about Zack, I know everything about him, just everything, trust me! Holdar blinked and Joshua remained quiet – he just didn't know exactly why…

“I wanna show you something else, Holdar carried Joshua to the POWER ROOM:

“Are we gonna train? Joshua asked still on the arms of his father

“In a moment, first I want to show you this – Holdar pushed a button hidden behind a pillar, and the back wall opened revealing a HUGE complex – it was more like a medical center and heavy duty gym all in one! Holdar looked at his son and gently lowered him on the floor, then he walked to the complex:

“This is where I like to spend most of my days, I train in the POWER ROOM and study the wonders of my – I mean OUR colossal organisms in this laboratory, it has the best equipment money can buy, and the most advanced medical technology I developed myself over the years, everything to help me get BIGGER and BETTER everyday! Holdar flexed his guns and Joshua flexed his too, father and son engaged in a ultimate posedown in which MUSCLE was beyond description, and they soon were sweat and glistening, Joshua visibly was sprouting a vigorous erection and his father, well, if he just took off that damn thong, Joshua would had the chance to see his endowment. Holdar grinned as he noticed the gaze of his gigantic son:

“Joshua please take a look at the screen – the father had to turn his son's head to the computer screen – I took the liberty to recover some of your "samples" from your "massage" session with Trent and Rob, and ran a couple of tests, and just like I've expected YOU ARE FUCKING BETTER THAN ME! Holdar pushed some buttons:

“Here you have the graphics and charts of a normal little man's strength, muscular tissue potency, muscular performance, body fat percentage, every physiological data gathered. It helped me when I was back in my ChemTech days, now pay attention to those graphics when I show you the data from Rob, the biggest henchmen I've grown with my treatment – The graphics went trough the roof, exception made to the body fat percentage, the final result showed a total improvement of 2.78 points.

“It means, that – Holdar was about to explain this data to Joshua, but he was gently interrupted:

“I got it dad! Rob organism was enhanced to a 2.78 ratio, which means his muscular mass, body weight and other physical areas were increased, but I realize the Central nervous system was not such affected as the muscular mass, and his total strength was not amplified as well, maybe because his dose of treatment was extremely low, just like the first volunteers, right? Joshua had his brilliant look again in his eyes, Holdar was surprised:

“Yes, exactly! You really got brains beside brawn don't you? Holdar tossed his thick hair, then he pushed another buttons, and the data went CRAZY, the numbers were incredibly high and the performance charts never showed a decrease, it meant they were always STRONGER, BIGGER and BETTER! Joshua looked to the final enhancing ratio and read 16.33, he gulped:

“You're almost 16 times better than a normal man? Joshua whistled – YOU'RE THE MAN! Holdar laughed

“Actually those data are from last month, I believe it may be around 18 now, but the important thing is that I am not 16 times better, I have a 16 times MULTIPLIED human capabilities – EVERYTHING, my brain for example is capable of performing operations faster than the most advanced computers, my memory is perfect now, and I am capable of learning a new language within four hours of practice! And not just that! Holdar looked to the beaker in the table on the opposite side and the thing started floating in the air! Joshua was dumb folded as the thing flew to the other table following the gaze of his father.

“Simple telekinesis is also achievable, if you focus properly! Holdar smiled at an amazed Joshua:

“You think I can do it too? Holdar nodded - Just focus on the thing you wanna move! Joshua looked at the table and pictured it moving. He thought it was gonna be difficult with many hours of training, but when he noticed it was like lifting the thing with the hands, he felt the weight of the table and it was light! Then he focus and the table went flying to the other side! When he landed the object, he felt his head heavy, but he was so happy! Holdar was now wide eyed:

“You learn things faster than I've expected! Even I can't fly such heavy objects! Holdar smiled and hugged his son proudly. Then he retuned to the computer screen:

“As you've seen, my enhancement had achieved my entire organism and not just the muscular area, the height was also pretty increased, in order to allow more muscular mass. Actually, my body has different muscular areas than the original human structures, and due to the increase of my nervous system I am capable of controlling – at will, functions like the contraction of the seminal canals, as well as the precise time of ejaculation! Holdar grinned – As I know you can do it too, just don't try now, or you'll ruin my lab! Joshua smiled – I've done it before, I fell like I can cum at my own will!

