Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Well, well, it has been two days since I left the company of Troy and man my dick is still sore. Now I am more predominately a bottom even though I am versatile but let me tell you we did our own version of musical chairs, more like musical asses that first night. Now I am not the type that normally kisses and tells so I won't unless you guys let me know that you want to know more about it.

Troy and I have been spending a little more time together as of late. He goes to the same gym I do but we had never really met. Since the gym is open 24 hours I guess since we have much different schedules that it was just coincidence that we had never met, or at least that is how I like to picture it. So we have gotten together for lunch a couple of times and we have worked out as well. Man I was a complete bastard the next day since I didn't get much sleep, after all, I do wake up at 6:30am normally and I would workout with Troy much, much later in the evening for the second time that day.

So let me fast forward things a little. I am now into month four and Troy and I have been seeing each other on and off now since our first night even though I still have this feeling that there is much more to Troy then even what I know now. Weird I now, since I feel completely comfortable with him, its just that there is something that I just can't put my finger on it that if very different about Troy. Tony has been more at home of late and has started to notice me more and been asking if I am taking anything since despite me wearing baggy gym clothes he has said that I am getting more and more defined. He also verified and told me that at times he would hug me expressly to see if those love handles that I have always had problems with have been decreasing. They have by the way.

Now I am not going to tell my latest measurements just yet since I want to tell you of a few other things that have been going on. I have been taking some Latin dancing as of late. I have always loved it and I wasn't that bad to start off with, well at least that is what Tony said. We often go to the gay Latin bar together and we dance the night away and have lots of fun. It is a smaller bar then most of the other dance bars in town but it feels more homey and I like that feeling. People often now each other and since we have been going there I can understand more and more Spanish even though I am still shy to speak it out loud.

Anyhow I am stalling and diverting as to why I mentioned the lesson in the first place. Since I was feeling more and more comfortable with myself because of the "Deal" that I had made I thought that I would try something I had never really dare to do before in a million years and that was to bring out my exhibitionist side of my personality. Now I have always been a harmless flirt but this was entirely different.

So one night after Troy and I had some amazing hot sex he turns to me and says: "Bruce, I now that you are very humble but I have something I thought would be just absolutely fabulous if you did."

"What babe?"

"Ok now don't get mad at me but some of the times that you had invited me to go Latin dancing and I didn't come, well that wasn't entirely true. I did go and I watched how you and Tony danced together. You can really move. You dance it great actually. Now if I didn't know Tony like I do, I would be one pissed off and jealous guy seeing you with him and how you two move together."

"Really Troy, you really think so?"

"Yes I really do Bruce and you realize that knowing you used to be a gymnast those moves that you do and how you react in bed sometimes get me real hot looking at you dance. So this brings to what I wanted to ask you. Have you though of ever dancing on stage like me?"

God I must have turned all the shades of read possible and being Irish it shows instantly but when I got this embarrassed, I mean blushed this intensely I equated it more to "Nuclear Red".

"Well in some of my fantasies maybe Troy but you know me I am still rather a shy guy despite my flirtatious nature."

"Yes I know but that would make you real good once you get the hang of it. I was just a tad at first but you noticed that I don't have a problem with it. So here it is… You know that I am going to New York next week to do a couple of shows there in a gay review right, so I took the liberty at convincing the owner to have you do an audition. I gave him a description of you and you wonderful attributes and he said yes. Actually if I am not mistaken, he was practically drooling and I could see the dollar signs in his eyes."

"How much did you tell him," as I propped myself onto my side supporting myself on one arm as I raised my right eyebrow.

"Well hun, pretty much everything right down to the Celtic tattoo for peace that you have just above your asscrack."

"Ok that is a lot of details."

"Bruce I know that you have nearly two weeks of overtime days off that you have banked, so why not come with me and do this. It will be my treat."

"Ok I will try but that doesn't give me much time to get something together for the audition and no I know what you are thinking and I don't want your help with it. I want to do this on my own and I want this to be a surprise even for you."

"Ok man, I am so going to enjoy this."

"You owe me for putting me into a difficult situation. So roll your ass over here I think you need to be punished."

That night I wasn't as gentle as normal in fucking Troy as I normally am. I gave over to something more primal and bestial in me. Troy mentioned to me afterwards that his routines at work the next day were a lot less effortless since he likes to lunge and practically go into splits at times but because of our night his ass was rather painful and it was slightly uncomfortable to do those moves. I had told him that the way he moaned and gyrated his ass, that it didn't seem that he had any problem with it at the time. He laughed but he did try not to sit down as much as he could.

Well I managed to weasel my way at work and get those two weeks off to coincide with Troy's time to be in New York. Didn't even tell Tony at our regular lunch, I just told him that I was taking some time off since I had been extra worked from the job. He could understand that and he didn't ask anymore to it. So I had been practicing like a fiend in my spare time and still trying to get both workouts a day in since I wanted to look extra sharp for the audition. Fuck I was nervous as hell and to make matters worse I was just too exhausted to got over to Troy's to spend time with him.

So after a couple of days 5 to be precise, I had my routine down pact and I could perform it as second nature and my dance coach the parts that we had worked together that I could show him was rather impressed.

Oh I almost forgot, I didn't tell you where I was at since the last measurements. It has been after all six months to the day that I made that deal. Well my dick stopped growing and I know this may sound weird but I was a little thankful since if it got any thicker I would have major problems walking without walking like I was straddling a horse. Being 5'8" (ok I grew 3 inches) I can only walk so wide legged before it looks majorily awkward. Already my legs and their new size 30" made things difficult and therefore I didn't need to add more width to my dick to the mix considering my balls grew another inch. Well if Tony could see me now, strange how that popped into my head just now as I looked at myself in the mirror. Well I am now down to 6% bodyfat ratio. My arms this time grew those most. My guns are now 21" cold. Wow I can't believe that and I had to re-measure just to make sure. Sure enough it was right and when flexed they had another half an inch to them.

