Wrestling Camp



The morning after they hit the chinese buffet, Paul slept late. Apparently, the "all you can eat" rule at the buffet did not apply to huge musclehead teens who take the entire chafing dish of food off the buffet, eat everything in it, only to return for more chafing dishes full of food. The owners told them to never come back, and were yelling at them in Chinese the whole way out.

It was nearly noon when Coach Kessler went in to wake up Paul. He noticed that Paul's alarm clock had been smashed into pieces next to the bed.

"Hey man, come on, time to get up," said Coach. He flicked on the light. Paul growled and said,"Make me."

The coach walked over to the bed, and tore the covers back. "Shit," he said, stepping back. Paul had apparently spent the last twelve hours in bed turning all that chinese food into new musclemass. His huge muscles looked pumped up like balloons, only rockhard. He had the look of an off-season superheavyweight bodybuilder/powerlifter. His 8pak protuded out, but still tight and hard as granite. He sat up in bed, and hit a double-bi shot. His massive arms rose and rose, peaking out at 28" of rugged biceps.

"Yehhhh, coachie�come on man, try and get me up," said the huge teen. The coach went over to him, reached out quickly and grabbed Paul's big thumb, bending it back as far as he could. The kid grimaced, but then stared at the coach hard. He began to push back, using only his thumb. He stood up.

The coach, startled, put his other hand on top of the thumb and pushed down hard with both arms. But then Paul began to raise his arm. The coach lean all his weight against the thumb, and Paul pushed back and up. Soon, the coach's feet lifted up off the ground, his entire weight pushing on Paul's musclethumb. Paul pressed the coach up and down, his huge arm bulging, the veins pulsing. Then the kid pushed the coach up and out, flicking his thumb hard, and sending the coach flying across the room, slamming into the wall.

"Well,"said Coach, shaking it off,"at least I got you outta bed. Now let's go out for a run."

Paul shrugged, then pulled on his shorts and shoes, and strutted out behind the coach. They got outside to run, but first Coach said "Here, put this on." He held up a backback that he had loaded with 250lbs of weights.

"Nice touch," said Paul. "Where's yours?" he asked, grinning as he slipped the heavy bag onto his massive back.

"You're the one in training, boy, not me," answered Coach."Now let's run."

They took off, running up and down the steep hillsides that surrounded the wrestling camp. Coach was pushing hard too, trying to gauge the stamina of this massive kid. To his amazement, the boy ran up and down the hills without even getting winded. In fact, eight miles into the run, the coach was trudging up the steepest incline yet, and thought he was leaving Paul behind, when, to his surprise, Paul passed him up, running backwards. Paul grinned at him as he passed, and said "Shit, coach, you shoulda put 450 into this pack!", as he disappeared over the hilltop.

Headed back to camp, Paul was way ahead of him. By the time he got back, the boy was waiting for him outside the gym.

"What took you?" said Paul. "I already weighed in. Came in at 299 today." He looked at the coach and bounced his immense pec shelves back and forth. "And look what that run did to these legs." He pulled up the legs of his shorts, exposing his quads totally. His legs were obscenely bloated with pump. He flexed them and made the mounds of muscle ripple with insane power. "Nice, huh?" he said. "And check out these calves". He arched his foot up and popped out the calf muscle. "Bigger than footballs, Coach." He squeezed even harder, and a deep split formed down the middle. "Yehhhhh," he sneered. "What'd ya think, Coach, am I ready for pro wrestling?" "Not a bad idea," said Coach. Not a bad idea at all, he thought. •

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