Temptations of Joe, The

By Josef Howard


On a day that heaven and hell honored an infrequent truce in the war between good and evil, and Lucifer, the Lord of Light nudged elbows with the Lord of the Heavens.

“Have you seen the man 'Joe'?" the Lord God asked his former archangel. "Is he not the most perfect of my creations, the purist, the noblest, the comeliest of all men?"

“Truly, my Lord. There is none finer," Lucifer said.

“Never has there been a man more beautiful, nor so tender and innocent."

“Lucifer, do you imply his purity and nobility is simply naiveté?"

“Your Magnificence! Surely you realize his life thus far has been a simple, unchallenging path. His innocence is not a fault! It makes him more charming! But it is due to circumstance. It is not an earned virtue."

“There is no one in all of my creation with more felicity for expression than you, Lucifer. You would appear to honor him, yet you denigrate him."

“I am as you have named me. I am the Lord of Light. I illuminate. Light does no favors. It makes beauty evident, but it does not create it. It exposes flaws, but it is not the author of flaws. And may I point out that I do all of this in your service?"

“So your point is that Joe has not been tested and so is unworthy of my admiration. What would be sufficient to prove Joe's purity and nobility is not superficial?"

“I find one honors what one loves, and what one loves reveals one's character."

“So you propose that Joe's loves be exposed?"

“I propose nothing! I am secure in my estimation of Joe's character. If you test his virtue, you test it to satisfy yourself, but beware that you do not engineer a test that you are not prepared for Joe to fail."

“Do not try to twist my actions to suit your purposes! I created the universe and you as well. I will not be manipulated nor will I have my motivations mischaracterized. Now then, let us each visit Joe. Let his desires be revealed, and let their relative strength be the measure of his virtues."

“Thy will be done, my Lord."

“What about that one?" Joe's friend Enrique asked as he pointed across the bar at a dark-haired, muscular man in a harness. Joe rarely ever went out, but tonight Enrique's other friends had left him behind for a circuit party in Miami.

“Too into costumes," Joe answered.

“You don't know that. It's a leather bar. He's just wearing what he's expected to wear."

“You're not in leather," Joe countered.

“I don't look good in leather. I'm more the spandex type."

Enrique was a Latin doll who had adopted Joe as his closest friend and confident. They met at the gym where Joe met all of his friends, mainly because he spent all his free time there - and it showed. He put everything he had into it. He ate, slept and breathed bodybuilding, and he was genetically gifted to start with. He'd been gaining about fifteen pounds a year since he started lifting three years ago, and his body fat never got above five percent. He had the long, full muscle bellies of a champion and perfect proportion. Muscle was his life. He loved it so much that he couldn't imagine getting serious about a man who wasn't at least as big as he was, and he was beginning to worry that if he kept getting bigger, he'd raise the bar so high he'd never find a lover.

“Let me buy you a real drink," Enrique offered. "Shit, I left my wallet in the car. I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't leave here without me."

Bars made Joe nervous. The minute he walked in the room everyone stared. As he looked over the crowd, every pair of eyes tried to make contact with his. If he lingered even a moment on anyone's face, the next instant they were by his side trying to pick him up. That's why he usually watched people who were standing far away, like the leather guy Enrique had pointed out.

He really was hot. Most guys in his get-up relied on the clothes to generate heat, but this guy would get even more attention without the harness. Not only was he muscular, he had a really hairy chest and a thick black goatee.

“Oh, shit!" Joe thought. "He's headed over here!" Joe checked out the door. No sight of Enrique. He was still outside. Joe couldn't leave the bar without letting him know he was going. Joe was trapped.

“You've got a great smile," the leather guy told him as he drew up next to him.

The guy's voice was deep and resonant. He had the thickest beard shadow Joe had every seen. His scent, mingled with the scent of leather, had Joe boned and weak kneed. He forgot all about leaving.

“Was it you or your friend who was interested in me?" the leather guy asked.

“Enrique was pointing you out for me," Joe admitted.

“Good. You're friend's real cute, but you're the hottest man I have ever seen. I want to tear your clothes off and fuck you right here."