“Son, as I told you before, the mere fact I am still bigger and stronger than you, is caused by practice, and in your case, the practice needed is very little, besides – Holdar pushed the buttons and his picture appeared along wit lots of numbers and his stats, and a simulation of his DNA:

“As, you can see here, the total enhancing of my organism is a process which is stabilizing now, it means after all those years I could be finally getting to my final size! Holdar grinned. Joshua looked at him and he pushed the last buttons and the graphics were astronomical! But the most amazing thing was that it was made not to a normal little man, but with his own father stats! In most of them it showed errors due to such potency! The projections couldn't be established! And the DNA was noticeably different:

“Joshua, as I've told you, I am no longer human – much better, bigger and stronger -but you HAVE NEVER BEEN HUMAN! I mean, you look like a man, you are sweet and kind, but not like man, because it's something you're OVER Joshua! If I can't be compared to men, you can't be compared to me, because you're many times stronger and better – you've noticed! I merely don't have to explain you this! You could learn by yourself! There are only two reasons you still hadn't reached your real spurt yet – One is that you've never realized your full potential, living among humans, your standards can't be leveled with theirs, you know it was the cause for such pain, they just couldn't accept your superior conditions! And so, you were hold back trying to fit in human conditions, and even so you were many times stronger, even trying to seem "normal"! Holdar looked at his son's expression and he kissed his cheek tenderly:

“The second and most important factor is that you never took the enhancers since you were born, your genetic code can't start the process without the right ingredients which only the treatment can give to you!

“You mean I can grow to be like you? Joshua said full of proud and hope!

“You can GROW BIGGER, BETTER AND MUCH STRONGER THAN ME! You're much more than I am Joshua! Holdar smiled and grabbed his son and kissed his mouth. Surprisingly, the lad kissed him back and they ended tongue wrestling for over two minutes, when they finally broke their kiss:

“WOW! I've never had a kiss like this! It was like kissing a tornado! Joshua was hard now, his cock was at full mast and he liked that, he wanted to show how strong he was to his father. His mega muscled, mega enhanced, mega TITAN father was looking at him with desire in the very same green eyes of him !

“I wanna fuck you! Holdar whispered and Josh almost melted down in his powerful voice, the lad walked towards him and was about to reach the ridiculous thong when his father stopped him gently:

“There's just one last thing I wanna show you! He kissed his son's forehead – Remember I told you many times we're so better than man that we're over them? Well you could say that I, and soon you, are TWICE male! Two times virile! Holdar grinned and untied the skimpy leather thong and Joshua's eyes widened. He never expected to see THAT, better he never expected to see THOSE! Any other of his father's many talents and capabilities was such provocative, sexy, freaky and deliciously desirable like THEM! He saw them majestically rising, and they danced like twins coming to life, Holdar grinned:

“Over the years, I was so fucking huge, that I didn't expect surprises like that! But five years ago I was gifted with a second endowment, son! And I loved it! My sexual libido augment four times! My sperm production is eight times stronger, I can have different and equally intense orgasm from each member! I ca have sex while one of the cocks is ejaculating, and both of them can give me the most intense experience of my life! Holdar stood up and grinned, Joshua was at his feet admiring and desiring the colossal freak his father was:

“Son, I show you the ULTIMATE MALE! Holdar FLEXED all his muscles and his TWO COCKS! They were magnificent! Supremely enormous! Like their owner! Two enormous equally immense cocks! Each at the unbelievably size of 52 inches long – 4'4" twin snakes with over three 3 inches width each! They were totally veined, cabled and pulsating with the power of the MUSCLE!

