Ten Big Indians

The Voyage


By John

This is my first story. Actually, it is an ongoing muscle, male sex and mystery novel. I have traditionally posted drawings and morphs to other groups and hope that you will enjoy this novella. If you like the start, I will be happy to post subsequent chapters over the next several weeks. I offer this to you with much thanks to a few special friends and with a tip of the hat to Agatha Christy.

It may seem a bit long, but, it is intended to be an entire novel in the end.

If first impressions count, then Todd sure made one. Not that any of them was something to laugh at, quite the contrary, but Todd was every manís dream of physical perfection to begin with. Of the ten of them (eleven counting the boat pilot), not one was under 200 pounds and all of them were clearly into pursuing their physical development through bodybuilding. A few thought they may have seen one or two of them in competitions. They all recognized Todd as someone who had competed and even won a couple of local titles.

At 5í-10Ē and 255 pounds, it was only a matter of time until Todd really hit the big-time in the bodybuilding game. Yet, you could tell right away that he was not into showing himself off just for the sake of it. He actually seemed sort of shy, but not unpleasant. The crisp, summer linen shirt blew back against his torso in the wind created by the moving boat showing the signs of the marvelous muscular definition just behind the fabric. The tan was real, not out of a bottle, but, then again, they all had nice tans. With the bodies they had, it was only to be expected.

None of the nine others could help but to glance over to Todd now and again, just to eye this tremendous male sculpture. The loose shorts showed the promise of legs to match the upper body. Thick, defined, hard, sharp shadows visibly outlined the vitality of the calf muscles. Through the shirt it was apparent that the waistband was loose too, while the butt and basket sure seemed quite full.

Even though Todd had won a couple local titles, he was still a bit self-conscious about being too revealing with strangers and, indeed, all of them on the boat were just that to him - at least for the time being. He hoped there would be the promised ďfull and completeĒ gym on the island so that he could keep up his training. It was difficult to take time off in the middle of the competition season, but his friends were right to tell him that he truly needed it. The pressure of staying in ripped shape and maintaining mass put an awful lot more stress on you than many could imagine and Todd did not like himself when he would lash out at those who he cared about. He had done that once too often and, he hoped this break would give him the renewed calmness he needed.

Mike had arrived last and had found himself a seat at the back of the boat. He was excited at first at the sight of Todd on the boat. The excitement soon turned into a disappointment verging on anger when Todd showed no sign of recognition toward Mike. Sure, it had been almost two years now since Mike had entered into his one and only contest; one in which Todd had come in second overall. Maybe it was because Mike hadnít placed in the top fifteen at all that Todd hadnít noticed him either then or now. This always seemed to be the case. While Mike stood out in a regular crowd because of his 6í-4Ē height, put him in with a group of bodybuilders and, because that height made his volume look smaller, he went virtually unnoticed.

Todd could see the others peering over toward him now and again. He felt a bit uncomfortable and, as a result, had found his way to the solitary seat next to boat pilot. The wind blowing around the front of the boat felt good across his body which was still tight from this morningís hard workout. He had figured that he better get a full body workout in just in case it would be a while before he could hit the weights again.

They were only a half an hour out on what the skipper told them would be about a four hour crossing to the island. Todd tried non-chalantly to use the resistance of the wind to keep himself feeling pumped. Sure, he was excited, he had finally taped out with 21Ē arm measurements and he had held his waist at 31Ē. His chest was only 1Ē short of his 56Ē goal.

He shook his mind clear of these thoughts knowing that his subliminal flexing was probably partially responsible for the glancing stares. He was big. In some ways, bigger than most of them on the boat, but, from what he had seen, they were all great physical specimens. A couple even had on nothing but tight tee shirts or sleeveless training shirts on their upper bodies in order to show off their own accomplishments. He was sure there were a some pairs of arms present that were probably 20Ē when pumped and, if anything was missing on the boat, it was body fat! No one seemed to have quite his chest size, but there were a lot of well-defined, protruding pectoral muscles vying for attention. Sure, Todd wanted to stare back, too, but he used all his will power not to do so.

And so they moved on. Further and further from the mainland dock. Todd tried to remember what the card his training assistant had given him had said. It was something to do with a private gym for those who needed that last, isolated push to get to and beyond their physical goals. God knows the timing was just right for Todd. So close to his current goal plus the chance to push himself without the crowds at the club staring and continued pressure sure sounded appealing. By the looks of his travel companions, they must all be after the same thing. He only hoped that the gym was big enough for all of them and that there werenít any or many more than the ten of them to contend with there.

At least it didnít look like he would have trouble finding a good spotter in this group. But he promised himself that that was as far as it would go. No more close ties, no more alleged bonds of friendship. He was here to break that chest barrier and he was going to do it - no matter what.

