Ten Big Indians

Promise and Premise


By John

The game is set in motion by our mysterious host. Can these ten mighty musclemen deal with the offer?

Chen awoke abruptly. The sun was shining across his face from just above the horizon. It caused the mounds of his thick chest muscles to cast huge shadows over his sharp, deep abs. He could see the dry remnants of his earlier eruption where it had run into the valley between the twin slabs of muscle. If he had ever gone soft after that was a question Chen couldn’t answer. All he knew was that he was as hard and rigid upon awakening as when he remembered shooting off in that grand, full climax. The top 3” or 4” of his shaft, along with the bright, glistening knob-head was fully visible and vertical between the valley that defined the separation of each pec muscle.

Looking over to the travel alarm he had unpacked, he swung into full mental alertness as the clock forewarned him that he had only 15 minutes to get cleaned up and find the Dining Room for dinner. He washed off his upper body in the small but adequate bathroom connected to his bedroom noting that there was another door at the other side; probably into the next bedroom. No time to check that out right now. Chen pulled a clean pair of jockey’s out of his bag and forced them over his still hard cock while hoping the fabric would help force his sex animal into a soft submission. It worked so long as he didn’t think of Todd again right now.

He was out the door and heading down the hall as he heard a clock begin to count the strokes to eight. Through the Foyer and under the main stair he headed for and found the double doorway viewing upon a large dining table straight ahead. Steve was just inside the room.

“Hi, I’m Steve” he said as innocently as possible as his hand slipped past in front of Chen to shake his. “Nice to meet you formally.”

“Hi, nice to meet you, too. I’m Chen” he responded almost automatically as he felt the strong secure hand meet and move with his.

Steve’s hand brushed the front of Chen’s pants ever so slightly as he bought it back to his own side. Steve’s smile was about as perfect as anyone would want and seemed to have a bit of a smirk in it.

Chen noticed that Steve was about 3” shorter than him. Probably 6’ solid; and he sure looked solid! He had on the same sleeveless tee-shirt from the boat but had thrown a light, unbuttoned cotton shirt over it. The shirt was much too tight across the broad, bulging shoulders but had plenty of looseness around the small, flat waist. His waist looked a good couple of inches smaller than Chen’s.

Steve was proud of his 29” waist. Even at 240 pounds, he had managed to keep his waist small but hadn’t sacrificed ab muscle definition in the process as his torso expanded up and out to the 52” chest. The result was the vast visually tapering image that Chen had noted earlier on the path up to the house. It also helped to give an even larger appearance to his more than ample basket and beautifully set off his invitingly tantalizing ass.

Steve knew that, with his genetics, he could ultimately achieve a 2:1 chest to waist ratio, and he was determined to get there. The broad taper helped provide better space at his side for his 20” arms to hang. If Steve had his way, this exotic Oriental would find his way to him before he got involved with that Todd guy. And Steve was used to getting his way!

If Chen was impressed with the sweeping taper, just wait until Steve could give him an up-close view of his butt. He was pretty damned proud of his ass. Tight and as defined as Rich Gaspari’s had ever been! He loved it most when someone was back there running their cock over the flexed ridges that formed when he clenched it and held it that way It was so much more fun when he made them work to bring their cock into the waiting hole. Steve knew how much they wanted to get in when they saw that beautiful ass and he loved the way he could feel his own deep ass striations as his play-toy’s cock moved up and down from peak to valley.

Once they made it to the “promise land” they were never disappointed either. No one had the control Steve could demonstrate. There was more than one occasion where he had brought a partner to climax through his inside and outside ass muscle control without the other guy ever having to move. There hasn’t been a cock he couldn’t handle and manage yet. Orientals always looked so damned sexy anyway. He was going to have fun working over Chen’s pole and feeling that hot juice pour out inside him. Steve even imagined that he could bring them both to climax together if he worked at it.

First, he had to deal with getting past the initial acquaintance then he could pursue the ultimate victory!

”Just got here myself” Steve continued to Chen. “Looks like most of us are pretty prompt. All but that Todd guy and the black guy seem to be here by my count. I caught site of something that looks like munches over there on the side counter. Can I get you a plate before these others eat them all? I don’t know about you, but I’m starved.”

Chen realized that none of them had had anything to eat since before the boat left the mainland. “Sure, that would be great” he responded back. “Anything will do. I’ll eat just about anything.”

He had meant that as an innocent comment but, from the look in Steve’s face, he realized the double meaning almost immediately, but it was too late. He shrugged it off as Steve smiled slyly and moved off to the side table. Chen stepped fully into the room and saw that, indeed, most of the others were there. All of them had the same idea, they all had small plates loaded up with a collection of various vegetables and meat kabobs. He also noticed that there were ten chairs at the main table and a name card at each place. He immediately thought it was odd that there were no extra place settings for their host or hosts. In the center of the table was a huge replica of the Sandow statue that was given out at those most prestigious professional bodybuilding contests. This one was quite large, almost two feet high and made of some silvery metal or plating.

