Breeding Stock


By Wordshop


After collecting the pay for their week’s work all concerned felt great.

When Alan, Barry and Charlie returned home, and went to their own respective bedrooms there was cause for concern.

Alan looked in the mirror, and could already see that the hair shaved off his face only maybe two hours before was again starting to show. Each time it was shaved off, a little more was filling in and the area the hair covered had grown. Alan removed his shirt and walked in to check Barry and Charlie to investigate what was going on with them.

On close examination, the hair on both of their faces was also visible and starting to grow in on their faces as well.

Alan went into the bathroom and stripped out of the rest of the good clothing he was wearing. Then he went in to quickly again run the razor before dinner. He noticed some other things. There was a very short fine and downy “peachfuzz” visible in the setting sun of the bathroom window as the light shown at a certain angle across his chest, it was short, but evident. There were a few stray “baby hairs” over his pecs, and there was the beginning of a small patch in the center of his chest with a few hairs around his nipples.

This was happening too fucking fast!

Why were the three of them developing so damn fast, and Juan and Carlos so slowly?

Looking at the changes taking place was a turn on for Alan and none the less his cock began to erect. When it was as hard as it could get, Alan measured it at seven and one quarter inches. A few hours ago it had been just barely over seven inches!

Looking closely, it was obvious that in the past few hours his pubic bush had continued to spread and his balls had grown a little more too.

With Charlie being the one developing the most rapidly in the cock department, Alan wondered what Charlie was measuring now.

Alan did not say a great deal to the other two, other than they had to do some “thinking” as soon as dinner was over.

All three boys again used the electric razor and cleaned up the beginnings of the facial hair before throwing on bathrobes and going down to dinner.

All three ate quietly, knowing that Alan was concerned about something.

Libby had mentioned that there was a re-run of one of the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies on television, and did they remember that.

Alan spoke up and said that before they went shopping the next day that they all wanted to gather up the clothing that no longer fit, so that they could take it to one of the charity drop off points when they went shopping.

Libby thought how well she had raised the boys. They were thinking of others less fortunate!

Alan gathered up his clothing, and had suggested that Barry and Charlie do the same. The problem was that what would no longer fit for Alan, ended up being about 75% of the pants that he owned, about an equal percentage of shirts, and 100% of his swim trunks were now too small. WOW!

The swim trunks were the worst! When Alan tried to get into the various pairs of trunks he had so enjoyed a few months ago, these were now graphic red flag illustrators of just how much he had grown in so very short a time! They were difficult to get on over his growing thighs, and the bulge of his growing cock and balls caused the waist to ride very low. With several pairs, the bulge was now so big as to cause the waist to pull down to where the newly enlarged pubic bush was continuing to expand. These looked hot in an X-rated sense, but they were not practical.

Alan placed the rather large donation pile into a plastic bag and then went into Charlie’s room to see how he was doing.

Charlie had not gotten as far along as Alan had. He watched Alan lug the bag into the hall, it was huge and it was stuffed.

Alan looked at Charlie and said: “Look man, we are going to have to get our buts in gear and get rid of the “evidence” as much as is possible of our growth.” “We are also going to have to ride into town on our bikes over the next few weeks, and go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and get some more clothes which WE are going to have to pay for ourselves”.

Barry and Charlie both looked “down trodden”. “We are growing at an incredible rate!” “By the time we go to bed we will probably need to shave again!” “This is happening too friggin’ fast guys!” “I was hard when we showered before getting paid right after four P.M..” “I measured my stiff dick then and it barely cracked the seven inch mark, and it was so hard it thought it would explode!” “I measured again when I discovered this other stuff and had us all shave again!” “Then it was seven and one quarter inches!” “By morning, who knows how fucking big we’ll be, or what the hair situation will be!”

“I have dosed the Sports Drink that we have been using out in the pastures to the point that if I add any more of the drug, it is going to be the consistency of grain flavored mud!” “That’s why I cut out the night time dosages!”

As he said this, color fled from Barry and Charlie’s faces.

“Carlos and Juan should be growing just as fast as we are and they are WAY, WAY, WAY, behind!”

“We are going to be doing an act that would imitate the busting outta clothes of the ‘Incredible Hulk’ pretty soon, and the guys we need to grow to deflect attention from us simply are not any where near catching up!”

Barry then said: “OH SHIT!”

Charlie followed with: “Double fuckin’ SHIT!

Barry started out: “Well ya see Alan, I thought you forgot the past few nights so I made up some snack drinks with the stuff in it cause I thought you forgot!”