This was what Joe hated about meeting guys in bars. Why couldn't any of them invest fifteen minutes in conversation before they made their moves? Joe found it presumptuous and off-putting. He started to take a half step back, but the guy brushed the back of a finger along Joe's pointedly hard nipple and Joe lost his reservations.

“Have some of my beer. I'd get you one, but the truth is I spent all my money until payday."

What a catch! Joe thought sarcastically. Joe took the bottle because he thought the guy was going to let go of it without giving Joe time to decline, and if he didn't it would fall on the floor. Once in his hands, Joe decided to take one sip just be polite.

“Finish it." Joe reconsidered and tipped it all the way back.

“You've got a great chest. You should unbutton your shirt a little more. Do you work out a lot? Or is it just maintenance now?"

Joe put the empty bottle on the bar. Socially, the guy was a complete boar. If it weren't for the tingle under his skin and his persistent boner, Joe would have walked away by now.

“No, I still want to get bigger," Joe answered reluctantly.

“Really. How big?" the leather guy asked.

“As big as I can," Joe said.

For a heartbeat the leather guy locked eyes with Joe, just inches from his face. Then his lips parted and joined with Joe's. His thick fingers pulled Joe's neck toward him and held him tightly as his strong tongue tangled with Joe's. Joe's heart raced.

Maybe they could just have sex. Maybe they could get it over with before he had to listen to the guy too much longer.

He should be ashamed that he was just using him, but shit, this guy was just using him too.

“Damn! You taste as good as you look!" the leather guy said when he finally released him. "So are we going to hook up tonight?" Joe just nodded.

He couldn't believe he actually left the bar before Enrique returned. But this guy that he clung to on the back of a motorcycle had him so drunk with desire his social inhibitions had evaporated like alcohol.

As the door shut behind them inside the guy's filthy apartment, the man --whose name Joe still hadn't asked -- joined lips with him again and sucked his face.

His fingers fiddled with the buttons on Joe's dress shirt. He spread the front open. Joe was proud to be able to offer his magnificent chest to this man who drove him mad with desire.

“Wow! You looked pretty well hung at the bar, but this is a still a surprise," the guy said as Joe slid out of his khakis. Joe's ten inch prick was bobbing and throbbing between them. The leather guy had his harness off and turned to step out of his jeans. When he faced Joe again, Joe's jaw dropped.

“Not too shabby myself, huh?" the leather guy smiled proudly. His barely engorged dick was already over a foot long and thicker than Joes' fist. "We're gonna have ourselves a great time tonight," the man said as they locked lips again. "Aren't we?"

Their hard hot fuck poles touched and strained at the air, pressed between their muscular stomachs. The leather guy wrapped his hand around both of them and thrust. Joe was weak with lust. No man had ever excited him as much, even if he was not nearly as muscular as Joe was. Joe broke their deep kiss.

“What's your name?" he gasped.

“Heh, does it matter?" Joe nodded.

“Call me Lew," he said with a wicked smile and a wink.

“Joe." Lew fished in the pockets of his discarded jeans. He put something in his mouth and kissed Joe again. Lew's tongue forced a large capsule to the back of his throat. Joe gagged, then swallowed.

“What was that?" Joe asked.

“Just something to enhance our pleasure." Joe worried what he was into, but he was too into it to back out now.

Lew knelt between Joe's legs and slurped along his thick cock. Joe pulled Lew's face firmly into his groin. Lew licked it once more then swallowed the whole thing in one long spaghetti suck. It twisted inside and slid way down his throat. His lips and tongue worked the whole length. Joe felt lightheaded. His knees weakened and buckled. He caught himself, but pulled loose from Lew's mouth.

“What's wrong? You feel a little dizzy? No wonder. All the blood's rushing out of your head and into your muscles." Joe could feel that it was true. Every fiber of muscle in his body was engorged with blood. He was pumped all over, so much he could hardly bend his arms and his legs.

“What's happening?"

“You said you wanted to get as big as you can, Joe. That's what's happening. You're getting as BIG as you CAN. I am too. It was in the pills."

Joe looked up from his swelling arms and legs to Lew. He was right. Lew was growing too. Not as much or as fast as Joe, but he was getting broader, fuller, rounder and more luscious by the minute.