Just as Chen got over to Steve and was handed a plate along with a touching of hands in the exchange that seemed to last just a little too long to be random, Todd entered the room. The linen shirt was more wrinkled now and, unfortunately, fully buttoned. He seemed to be breathing a bit hard and his thick chest was having a bit of a contest with the fabric as they both tried to expand to meet each other’s considerable demands to occupy the same space. Steve noticed Chen’s distraction and conveniently placed himself between Chen and his view of Todd.

Before anything else could happen, everyone was startled by an announcement from speakers that were built into the ceiling.

“Would everyone please help themselves to the appetizers and take your assigned seats at the table.” Boomed a deep but pleasant voice..

By chance, Steve and Chen found themselves assigned to adjacent seats. Todd moved to the appetizer tray and loaded up. He was just as starved as the rest of them. Maybe more so since he had found the gym already and had gotten in a short but much wanted chest and back workout before changing back for dinner. It really was a great gym, as promised. It had 3 or 4 of everything you could want, If it was just the ten of them, there wouldn't be any problem in working out - regardless what this “special program” was.

Todd was in luck, he had a seat at the left end of the table which worked well since he was left-handed. As he sat, he couldn’t help but think that he had underestimated how well built all the guys here were. Most of them, like him had dressed fairly nicely, but casually, for dinner. Still there couldn’t be an arm in the room that was under 18”. That was not hard to see considering that they all seemed to have on clothes that fit tightly over their broad upper bodies. Some (most) might be taller than him, but none looked to be quite his match in the pecs department though some, like the dark-haired guy might be close. The attempt to remain distant could prove to be a difficult chore, he thought. Todd loved big, hard, defined pecs and he was in a room filled with them.

“Well, gentlemen” the mysterious voice announced, “I guess we’ll just have to wait for our one missing guest.”

So, he may not be in the room, but our host can at least see us, thought Steve almost instantly. The others figured this out, too.

“There’s a camera over the door we came in” said the guy directly opposite Steve, whose name card announced that he was “Dan”, as he pointed back in that direction. “And here comes our wayward friend, too” he added as the short, but large black man entered the room. His place card identified him as Dwayne.

“Sorry, I guess I loss track of time. I walked around the island. It’s not all that big” Dwayne interjected as he made his way through the door, filling over half of the double wide opening. He was short, but very wide. “Maybe half a mile across and…”

“Get some appetizers and join the rest at the table please” said the voice firmly but politely and bringing the large black man to a sudden stop with a visible startle. You could see several of his muscles jump under his shirt. His legs filled his pants so hugely and tightly that, for an instant, the others could see the solid definition of his thighs in spite of the material. Dwayne did as ordered and was in the remaining seat in very short order.

“Now gentlemen,” the voice began again, “as you have no doubt noticed, you are all fine physical specimens. Actually, you are all genetically gifted and share a common interest … no, drive,.. for muscle. That’s why you have all been invited here.” Several in the room began to murmur.

“Gentlemen,” the voice said louder, “If you will just sit quietly and listen for a few minutes, you will understand how this training program will work and, I guarantee, take you to levels you have only dreamed of to date.”

They all grew silent instantly. Steve gave a puzzled look to Chen who just shrugged back in the same puzzlement.

“Each of you has worked out, some for years, just to look how you look today. Yet everyone one of you lives only to be bigger, stronger and even more defined. You all share the same goal of being the absolute best, biggest and most muscular man in body building. Now you will each have that chance. But only one of you will ultimately succeed.”

They all remained silent but with a growing feeling of discomfort and a lot of visible shifting in their seats. How could this “voice” know all this? Yet not one could deny any of it within themselves.

“You will begin your workouts tomorrow. You may pursue any routine that feels best for you. The gym is yours to use from 8 AM until 8 PM. The better you work out, the better your results. You all already know that basic principle.”

What kind of “special program” is that?” questioned Dwayne as he continued to work on his small plate of food.

“Patience, Dwayne” the voice went on. “Gentlemen, please feel free to get up and help yourself to more appetizers as we continue. I want you all to be as comfortable as possible and realize that it has been a long trip without food. Now, with your attention, I will continue to fill you in.”

So, he could hear them, too. They all listened quietly and continued to indulge on the starter course, still being pretty hungry, as the voice continued.

