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Juan and Carlos had not slept real well the night before. It had been a very restless night. Juan had been dreaming thoughts he could not quite explain. He awakened with a big wet stain in his underwear. He was aware of the things that happen when one grows up. It just seemed to him that last night was one endless sexual sleeping escapade.

Carlos had been dreaming too. It seemed like his thoughts like those of his brother had been directed towards sex. The weird part was that he was not having sexual thoughts about girls. His sexual thoughts all involved other men! What was this? In his staunch religious home this was not one he dared mention!

When the stake truck pulled up to their quarters with Alan only, both boys hopped into the cab of the truck. Carlos sat in the middle next to Alan, and to Carlos, Alan looked so very masculine. There were things that were sexually exciting to him. He saw the hair that was starting to grow on Alan’s arms and it looked like Alan was shaving already. (He did not know that the first time was that very morning) and that he was going to be a very handsome and masculine man! Carlos and Juan both had started to experience a strange tingling sensation in their genitals that morning. To them, it was probably from all of the dreams and hard-on’s that had taken place combined with the restless sleep of the night before.

That must be the reason!

The more Carlos looked at Alan the more unexplained feelings began to surface in his brain and the more confused he became.

A few minutes later Alan, Juan and Carlos had reached the pasture area where they were supposed to work for the day.

None of the boys were really comfortable because there were storm clouds overhead. A few distant rumbles of thunder could be heard periodically off in the distance.

Fred had told the boys that morning that they were expected to work, but, that they were to exercise great caution. If they could see any lightning, if rain started, or if there was any indication of ANY danger they were to head for cover. If the rain lasted for more than one hour before four P.M., they were to call it quits for the day.

The clouds and distant thunder had several effects. The first was that they blocked sunlight. This gave at least the impression that there was less glare, and allowed the work detail to work a great deal faster. It also had the effect of raising the humidity a great deal, which in turn multiplied the “sweat quotient” to where the shirts were sticking to all five workers. Big dark stains could be seen on the rear sides of their jeans from the fluid loss. All five boys were hitting the drugged sports drink really hard and by noon had nearly finished one container. Alan had dosed this day’s refreshments quite heavily knowing that it was the only way to get Juan and Carlos to catch up. The problem was that again for he Barry and Charlie this was being combined with the triple dosage that the other two had added to the pot the night before, each not knowing what the other had done. Periodically each walked a distance away and unloaded a yellow stream of piss.

At about 1:30 P.M., lightning flashes could be seen and the boys quickly cleaned up their tools and finished the wire attachments so that the fencing was at least functional. Alan tied some red plastic tape around the post to mark the spot as his father had taught him.

The horses were starting to get frightened from the nearing proximity of lightning and thunder, and a decision had to be made. They could go back to the ranch and call it quits for the day, or they could make for an outbuilding that was used during the times that branding or animal sales took place. They decided to try for the outbuilding in hopes that this summer storm would blow over. There was a covered area for horses at that location which would calm them down somewhat, water for animals and people, and inside the building a couple of tables and some rudimentary other furniture for use of those keeping track of paperwork. A working toilet and bathroom were also there for anyone who had to relieve themselves.

Just as the last of the equipment was loaded on the truck, and the horses were mounted, the skies let loose with a torrent of water. It was coming down in buckets and though warm, the four horsemen were all getting drenched.

Alan was worried that if the road became muddy enough, the truck would get stuck in the soft earth creating a need to pull it out, and he would be in danger from the storm while he waited for help. All five pushed their rides as hard as they could heading for that outbuilding. Alan in the truck was at about 40 miles per hour with the four rear drive wheels occasionally losing traction, spinning, and causing mud to splash all around him. Very quickly, the building came into sight. It was only a matter of about two minutes before the four on horseback had their mounts under cover. Alan backed the truck in under the eaves of the area where the horses were tied and watered. This way, he was hoping that he could keep the tools and supplies on the flat bed as dry as he could.

When he got inside, he looked at the other four and realized that they were soaked to the skin.

