X-Gun, The

By endlessbulk

As usual Beast had been working late. His lab at the Xavier Institute had all the latest technologies. This allowed him to have many projects going at once. He always worked best at night when it was quiet and this night was especially quiet. Most of his fellow X-Men were out on a special mission and wouldn't be back for a couple of days. Beast had accomplished a lot and usually 12:30 wasn't that late for him, but all beasts do need their beauty sleep. So, he decided to turn it in for the night.

He covered his mouth with his furry blue hand as he yawned. Then he stretched his powerful beastly arms over his head with a mighty growl. He hung up his lab coat, shut off the lights, locked up the lab by punching in his security code, and started making his way down the futuristic halls to his room.

He passed by the weight room and found a shirtless-as-usual Wolverine working hard into the wee hours as well. Wolverine had long since had the indestructible metal, adamantium, that once lined his skeleton and claws sucked out by the cruel Magneto. Therefore Wolverine only had a few super attributes left: his super keen senses, his super human healing factor, and his great agility. This is why he found himself working out a lot more. He needed whatever edge he could get - that is aside from his claws.

Beast stopped and leaned against the door frame watching Wolverine for a while. Wolverine could smell Beast was close right off the bat, but pretended as if he wasn't there. He just kept focusing on smoking his cigar, and on his harry bulging biceps as he curled the heavy weight. Although Wolverine was only a short 5'7", he was proud of his fuzzy body. He had built up some good bodybuilder type muscle over the years and even more as of late. If he wanted, he could definitely win a competition. But he was just happy pushing his limits - if he has any.

"Working hard I see," said Beast.


"Haven't you been in here for over two hours now? And you've been working out this whole time without a break?" said Beast in amazement.

"Yea, your right Bub," replied Wolverine unaffected by Beast's excitement. "I should probably give it a rest."

"No, no. Don't you see Wolverine? You haven't even broken a sweat."

"Usually don't. What's it to ya?"

"Wolverine, this is great!" Speaking to himself, he said, "Why didn't I think of it before?"

"Because you're crazy," said Wolverine.

"It's so obvious. Wolverine you're the perfect candidate."

"Candidate for what?"

"You have to come with me to my lab!"

Knowing the obsessive Beast wouldn't let it go, "Alright Beast. This better be quick."

Back at Beast's lab he was hooking monitoring devices up to the now half naked Wolverine.

"Is all of this really necessary Beast?" asked the annoyed Wolverine. "Or do you get of on seeing harry dude's in only their boxers."

"Ok Wolverine very funny," said Beast. "You won't be laughing when you see what great things I have in store for you."

"Well just get to the point."

"Ok Wolverine. Do you know how bodybuilding really works?"

"Yea, you lift and you get bigger."

"Well it's not as simple as that."

"Ok ... sorry ... I'm listening."

"Lifting heavy weights causes your muscle fibers to tear and when they heal they grow back strong and bigger as an adaptive trait."

"What's your point?" asked the now interested Wolverine.

"Well," continued Beast, "usually that healing time takes about 24 to 48 hours. That's a long time before the average person can lift again."

"But I'm not so average."

"Exactly Wolverine. Aside from taking breaks to eat, you could essentially keep working out without stopping."

"Yea I know that," said Wolverine, "but I can't just keep working out. There's more to life."

"Yes," said Beast. "I know exactly what you mean. Who has that much time? I certainly don't - what with all my lab work and fighting with the X-Men to save the world. So how you think I have time to stay in shape."

"Isn't that just part of your beastly superpowers?"

"There's that and there's this." He turned around with what looked like a laser gun. "I call it the X-Gun. I've been testing it on myself for a couple weeks now. But I can only use it on myself once every other day at the one hour setting without putting too much stress on my body."

"How does it work?" asked the eager Wolverine.

"Well essentially it's a work out gun. One charge from this gun at the one hour setting tears everyone of your skeletal muscles just like they would in a one hour lifting session."

"That's great!" stated the astonished Wolverine.

"Yup all the benefits, but without the fuss. The only draw back is that it could be very dangerous in the wrong hands. This gun could seriously injure the average human."

"But again I'm not average," said the now quite eager Wolverine. "Let's see this baby in action."

"Ok I'll try the one hour setting."

Beast got behind his monitor charged up the gun and aimed it at his harry half naked friend on the platform in front of him. He pulled the trigger and sent a blast of energy at the ready Wolverine. He flinched a little on impact and then every muscle on his body tensed up and relaxed.

"Wow!" said Beast reading his monitor. "Your muscle healed instantly. Ready for another blast?"

"Bring it on Bub!" said the excited Wolverine jumping into a ready to tackle stance.

Another blast from the gun hit him. His muscle tensed up and relaxed again.

"I'm going to try the two hour setting."

Another blast from the gun hit him. His muscle tensed up and relaxed again.

"I'm going to try the six hour setting. Are you ready Wolverine? This is like one week of working out in one shot."

"Go for it buddy."

They were both starting to really enjoy this. Beast again blasted Wolverine with the gun. Everyone of his harry muscles tensed up to a noticeably bigger size and relaxed, staying the same swollen size.

"Wolverine you're a half inch thicker everywhere."

"This is fucking awesome Beast! If I wasn't suddenly so hungry I'd say let's keep going."

"I can fix that with one of my special IV bags that I use on coma patients. It's a years worth of nutrition."

With the IV hooked up to Wolverine's arm, Beast hit him with another six hours. And then two more right in a row. This added another inch and a half to the already pretty built Wolverine. He looked as built as any of those muscle freaks you see in the magazines. He started flexing like one of them too - putting on a spectacular show for awestruck Beast.

"Why did you stop, Beast? This feels fucking awesome!"

Snapping out of his semi-turned-on daze he said, "Oh ... a ... yea why not. Let's up the setting to 9 hours. Oh what the hell ... think you can handle 12?"

"I'm likin the way you think, Bub."

"You know, Wolverine, this is like two weeks of working out all at once?"

"Bring it on!"

Beast blasted another charge a Wolverine. It sent quite a jolt through him. All his muscles tensed up to an extreme flex. Wolverine scrunched up his face and grunted a little from the pain. But it didn't last too long and he had packed on another inch of solid muscle.

"Are you ok, Wolverine?" asked the concerned Beast.

"I can take it. Keep em coming," he stated while taking a moment of bounce his pecks. He didn't want it to stop.

"Yea your vitals are ok. They show no sign of excessive stress. I think it would be dangerous to put any higher though."

"Fine," grunted the impatient Wolverine. "Come on! Hit me again. This is too great!"

"You're right."

Again he took aim and squeezed the trigger. And again Wolverine took the pain like a man - a massive, massive man.

Beast watched - mouth agape as Wolverine grew some more. And when his swelling stopped he blasted him again. Beast did this about six more time.

Wolverine was now seven inches thicker everywhere. He was totally loving his new found mass. And Beast was too. Watching Wolverine's body swell bigger and bigger with each blast was starting to turn him on a little. Beast wasn't sure if this meant he was gay or he was just turned on by imagining himself growing like that.

"Why did you stop, Beast?"

"Wha ... Oh!" he said snapping out of his daze. "I think that's about enough for now. Your getting almost too big."

"No way, bub. There's no such thing as too big - especially when it comes to saving the world and fighting crime. Was the Hulk too big when he stopped that speeding train last week?"

"Alright. We'll do it a little more." •

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