“So that you know, The only other person with you is my servant, Mel. That’s not his real name, but it’s too long and hard to pronounce his given Tunisian name. You may also wish to be aware that he does not speak and doesn’t understand English anyway. He was born that way. He, too, had had the same dream of muscular gain as all of you. For him it was a way to deal with his disability, but fate and bad timing, unfortunately, had a different plan for him, too. He has been and remains a loyal servant for several years. His service with you will be limited to meals and kitchen cleanup and he understands that. He is busy plating your main course right now and should be serving it to you shortly.”

“As to the program, my background as a biochemical engineer led me to identifying and splicing together genetically bred cattle testosterone strands that I made bond with human male testosterone in an effort to increase it’s effect on drive and muscle tissue efficiency. The result of this bonding can produce up to about a 10 pounds muscle gain per treatment per day with a proper, hard workout.”

“You gentlemen possess the raw drive and necessary focused desire to make these gains feasible within your bodies. You are here to have your dream come true. Frankly, I don’t know the limit yet, but I do know that we will spend the next 14 days exploring what can be accomplished in that time.”

“There are two drawbacks, however, of which I am aware. First, this male hormone enhancing significantly increases sex drive. Second, and more important, since this bonds with your own testosterone, if you cum, you will become sterile and loose your own ability to produce testosterone. The result of that will be that you will begin to actually loose your muscle mass over time. Mel, by the way, was one of my first “volunteers”.

“Why the hell would we want to get involve in doing this?” screamed Steve reactively, expressing the thoughts that had jumped into all of their minds as the initial excitement moved to an angered fear.

“You already are!” boomed the voice right back, bringing them all into confused silence again.

“Your first dose was in the appetizers you have all been enjoying with obvious relish!” he continued as forks dropped loudly onto several of the plates.

“Don’t worry, Chen, you beat-off before your first dose, so it was OK then!” their host announced as Chen turned deep red. Damn, there were cameras in the rooms, too!

“You will all be monitored as long as you are here. You can leave anytime you want. The boat will be at the dock every third day at 1 PM. Just go down and get on. Just keep in mind, that if you ever, ever, cum, you will begin to loose your beautiful muscle mass until it is all gone … unless, of course, you have taken the antidote that separates your testosterone from the cattle strain part. Fortunately for my servant, Mel, I figured out how to do that before he completely wasted away. For that he has been eternally grateful. We also discovered that, where you stop shrinking, you pretty much stay, he has never been able to gain any of the lost muscle back.”

“You bastard!” Dan chimed in. “What’s in it for us and how come you said only one of us would benefit if all of us already have been subjected to this first treatment?”

“How does up to $10 million sound? That, and the most muscular body ever imagined, is what one of you will get. As to how only one will benefit, I think you will all figure that out for yourselves. Let’s just say for now that if any one of you gets out of the program, someone else will get their daily dosage in addition to their own. Oh, did I forget to mention that the potential gain increases directly with the dosage. Imagine being able to add 20 or 30 pounds or more of muscle per day over all or part of the next two weeks!”

“Since most of you probably haven’t introduced yourselves yet, let me help.” Their host pronounced with a trace of sarcasm. “Starting at the end, there is Todd. Can you raise that gorgeous arm for us, please, so everyone can see who you are? (He does.)

“Not bad Todd,” he continued “2 third places, 1 second, 2 firsts and even a magazine cover in the past two years. Your body weight stands at 255 pounds. The 55” chest, 21” arms and 31” waist give you a big head start, doesn’t it?

“To his left is “Spike”. You like that name don’t you? I’m sure if you ask, he’ll be happy to show you where that name comes from. But be advised that for now, Spike, you will need to limit them to looking and not touching, won’t you?” the voice laughed lightly. “Let’s see, you’re starting at 235 pounds with a 50” chest and 19” arms on your 6’-1” frame.”

Next we have our tardy, cocky, friend Dwayne. One of the two shortest at 5’-8” and you have all seen how that enhances his 220 pounds and 51” chest. Your 20” arms and 30” waist help your overall appearance, too. Pity that your shortness is not limited to your vertical stature!”

Dwayne shifted noticeably in his seat at the last comment.

“Dan and Rick complete that side of the table. This is going to be tough on the two of you, isn’t it? How long have you been together now? Almost 4 years? Oh, yes, you are all gay if you were wondering - which you all were!” the speaker added sharply, “Dan’s our oldest at 42 which makes him 19 years older than Rick. This program could buy you a lot more years with your little boyfriend, couldn’t it? Dan is 5’-8” with 18” arms, 50”chest, 30” waist and 210 pounds. This compares to Rick’s 19”, 52”, 32” and 225 pounds at 5’10’ of height. You two enjoyed the little poem, didn’t you?”

The others looked at the two of them with apparent confusion over this comment. Both just looked at each other in equal silence.