All were nervous in this situation. Alan looked around and found that the power was on, and so was the water for this building. In addition there were several fans and even a wood stove. The bathroom also had a stall shower, which Alan had forgotten.

Alan was still the leader, and told the other four that they needed to get out of their wet clothing to rinse it, and themselves, off in the shower. It was still too early to call it “quits”, unless this weather persisted for more than an hour or two. The smell of sweat was heavy in the room as Alan, Barry and Charlie started removal of their sweat and rain soaked clothing. At this moment, Juan and Carlos were petrified. Alan removed his wallet and other stuff from his pockets and placed it on one of the tables. Barry and Charlie were slowly following Alan’s lead. Juan and Carlos just kind of stood there until Alan looked at them both simultaneously and said “YOU TOO!”

The greatest portion of the fear given off by Juan and Carlos had nothing to do with being nude, it was to do with the fact that they were both in a state of partial erection. They were so scared that they were going to be viewed as a couple of . . . . . . well, they were not supposed to use those words.

Alan, Barry and Charlie were soon standing nude, looking in pockets, and making certain that all of their clothing could be washed out. Juan and Carlos reluctantly stripped and were also soon standing nude as well. When they had their clothing off, they noticed that there had been something that they had not noticed about each other earlier. The bush of pubic hair had filled in some in the past weeks. It must have been this. Carlos was wondering why he had not noticed this when he was in the shower that very morning. Maybe his mind had simply been elsewhere.

When Carlos viewed the nude bodies of Alan, Barry and Charlie he simply could not believe how much more masculine they were in comparison to the way he and his brother looked. Alan had some visible hair on his arms and legs and there was also hair on his ass. Charlie had a dick on him that looked twice as large as theirs were. After the clothing had been washed out and all five had rinsed off the sweat in the shower, there was nothing to do but sit stark naked and wait for the storm to pass. As they were sitting down, the lightning was still crashing all around them, and the rain was still coming down in buckets. They ate a couple of the sandwiches from the cooler now inside, that Libby had made for them and made small talk.

For a few minutes, Carlos became lost in his thoughts and his thoughts were of Alan. His cock which had been tingling all day slowly started erecting and the head working it’s way out of it’s long foreskin. When he realized what was happening, it was too late. The other four had seen the action in Carlos crotch, and the only thing more contagious than a yawn was a bunch of erections on horny teenage males. Juan and Carlos were both hard in an instant, and were so embarrassed that they did not know what to do. Alan, Barry and Charlie were aroused by what they were seeing, and were also hard in a very short time. It was Alan who laughed about the whole deal, stating that this was simply something that happened to guys their age and was nothing to worry about.

What was different for the boys however was the degree of erection. Juan and Carlos felt their cocks stiffen to the point that they thought that an explosion was going to happen. Carlos thought momentarily that his cock looked larger and harder than it had ever looked before.

Though the sizes would have been a great deal more “even” a few weeks ago, Juan and Carlos looked at the cocks on the other three, and there was instant envy of what the other three had between their legs.

The understood now that this was what Angelina wanted, this was why she had insulted and hurt them so very badly. It was true when the clothing came off, Juan and Carlos still looked like underdeveloped children compared to the much larger drug enhanced genitals of the other three.

Not knowing what else to do, Carlos spoke out to the room about the fight that their mom had gotten into with their Aunt over what Angelina had done and what she had said.

Alan laughed, and said that Angelina was not being very polite, and that some boys start growing and developing a little later. He mentioned that there was some special cases where the growth and development took place very quickly, and that these were the really lucky fellows. According to “Alan the authority”, when this happened, they were usually the special guys who would grow very large and muscular and they would be the ones that would be the real studs that all the girls would chase.

Angelina was a dumb girl, she did not know this or understand it. This was a “guy” thing.

Charlie and Barry listened to their fearless leader go on and on and at times it was hard to keep a straight face. They knew however that it was laying groundwork for what may be ahead of Juan and Carlos.

