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As Alan, Barry and Charlie all tried to drop off to sleep, Alan wondered how much more they were going to grow and develop by the next morning. This was going to be a problem!

Here they were climbing into a car with their Mom and headed for some of the more expensive stores in a town quite a few miles away. He went to sleep with many thoughts and plans to keep the deception going in his head.

Barry was the first to awaken in the morning, and when he did he stumbled into the restroom bleary-eyed and tired from a night of nearly non-stop sex. If sexual nirvana had a definition, the activities that they had participated in the night before came as close as any to defining it. WOW!

He looked in the mirror and what looked back was a face covered in hair. It was not quite a beard yet, but it was certainly getting closer. As he walked to the toilet to release the morning piss, there were other changes. He had been the slowest to manifest the changes and he could easily see the changes in the hair on his arms and legs. There was also a treasure trail leading from his navel down to his pubes, which seemed to have grown a great deal more. There was no hair on his chest that he could see, yet.

When he walked in to Alan’s room, Alan was lying with his back to the door and Barry could see that Alan had continued to change throughout the night and the sleep time. The hair on Alan’s ass had continued to spread and darken and it appeared that he was definitely going to be the hairiest of them all, at least at this point. When Barry moved around to see Alan from the front he was still snoring loudly. The most obvious change in Alan was that his dick had grown a great deal more. Soft it looked to be maybe seven inches in length and lying down in an angle impossible only a short time ago. The fine starts of body hair Alan had commented on in regards to his own chest were evident, it could now be seen with the naked eye when one was at a relatively close distance. Alan’s face showed a heavy coating of hair that was really beginning to resemble a beard. It was dark and it was filling in more and more. It looked to be nearly a quarter inch long, maybe more and that had taken place in the few hours of sleep that they had enjoyed.

Barry next walked in to Charlie’s room and saw that he also was still sleeping soundly. Charlie’s body looked to have gained more muscle. He did not look like his body hair had multiplied like Alan’s had, but on Charlie, the most obvious change seemed to be in his ever-growing dick! It was soft and it looked like it had grown even more as he had slept.

Barry went into the bathroom and started trying to figure out what was going to be necessary to make himself presentable for his Mom.

It was only a few minutes more before Alan awakened and stumbled into the bathroom to find Barry using the electric razor all over his face. Alan looked down at the additional hair on his belly and the other places that more hair had grown. He also looked at the fact that his dick had enlarged to the point that he no longer had to hold it or aim it down into the toilet. It’s own weight was doing that very well. Soft, it hung pointing straight down about an inch below his still growing balls. Balls that this particular morning were now covered with soft hair. As Alan looked farther down, the hair on his legs had during his sleep continued to multiply.

The activity in the bathroom had awakened Charlie and he also walked in to the room. Still bleary eyed as the others had been, he made his way to the toilet and let loose with a stream of piss. Things had not really registered as yet, but Charlie’s dick had grown and was now hanging about three inches below his huge balls. Charlie was so shocked waking up to this surprise that he almost lost his balance.

Alan was shaving the near whiskers off his face with the electric razor and when he finished he took the razor to his chest. He knew that they would be trying on shirts and the hair which was starting to show would be easy to see. If it was some sales person, who cared! If it was their mom, that would be a different matter.

Charlie was the last to clean up, and when they were all finished, they all looked as close to their old selves as had been humanly possible.

As Alan stepped on the scale he was a bit baffled. His weight had continued to increase, but with the amount of increase in weight that he showed, he should have been physically a great deal bigger than he was. He had gained from the start of the drug to this point nearly fifty pounds, if his height had changed, it had not been by very much. Barry and Charlie weighed themselves and similar things had happened with them. The numbers on the scale did not match the size increase.

Alan thought that he needed to go back into his files and re-read some of the information that had been sent to his dad. There might be some clue in that correspondence that would explain why this was going on.

There was no time now!

When all three went down stairs, Libby had prepared a big breakfast for them and had already dressed herself for their shopping spree.

As they were finishing breakfast, Fred had brought the dark green Lincoln around from the garage and parked it next to the back door.

“OK, Mama!” “Your chariot awaits!”

He then dug into his own breakfast.

Alan picked up a bag that had a few snacks in it that he had packed including a few protein bars. Also tucked away just in case was a fully charged razor.

All three teens were a little ill at ease. This was a situation that they were not totally in control of. There could be things that could give everything away if this rapid development continued with no checks and balances throughout the day.

They had to watch each other carefully just in case.

(Fortunately for all three the drug they had been taking had a fast drop off time and the last traces of the drug would fade from their systems about forty-eight hours after the last dose. As the strength of the drug waned, so would the continued growth that it produced. But, we have to remember that the boys did not know this fact.)