“You're so FUCKING AWESOME, DAD! Joshua screamed as he attacked his colossal old man kissing him, squeezing his muscles and devouring his enormous size. Holdar moaned and his cocks got even harder! The second one emerged a little down where the first snake always had been, with the same size, power and thirst for sex than the original. Holdar grabbed Joshua and kissed him hardly, while his cocks struggled to se who would fuck him first:

“You remember when I said, I understood why you could love both Bryan and Kevin the same way? It's because I know you'll soon be like your old man, Josh! And then You'll be able to fuck their hot asses at the same time! You don't know how amazing it is! That's why I keep the number of my henchmen even! I always fuck them by pairs! Holdar laughed as Joshua continued to attack his oversized nipples, then the mega teen looked up at him:

“I can't wait to be like you, dad! But first, I wanna feel those monsters inside of me! Josh commanded

“Son, they're too THICK! You will never be able to handle me both inside of you! Holdar patronized:

“Who said I could have total control over my muscles? Joshua closed his eyes and allowed his sphincter to relax and soon he was engulfing the first thick head easily:

“Ya see? There's nothing I can't do! And I want you both inside of me! Holdar moaned and he lowered the enormous back of Joshua in the lab floor, and he shifted the second head along with the first. Joshua screamed in pain and pleasure, Holdar turned into a savage beast, and pounded his two pricks wildly while Joshua accepted the power, he felt each time his father's power over him and he loved. Joshua had such control he managed to contract his anus in such way he could stimulate both cocks separately, and Holdar went each time stronger and wilder attacking his butt. The father of muscle lifted his son with one hand behind his back and made him seat in his cocks! Joshua felt himself sliding down the pricks of his man, he was loving the overpowering sensation of being two times dominated, by the ultimate male! Holdar felt the two cocks insanely fucking the tight muscle hole of his muscle lad son! He carried him over the lab and used his colossal body to impale him both more and more, Joshua replied by tightening and relaxing his anus in such way that Holdar though his cocks would be engulfed by that mega muscle butt. They went fucking and humping like the word would end right there! Holdar was pounding with all his might and Joshua had this smile on his face, he felt the enormous monsters inside of him, struggling for space and pleasure, the feeling was so overwhelming he couldn't speak anymore, it was like he could touch the pleasure and feel it in his hands. Joshua held on his father's deltoids and helped on the fucking motion, then he looked at his monster father and his face shone like the sun! Holdar smiled back at him and they kept increasing the motion, only their bodies were capable of doing this! They were each time faster and stronger on the rhythm of orgasm, but not even Holdar was prepared to endure such as Joshua, he could barely believe that his gigantic twins were soon to burst into cum! He threw his head back, and his thick hair flew along, waving the fucking dance of his owner, just like Joshua's own hair. Their gargantuan bulks were so amazingly alike, you could swear it was the same colossal being fucking and being fucked a t the same time!

“DAD! LET ME FEEL YOUR GUNS! FLEX FOR ME! Joshua commanded and Holdar obliged in a growl, he hit a double biceps and Joshua grabbed on those, he squeezed them hard, feeling the hardness and the size of the gigantic stones attached to his father's titanic arms. Joshua kissed each one of the amazing peaks and Holdar only moaned in ecstasy and joy, he kissed his son hardly, barely believing that his two cocks were impaling the monster teen and he was mastering the fucking motion and dominating the whole thing! He was in charge! Holdar obliged to every need , he FLEXED at each simple ask, and Joshua rewarded him by giving him waves of pure pleasure in both of his cocks! Holdar was finally beaten! Even still smaller then him, Joshua had surpassed his old man in every way, he was so much aware of his condition, it was like he was just waiting for the right time where he could launch his true self into the growth and the power he deserved. Holdar was so marveled at the sight of their fuck he lost the alleged total control of his cocks! He only felt them bursting at the same time, and the floor seemed to shake, so intense was the load of the colossal doctor lost his balance and had to lean on the wall to avoid falling on the floor, he laughed so intense was the orgasms, he had them both at the same time, a very difficult to happen moment, but again he was with Joshua and the lad really could make it happen! But the lad wasn't through yet, he was fucking himself literally by humping the cocks of his father, then he looked at the beaten colossus and unplugged himself from their cocks, his won member was purple and the giant head was about to explode!