Charlie then said: “I’ll top that dude!” “I did too!”

Alan turned ashen white!


“The effects of this stuff might not slow down for days”!

“We gotta figure out a way to get more into Juan and Carlos and we gotta cut the amount we are taking to ZERO at least for the weekend!”

Alan was now worried sick! The dosage they were taking was probably the same or more than what the bulls had been getting!

By ten P.M., the evidence of their high dosages was again beginning to show! The soft hair on Alan’s face was actually starting to darken and stiffen! The hair on his face was soon going to be full-blown whiskers! It was not going to be peach fuzz for too much longer! Alan stroked his dick (which instantly grew hard) and his seven and one-quarter inch boner had grown to a seven and five-eighths inch boner! This was more than one-eighth inch in two hours!

At this time, he at least knew that he was so fuckin’ horny that he had to relieve himself.

All three listened to their parents who had gone to bed early. When he was certain that both were asleep, he came up with an idea, and would set his next plan into action.

Across the fields, and in another house, Juan and Carlos were so kick ass horny that they couldn’t stand it. It was a hot night and both had showered off twice in the cold water! Both had also jacked-off twice as well and their hard dicks were now again begging for relief.

At about eleven p.m., there was a faint tapping at their bedroom window.

Alan, had all decided that there was more than one way to “skin a cat”, and they were going to initiate Juan and Carlos into their little “pump house” sex party. With the amount of the drug that he knew was in them, he knew that they would at best be only slightly less on the bone than they were! Alan knew they had to be so fuckin’ on rigid that they couldn’t stand it!

He was right!

Alan and Charlie had concocted a plan to get them caught up! He took some bottles of Sports Drink and loaded them with enough of the drug that they would be getting double the dosage that a full-grown bull would be for a single day!

He knew that the inside of the pump house would still be hot as hell and that the sweat would make all of them thirsty. He brought two coolers, one for them, and one for the two unsuspecting brothers! Alan had placed all of the drugged bottles in the blue cooler and all of theirs in the orange one!

It did not take much convincing to get them to go to the pump house for a little “relief”!

Juan and Carlos were very “old fashioned” and honest kids. They had never been the kind to sneak out, but in this case, necessity was the mother of invention. Both were afraid that if they ended up in the shower again, that their parents were going to wonder about this strange need for “cleanliness”.

Alan quietly moved a large old tree stump with only minimal assistance from “bros” and placed it under Juan and Carlos bedroom window. This would make this and future midnight entrance and exits easy. If Jose did not notice anything, this would be just great! Fortunately, the dirt in this area was pretty well packed!

There was a real bright full moon that night, and when Juan and Carlos had gotten their clothing on, and made the exit from their bedroom window, the first sight that greeted them was the huge well packed crotches of the guys calling for them. Both Juan and Carlos started erecting again immediately. This was really weird! Carlos wondered why his first thought would have been to look at another guys crotch!

The walk to the pump house was only about five to eight minutes from the main house, but it was closer to fifteen from the residence area for the Lujan’s. They had to work out some way to communicate this in the future! Alan, Barry and Charlie did not want to increase the chances of them all being caught by walking all over the ranch in the middle of the night.

At this time, all were so out of fuckin’ control that new activities began to be introduced almost immediately. Charlie peeled out of his clothes and his hard dick looked huge. It had grown with this erection to the point that it was rock hard and reaching above his naval. Charlie immediately walked over to Carlos and started stroking his hard dick. It was much smaller than his, but, after this night he and his two cousins were going to try and do everything to make them equals! Charlie grabbed Carlos sweaty body to him and planted a kiss on Carlos mouth. He did not know where the instinct came from, and Carlos initially did not know how to react. It was the first time he had ever been kissed in that manner. Charlie with an instinct that came from some unknown realm started working Carlos into a frenzy. As he placed his tongue inside Carlos mouth, Carlos had never dreamed that this could be such a turn on. As he reciprocated, he quickly became a totally sex driven animal. Carlos own physiological response was that his dick grew so hard the veins could be seen standing out on the surface. This was the first time that this had happened! Juan had seen what was going on, and his own dick was standing on end! Barry started kissing Juan, and Alan started stroking his dick. The idea here was not to get Juan or Carlos off, but to stroke and bring them to a level that would be so white hot that they would do or at least consider anything! Charlie had never fucked in his life and for some reason Carlos ass looked absolutely so inviting that he had to try for it. To continue to raise Carlos temperature, Charlie started sucking and licking on Carlos nipples. Alan seeing a mouth free immediately replaced Charlie’s tongue with his own. Carlos cock was so hard now that it was for the first time ever starting to leak lube!