Alan mentioned that he Barry and Charlie were all gifted in this way, and that many boys who grew up on ranches received this special gift. He equated it with the hard work developing their muscles and this magnifying their sex hormones production. Alan mentioned several names that were known for their athletic prowess and secretly admired for their advanced development in the final year in Middle School. He then told Juan and Carlos that these boys were all from some of the ranches in the area.

None of this was in Juan and Carlos health education books last semester, but the way Alan explained it, he made the whole thing sound not only plausible and interesting, but almost common place. All were starting High School in the fall, and it would be a completely new crowd.

Alan mentioned that since they had been working so hard on the fences that they had been out of control horny and that they had both grown and developed. Alan asked Juan and then Carlos if since they had been working together had they noticed that they were hornier? Carlos then confessed that he had been hard almost the whole night. Alan mentioned that they should both start developing a great deal faster. Carlos said that he had noticed that he had more hair around his dick and balls. Alan responded: “See, it sounds like you’re going to be one of the lucky ones then!”

At about this time, Charlie was thinking that his cousin was really great. He could have a great career on infomercials or as a used car salesman!

Neither Carlos nor Juan were at all dumb, but they were more sheltered and were definitely not as worldly as the other boys were.

All of this was of course fortunate for Alan.

As the conversation continued, between Alan and Carlos the other three boys were for the most part paying more attention to each other. Juan was looking at Barry and Charlie and vice-versa.

It was only a few minutes longer before Charlie started leaking pre-cum from the end of his now straining erection. It looked even bigger to Charlie than it had when he had last measured it. Juan had never experienced such a hard on in his entire life. It was almost like he could feel something tearing inside, and his dick was trying to stretch larger.

Alan had been going on and on with Carlos when Charlie interrupted. “Cousin, I gotta do somethin’ about this hard dick, and the rest of you oughta think about it too!” He then pointed to the clothing hung up drying off with the fans all pointed at them. “When those dry and this rain stops, we all know that we are gonna have ta get our asses back in those pants and head back home!” “Now that this thing is up, I doubt it is gonna to go down unless I give it a little help!” “I suggest that we all beat these things down to a more reasonable size!” “I know that this big ol’ dick is not gonna fit in my pants in this condition, at least not very well!” “If we don’t do somethin’ then we are gonna to go home making quite a “show” for our parents aren’t we?”

Carlos and Juan were momentarily mortified! He was considering “jacking-off” right in front of them! Then almost as if they could read each other’s minds, they looked at each other and thought with a smile: “Where’s the bad part of that?”

Charlie started slowly stroking his cock. He was one of those who had some loose skin and this heightened his sensations. This jack-off activity was probably the easiest for Charlie because he produced “pre-cum” by the bucket full. Finally, Alan walked over and stuck his hand under the long string coming from Charlie’s dick. After about three tries he ended up with enough lube to make his own jacking off far easier. Barry then following Alan’s lead, did the same thing, and in a matter of only a few minutes he also had secured enough lube to make his own efforts a great deal more fun.

Both Juan and Carlos were uncut, this being the case, they had the sliding foreskins to add to their sensations. Charlie looked at the work that they were doing and finally asked: “Don’t you guys want some “Charlie-Lube”, it works wonders?” Carlos was the first one to be brave in obtaining a little natural “lube”, he walked across the room and over to Charlie, he was hesitant to stick his hand under Charlie’s dick to catch the stream, but instead he maneuvered into such a position that the stream of “pre-cum lube” from Charlie went right on to his own hard dick. Carlos had to admit, Charlie was right! This stuff was great! His hand and all the rest slid easily up and down now, and this was starting to feel a whole lot better. After Carlos had been the brave one, Juan finally borrowed some “lube” as well. He had to admit that there was almost a magical quality to it. It seemed that the odor of Charlie’s pre-cum contained some kind of pheromone or something, and when it hit Juan and Carlos their dicks got even harder.

A few seconds later, the first of several loads started leaving the ends of five rock hard dicks. The orgasms experienced by Alan, Barry and particularly Charlie were mind blowing. Charlie was totally sweaty again and the definition in his young muscles could be seen as he moaned and groaned just before shooting his first load. As he shot this load he was gasping for air and his chest could be seen inflating to the max as his load was hurled half way across the room. When he finished the first load, his dick was still hard.