A few minutes later the big Lincoln with Libby at the wheel headed towards the main gate of the ranch about four miles away. A few minutes later, the gate opened and the big car turned left headed for the big city and hours of shopping.

In the car the first decision was to find a radio station that all could agree on.

There was KGRT broadcast from Las Cruces, New Mexico. There was KATH or KXCR from El Paso Texas. Libby was not in the mood for Country Music and finally ended the discussion when she found a station that was playing the oldies that she and Fred had enjoyed when they were courting. She told her charges that they got to pick the station on the way back.

The drive was uneventful into the City and the first place Libby went was Sears and Roebuck. The three boys looked and groaned. Why did she ALWAYS START at Sears?

Back at the ranch Juan and Carlos were just starting to stir awake. Maria had some things she wanted to do and had already taken the twenty-year-old Chevy that Jose was absolutely attached to into town. Jose had left his two sons a note and told them that there were some tortillas and beans in the refrigerator and that their Mom had left the rest of the makings for some breakfast burritos for them too.

Both Juan and Carlos were sore and ached all over from the orgy the night before and neither one of them were thinking clearly yet. It was sort of like their brains were all covered in a foggy haze!

When Juan got up and walked into the bathroom he nearly had a heart attack! His face was covered in hair. It was not enough to be whiskers yet, but there was hair all over the place. He tried to calm himself and went over to take his morning piss. As he did so, the other changes became evident. His whole body had started to change shape. He no longer had that pudgy look he had grown accustomed to seeing in the morning. His looks had not changed really, but he had changed from the body of a boy in the first stages of puberty to one well-advanced overnight. His navel had hair in a fine trail that now went down to a very full bush of pubic hair. He lifted his arms and under them was the underarm hair of what looked like an adult. His dick had grown a great deal, and though it was no where near as large as Charlie’s had been the night before, there was no doubt in his mind it had grown. He turned around and another thing he could see was how his butt had changed in shape. It was getting that look. Instead of being soft and fleshy as it had been before, the muscle had tightened up considerably. Carlos had experienced similar changes during his sleep. His face was covered with hair, and though the body hair development was not as great, it looked like he and Charlie shared more than lust. His cock had grown a great deal and was now larger than Juan’s.

Back at Sears and Roebuck, the three boys were inside fitting rooms and were not pleased. Libby had been trying to pick out clothing and everything she handed them to try was way too small.

Finally, Alan had about reached his limit. “Mom, why don’t you just let us do this, and you come back in about thirty minutes.” “None of us are going to pick out clothing that is at all weird and you are going to see it before you pay for it, OK?”

Libby relented because she was not doing a very good job. She wondered if all mothers went through this much when their teens hit their growth spurts.

She started to go sit down on a bench.

Alan saved the day when he said to her: “Did you remember that you were going to get some paint and drapes for Dad’s barn office?” “You should at least shop here and check out the prices!”

As soon as she left for hardware the three teens put everything she had suggested back on the racks and got out of the teens section moving over to the men’s section. Things were now starting to fit their bodies. This was a great deal better.

When they were through they had in fact tried on things and actually picked out clothing that would give them some room to grow.

When Libby came back, she asked if they had all tried on the things that they had wanted. They all nodded to the affirmative!

She whipped out the plastic and charged the whole pile!

The next stop was a place called “The Swim Shop” and this place specialized in swimwear.

The fellow behind the counter seemed a little strange to the boys in that he was somewhat effeminate. He also swished his hands around and he insisted on helping all of them try on everything.

Alan knew that this fellow was gay, but, in view of what he and the others had been doing, he had no room to criticize others in that department. The fellow had found Alan to his liking, but he nearly had a fit when Charlie came to him and quietly explained that he was rather “big down there” and that he needed some trunks that first did not strangle his “jewels” and ones that would NOT display his size. Initially, the fellow thought that this was just another kid pulling his pecker, but when he followed Charlie into a changing room for just a moment, he came out ready to burn his membership card in the “International Order of Size Queens”.

This kid was not lying and if anything had underestimated his assets!

What were the parents feeding this kid, and where could he get some!

The day went on with stop after stop and by the end of it, Libby had purchased a great deal of clothing for all three.

The three trash bags full of clothing were dropped off to the Goodwill as one of the last stops they made before returning home. They had forgotten something!

A quick turn-around was made and the final stop was a Wal-Mart store where three new electric razors and three safety razors were purchased as back-up.

It was now afternoon and a little stubble could be seen on three faces. Libby knew that these boys were definitely going to take after her side of the family. •

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