“SUCK ME! SUCK MY COCK AND DRINK ME! Josh commanded and Holdar went to the shaft at the same time, he felt the hot head of the lad inside of him and sucked hard as never, he lifted his son along with him and the lad threw his body back and got only hang by the power of his sucker monster. With a ferocious roar, Josh felt his orgasm explode in his father's mouth, and the giant doctor kept sucking while the lad kept pumping gallons of his juice down his throat, the bigger man sucked hardly and Josh moaned in pleasure, he never came such in his life, and he never felt this way, so comfortable, he gave himself completely in that fuck, not fearing to hurt his partner, because he knew he couldn't! He felt himself pumping each time more cum into his father's throat, and the freaking colossal beast kept on sucking him harder and harder. Joshua felt himself building hard again and he never understood why he came so fat again, filling his father's body with more juice, and so he did over five times, always being sucked by Holdar, who only moaned in ecstasy! Then, he felt his father shivering, he felt the colossal man losing the balance and falling on the floor. Joshua quickly came in the rescue of his father, but the giant doctor was smiling back at him, then he doubled in pain, he put his hand in his stomach and Joshua tried to call for help. It was then he realized his father was SWELLING right in front of him! The muscles were completely popped and the veins were jumping up and down, the skin was red and the muscles seemed they would rip it off! Holdar laughed! He laughed out loud and his voice boomed each time more! Joshua saw and couldn't believe he was WIDENING! He was so fucking large, that the muscle lad had to take a few steps off and behold the GROWTH of GROWTHS! Holdar was still laughing when he sat , and he was almost the level of Bryan's height, when he did that:

“DON'T WORRY SON! YOU'VE MADE IT! Holdar smiled – YOU'VE PASSED IT TO ME! YOU THOUGHT IT RIGHT! Holdar looked at himself and laughed:

“LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME JOSHUA! THANK YOU! QUICK PLUG THOSE SENSORS ON ME! Joshua obliged and the monitor start blinking and beeping:

“THIS MONITOR IS DESIGNED TO RECORD MY DEVELOPMENT, LOOK AT DATA! JOSHUA YOU'VE TOTALLY BLOWN ME! Holdar laughed as he watched himself enlarging and getting each time more muscular. Joshua kept one eye on the monitor and the other at his giant man:

“DAD! YOU'RE OVER 3000 POUNDS! AND NEAR 13 FEET TALL! Holdar looked at him and smiled. His arms were so gigantic now, even Joshua thought they were a little exaggerated, but he loved them and wanted them to grow more. Holdar laughed as he saw his legs so thick they pushed each other afar, and his twins growing harder and freakier, his chest was so huge, the nipples were amazingly gigantic:


“YOU'RE ALMOST 90% MADE OUT OF MUSCLE! Joshua completed and his father smiled:

“THANKS TO YOU MY SON! I'VE NEVER HAD SUCH A FUCK IN MY LIFE! Holdar groaned as his muscles really kicked in the growth. He felt them blowing and swelling by the seconds, and so did the strength! The graphic showed an increase of 523 percent! And his mass was completely bursting any standard, Holdar was so fucking wide, he seemed morphed! Joshua came near him and sat on his lap:

“I WANNA FEEL YOU GROWING DAD! Holdar nursed him and they felt together the wonderful sensations of growing. Each time Holdar was more massive, more muscular, his shoulder was almost bigger than Joshua's biceps, and his chest was definitely immense, it was so amazing, but not less than his legs or his 36 abdominal packs popping of his stomach, his stomach had abs everywhere, on the side, near the chest, he was MUSCLE! Joshua worshipped every growing muscles with his tongue. Holdar smiled and STOOD UP in his full glory, carrying his worshipping son with him and laughing so WIDE and MUSCULAR he was becoming, his shoulders should be over ten feet wide now, and his waist so ridiculously thin, his cocks seemed thicker than it, speaking about them they were growing along with the impressive pillars of muscles, competing for space, Holdar could see them trying to get higher than his chest. Joshua was the one laughing now:

“YOU STILL THINK I CAN SURPASS YOU? He said kissing the immensity of his growing father.

“OF COURSE! YOU'RE MUCH MORE THAN ME! LOOK AT THE CHARTS YOU'RE STILL MUCH MORE STRONG AND BETTER! BUT THIS WILL HELP TO REACH YOUR TRUE SELF! Holdar was now so wide, his arms were just ENORMOUSLY attached to his shoulders, and his neck was so THICK, the deltoids went up in the air, Joshua screamed:

“I WANNA FEEL YOU GROWING FROM THE INSIDE! IMPALE ME DAD! Holdar smiled and he did as asked, he impaled both inside of Joshua and the lad felt his father growing more muscular, attached to his two cocks! Holdar FLEXED his muscles, and showed his son the brute image of raw prime muscle, Joshua flexed his muscles too, even attached to his father's monster cocks and they both posed for each other. Holdar was so marveled and showed his son all his growing muscles.

“DAD, YOU'RE AMAZING GROW FOR ME, DADDY! Joshua screamed as he felt the cocks growing along with their owner. Holdar laughed and laid his hands on his hips admiring his true self. The muscles were so huge they didn't seem human any more! The biceps seemed to increased more than anything, so abnormally overgrown, but at the same time, the chest and legs composed the ultimate picture of his growing father. Joshua worshipped his growing majesty and his muscles inflating like ballooning!

“THANK YOU SON! YOU MADE ME START ALL OVER AGAIN I AM GROWING AND WILL BE ABLE TO GROW MORE OVER THE YEARS ! Flexed his guns, and kissed the peaks, then he hit a most muscular which was indeed the MOST MUSCULAR POSE! Joshua cheered his mega muscled father:

“GROW DAD! I WANNA YOU IMMENSE! GROW MORE THAT'S MY DADDY! Holdar laughed and grabbed his son, kissed him hardly and engulfed the lad with his enlarging muscles. Then he screamed in agony when his two cocks blew again their amazing load, the power of the orgasm hit the ceiling and soaked both of them, Joshua screamed as he felt the power he gave to his father creaming himself. He knew his father deserved this power and he was more than happy to give it to him. When they were able to see, holdar was finally subsiding his spurt, and in a few more moments he was done. He was MUSCLE, now more than ever, he was still carrying Joshua:

“I THINK I AM DONE! FOR NOW They both laughed and Holdar lowered his mega muscled son and the lad kept looking at him with a glint in his eyes:

“DADDY! YOU'RE HUMONGOUS! Joshua rushed to the screen and almost fainted:

“14'5" TALL – 6759 FUCKING HUGE POUNDS! You're muscular mass is 89 percent of your body! And the strength is 1458% enhanced! The other data is just amazing dad! Suddenly Joshua felt himself floating, he was floating! He was floating towards his father, like he could really fly, then he was engulfed by the embrace of his muscle tower father – I KNOW! I CAN FEEL IT! Holdar smiled and he levitated his son all over the lab, and the lad pretended he was flying, the he saw his FATHER getting of the ground an joining him in his air ballet! – I CAN DO WITH BOTH OF US! Holdar concluded and kissed in the air, rolling over and gently landing again:


“Don't you wanna know about your other stats? Joshua asked curiously, then his father grabbed him and made him seat on his arms – WHAT FOR? I'VE ALREADY CALCULATED THEM! 315 INCHES CHEST – Holdar rubbed his pecs and bounced them in front of Joshua's desiring face – 243 INCHES LEGS! He flexed them and the muscle striations were huge and veined, like cut direct from the stone! Then, he threw Joshua up in the air and grabbed him with his might arms! 277 INCHES GUNS EACH! ONE OF THEM IS ALMOST THE SIZE OF MY CHEST! Joshua laughed out loud along with his DAD!

