Breeding Stock


By Wordshop


Back at the ranch Juan and Carlos had been so horny that they had spent most of the time until their Mom Maria had gotten home in the shower jacking-off.

This was definitely too much of a good thing! There was no relief from the act. As soon as they dumped one load, their balls were operating at warp drive manufacturing another one.

When they got no relief, they just decided to give it up and get dressed. The sex signal was an old raffle ticket dropped in the suggestion box near the ranch house. Fred used this box to get suggestions from the employees. Alan had a roll of old raffle tickets, which had been left over from some school festival many years past. These would be recycled and used over and over again.

Juan and Carlos dropped one of the tickets into the suggestion box and walked back to a wooded area at edge of one of the pasture areas. They whipped their dicks out and started stroking again. It was not long and they were rewarded with another load.

By late afternoon Juan and Carlos needed to clean up again. Their faces were again beginning to show the vellus hair which, would in time, mature into beard growth.

When Libby and the three teens turned into the ranch drive after many miles of driving and a lot of shopping, all four were probably relieved in different ways. The boys helped their Mom and unloaded the Lincoln. Their clothing was taken up the stairs and laid out on their respective beds to be put away. As this was finished, Libby did something unprecedented. She looked at Charlie and asked for his help. She handed him the keys to her Lincoln and asked him to take the paint over to his dad’s barn office and to take it and the vertical blinds and place them next to their father’s desk.

Charlie had driven before, but this was quite an honor. Libby did not often even give Fred driving rights to her car. The “Green Submarine” was a sort of a joke around the MacGregor home because it was such a “sacred cow” with Libby. Charlie started the car and treated it very gently driving it over to the barn where his Uncle Fred’s office was located. He pulled inside next to Fred’s office and opened the glove compartment. He then pushed the button which operated the automatic trunk release. The trunk made it’s characteristic mechanical “pop” and then Charlie started to unload the stuff. Fred was working in his office and said.

“Hi Sport!” “What’s up?”

“Aunt Libby says this stuff all goes in your office here.”

Fred walked out to the trunk of the car to give his adopted third son a hand.

“I see she did the Sears thing again, didn’t she?”

“You poor boys, subjected to my wife at Sears and Roebuck!”

“No red blooded American male should ever be subjected to the only combination more dangerous than a terrorist!”

“What is that Uncle Fred?”

“My wife, Sears and Roebuck, and a credit card!”

“I see she also got vertical blinds!”


“I think in sympathy I need to take you boys out for a steak dinner!”

As they finished up, Charlie took out the keys and got into the driver’s seat of the Lincoln.

“You must have really impressed your Aunt today! I’d have to wrestle her down to get the keys to this thing!”

“Tell your Aunt Libby that I will be at the house in a few minutes.”

Charlie started the Lincoln and drove it gently over to the garage parking it next to his Uncle Fred’s crew cab.

A couple of spaces down was the 1960 Ford F-250 that they were to start as a project. He wondered when they were going to get started on that one.

When Charlie had locked the car and made it back to the kitchen, Libby thanked him and mentioned that they were going to “The Steak Corral” for dinner.

Charlie thought a minute, and went back outside checking the suggestion box. There he found a single raffle ticket.

That night, a repeat of the previous nights orgy would commence as soon as all of the respective parents were off to sleep.

When Charlie made it upstairs he immediately handed the ticket to Alan. Alan groaned, but he knew that this was one time that he and the others would have to go for it. As the drug in their own bodies dissipated, their bodies kind of wanted rest.

Yet, to get the others growing like crazy, the only way was to keep the drug flowing in to them and in large quantities.

Fred brought the crew cab around and then all headed for The Steak Corral for a nice steak dinner with all the trimmings.

After they returned home Alan finally had time to retrieve his pile of intercepted communications from the company manufacturing the drug.

It took a while, but he finally found what he needed to know.

The drug had a great impact on muscle making it a great deal more dense, and this could result in strength increases that were not proportional to the size of the muscle. This explained why the primate that was given the stuff was able to easily escape his cage. He had the physical strength to break or damage the cage itself.

This is why the size gains had been slow in coming when compared to weight.

Fat is light when compared to muscle, which is far more dense. The fat had left and the muscle had multiplied to replace it.

After reading this, Alan gathered Barry and Charlie together and explained that there were some effects of the drug that they may not have seen yet. They might in fact be a great deal stronger than they thought they were.

They would begin to test themselves with this out in the fields on Monday.

Tonight, I think that the best thing we can do is to take a small amount of the drug, just enough to keep us horny as hell and then dose the fuck out of Juan and Carlos again. They had gotten home from the restaurant early, and so a dose would have several hours to start to take effect.

Alan made up a rather light dose for all three of them in hopes that this would do the trick for three who were tired enough to want to prefer bed to sex.

After their parents had gone into the family room to watch television, Alan and Barry started making up the two ice chests full of sports drink. It was lucky that Fred bought this stuff virtually by the truckload. He furnished it and in large amounts to all of his workers to prevent heat exhaustion from the hard labor and from the heat.

Fred and Libby retired to bed at about eleven P.M. which was just after the late news.

The boys reached the pump house at about midnight and Juan and Carlos were already there. Carlos was jacking his dick and spraying his second load already.

Charlie had his clothing off in a second. It may have been the drug, or it may have been the tiniest bit of peachfuzz on Carlos ass, but Charlie’s dick was hard as a rock and raring to go in no time.

Charlie had worked it into an erection before he had left the house and Alan had measured it at just over nine inches in length. With Charlie’s smaller stature, he would have made the best porno star ever. His dick looked like it belonged on an elephant and his balls matched it in size!

Alan, Barry and Charlie fed this time from the blue cooler and they had dosed the orange one that Carlos and Juan were using. The dosages beeing given to Juan and Carlos were mammoth in size and Alan hoped that the effects from these dosages would be mammoth as well.

By the time it was over all five were totally fucked out. It was about four A.M, and the non-stop erections and fucking had exhausted Alan, Barry and Charlie. Because of the drug laced Sports Drink Juan and Carlos were insatiable. They were just as turned on when they left as when they got there. But, they too realized that they had to get some sleep.

On Sunday, Alan let Juan and Carlos know that they needed to get their rest because they would have to be up at the crack of dawn Monday to get back to work on the fences.

There would not be an orgy tonight. •

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