Gift, The


By ParisPhoto

First he shaved Erik's head. The champion's beard had grown, and these changes along with his decreased mass, made him difficult to recognize. Andy drove Erik into the nearest big city, a 2-hour drive. Erik was annoyed, since they were wasting time he could be growing. He was furious when he saw that Andy had taken him to a gay bath house.

Erik: What is this place? Andy: A bath house. I've never been here, but I'm sure we'll be a hit. Erik: What do you mean? We've got no time for this shit. And I know you don't need more fucking, 'cause I'm giving you all you can take. Andy: The point is to get YOU all YOU can take. Trust me.

And so they paid their admission and headed for the fuck rooms, where Andy put his plan in motion. Erik was strung up in a sling, his hot ass open for all comers, or at least all comers who had just had some of Andy's juice in their mouth or their ass. The huge muscleboy had no problems attracting clients, and as long as he could come, he would keep making more donors for Erik. Over the next few hours, the champ's ass up in that sling took at least thirty shots that evening, and his mouth nearly twenty, sometimes simultaneously. He could barely walk as Andy led him back to the pickup.

The effects of the session were impressive, but the two-hour drive home before Erik could hit the weights was a big disadvantage. Fortunately, Andy's parents had decided to take advantage of their son's return home to leave him to mind the farm while they took a week off visiting family. Andy may have been a farm boy, but he was as sharp as a tack, and during their visit to the baths he had gotten a phone number for every guy who had participated in the gang bang. Each soon received a call inviting them out to the farm, and soon there was a line of cars all along the drive to the farmhouse.

All week long, these guys would come and go, "treated" by Andy then giving their juice to Erik, whom they now recognized in the better light and with the bigger muscles as the reigning Mr. Olympia. They smiled to themselves, as this just confirmed their idea that big muscle guys are megabottoms. They explained to themselves that the progress they themselves were making at the gym came from this proximity to the champ and his red-headed new protégé. They were told that the Olympian wanted to keep this discreet, and that if word got out, the whole thing was over. •

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