Just thinking about it caused him to flex and tighten his magnificent pec muscles over and over again. The way the shirt clung to the front of his body, it wasnít possible to hide that much manmade, hard rigid male cleavage. Todd couldnít help but wonder if it looked as good to the others as it felt to him. Finally, he resigned himself to just letting the feeling of this great size and strength come through. He closed his eyes and, without thinking, moved his hand up to feel the strength inside his chest. It sure felt hard! It sure felt good! He was convinced that nothing could possibly keep him from adding that last inch. Boy, imagine what the results of another inch of solid, bulging muscle would feel like in his hand.

As he moved his hand down, it brushed against his other bicep. He had forgotten how big it was now. They might be close, but no one on this boat had a full 21Ē, and all of it as dense as if it were sculpted in place. Todd loved to feel the massive rigidity of it move and yet stay so hard as his forearm straightened and returned to the right angle that made this marvelous, solid ball. It was too big for his own hand to completely grasp. Even through the shirt he could feel the thick vein that ran just on the outside edge of the ball move slightly while it pulsed with the new blood that his movement demanded be held inside this storehouse of human strength.

Damn! Todd stopped as quick as he could as the reality of where he was came back into his brain. He could feel the anxiousness growing within his shorts and suddenly realized that, if he didnít stop, he would have a lot of embarrassment to explain. That would, indeed, take a lot of explaining out here on a boat surrounded by a bunch of physically accomplished stud strangers. Sure, there was absolutely nothing for a man like Todd to be shy about if you didnít mind having a 10Ē tent of pants projecting forward in public.

Opening his eyes, Todd looked at his watch. Over two hours had passed since they set out. Good God, he had drifted for quite a while there. Daring to make what he hoped would be a casual turn, he could tell that his personal escapade had not gone completely unnoticed. Two or three of the others quickly look away as he turned. The Asian looking guy didnít even try to move his gaze away from Todd. Their eyes met briefly and Todd felt as if the man was trying to make a connection. As he turned his head back toward the front of the boat, he could see that the pilot was shooting glances directly toward Toddís shorts. He could feel that the excitement there had still not completely gone away and, certainly, was still putting on a bit of a show. If it werenít for the tan, the flush of embarrassment would have been much more visible.

Chen perceived a connection, too, as Todd turned away. Boy, that was some show! Chen wondered if that muscular creature at the front even realized that he had pushed the shirt sleeve up to his shoulder on his left arm. He hoped not because the view was spectacular to behold. Etched triceps showing clear striations with every tensing as the arm moved up and down. Yet even the tremendous swell of the large rounded back arm muscle couldnít hide the outward thrust of the bicep when it balled up at the peak of the bent arm contraction. Chen had no idea how big that arm actually was but he was sure his 19Ē, while not small by any standard, wouldnít be a match for that. If only he could be that big, there!

Ivan, a thick dark-haired fire-plug of muscle, had always been proud of his own chest development. That was one of his best body parts. Heíd love to go pec-to-pec with that sexy muscle friend up front. Just imagine their two sets of pumping chest engines pushing against each other. Feeling out each otherís rhythm. Matching pump for pump as each of them tried to out-muscle the otherís pulsing, hard chest muscle into submission. Ivan bet that he would even be able to sense the different striations in muscle-studís pecs as they moved across his own dense, solid globes. He wondered if even his boxing skills could knock a dent into the solid planks that that guy up front called a chest. That was, indeed, a memory to carry forward.

Chen laughed silently to himself, letting a bit of a devilish grin show. It sure seemed ironic that the oriental dude was obviously about the tallest, if not the tallest onboard at 6í-3Ē. He suspected he was about the heaviest too at just under 260 pounds. His height had always been a bit of a hindrance in his goal to look as big as the other bodybuilders he saw in the magazines. In fact, he knew he had seen that guy up front in one or two magazines recently but couldnít remember his name. Chen had gotten a good shot of that guyís chest as he moved forward earlier, too. It was beautifully pronounced and wonderfully shaped. Probably a little bigger than Chenís 53Ē.

If the invitation proved to be true, Chen might not only be able to get his wish to be as big as he was tall, but could go beyond his own previous aspirations of muscle size. He could care less about all the promises that were in the invitation note. What the heck, it was a free trip and there was a lot to dream about here. If everything was as it was stated, he would take on this new muscle-hunk at the front of the boat and, maybe, some of these other studs, too, and do it with a body just as big as that hunk up front - and maybe even have arms to match! Now this was worth thinking about.

A change in the sound of the boat motor snapped Chen back to the here and now. They were pulling up to a small wood dock. The pilot, who had been awfully quiet since they set out, suddenly announced that they would all be disembarking here and they were to take their gear with them up the path to the tan, brick house. As instructed, most of them had only brought one bag for what was described as a two week training program. One guy, of course, the shortest of them, had two bags and a back-pack. But, he was certainly big enough, like the rest of them, to carry all that himself..

As the boat slowed down and the pilot tossed the rope over the dock post, he told them that he would not be going up with them as he had to get back to the mainland before dark but that they would find their rooming assignments and initial greeting instructions in the main foyer. Without any other fanfare, he motioned for them to begin exiting from the port side. One by one they made their way on to the pier. As one of the bigger men (if you could call any one of these specimens that) climbed up to the dock, he handed Chen a small piece of paper as he passed by.

