Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann


Rick called the doctor to schedule an appointment for Jeremy to take the formula and join Trent in muscle growth, but the doctor had gone to a convention in Europe and wouldnít be back for another week. When he told his youngest son about his decision, Bryce asked when heíd get his chance to join his older brothers as musclemen.

"Now, Bryce, donít be so impatient, your brothers are older, and Trent has shown himself to be quite mature with his new body. I donít think youíd be able to control yourself if you were that large."

"But dad..."

"Donít íbut dadí me. Iím not saying you wonít be allowed to grow, but not right now. And my decision is final."

Bryce stomped to his room, and Rick sighed. He didnít know in a few days heíd change his mind for good.

That Sunday Joe Rob held a barbecue for the teachers as well as their sons. Normally this was an excuse for an orgy, but since thereíd be "ungrown" attending all sex had to be put on hold. Rick would meet his fellow teachers for the first time, including the language teacher Gaetan Lemieux (originally from Montreal whose sexy accent enhanced every student-teacher fuck session), science teacher Ken Sakai (from Honolulu, and his biology lessons always had perfect attendance), art teacher Adam Nowak (whose twin Antony would also teach; you couldnít tell them apart until you fucked their asses), and phys ed teacher Mike Bullock.

Trent had been hoping for some hot student-teacher interaction that day, and was disappointed that he had to wait until his family went home. He understood, biding his time while his ass itched to be fucked.

Rick was introduced to his fellow teachers, and found out from Ken that the previous math teacher had died in a car accident in New Mexico; all the muscle in the world couldnít prevent a head injury if you donít fasten your seat belt, no matter that youíre wrapping it around four-hundred pounds of solid beef. His organs were donated, and at this moment several lucky men whoíd received the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, even the corneas were walking around their cities and towns aware of their new strength and virility since their transplants. Soon they too would find themselves drawn to Musclove and its denizens.

Mike had heard the legend among Musclove men that youíd know your soulmate the first time you met him when youíd see stars in his eyes. He scoffed at the superstition, even though Gaetan and Dino, the store owner, swore they fell in love at first sight. As did Theo and Virgil Huckabee, the townís CPA (and nowhere was there a sexier accountant than this Tulsa native). But when Mikeís eyes met Rickís, he saw the light the others had mentioned, and it struck his soul with the force of lightning.

Mike had prided himself on his dominant role among Musclove men; everyone could honestly say he was the sexual champion, a role he could claim in his straight days as well. He was almost always a top, and even when he was a bottom those who fucked him knew who was in charge. But now he had this urge to follow Rick anywhere, hang on to his every word, bask in his presence. His need to be near Rick caused everyone else to take notice and wonder if Mike had met his ungrown match.

Rick, being ungrown, wasnít able to experience the light, but did find himself able to unburden his fears and talk more freely with Mike than with all the other men in town. He admitted that he was looking for some companionship, but his divorce had made him gun-shy.

He asked Mike what he did for women after his divorce.

Mike hemmed and hawed, not wanting to admit heíd taken the growth formula on the day his divorce went through so he didnít have any women since. "Oh, Iíve made do," is all he said, thinking how he fucked this manís son recently and how hot heíd be once he was grown. Then he thought of his ex-wife in order to reduce the pressure building between his thighs.

Sean and Seamus emerged from the Thorne house, adjusting themselves after a vigorous quickie with Gaetanís half-brother, Guillaume. Even though they knew the rule, when they saw the sophomore heading for the bathroom they figured (correctly) the door would be open and heíd be waiting for them. Mike introduced his twin sons to Rick, mentioning they would be sharing classes with Trent. As the conversation continued, Mike found out about the other two sons and asked whether theyíre interested in growing.

Rick said, "I tried to make an appointment for Jeremy, but the doctor will be back tomorrow. Bryce wants too as well, but heís too young."

Mike asked, "How old is h e?"

"Fourteen." # ##"Thatís how old my boys were when they first grew."

Rickís jaw dropped. "They had that much muscle at that age?"

Mike shook his head. "Didnít Trent explain the process to you?" Now Rick shook his head. "The boys donít get the muscle all at once. Adults do, but depending on the boyís age, he gets only a partial dose. My boys only got two-fifths at their age, and theyíve received another fifth at sophomore and junior levels. Theyíll get the last fifth next year, and by that time theyíll be giving me a run for my money in the muscle department. Trent got four-fifths of a dose, with the remainder next year. Jeremy would be getting a full dose since heís a senior."

Rick thought this over. He now understood why the younger boys werenít nearly as big as the older ones. So if Bryce were to get a smaller dose, he might be able to handle that. He looked into Mikeís brown eyes, and calmness came over him.

"Okay," he said, "if thatís the case, then I guess thereís no harm in Bryce growing as well."

"Good man." Mike slapped Rick on the shoulder, then yelled, "Trent, come here, your daddyís got something to tell you."

"Whatís up, dad?" Trent said as he wiped barbecue sauce from the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

"Well, Trent...Iíve decided to let Bryce grow as well."

