Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

Erik and Andy's every waking instant was spent either fucking or being fucked, or lifting. Lacking enough bodybuilding protein powder, Andy mixed in some cattle feed supplements. With a dozen regular donors, the week was very fruitful for Erik, and as he had to be relieved of his now abundant semen, Andy profited from this week as well, and now weighed 280 lbs for at 5ft6. As for Erik, he had regained all his lost mass. And yet, he knew that Ian would be even bigger. He had to catch up and beat him.

He decided to call on one of his old muscle worship clients, a very rich guy who lived on the coast. Erik explained that he wanted to go beyond muscle worship, and that he would need his help. He and Andy moved in and their host made a few phone calls. The semen mill was now set up at the client's palatial estate, where their host invited his friends to take advantage of Mr. Olympia's ass. Andy was careful not to treat their host, and to rotate the other donors. With a fully- equipped gym on site, and unlimited protein, the growth was phenomenal. The quality of the semen given was not high, but the quantity was enormous, and Andy was there to provide his regular contributions as a high-quality complements. These donors were used to living discreetly, and were told that Erik Leas was not ready to come out as gay slut, so the news remained quiet.

Ian of course was busy as well with his two protégés. He was wearing Bobby and Charlie out with his insatiable thirst for muscle cum. Erik Leas, his mentor, was presumed dead in the warehouse explosion, and yet it was almost like Elvis, and there were rumors everywhere that he had been seen alive. To destroy the memory of the fallen Olympian, Ian would have to be incredible. He would have to be so huge that these crazy stories would become pointless, so he worked himself and his boys mercilessly. •

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