They each just sort of headed up the path still being pretty quite, mostly out of the initial confusion that often accompanies the beginning of a trip. Chen took a moment to open the note. It was short and hand written. It said ďIím Steve, I enjoyed Toddís show as much as you did. Letís talk later.Ē First off, Chen was glad to be reminded that his muscle dreamís name was Todd. He looked ahead to where Steve was. It was quite a nice view, too. There was a spectacular, solid, trim butt that moved ever so invitingly topped by a back in a tight tee shirt that just kept getting wider and ended in two beautifully bulging shoulders. From this viewpoint, Steve sure looked worth talking to later.

Chen thought he saw Steve peer back once or twice as they made their way up to the brick house at the top of the knoll. As they got closer, the house came fully into view. It was enormous. A central two-story core was eight or ten window across at each floor with a matching long, lower wing continuing from each side. At the end of the west wing, on the left, the land fell suddenly and sharply a good 100í back down to the water.

The main entry door was unlocked. Sure enough, there were envelopes for each of the ten men with their first names on them. Ivan looked inside his as he picked it up. He found a key and a typewritten note with no name on it. All it said was that all their rooms were numbered and located in the west wing down the hall to the left. Dinner would be at 8 PM sharp in the Dining Room directly off the back of the Foyer. A few of them commented on how curious this all was. One by one they headed off to their rooms.

Chen found his room at the far end of the hall. He saw both Todd and Steve starting down the hall as he opened the door to his room. Steve smiled and gave a short wave as Chen went through his doorway. Todd was busy looking at the door numbers as he walked along. His shoulders appeared about as wide as the whole hallway. Ivan was the last to leave the Foyer. There remained about three hours before dinner. Enough time to unpack and get in a quick nap or workout.

Locking the door to his room from the inside, Chenís mind couldnít shake the earlier images of Todd.

The sight of Todd climbing out of the boat at the dock had been almost too much for Chen to take. The chest that swung by him had one pec almost fully exposed as the partially unbuttoned shirt blew back across Toddís shoulder in the breeze from the shore. It rippled into solid, visibly separated lines of thick curving muscle as Todd grabbed hold of the pier post. You could actually see the thick wood post bend as the muscle fibers took control. There was enough meat there in that one pectoral to lift the entire mass of that beautiful body from the boat.

Chen swore that his whole hand would have fit fully on the underside of the chest muscle meat alone. He wanted to grab it and feel for himself if it was as solid as it looked. The nipple had no choice but to stand up and out from the volume of solid meat. Chen could see the meat pulsing as it worked to move the mass of the entire body up and forward from the floor of the boat. His thoughts went back to the vision of huge pec rubbing against huge pec as Toddís other hand had swung forward. He had seen the deep, dark defined cleavage form as Toddís other arm attempted to reach across the massiveness of both rigid pec globes which occupied way to much space to permit that without having to bend the arm slightly.

As Todd had raised up from the boat, the near bicep sprung into action as it took over the work. It balled up showing all itís immensity as it contracted directly in front of Chenís face. The vein slide across directly under the striated skin as the hard ball demanded even more space. Chen convinced himself that Todd had shot him a glance and an accompanying smile as he finished his exit.

Now, here, laying on his bed naked, Chen looked down to witness his own rising special muscle. He bet himself that his height was not the only thing that might be tallest among the ten of them here. He also bet that even Todd couldnít match the hardness he was experiencing now. As the visions of Todd moved faster and faster through Chenís mind, his hand moved along his full 12Ē inflated muscle to keep pace. The image of Toddís bicep moved quicker and quicker in front of his face as Chenís hand moved faster and tighter on his own man-pole of muscle.

The veins grew thick in Chenís arms and along the full length of his cock. His cock felt so hard that even his hand that had years of strengthening the from eastern arts training of slamming through inches of solid wood and concrete couldnít make a dent in the rigid tool that it could just barely reach around. Chen could feel the pressure growing from inside his balls as they filled up solid and ready to release a huge volley of man juice. He didnít want to cum just yet. The vision of the dense, thick, beautiful sculpture of human muscle that was Todd remained clear, vivid and sharp in his mind.

Chen tried to direct his cock so the bright, glistening head would be aiming itís inevitable spouting cream toward his face. The hot shaft had become as strong as a steel pipe and refused to move from vertical. Sweat ran down from Chenís pecs as they swelled higher to assist in the deep pleasure of the ever faster stroking. Finally, when Chen was sure that if he got any hotter or harder, his cock and balls would explode from the pressure, he released all his lust for Todd in a great white explosion of semen. It shot as a long, continuous stream from his cock and onto his own solid, pulsing, thick pecs. Chen collapsed into a deep nap from exhaustion as the image of Todd carried him into this moment of Chenís history. •

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