Joe was suspicious of shortcuts. He had never used steroids or growth hormones. What side effects did this pill have if it worked a million times faster than steroids? Joe flexed his arm. His bicep swelled bigger than it had ever been before. He flexed again. It was bigger still. The room was dark and there were no mirrors, but Joe went through the basic poses he used to check his progress in the gym anyway. He could tell he was bigger all over. It was obvious from the expression on Lew's face.

Lew wiped a pile of junk from the top of his Formica dining room table. He backed into it, sat on the edge and pulled Joe into him.

“I want you to fuck me while we're growing, Joe." Joe steadied himself on the table as Lew's swung his thickening thighs over Joe's shoulders. As he took his cock in hand to point it toward Lew's asshole, he gasped. His dick was bigger too. It was bigger than Lew's now. He plugged it in the pucker and thrust.

“Awww!" Lew cried. "Ohhh!"

Ordinarily he was careful about fucking. He gently prepared his lovers by rimming and tonguing them. He opened them up with his fingers and sex toys and still he took his time sliding in, because he wanted them to feel as great as he did when he fucked them and he knew he was much bigger than average. But as he buried his dick in Lew, Joe was too enraptured at the feelings falling down the length of it to realize Lew's cries were as much pain as pleasure. The deeper it got, the harder it was to get inside. He pushed harder with his newfound strength, but it seemed as though his dick was getting longer too.

“Oh, yeah, Joe. Fuck me deeper! Oh man, you're splitting me open! Aww, god that hurts. Don't stop! You're getting so big!" Lew was breathing short now from the pain, but he was also harder than a rock, and the sight of his swelling muscles, marbled by flexing veins made Joe too hot to care what Lew felt. He had to have him completely, no matter how much it hurt him.

When Joe was completely inside, Joe pulled back and watched as his dick slid out. It was twice as thick as before, and it was so long that watching it come out was like watching a magician pull the "endless" trick handkerchief from his pocket. At last he felt the head reach the rim and he rammed it back all the way in.

“Aw fuck, yeah. Joe, you're killing me!"

Joe opened his eyes. He saw arms twisted with thick, fibrous muscle and realized they were his. His forearms were bigger than his biceps had been before. His biceps were more than twenty-five inches around. He was a stud! He pumped his fencepost cock with his tree trunk thighs and reveled in the power of his body.

Lew's eyes were darting up and down his fantastic form, drinking it in.

“Joe, you're fucking incredible. The stuff hit you way harder than it hit me."

Lew was right. He was bigger too, maybe even super heavyweight size, but Joe was like the incredible Hulk made flesh.

A grunt rumbled deep in Joe's vocal cords. It shook both their bodies. Joe fucked Lew faster. He pounded his ass ferociously. The legs snapped from the table top and the two of them crashed to the floor. Joe barely missed a stroke.

“My tits! Joe, twist my tits!" Joe leaned his weight back on his knees which freed up his hands to grab both of Lew's teats and tug.

“Harder!" Joe pinched.

“Yeah! Harder!"

Joe pulled and pinched. He dug with his nails. Lew was jerking his giant cock with both his hands and wishing for three more to cover it completely. Every muscle in his body was flushed and tight. Animal lust gripped Joe's groin. He bucked and pounded. His prick was so hard it felt ready to burst. And then it did. Cum blasted up from his groin and deep inside Lew. He fell forward on top of Lew as he bucked and squirted. The two of them rolled and jerked on the broken pieces of furniture. Lew shouted and Joe felt a splash of wet on his chest.

Eventually their breathing slowed. Joe felt a creeping uncomfortability with his closeness to the stranger beneath him, no matter how hot their two massively muscled bodies felt in contact with each other. Joe lifted his torso up. Lew's nipples were black and blue. His eyes were closed and he was smiling contentedly. The fierce firmness had fled Joe's cock. It was still beyond what most would call hard, but he could bear to remove it from the heat of Lew's hole. He drew his hips back and watched it as it escaped. The end of it was red with blood. The sight of it made him lose the rest of his erection.

“Lew. I'm so sorry." Joe barely recognized the deep thunder voice that rumbled from his chest.

“For what?"

“You're bloody. And your tits are bruised."

“Fuck yeah! You were incredible. You want to fuck me again?"