In the next hour, the rain poured down outside the building. Rain also poured down inside the shed, but this rain was a slightly different color. A total of three loads were produced by each of them and towards the end they were coaxing each other to fire, and doing things to turn each other on.

When the rain let up a few minutes later, Alan heard the hand held radio crack and beep. It was Fred and he wondered where the guys were. Alan told him and then told his dad that they wanted to wait a few more minutes before trying to head back in to allow the horses a little more time to calm down.

Fred had said OK, but that he wanted them to head back no later than four P.M. This would assure that it was still light in case the truck did indeed get stuck in the mud.

This session eased all the feelings and hesitations that Juan and Carlos had harbored about working with Alan, Barry and or Charlie.

Within about an hour, which was fortunate, the storm had moved on and there was still enough light for the truck and the four horsemen to work their way back to the ranch. There was a mop in the closet and quickly the boys did a mop job on the floor and hoped that the odor left behind by their activities would dissipate on it’s own quickly.

Tomorrow was Friday, and it would be their last day before their weekend.

When the horses had been returned to the barn it was later than normal. All five boys cleaned and curried the animals and put the tack away, then reloaded the truck for the following day. Their physical strength and resilience surprised Juan and Carlos. With all of the labor they had done, they were only slightly winded. Maybe there was something to what Alan had said.

Alan told Charlie and Barry to go back to the house so that Libby would not worry, and that he would drive Juan and Carlos back to their place so that they would not have to walk through the mud.

When Barry and Charlie walked back in the kitchen door Libby looked at both of them and then asked Barry to come to her. First, she sort of wrinkled her nose and commented that his clothing needed to be washed and so did he. She then gently grabbed his chin lifting it. “Well, I see that you boys are growing into men and doing it rather quickly!” Initially Barry and Charlie were afraid that they had been caught and were going to be taken to the doctor. “Well boys the hair genes come from my side of the family, Charlie, your Uncle Mike also started shaving when he was about your age.” “Remind me to get you all razors this weekend!” All she said after that was that they needed to go upstairs and get themselves showered because there was a very large pot roast waiting for all of them.”

When Alan walked in the door Libby asked him to come over to her and she did the same inspection. “I see that it is razors all across the board this weekend!” was all she said.

She then turned around and said “Eeeeeewwwwwww, Alan get your smelly self out of my clean kitchen you’re polluting the air!” “Pot roast for dinner so hurry up, shower and get down here quick!”

Dinner was quiet, more so than normal. The boys wondered if something was wrong, if they had been caught or something. It seemed like Fred’s mind was not on dinner at all, but somewhere totally different.

After dinner the boys were dressed in their bathrobes and Fred called them all into his office. He had them sit down. Now they were certain they were in trouble!

OK boys, your Mom found semen stains in your bed linens the other morning and told me it’s time for me to explain the birds and the bees to all of you. Fred was truly distressed at this, and in spite of being a college educated man and a liberal thinker at this moment he was a father trying to explain sex education to three teen-aged boys. Alan piped up and tried to momentarily explain that they had learned all about this in health education classes, but Fred just said that he needed to talk about it anyway so that he had done his duty.

Fred went on to explain the act of sexual intercourse between a male and a female the best he could considering he made a great deal of money from the mating of beef cattle. The problem was that his explanation was more a lesson in animal husbandry than a lesson in human sexuality. He went on to explain that men and boys have certain needs for sexual release. He then went on and explained all about masturbation and even went so far as to explain homosexuality. All he said about masturbation was that all three of them needed to check their own sheets so that “mom” did not have to deal with this “guy thing”. All he said about homosexuality was that there were many opinions about it, some considering it only in Biblical terms and others considering it only in biological terms. From what most know, it is a genetic thing though even some want to debate that. Personally, I want to know that I raise three boys who are eager to learn and discriminate against no one for something that they cannot change.