My calves were 20 inches. My neck was now 19.5", and I surpassed a milestone dream of mine for my chest was now 52" inches. Funny but I have never been hairy but maybe that was due to the fat but I now had a nice furred hairy trail leading from my navel down to my groin and my chest had this slight velvet black hair to it. I decided that screw it if the guy Frank Despicio, I think that is what Troy called him, couldn't deal with the body hair then too bad I wouldn't do the audition. One thing that I was exceptionally pleased was that my waist now was 29" inches but I was most impressed of all about my lats. They were huge, or at least I thought and very thick, mature thick that is so very hard to develop. I must admit though the piece de resistance was my delts and traps. I measured from armpit (from the chest) out, best to see how much was delts truly were in size in my opinion, and it measured 14 incredible inches. Ok I danced a little and did a mock striptease dance and in front of the mirror and then I couldn't help myself but I had to jerk off to myself and boy did I mess up my mirror in a huge way. Oh well I'll clean it up later. I now weighed 235lbs and to me on a 5'8" frame I think it is impressive. Lee Priest eat your heart.

So there you have it. How I looked. I drove my car to Troy's since I wanted to spend the night with him before we left and since he decided that he wasn't going to go to work that night. I was very happy to see him when he opened the door. We hugged and kissed what seemed for the longest time like we had been apart for months.

"Bruce you feel great. I am glad that you are shorter than me because that allows me to really hold onto you. I'm I dreaming but it feels like you have grown somehow? Now I know that I have longer arms then you so, it seems that it's hard to get them completely around you. Your chest seems to get in my way a little more and your shoulders seem wider."

"Is that a problem Troy," as I looked up into his hazel eyes and smiled revealing the one dimple on the right side of my face that hadn't disappeared after puberty.

"No it isn't. I guess I have more to explore and enjoy." Troy leaned back and eyed me up and down for a minute or two. I was wearing a navy blue silk short sleeve shirt and some black pants and my regular 2-inch heeled black Dock Martin shoes. "Well one thing is for sure, your nipples are looking just good enough to eat right now since they are really standing at attention."

"Really now? Well to bad because guess what, we are not going to do anything until after my audition and my performance."

"Mmm, you are getting into the idea and feeling rather confident aren't you? You seem pretty sure that you are going to knock Frank's socks off enough that he will ask you to perform."

"Well you could say that. Now I'm I going to stand here with my luggage in the vestibule all night or do I get to come in?" Troy grinned rather fiendishly and bowed down and gestured with his right arm for me to proceed. As I walked past with my suitcase in my left hand, he grabbed my protruding bubble butt, with both his hand and gave it a very firm squeeze. When I tried to protest, he grabbed harder and ran his fingers down the ass crack and proceeded to try and finger me despite me wearing pants. Damn him, he sure knows how to hit my most sensitive of two erogenous zones. He then pushed his pelvis into me and I could feel his semi-erect penis become erect as he thrust against me. I dropped my suitcase when he nibbled and tongued my earlobe.

Breathing heavily I spoke: "Troy you know what that does to me. That is not fair. I am trying to keep it together here. I don't want to ruin it for tomorrow you know. Because you keep doing that to me and I can guarantee you that neither one of us is going to sleep tonight after all we haven't had our normal 4 fucks a night that we normally have each night we are together this past week because I have been too busy getting things in order."

"AAAAARRRRGGGGG! Damn it, I hate it when you are right about things like this. You Capricorns can be so God damn practical and level- headed when you have to be."

Troy growled lightly in my ear to protest. "Troy the growls too count."

"Damn it Bruce. I missed you. Fuck I can say it now I love you and I don't feel whole when you are not with me," as he sighed and leaned his forehead onto the top of my head. I grabbed behind me and took his hands and placed them on my chest. Troy then spun me around and looked me deeply right into my eyes.

"Did you hear me Bruce, I told you that I loved you. Don't stand there with that look upon your face."

"Troy I am shocked. You told me that it was hard for you to tell me that because of your past so I am sorry if I am not giving you the schoolgirl jump for joy reaction that you are looking for. One that is not me and two I am just so dumbfounded, happy, shocked, and overjoyed right now that I am practically almost numb in shock."

"Fuck, I know you love me since you told me, so if it is ok with you I am going to kiss you like there is no tomorrow." As he grabbed both sides of my face and pushed my lips onto his real fast before I could blink. I had at least the good sense to through my tongue into the mix.

"Troy, Troy, air, air, I need air."

"Oh sorry."

"Troy come on get me out of these clothes and lets just hold each other naked and let our tongues and lips explore each other all night."

No sooner said then Troy had my clothes off and a trail could be seen leading into the bedroom. He didn't have as much to take off since he was only wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts. Oh I did I forget to mention Troy always went commando.

God things were going so great then all of sudden it stopped or at least the pleasure of silence was broken when Troy talked. "Shit but are your balls slightly bigger than normal and you have the most sexiest of velvety chest hair now."

We both laughed. "Well funny that you mention it now but yes it those little stray wisps of hair that you liked to tease me about all the time have been growing in or maybe that peach fuzz as you call just got thicker. Is that a problem?"


"Shut up you big sexy lug and kiss me." •

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