"Oh, Dad!" Trentís hug almost knocked the wind out of his father. Two down, one to go. "But what about you?"

"Yeah, what about you," Mike asked with a strangely eager crack in his voice. He cleared his throat. "No reason you canít join your sons in this."

"I donít need it. Iím quite comfortable with my body the way it is."

"But, dad, donít you want to know what this feels like?" Trent asked as he flexed his arm, showing off a Himalayan peak of biceps.

"Yeah, Rick, wouldnít you feel uncomfortable being around your sons with all three of them being bigger than you? Believe me, I know how much I weigh and I donít feel it because of my strength. I know you would look magnificent if my body was on yours." Mike turned crimson. "Uh, I...what I mean is..."

Rick laughed. "I know what you meant to say, and Iím flattered by it. Iím not saying Iíll never do it, but Iím already used to being around men with much larger muscles than mine, so Iíll get used to my sons being the same as the rest of you. I just donít have the desire for it."

Trent and Mike accepted his reasoning, but each of them was determined to get Rick grown soon.

Once Doctor Heinz had come back, Rick called him and made the appointment the next day for Jeremy and Bryce to have their shots. He wouldnít be able to take them to the ranch since he had a meeting at the school, but Jeremy had his license so he drove with Bryce and Trent, who was alone in the back seat thanks to his size. He tried not to get aroused as he thought of his older and younger brother growing into hypermuscular, hypersexual studs and having their way with him in just a few hours.

When the boys entered the house, they gazed in wonder at the sculptures and paintings. Trent told them that the Nowak brothers had asked him to come over and pose for a sculpture in a few days, and maybe they could also pose as well.

After they entered the lab, Heinz told the boys they would need to take off all their clothes, which made perfect sense since they wouldnít be able to fit into them anymore. Theo, the tailor, was on hand with a good variety of shorts, tees, and other menswear for the boys to try on after their growth.

Both boys were quite impressive for their ages. Jeremy looked like a college senior with his naturally hairy chest, well-defined muscles, and his long, limp penis measuring almost seven inches. Bryce had yet to grow any hair on his chest, though patches appeared under his arms and around his groin, from which grew a healthy five-inch limp penis. His testicles, though, were already the size of Jeremyís.

After Heinz told the brothers how they were getting their shots, Bryce asked Trent, "Did it hurt at all?"

Trent smiled. "No, it didnít. It was the wildest, best feeling ever, and I canít wait to go through it again next year when Iím a senior. Youíll feel the same way, Iím sure. Too bad Jeremy will only get one chance, but at least itís a full dose. And I know watching you grow will be just as amazing as the real thing." Trent could barely contain himself as he saw Heinz inject each brother, first the full dose into Jeremy, then the partial dose into Bryce.

Instead of sitting, the brothers stood and faced each other as the formula began its magic. Trent asked each of them what they were feeling as he watched both of their bodies react.

Jeremy said, "Damn, my heart is racing, like Iím having a heart attack."

Bryce agreed. "Yeah, and Iím feeling dizzy, too."

"Thatís what I felt as it kicked in. Oh, yeah, I can see it starting on both of you."

"Really? Where?"

"Look down."

Bryce did and saw his penis lengthening and thickening between his thighs. Jeremy did the same and gasped as he saw his limp phallus as big as his regular erection.

"Holy shit," cried Jeremy. "You didnít tell us about this!"

"Thought youíd freak out and not wanna go through with it if you saw just how big mine got. Now that itís started, you might as well see what youíll be sporting." Trent undid the belt of his khaki shorts, unbuttoned the top, and slowly slid them down his redwood-thick legs. Inch after proud inch appeared, seemingly without stopping, until it just passed his knees. Trent stepped out of his shorts, standing naked below the waist before his dumbfounded brothers.

"Címon, doc, Theo, show my brothers what you got." The two men pulled their shorts off to show their heavy cocks, both just smaller than Trentís. The three stood in a line before the growing teens and produced spontaneous erections. Trent held his massive cock with one hand, saying to Jeremy, "You might end up with even more than me. And when youíre through with your shots, Bryce, you could be the biggest of all."

"Oh, yeah...biggest," Bryce sighed deeply as his young body expanded with dense muscle. Jeremy felt the growth hitting him as well, but his mind wanted it to stop. He could sense the changes going through it, and grew frightened. Maybe he was naive, but he never thought the guys in town could all They were so masculine, macho...not flamers like that boy Jordan from his old school whom he once threatened to beat up. But the way those big cocks all grew so fast, and the looks in their eyes. Shit, his own brother was a muscle fag, and now he and his brother were turning into them as well!

But the growth dazed him with intense pleasure, and every time his old self would peek through the reverie a new sensation, each stronger than the last, would pull him back in. He looked at Bryce, wondering if the boy knew what was going on, or even if he cared.