Fred became even more uncomfortable at his next statement. Boys I want you to know that there are gay people in our own family. The genetics may be in one of you. Remember fellows, there is a retrovirus out there that was not known about when I was your age. That virus is called HIV and it can kill things. Where it came from no one exactly knows. It does not matter what kind of sex you have. It does not matter if you are with a female or a male, the manner in which you can contact and then transmit the disease is through body fluids. The main routes are blood, semen, seminal fluid, and things like that. Urine has only a small amount and though transmission through urine is possible, there are no documented cases transmitted this way that we know of but in theory it is possible. Saliva is another one that has almost a zero record of documented transmissions. At your age, you are going to be sexually active on some level no matter what any parent or adult says because it is something that is simple biology.

“Uncle Fred, we have already studied all this in our health ed classes” Charlie stated. “We had to take tests on this and everything”.

Fred was relieved and then changed the subject.

“OK, boys now I want to talk about the work you’ve been doing”. “All five of you have done an excellent job and have completed tasks as well as any of the more experienced ranch hands could have done them.” “I have enough work for all five of you in fact to last until school starts.” “But we have to take our vacation and mom and I have kind of planned that for the last three weeks before school starts!”

“Tomorrow afternoon, I want all five of you to get into line when I hand out pay envelopes for all of the ranch hands” “Because of your ages I can’t give you a check, but there’ll be some cash in each pay envelope for each of you. Make certain that you tell Juan and Carlos this as well.”

It seemed like this was over and done with, Fred went back to being his normal jovial self.

The tension of the last hour had been more exhausting than the entire day’s work had been. Thinking that they were caught was almost unbearable for these guys.

The time had been just as stressful for Fred. No matter how much education one has the act sometimes of being a father and watching your kids grow up brings about the insecurities of the job they are doing as a parent.

For the third night in a row, a series of events conspired to triple the dosage of the drug to all three of the recipients. Alan had not said anything nor had he mixed their “drug cocktails” because he thought that the others knew he was “doping” the sports drink all day. Barry thought that Alan had simply forgotten, and Charlie for another night took it for granted that the other two were slipping and had both forgotten. Both Barry and Charlie were amazed that the small amount of drug that they were receiving had done so very much! Alan was getting somewhat nervous hoping that he could accelerate the development in Juan and Carlos so that they would begin to catch up!

The next day was uneventful and had been a repeat of the last good weather day with all five working hard and consuming a great deal of the “doped” sports drink in the coolers.

By about ten in the morning Alan returned to the truck to use the radio. They had run out of one kind of barbed wire, and it would be easier to have another hand bring the wire out from storage building in a different truck, than to pack up a bunch of tools and other things to go back in. They radioed Fred and he said that the wire would be to them in about fifteen to twenty minutes. This would allow them go on setting the posts and to get a great deal more done. True to form, about fifteen minutes later, Fred himself showed up with the wire in the bed of an old 1960 Ford F-250 he had intended to restore as a project for he and the boys. It was almost comical when he arrived. Alan and the other four looked at him and then at the truck and then back to him.

Fred saw the looks and said:

“OK, OK, OK, your Mom went into town and she took my pickup and one of the horse trailers to get something.”

“I couldn’t very well load barbed wire into her Lincoln and drive a new Town Car across muddy fields.” “Though the thought did cross my mind, what was more important was that your mother would kill me!” “This truck was the only one that was available!” “By the way boys, your mom is right you all need razors!” “Didn’t you shave this morning?”

Alan looked in the large outside rear view mirror of the flatbed and what looked back was a scruffy face all covered with whiskers in the early stages of development. Alan looked at the others and said:

“I guess we forgot dad!”

“OK guys, I gotta get back and finish the payroll, come in a little early, I want you looking a little less scruffy at pay time!”

All three had indeed shared the one electric razor that morning, and what had grown in, had done so in a matter of hours. Alan walked over and looked at Juan and Carlos.

There were beginnings of light moustaches and a little bit of hair growth around their sideburn areas as well.

