Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

Olympia weekend was here. Ian smiled as he learned that several pros had had diplomatic illnesses. They would continue to compete in the pro circuit, but were afraid of facing Ian. It was a pity, as he would have loved to destroy them too. The weigh-in was over, and the giants began to prepare for the first round. Ian was cocky; he knew that this was his title. As Bobby and Charlie oiled him up and helped him pump, he smirked. Ian took them to a back room to give him a preshow dose.

They returned, with Ian assimilating the boys' cum, his pump ready to explode. Odd, all the competitors and coaches were at the other side of the room. Ian lifted Bobby on his shoulders to see what was going on in the crush of people.

Bobby: It's Erik! Erik and Andy! They're alive! Ian: No, that's not possible! They're gone. They're gone…

Ian's knees trembled. The crowd parted, as Erik pushed his way through the crush of curious admirers. He explained that he would give them an explanation for his disappearance after the show, but that now he wanted to 'reassure" Ian. He slowly walked to the waiting god he had created, and extended his hand. Ian gulped and shook Erik's hand. He looked to Andy, who had become enormous, with a powerlifter's physique. And Erik… Erik was bigger than ever… Maybe as big as him. No, not possible. Ian had been living for this. Erik might not be dead, not yet, but after today he would be forgotten.

The first round was to begin. Ian suspected what must have happened, and sent Bobby and Charlie off on errands. They were angry at not being able to watch the show, but Ian had to keep them away from Andy. The first round made clear that the contest was between the reigning Mr. Olympia and his "protégé". The audience was screaming to see the return from the dead of Erik Leas, and to see him bigger than ever.

During the break after the first round, Andy met Erik backstage, and they managed to get Ian alone in one of the dressing rooms.

Erik: Looks like it's going to be close, Ian. Ian: Listen, Erik, don't fuck this up. I did what I had to do. Erik: We'll worry about that later. Now I want something from you.

Andy moved behind Ian and quickly pinned his arms behind his back. Ian struggled but the sturdy farm boy managed to keep him under control. Erik began to pose for Ian, taunting him with the statement that "It works both ways." Ian felt himself getting hard, his skimpy posers tenting, his snake working its way out of his trunks. In a flash Erik was on his knees, sucking Ian's juice, semen that had been invigorated by the flexing from the first round. Ian came in an instant, unable to resist the view of his mentor's huge flexing physique. Erik shoved the spend giant out of the dressing room and took Andy up the ass. Ian had sent his boys away to keep them from Andy, and was unable to do the same. •

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