Temptation and Offer, The


By Bruce

Well things and life progressed over the next month. I decided that I would wait a little longer before taking the next set of measurements. Tony was once again gone one of the productions that his theatre company is working on and therefore he hasn't had the chance to notice anything really different about me. The cases at work have been relatively slow and therefore I have been able to dedicate a little more time in the gym than normal. I am glad that my gym is open 24 hours during the week so I decided to take advantage of that and do two workouts a day. I have been noticing that the pumps and the amount of weight that I am lifting is getting more significant and all of that is going as planned. Finally I have reached the 350+ range on the bench press and the squats, which I try not to do too much have also increased despite some of my better efforts and my jeans and slacks have paid the price. Well I guess that is to be expected when you squat more than 500 pounds.

Ok here I am at my normal morning raise at 6:30 am and I decided that I would take the new measurements since it has been now two months since the last time that I took them. I start with my calves and they are at 18" cold and when I flex them they gain another half an inch. Now thighs… well like I mentioned earlier they grew and are now at 29 inches. My waist has decreased to a nice 31 inches. That is great because that is a sure sign that I have lost more fat. My dick once again and I am amazed by this has gotten thicker somehow. It measures a sizeable six inches across now and 11.5 inches in circumference. Thank God it only gets that way when I am hard like now. I think later I will have to measure it flaccid. My neck is now 17.5 inches and chest is now at 48 inches. My chest seems to have grown the most and that thrills me to no end. I have always admired the big-chested men. My arms are still the ones that seem to be the most resistant since they only gained an inch so they now reach 18 inches. One thing I have noticed that my nipples seem to always be you could say: perky. I now also weighed 190lbs.

Well besides the gym and work I haven't had much fun lately, so I decided that I would treat myself since Tony, my fun partner in crime wasn't due back for another week, that I would go out. I was beginning to get a little stir crazy not to mention a little horny. So I decided that since I was no really into the bathouse seen that I would treat myself to some eye candy. I decided not to go to the regular place, since I could see some of those strippers working out at my gym, and funny they seemed to be eyeing me up as of late. I headed to another peeler joint where the guys were a lot bigger or at least more muscular.

I headed there for around 10pm since the day crew finished at that time and the day crew were the smaller more athletic types though nice to look at was not what was on my menu selection for tonight. I wanted to see some serious beef. I wasn't disappointed.

The first guy was around 5'10" I am guessing and probably a good solid 225 lbs. He was moderately hairy and it was a nice change of pace to the other that seemed to be shaved everywhere. His hair covered his pecs nicely and he had nice silver dollar nipples that were always lighted dusted over from his chest hair and that chest hair trailed all the way down to his pubic area and that I didn't get to see until his second full nudity dance version. What I was even more impressed was the fact that he had that 8 o'clock shadow look on his face and it seemed to be enhanced by the hazel eyes that he looked at you with. Since I like to smile at those that perform, hell it takes guts to do what they are doing well at least in my book it does so I try to make them feel comfortable at least performing for me if not the rest of the crowd; I got a close look into those eyes. He smiled back and that is when I noticed that he had a partial cleft chin. Nice I thought.

Like I mentioned I am a sucker for a great chest and if guessed correctly his chest was bigger than mine by at least 5 inches and he had very nice sweeping and flaring quads. I had seen him turn around yet so I wasn't sure if his butt matched or I hoped that it matched the rest of his physique that had peaked my curiosity. When he was pulling down his biker boxers I noticed that he had quite the impressive set of hamstrings and definitely the second best bubble butt that I had ever seen, the first being Tony's which at times made me melt and to which Tony often teased me with at University with.

His stage name was Brent since I was making sure that I was going to remember this guy's name just incase I got the urge a little later for him to have a private table dance with me. Now came the time after that long drawn out seduction seen of him pulling his underwear I guess you could call it off to get a back end view. It was indeed superb and you could get a hint of what his ball size might be.