He watched his little brotherís body change before his eyes as Bryceís abs formed into small loaves of muscle, the legs swelling as big around as his waist. A fourteen-year-old Mr. Olympia in the making, all in less than thirty minutes. And heíd end up bigger, matching the adults in their size. He had wanted this, but not the side effect.

He moaned, "Youíre...turning"

Theo stepped forward and said, "Not really. Bisexual, yes, if youíre straight. Youíll still be attracted to women, but youíll realize that no one will satisfy you sexually other than a man like us. And youíll want to end up pleasing us as well."

"Even Bryce?"

"Of course. Heís no longer a child. Look as his beautiful, powerful body. Men work out for years and donít end up with that much muscle. What do you think, Bryce? Will you mind gay sex with a body like that?"

Bryce hadnít been paying attention to them, focusing on flexing his new muscles as they grew, watching his biceps bulge with every movement, feeling his chest as it plumped with sinew, running his hands all over his new frame. But when he looked up, and saw the lusty leers on the menís faces, their monstrous erections pointing upward, his young cock responded as he said, "If it means growing as big as all of you, fuck no!"

Jeremy gasped, and hung his head down as he succumbed to the muscle, the change, the inevitability. He wanted to fight it, but he felt resigned to his fate, an unwilling pawn to his desire to be as big as every man in town. And in a few minutes, he was more than their equal as the growth abated and his body accepted its new size. Bryceís ended soon after, and the two newest behemoths stared at each otherís massiveness.

Trent grinned as he ogled his brothers. Jeremy ended up growing as big as the biggest men in town, such as the mayor and the principal. He could tell his older brother was near five-hundred pounds of thick, mighty, hairy muscle, and the cock that dangled between his oaklike thighs would end up one of the biggest as well. Heinz noticed this attribute as well, and hoped this one would be the first to reach the yard-long mark.

As for Bryce, who could think this stud was just fourteen? He could tell his younger brother would end up as hot as his older ones, with his hard schlong reaching near eighteen inches as he stroked it gently. The hair on his torso formed a perfect T pattern, thick on his pecs and genitals and trailing nicely between the two.

Heinz needed to take measurements and ushered the teens into the weight room. Jeremy temporarily forgot about his fate as he lifted hundreds, thousands of pounds effortlessly. Heíd catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror, think what an incredible man he is now, and grow aroused until he focused again on weights. He didnít want to think about sex, but watching Bryce learning to enjoy his new body became too much. He strode over where his nude brother did arm curls with two-hundred pounds in each hand.

"Here, let big brother show you how to do it properly," Jeremy said as he grabbed three-hundred pound dumbbells. He hefted the weights like pillows, and Bryce watched intently, his young cock remaining hard throughout the workout. The combination of strength and sexuality became too much for Jeremy and his cock grew to titanic proportions, reaching to the top of his inflated pecs.

The two teens dropped the weights to the side as they walked to each other and rubbed their new bodies against each other. Bryce turned to Trent and said, "Come over here, bro. Check us out."

Trent sauntered to his brothers, huge cock swaying, and began stroking their backs, shoulders, and arms, oohing over them. Bryce shivered with excitement, and Jeremy couldnít resist the pleasure his middle brother ignited in him. Trent bend his head towards Jeremy, and instinctively the two mouths met in a hot, wet kiss. He pulled away, and moved towards Bryce who eagerly opened his mouth and stuck his tongue into Trentís hungry maw.

"This is wrong," moaned Jeremy.

"But it feels so right?" Theo asked as he placed his manhood against Jeremyís deep ass crevice.

Jeremy gulped. "Yes. Oh, God, yes!" And he bent himself forward, inviting Theo to take his anal virginity. Which he did, slowly and powerfully. Bryce accepted Heinz into him, as the vocal teen begged to lose his virginity in every way. Soon the five were in position with Trent in the middle getting fucked by Jeremy while sucking Bryce. Bryce gasped when he saw every inch of his schlong disappear down Trentís throat, and giggled deeply as his brotherís nose tickled his pubes. Soon the newly-grown brothers experienced their first superorgasms, which had them yelling at the top of their lungs in ecstasy.

The next few hours were spent in an orgy as other men came to the house to experience the new bodies. But in the end the three brothers ended up together, exploring the joys of fraternal, incestuous love.

"What do you have to say?" Trent asked after he finished drinking Jeremyís thick jism after a three-way suck-off.

Jeremy lapped up the semen from Bryceís spent cock and said, "I guess itíll be okay. The gay sex was better than I thought itíd be. Still kinda freaks me out, though."

"Did you know I was gay even before I grew?"

"Well, I had a hunch."

"I knew you were," Bryce said as he licked Trentís sore cock. "I found those Colt magazines under your mattress."

"What about you?"

"Iím great! Shit, never thought Iíd get laid like this, and this happens every day? Thank God dad moved us here!"

And when the three brothers came home, wearing Theoís clothes, Rick complemented them on their new bodies.

But that night, the three of them decided that, as much as dad might not want to, they were going to turn their dad into the hottest stud in Musclove, Texas. •

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