“I'll fuck you, then. This stuff is fucking amazing. Aren't you just so horny you can't stand still?" Truth was Joe was starting to get hard again just from hearing the word fuck repeated so many times, and when he looked at the taut mass of muscle begging him for another go, it sprung up harder than ever. Lew began to tug on it.

“I want you to tie me up this time, Joe. I want you to really use me. Goddamn, you look so fucking huge." Lew was pulling on Joe's cock with both hands. Joe went cockeyed with lust. His vision blurred. He would do anything this stud asked him to.

When the Lord God arrived in the anointed hour at the twilight of Heaven, Lucifer was waiting eagerly. He smiled and preened.

“Do you still revere the man Joe's 'nobility' and 'purity'? It seems to me that he has proven himself as base as any other of your creation. And when violence suits his own pleasure he is as cruel as the next man."

“It seems to me that it was you who initiated the sexual violence. Joe was plainly uncomfortable with it. He only complied in the heat of passion," said the Lord God.

“And does it not trouble you that your paragon of virtue was so quick to have unprotected intercourse with a stranger? What about the harm he could have caused spreading disease? Or the psychological damage from sex without true affection?" Lucifer asked.

“Again, not Joe's preference. Joe is only human. His decisions are subject to the visitude of the chemicals in his brain at the time. I know this. I made his kind to be that way. The design fosters great kindness, grace and creativity, but sometimes it causes poor moral judgement."

“You are too forgiving."

“All the same, let me send my visitor to Joe. Let him provide the opportunity to err, but no coercion, and we will see Joe's true character."

It was afternoon the day after his night with Lew when Joe's phone woke him up. The handset was off the docking station again. Joe managed to find the speaker phone button with one eye barely open.

“Hello?" he said into his pillow.

“Joe?" It was Enrique.


“Joe, are you okay? You sound like your head is buried in a pillow." Joe raised his head.

“Yeah. I'm fine."

“Joe. What happened last night? You disappeared. You never do things like that. I was worried. I've been calling you since three in the morning."

“I guess I was sleeping soundly," Joe said. Truth was, he had been home since 8 am and had been sleeping that deeply. He and Lew had fucked around all night doing things Joe had never imagined before, some things so disgusting he couldn't bear to think about them, but they were both still horny even when Joe left.

Joe brushed the hair from his eyes as he talked to Enrique and caught sight of his hand and forearm. They were normal now. Sometime near dawn the two of them had lost all of their recently acquired recent size. But Lew had insisted he take a handful of the growth capsules when he left and encouraged him to try them with other guys.

“Joe, are you there? I asked what happened to you."

“I met someone."

“You?! I mean, anyone would want to take you home, but shit, I've never seen you leave with anyone. Was he hot? What am I asking? Of course he was hot. He must have been fuckin' Brad Pitt crossed with Lou Ferrigno to get around your three date minimum rule."

“He was okay. He was into some kinky stuff."

“I bet you set him on the straight and narrow!"

“Actually, he got me to try a few new things. Enrique, I gotta go. Things are kind of weird for me right now. Can I call you later today or tonight?"

“Yeah, sure. You want me to drop by? Can I help you?" Joe punched the speaker phone button without answering. He shed the sheets and stood up. Joe was glad to have lost some of his size. He'd been too freaky for almost anyone's taste. But he was sorry he hadn't kept any of it.

His cock had shrunk too, but he was still abnormally horny. Thinking about Lew and what the two of them had become last night had it swelling again. It firmed up and climbed upward. But as intensely pleasurable as sex with Lew was, Joe didn't think he could stand seeing him again. It bothered him that what they did together injured Lew. Joe showered. It was Saturday. Joe usually spent an hour on the treadmill before breakfast. It was almost dinner time now, but he had just gotten out of bed. He put his gym bag together and headed for the gym.

Tingly from his shower and flushed from the exercise, as Joe stepped out on the street from the gym, he was happy he made himself go.

“Hey, Mister, can you spare some change? I haven't eaten today," said a voice to Joe's right. It was a street kid. He had a handsome face with broad masculine features. He wore a black sleeveless T that drew Joe's attention to beefy arms and exposed a shoulder tattoo.