“Jumping over to the other side of the table,” continued the announcer, “we have Dr. Robert A. Mander, PHD. See if you can explain this in one of your psychology papers, good doctor. And, by the way, how do you explain your own muscle passion? Wouldn’t some of your colleagues call that an “unhealthy fixation?” And, guys, don’t be surprised if “R.A.M.”, as he is know in his own circle of friends doesn’t have a double connotation!. 5’-10”, 215 pounds, 19” arms, 50” chest and 30” waist isn’t bad at all - to start - is it Doctor Ram? So which is thicker, your wrist or your cock, sir?”

Ram used all his professional skill not to show any of the angered response he felt. He was big and, yes, he was thick. Many had discovered that 8” can be very satisfying when it is accompanied by an almost 2 ½” girth. Put a cock head another ½” bigger on top of that and you had what a lot of guys called “shear pleasure”. Sure, others may start out in horror, but, when it was time for the “rammer” to work, resistance was not an acceptable option. Shit, he was getting horny just thinking of it again and, presuming they had been told the truth about cumming, this was no time to let that get the best of him. Ram had dreamed way too often of having muscles as thick on his bones as his cock was in his crotch. He would love to feel his cock ripping apart the obviously tight butt of this stud next to him.

“Now we have Steve” the voice moved on. “All that muscle sitting on the 6’ body on top of that tiny 29” waist. Expanding on up to that 52 inches of chest and back muscle and those 20” arms. Your 240 pounds have put on quite a show for your oriental friend there, haven’t they?” Chen turned red for a second time as the voice moved on and listed his statistics.

“How is your “foot-long” doing now?” the voice zeroed in on Chen in an obvious (successful) attempt to bring him down. “In a few days, if you’re lucky, that 12” will seem like nothing. As will your 53” chest and 19” arms.”

“So Ivan, you think your up to adding beloved extra muscle to your 6 feet and 230 pounds? How big do you want to get beyond the 53”, 20” and 32”? I don’t think your heavy-handed Russian friends can help you buy your way through this. You’re going to have to go this alone! That will be something new for you, won’t? No one to depend on for your success or failure but yourself.”

“Mike is last, but not least. 6’-4” and 250 pounds. WOW! 20” arms, 31” waist and a 54” chest aren’t bad to start with at all. But you can achieve so much more, can’t you? It’s hell being just about as big as Todd in every dimension yet not get nearly as much attention, isn’t it? You never have felt like you get the attention you deserve. Maybe you can convince everyone here otherwise this time!”

“That should be enough for now. Your dinners should be out almost immediately.” the voice began to conclude. “By the way, fool with the cameras or with Mel and your dosage is stopped. Breakfast will be put out from 7 to 9 AM. Lunch will be out at 1 PM. You are all expected for dinner at 8 PM each evening - if you are still with us. That’s where you will get you next dose each day. Enjoy your dinner and have a great workout tomorrow.”

With that the sound system went silent. The men just sat silently with no one knowing where or how to begin from here. Sure enough, Mel brought in the plated dinners presently.

His initial presence brought a sense of silent alarm and fear to the magnificently muscled specimens gathered around the table. He was almond colored and only about 5’-4” tall Mel could not have been more than 120 pounds himself. His face, while it showed a glimmer of intelligence when you got a glance into the deep dark eyes, was one of those that had two different sides to it. Not that either side was disfigured or the such, it was just that the two halves didn’t seem to fit together. So was this the result of the failed muscle undertaking, or was it the real man?

He seemed so out of place in the room with all these muscle giants. Mel went about his work of serving the men efficiently and without looking back into their eyes. Some figured that the experience he had undergone must, indeed, have been traumatic. One or two tried to get his attention to see if they really had to fear any of what they were seeing as possible results should they fail, but without success. All of them wished he could have spoken or understood them so that they could get more information out of him.

The ten men stared around at each other in a combined state of shock and bewilderment through most of the meal. Talk was mostly brief and limited. Dan and Rick said nothing, but after dinner made their way back up to the top of the stair to take a second look at the referenced poem framed on the wall there.

Ten big Indians, all feeling fine, One felt too good, then there were nine.

Nine big Indians, each tempting fate, One sought revenge and then there were eight.

Eight big Indians seeking out heaven, One found a way and then there were seven.

Seven big Indians all in a fix, One went astray and then there were six.

Six big Indians for perfection did strive, One grabbed his chance and then there were five.

Five big Indians looking to score, One went too far and then there were four.

Four big Indians want to be free, One got quite stuck and then there were three.

Three big Indians all in a stew, One turned to mush and then there were two.

Two big Indians, all done with the fun, One was more touched, so then there was one.

One big Indian, thought he had won, If he seems to sure, there soon will be none. •

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