There were breaks taken and both groups of boys were replacing the liquid sweat with the sports drinks. The more Juan and Carlos drank the liquid, the more they wanted to drink. It seemed like their temperature was going ever higher and they did not know how long they were going to be able to remain in any control.

A few minutes later, to entice the others, Alan brought out the vacuum collection device. He hooked this up and placed the clear tube over Charlie’s dick. Alan thought that this would be the hottest one, because it was already the largest!

He decided to hold off using the elektro-jackulator, because the vacuum would have effects on Charlie’s dick and turn the others on more if it took longer.

Though not designed like a vacuum pump for penis enlargement and operating at a somewhat lower vacuum level, in time the penis contained in the cylinder would still swell with lymphatic fluid. Within about an hour all the dicks in the room were dripping pre-cum and things were getting really interesting with Charlie. First off, Charlie’s dick had swollen somewhat, the pre-cum leakage was at an all-time high and the end of the tube was filling with a clear liquid. It remained until it was sucked out as his bobbing cock reached the right angles for the collection device to suck it out. Neither Carlos OR any of the other had even the idea that it was possible to make so much pre-cum. Charlie just seemed to be a factory for the stuff!

Carlos was getting more and more frenzied and his movements were becoming erratic from the level of excitement he was experiencing.

Alan removed the pre-cum slick tube from Charlie’s dick and slipped it on to Carlos who let out a moan that turned his brother Juan almost to jelly! Charlie’s dick had gained even more in size from it’s time in the tube and it was soaked in pre-cum from all of the splashing around that was taking place as he was making passionate love to Carlos wearing the device. With little preliminaries he went around behind Carlos and started to push into that little hole in Carlos ass! Initially Carlos was so shocked that he did not have time to react. It hurt like hell, but it also came at a time that he was so enraptured by Alan taking control of his mouth and the incredible suck job that the collection device was giving his cock that all logical thought process was lost.

Juan was watching and started to jack off. Alan saw what was going on there and went back to work on him to keep him occupied! He couldn’t let Juan cum until he wanted him to. He needed to implant the idea that sex with them was better than anything that they could ever hope for anywhere else.

By now, Charlie was pumping his dick in and out of Carlos ass at a regular rhythm. He was so turned on that it took him about twenty strokes before he came the first time. He was so turned on by his first fuck, that two things were going into Charlie’s brain. He liked fucking one hell of a lot. He had not tried everything yet, but fucking was going to be something special and he knew it. The other thing was that this was only the beginning because his huge vacuum pumped cock remained hard as a rock, and he knew he would be ready quickly for another round. Watching the others had his juices flowing and he was placing so much pre-cum lube in Carlos’s ass, that the next one in there would be definitely getting “sloppy seconds”.

Sweat was on all of the bodies, and the sheen highlighted their musculature in the harsh overhead fluorescent work lights. Charlie could see that his body had changed, and so had those of Alan and Barry. There was definition and their torsos were beginning to take on the shape of a “V”. As they squatted and changed positions it was also obvious that their legs had changed a great deal and that striations of muscle could be seen. The only change he could see on observation of Juan and Carlos right now was a loss of some of the baby-fat and a little more hair around their pubes, and on their faces.

Charlie hoped that what they were doing this night and probably a few others to come would bring these two “victims” up to speed.

The sex continued with wild abandon, and all the participants in this little orgy of lust shot huge loads again and again. By about four A.M. Juan and Carlos were sharing the last bottle of their sports drink and all of the fellows were exhausted from their activities.

Alan, Barry and Charlie knew that their mother would get them up no later than about ten in the morning to take them shopping. They needed to get their rest. When Juan and Carlos got home they did not have a great deal of time. They knew that their Dad Jose was going to get up at about 5:30 because he had a few things to do there on the ranch before he could call this particular Saturday a day “off”. Juan and Carlos managed to sneak in the same window and also managed to shower as quietly as a couple of church mice.

When they got into bed, there was something weird. They were even hornier than when they had left to go to the pump house with their three “compadres”.

It took great effort for them to get to sleep, but they eventually did succeed they were heading for “slumber world” just as their father’s alarm clock could be heard at the opposite end of the house.

AS they slept the incredible dosage of the drug began to work it’s way into their systems! •

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