“I'll do better than that. I'll fix you something to eat. Anything you like, as much as you want," Joe said. The kid hesitated. If the kid had been on the street very long, he was probably wondering if Joe was a psycho, or if the offer was really a proposition. Even Joe wasn't sure of his motivations. Admittedly feeding this street kid was meant to salve a conscious raw from his actions last night, but was Joe really inviting him home to get in his pants?

“No strings attached, kid. Just a meal and maybe a couch to sleep on tonight, if you want it," Joe said. The kid picked up his knapsack.

“What's your name?" Joe asked.


“My car is over there." Joe put his hand on the big guy's broad back to guide him.

Gabe's gastronomic tastes were easily satisfied. Joe offered a few of his chicken breasts, stir-fried vegetables and brown rice, but Gabe fixed himself five peanut butter sandwiches. Joe wondered how the kid managed to keep so lean. When he raised his arms to get a glass from the cupboard, Joe could see the stark relief of his tight, flat abs. Missing a few meals must be good for definition. He had quite a nice body, Joe thought. He was a natural jock, and even the hardship of living on the street hadn't taken all his muscularity away. Joe wondered how the kid would look if he gave him one of Lew's tablets.

Joe settled down on the sofa near and turned on the television as Gabe finished eating. He didn't want to pry or play social worker, but Joe was curious about the kid. He wondered how he came to live on the street and whether there was anything he could do to help him.

“Where are you from?" Joe asked.

“Nowhere you've heard of," Gabe answered bruskly.

“You live on the street?"

“What do you think, baby cakes?" Joe blushed. One thing was sure. The kid knew Joe was queer.

“Ever do drugs?" Joe asked.

“Not anymore. What about you? Dude don't get as tight as you without a few cycles."

“Not me. I've been tempted, but I can't stand the way guys start to look after a few years of hard core use."

“Show me your arms," the kid asked. It was Joe's turn to hesitate. But he tugged his gym shirt over his head, sat up and flexed for the kid, who walked over the back of the sofa and sat down next to Joe. He ran his hand over Joe's biceps, as smooth and hard as polished stone. His fingers wandered up over Joe's round deltoids and over the mound of his pectoral to the nub of his nipple, which he strummed.

Gabe looked into Joe's eyes. There was no doubt the kid was beautiful. Even in need of washing, his long blond wavy hair made him look like an angel. Not the sweet faced, martyr type, but one of the stocky ones that wrestle with the righteous. His full lips parted. Joe tasted peanut butter on Gabe's tongue.

“No. I won't take advantage of you. You don't have to do this"

“Suit yourself, baby cakes."

Joe put his shirt back on, but Gabe tossed his off and settled into the cushions to watch television. Joe watched the kid's muscles tense and jump under his skin in the flashing bluish picture tube light. There was no denying he'd be a sweet lay. As Gabe became engrossed in the television, Joe let himself imagine the sight of Gabe on one of Lew's pills. He could slip it in a Coke and the kid wouldn't even know he was taking it. At first he'd be sitting there with his eyes on the tube, just like now, and with every beat of his heart, his chest, his arms and his legs would expand just a little. It would be barely perceptible. Then it would start to cascade. Even this stoic kid couldn't hide the rush he'd feel as his heart raced and muscles strained his skin. His clothing would start to give. The seams in the legs of his levis would begin to pop - just one or two snaps at first, like the first kernels in a kettle of popcorn - then a torrent of tears and the sides of his thick, hairy thighs would be exposed to the knees. Finally even the calves would burst free of his pant legs and the kid would be sitting on tatters. His sleeveless T would split down the front as his chest tore itself free and those delicate tight abs would thicken and swell into bricks. Joe had been wondering how big the kid's dick was since he said hello. Now he thought about how big it would be after the kid's transformation.

“Are you thirsty?" Joe asked.

“Yeah. Sure." Joe poured them both some water. He opened the kitchen drawer and fingered two of the pills. It would be so hot to bury a giant cock up that kid's huge muscle butt, Joe thought. But he couldn't do it. He shut the drawer and carried the glasses to the living room. Joe tossed Gabe a blanket and a pillow and went to bed.

When he woke briefly in the middle of the night, Joe was aware the kid was in his bed, but his was just sleeping. Then a few hours later he could feel the kid's lips on his dick. He sighed. You had to give him high marks for persistence, Joe thought. He was great at it too. Joe grasped the sides of Gabe's bobbing head.