Alan motioned them over to the mirror so that they could see! “See guys, this work is really tweaking your hormones!” “If we are going to get a little cleaned up by pay time, we are going to need to finish this up for today at about two P.M.” “It will take us about thirty minutes to get every thing picked up here and the truck packed back up, ten minutes to ride and drive back in and about fifteen to put away the horses, fifteen more to shower, change and clean up and about five for us and ten for Juan and Carlos to walk from our houses to where dad hands out pay.” “He normally starts pay checks at about 4 P.M.

It had been a custom at the ranch for Friday pay envelopes to be handed out starting at about 4 P.M. at the Barn Office. The hands, and those owed pay for whatever reason, would be handed envelopes with checks in them. Each envelope would have the workers name typed on the face. There were occasionally special envelopes for the wives or kids or any others who had done things for the ranch as well. One of the things Fred had adhered to was that everyone was paid for their work!

To speed things up, Alan dropped Juan and Carlos off at their place in the truck. Barry and Charlie agreed to take care of the four mounts without help if none were available, and Alan would see to it that the flatbed was re-supplied for the new work week starting the following Monday.

Maria initially wondered why Juan and Carlos had returned so early. She laughed when she heard that they wanted to make a good appearance when the pay envelopes were handed out. When they went to their bedroom and stripped they were shocked to find that their pubic hair had filled in totally and it was now a thick heavy black bush. There were a few hairs around their belly buttons and then there was the facial hair that had appeared that day. Their uncut dicks did not look any bigger yet, but there were changes starting in their bodies. The baby fat that had plagued them for so long was starting to melt away and their pants were actually loose at the waist for the first time. This was amazing when one considered that they were eating like horses. There was some evidence of the shape of muscle and there was a more masculine look to their faces. Alan must be right about work and the hormone thing!

There were discoveries going on in the bedrooms and restrooms of the main house as well!

Alan noticed that the hair on his legs was becoming a great deal darker and more noticeable than it had been even the night before. There was now a noticeable trail of hair from his belly button down to his pubic bush. That bush was growing larger and larger and was starting to spread. The hair on his ass was also starting to darken and coarsen. There was, in addition, the start of a little tiny “love patch” in the small of his back. When he lifted his arms, the hair under them had grown in long, thick, and was becoming coarser by the day.

Not thinking, Alan grabbed one of the boot cut pairs of jeans he had worn only five days ago. He could no longer pull these all the way up. The musculature in his upper legs had grown a great deal larger and this was just not going to happen.

Alan had shaved, and now at least for Friday Night he looked a great deal more presentable. Like the pants, and a re-try made necessary by his rapid growth there, the same was true when he tried one of the shirts.

The arms were tight, the waist was loose and he could not come close to fastening the snaps as he came closer to his chest. There was now about a two and one half-inch gap with the shirt stretched to the breaking point!

The thought of how much he had grown had him hard in an instant, and he grabbed the ruler laying it on top of his rapidly inflating dick! He measured it and found that he was now just a hair over seven inches in length.

If he were seven now, what was Charlie?

He weighed himself and though the numbers had not changed a great deal, the change in shape in his body told him that the baby fat was leaving and the muscle was replacing it. With his shirt off, Alan flexed a bicep as hard as he could and looked at the lump it made. This had definitely changed! There was now a definite ball like shape starting to appear. It was not yet something that would make any professional bodybuilder take notice, but the shape was changing rapidly and who knew what he and the others would look like in a few more weeks!

All five managed to get dressed, and make it to the pay office just as Fred was starting to call out the names. He saved the boys for last, and all five boys were handed envelopes with their names on them. Fred then called out to all the hands and specifically mentioned the great job being done by Juan and Carlos Lujan, the sons of Jose and Maria Lujan! Jose was so proud he could almost be seen busing his buttons. The last words he said after all the envelopes were handed out was pointing to first his own sons and then to Juan and Carlos, “SAME PAY!” Juan and Carlos opened their envelopes to find five nice crisp twenty-dollar bills inside for their weeks work. Alan, Barry and Charlie opened theirs to find the same thing! For a fourteen-year-old kid and his first effort at work, this was not a bad deal! •

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