“ What about them? Holdar grinned - My "guys" are exactly 6'10" length! 5'8" wide! And you've hide them like no one else had! The new giant tried the best he could and he managed to tie his thong back over his massive twins, it was even more ridiculous now, the enormous BULGE was even bigger Holdar said – I WANNA KEEP THE BOYS A SECRET FOR THE GUESTS, JUST TO SEE THEIR FACES LIKE YOURS WHEN YOU SAW THEM IN ACTION – Josh laughed as he pictured the idea and his father tossed his beautiful son's hair:

“THANK YOU AGAIN! YOU'VE PERFECTED ME! YOU'VE MADE ME COMPLETE MY SON! They kissed hard and Joshua felt his father carrying out of the laboratory, to the POWER ROOM! Holdar looked around and twisted his head, he just tried every machine at MAX, which meant he was lifting about 25000 pounds in each rep, and sometimes even more than that, and he laughed as he felt like he was pumping with feathers. Holdar tried a few more reps using his own son as a living dumbbell and he curled Joshua's body for over two hundred reps in each arm, Joshua loved feeling so light to his gigantic father and he cheered him to do even more series with him, but his father smiled and lowered him back at the floor:

“I GOTTA GET NEW EQUIPMENT! IT'S TOO LIGHT FOR ME NOW! Joshua FLEXED for his father and waved him a kiss – WAY TO GO DADDY! Holdar flew his son next to him and kissed him once more:

“THAT'S MY BOY! YOU'RE MY TREASURE! AND I LOVE YOU! Holdar kissed him and played with his giant figure. Joshua was happier than never! He looked at his gigantic dad 5 feet taller and almost 5 times his muscular weight and felt so proud! He was his FATHER the man who started it all, he was so beautiful, so manly, so FUCKING HUGE! I can't wait to be at least half of his size:

“OH SON! YOU'RE SO GOOD TO ME! I CAN'T WAIT TO GROW YOU TOO! Holdar looked at him grinning - "I'm sorry I read your mind, but to me it's like hearing you talking, I just have to pay attention" Joshua looked fascinated :

“YOU'RE TALKING ON MY MIND! Joshua screamed – "I can do everything son! You gave me the power! You've made me the MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE UNIVERSE!" Joshua smiled as he heard the tender voice of his father in his clever mind and conclude that he didn't need words to communicate with him now – "Father, I love you, you're my idol now! I only hope I can correspond to your expectations!" the answer was almost immediate – "Don't worry, Josh, you'll surpass me, that's I can assure!" Holdar grabbed him in his arms and carried him:

“YOUR TREATMENT WILL BE READY IN A FEW HOURS! UNTIL THEN WHY DON'T WE GO CHECK ON OUR GUESTS? I THINK THEY MUST BE CURIOUS ABOUT US! Holdar and Josh left the complex towards the mansion. "Dad, can u hear me?" Joshua tried once more "Loud and Clear son, whenever you call me I will answer" Holdar knew his son was playing his new powers and he was more than pleased to show him his capabilities "This is so cool, I still can't believe it! Anyway, I just wanted to know one thing" Joshua was still thinking when he got the answer " No Josh, I couldn't grow the others with my semen, only you have this power, but NOW, I will show you, just play along and we shall see this new power you've passed to me"



“DAD, I've made Bryan and Kevin grow, you think they can get those powers too? Josh asked a little curious about the possibilities, Holdar grinned and said:



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