Gabe looked up at him. "You're not taking advantage of me. I'm taking advantage of you."

Joe settled back and let Gabe work his miracle. In a while Joe was strung tighter than a crossbow and desperate to let loose. That's when Gabe drew himself up and skootched forward. He positioned his hairy round ass over Joe's tormented prick and lowered himself.

“Hey, wait a minute!" Joe cried. He fished through his nightstand drawer and unwrapped a condom. Gabe took it from him and slid it down Joe's hard cock.

“Kind of a waste of good saliva," Gabe said.

“It's self lubricating."

In an instant the kid had completely absorbed Joe's cock with his ass and was giving Joe a fuck that beat his earlier blow job all to Hell. Joe hadn't thought he'd last more than a minute inside the kid's ass, but Gabe had a way of building and maintaining tension that beat the best fucks Joe had ever had. Every time Joe tried to take control and get release, the kid pinned him down and wore him down.

Meanwhile, Joe was amazed to see that Gabe was getting off on the scene as much as he was. His thick cock was straining and throbbing in front of them like a wild stallion.

Finally Gabe's breath grew irregular, his bobbing became more erratic and Joe felt him splatter cum on his face and chest. Joe seconded his enthusiastic release in a matter of minutes. Gabe flopped on his back beside him and Joe got up to take off the condom. The two of them fell asleep in each other's arms and the coolness of their shared sweat.

Joe awoke to the feeling of hard, hard muscle and soft down. He opened his eyes. It was Gabe in his arms, but not like he had been when they fell asleep. He was more muscular than Joe. His blond hair looked golden. His skin seemed to glow, and sprouting from the nape of his neck were two broad, white wings. Joe tossed back the sheets to expose his entire body. Between his muscular thighs was a throbbing dick well over a foot long.

“Like what you see, mortal?" Gabe asked.

“I thought angels were neither male nor female!" Joe exclaimed.

“That's just a biblically correct way of saying we're gay." Joe's eyes riveted on Gabe's cock. He'd never seen one as beautiful before.

“Go ahead. Turn about is fair play." Joe lowered his head and sucked the tip of the angel's dick into his mouth. Pre-cum as sweet as honey dribbled on his tongue. Joe slid his mouth further down and moaned as the flow continued. The angel eagerly assisted Joe in his descent. When Gabe's cock lodged deep in Joe's throat the angel rewarded Joe with a torrent.

Relaxed somewhat from his release, the angel lifted Joe to his side once more and kissed him on the mouth. "I know what it is you desire, and I want you to know that you shall have it very soon," Gabe said. He kissed him again and before their lips parted he was gone.

As Joe showered, he wondered what the angel meant. Did he mean a lover who satisfied his needs for muscle, or was he talking about a need Joe wasn't even aware of? Then he noticed, as his soapy hand passed over his tight, hard pectoral, that it felt thicker and harder than usual. His hand slid over his shoulder and down his triceps. Were they larger too? All the muscles in his body seemed to vibrate and felt warm to the touch. As he soaped his thighs he was sure he could see them growing.

And then a wave of euphoria swept through him. He slapped his hands against the shower tile to keep himself standing as his balance failed. The walls seemed to be closing in on him, yet he wasn't panicked. He felt confident and powerful. He took deep, long breaths to steady himself. His vision cleared. He stood soundly again under the steaming stream of water and took in his new physique. He was almost as big as he had been last night with Lew, only more graceful and lithe, like a jungle cat.

Joe stepped from the shower and stood, looking at himself in the mirror. A wide smile crossed his face, and he laughed out loud.

“So, Lucifer, I would say Joe passed your tests. He was charitable. He refused to take advantage of the young man, even when it meant denying himself the fulfillment of overwhelming sexual desire. And when the young man gave himself of his own accord, Joe took unselfish precaution to protect him from disease."

“I would say it is easy to pass a test when the one who scores it warps his standards to suit the tested. Fornication is a sin of the flesh by your own words."

“You have twisted around my words so much over the millennia that most of what is written down is incoherent babble, Lucifer. There is nothing more pure than honest physical affection shared between two of my creations, or three, or even more."

“My Lord, you offend even my sensibilities."

“I doubt that is possible." •

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