Writer, The

By F.R.Eaky

Thunder rumbling ominously overhead. Click, whir, bleep of the computer

(okay...let's see where did I leave off on this story? Oh yeah! the transformation part. This is the most important part so I have to get this right. So I go into microsoft word...find file..."Buff Science"... it's open and now how do I....)

CRACK! SEAR! blackout....


Crash of body hitting the floor, flicker of lights, blackout, flash, darkness, lights, whir and bleep

(Hmmm, whoa. Lighting must have struck a near by transformer. Hmmm. Surprised I felt that jolt..... computer seems alright. Nothing wrong with the surge protector... Okay, interesting way to start a night, but hey I guess I should be sitting and relaxing after that shock so I might as well keep on writting. mmm....word, file, buff.... ah okay yadda, yadda, yaddah...and so...)

"so, Robert took the formula and drank it down in one gulp. It tasted bittersweet like a carbonated sweet and sour sauce. He felt it tingle all the way down his throat and into his stomach where it slowly began to burn. He knew it was working. He knew what power would fill him. He screamed ever so slightly as he felt his feet begin to pull and stretch growing out and far, wider and wider, the toes first growing longer and longer till the looked like fingers followed by the ball and heel of the foot growing quickly behind. size 8 ....10....13....16.......19....2.." ;

(What is that tickling my f eet?)


(Damn these flip flops they don't fit..... Well, guess I can't complain to much. Haven't worn these things since what, summer of Freshman year at UofX?)

"....30. His feet we enormous! Standing in awe and pain he watched as his hands responded by growing, pulsing, getting larger and longer with each throb. Hands that were long enough to play the piano, long and wide enough to grip a football well, to hold a basketball one handed, to cover someone's face and head almost com;lknht "

(Good Lord! These freaky computer keyboards are getting so damn small. What they think only kids are using these things? One letter at at time....)

"Large massive hands, that could grip and hold anything. Look like a foot compaired to others hands. And while this was going on, it started up his legs, spine, ribs. Sharp pangs of pain hit him sud." (Oo! .....gotta watch those touch football games on the week-end.)

"suddenly he started to grow... taller and taller. His pants hem climbed higher and higher up his leg while his shirt crept up his abs going for his chest."

(My ankles are cold. Geeze did I pull these pants out from my old college days too?)

"He kept stretching and growing getting larger as the room began to get smaller and smaller to him and his eyes went up to and then over the door frame and he began to touch head to ceiling in his apartmem;zsijdr"

(Effing A! My legs are cramped! Gotta lower this freaking seat and maybe raise the desk top a little. I swear if Wayne weren't so cute I'd beat him black and blue for all the times he's re positioned this chair.)

"in his apartment. He stood around eight foot tall now looking like a suddenly growth spurted child in his old clothes, but that was about to change. His breathing became slow and r hythmatic"

(uh...hu.......uh. ...hu.....uh.....hu)

"and with each breath his muscles began to flex, throb, pulse, contract, with energy and blood. They began to quiver and expand each time he breathed in and out. His muscles were becoming deep cut and defined but pushing out farther and farther, thicker and wider, larger and stronger. So large the skin was taught and almost see through. His claves plumped up. Each pulse of blood rush made the diamond come in clear and larger, while cords of strong hamstrings lept out and lashed them together with his hamstrings as his thighs became larger, rounder, harder, thicker and thicker pushing on each other until his stance became wider and farther apart. He look as if poised to do the s pli.."


(Okay , I need to make sure I haven't pulled out too many of these old college clothes out. Woo! Feel the breeze across the nads. Hmmm no time for play. Wanna finish the stroy.)

"spilts. But then he felt his stomach roll"

(wuh...no more anchovi pizza.)

"as his abs came in tighter and tighter then bulging slightly out with thick hard bricks of oblique power. 1...2...3....4... 5... 6...7...8! Eight beautiful stones that lead right up to large, marble portruding slabs of muscle that was his ever expanding and barreling chest that stuck out"

riiip, pop, pop, tear, pop,pop,pop,

"what seemed like two feet from his abs. And this great, heaving, stirated, cut piece of mass was matched only by the eternally wide spread of the back a lal'a;'"

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiip! (Oh, this shirt is a little tight. Wasn't aware I put on that much weight since high school. and this freaking keyboard is so damned small!)

"back and lats that pushed further and further out making the arms hang more and more perpendicular to the floor as both they and the delts raced to see who could become the biggest, hardest, roundest piece of muslce on Robert's body. What seemed like a raptureous eternity the bi's and tri's and delt's throbs and grew slowly inflating like large puching balloons getting so thick and round his upper arm looked more and more like his thighs, while his forearms, which didn't just hand there dormant grew and plumped looking others calves. The whole muscle erruption stopped with the man's neck as it became as thick as his head. He stood there staring at himself in the mirror, a now huge hulking giant, around 8 feet tall weighing in around 1,500 pounds full of so much muscle his head couldn't be seen, his arms couldn't move, his legs had to perform sweeping dance moves just in order to walk, and while he stared he saw his hair grow longer and thicker, shinier healthier, til it was hanging down to his ba..."

(wah! gud...geeze...ja...damn m other!....mmming.....spider!)

&quo t;And then he stood and watched his reflection in amazment and disbelief as he saw his ball sack get larger, hang lower and strech wider as his balls blew up into eggs size, lemon size, orange sized jewels and then his dick started oozing out longer and thicker out his body like a fire hose being pulled out and then it started to get harder and harder, thick, pulsing, and purple, as it climbed higher and higher, past his belly button, his abs, half way up his chest, his chin and finally coming to re..."

(wuh...oh my god I feel like I'm gonna, what the....that's not...)

"past his chest to his chin..."

(oh, hmnnnn. this is....)

"finally coming to rest eye to nose."

lap, slurp, suck, suck, s uck


((Troy, I'm home. Are you there. I heard that lightning struck nearby and....what the fu.....oh my god. Tru....tru.... Troy! You're, you're... uh....uh...uh....uhahhhhh. ah... ahh.... ahh.. o h...oh..god......)


"uh m.....and as his dick finished growing and met slit to nose with his face, Wayne came in and immediately fell in love, lust, and orgasm over Troy who quickly picked up his friend like a rag doll, ripped his pants off and procceeded to make him cum again and suck him dry. Uh. .... story to be continued at a later time."

click, bleep, whirrrrr as the computer powers down. •

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