Brent then turned around and was giving us the view of slow seductive manipulation of his dick. His dick was great but man I was drawn like a magnet to his balls. They hung I am guessing nearly four inches down, and they were filled to capacity by testicles that were the size of large plums and though his torso had been hairy his balls were not heavily hairy despite him trimming his pubic area into a triangle and his butt had been completely smooth which I like since his butt from my perspective in the front row was one I would mind sticking my face into all night long. His erect penis was of average length of nice healthy 7 inches and probably 4 to 6 inches around but I couldn't quite be sure. A few times when he looked at me he winked at me. I had been wearing only a sleeveless white shirt that I had just bought specifically to go out and jeans that I had to replace just recently since my legs could fit in the other and they felt roomy but not too much that they didn't hug in all the right places. Well all good things come to an end and his dance routine finished and he walked off the stage after grabbing his clothes.

Throughout the night I enjoyed the rest of the scenery and was pleasantly impressed but my mind still lingered on Brent and his affect on me. Finally he came up to me to talk. Now I have been around the block, hey I am not that innocent, so I knew that he was trying to hit me up for a private table dance in the back room. We talked for about ten minutes and then I decided to take the plunge. I do him to dance and I touched and kissed, fondled, and rubbed during the 3 songs that he danced for me. I thanked him and he thanked me and then me mentioned that he loved how my touch made him feel and that normally he doesn't get a boner but that he goes into auto-pilot during these type of private sessions but how I touched him he didn't have a problem connecting and hence he stayed erect throughout our time together. I thought that this was just a ploy to get me to dish out more cash so I thought nothing of it.

I stayed long enough throughout the night that I was able to get the free table dances that all the staff of dancers would do simultaneously in the crowd and both times Brent made it a point to seek me out. Hey I didn't complain. On the second free dance he started to touch me which is something that is highly irregular. He then started to whisper to me that he thought I had a great body. I was too caught up in the moment to take it seriously but I noticed that as much as I touched him and played with him that he reciprocated likewise. Nearing the end of the dance I got a shock that I wasn't expecting. He told me, no he whispered it into my ear as he nibbled on my earlobe, that his real name was Troy 9 I told him mine) and that at the end of this free dance that his shift was over and he wanted to know what I was doing for the rest of the evening.

Still taken back, the song ended and I decided to test him so I leaned in, sucked on his earlobe since he was now facing me and getting ready to pull up his lycra shorts, that I didn't have any plans and that if he wanted to come see me after he got dressed and we could take it from there. I didn't think that he was serious but I was starting to feel a tad more confident about the possibilities and so did my cock since it was straining in my jeans and belt around my waist felt tighter. Troy said ok and then left after he pulled everything up into place and then left. I went back to my seat near the main bar.

Troy came back but I hadn't noticed him since I was admiring the blond muscle guy that could have been the poster boy for the Aryan nation. He leaned in over my left shoulder and grad my left pecs by the nipple and tweaked real good. I turned quickly to notice it was him and lucky that I recognized him since my first reaction was to deck anyone that took such liberties. He was wearing a long sleeve cotton light blue shirt that clung to his frame rather well and navy track pants and white gym shoes. He smiled at me rather easily. "So I am done and would like to know if you would like to get out of here and join me. At this time of night I am still wired so care to get some coffee," as Troy kept massaging my pecs. "Sure no problem, here in the village or somewhere else?"

"Well I took a cab here tonight so do you drive because I was hoping if you drove you could have a cup at my place. You game?"

"Well let me think about it for a moment, and though my shoulders are a little stiff from my workout I am sure that my rubber arm an be twisted." "Really now, excellent and by the way your arm feels great that I don't think it is made of rubber at all," as he emphasized by squeezing my biceps. "Well do you feel comfortable enough that you want to come and have me in your car?" I get off the bar stool and say to start heading for the door. "So lets go."

So he head to my car and he talk to me along the way. We get to know a few more details about each other. We then get into the car and he rubs in nice big hand up and down my right thigh after asking me if I mind. I told him no not at all. The drive takes about ten minutes and by now I know more of Troy Danford and he know more about me without getting too too personal. We head of the spiral staircase to the second floor to his apartment. He unlocks it and turns on the dimmer switch into the hallway but no before locking the door behind me and then picking me up and pinning me to the wall as he kissed me deeply with his lips and explores with his tongue with fervent passion yet done in tender abandon. "God I have been wanting to do that all night to since I saw you looking at me Bruce." I kiss him back just as passionately and hard and then take a few seconds to breathe as I mumbled…"I guess we skip the coffee." We didn't use words to answers me since he dove in for another deep long kiss as he grabs a firm handful of ass and carries me towards his bedroom but not before he gropes my crotch. "Mmm I see great things come in short packages" •

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